Ron Patterson commits to Syracuse

Former Indiana signee Ron Patterson verbally committed to Syracuse on Saturday, according to his former AAU coach Chris Hawkins.

Patterson, a former Broad Ripple star shooting guard and the school’s all-time leading scorer, signed with Indiana last year and enrolled at IU for summer classes. However, he struggled academically during the summer and lost the faculty sponsorship he needed for admission. The long-limbed 6-foot-3, 195-pounder decided to spend the 2012-13 school year at Brewster Academy, a prep school in New Hampshire.

It did not appear that Indiana re-involved itself in any significant way in Patterson’s recruitment after his departure. Xavier, Marquette and Southern Methodist were among the other schools who were in pursuit at some point.


  1. Shouldn’t have any trouble qualifying there. I hope it all works our for him. Probably a better fit for everyone involved.

  2. His man to man defensive prowess is played eyeball to eyeball. That talent to smother ball handlers will be wasted in the Boeheim/Cuse love for 2-3 zone. He could have thrown darts and picked a better fit.

  3. His prowess is man to man defense which he plays eyeball to eyeball. His talent to smother ball handlers will be wasted in the Boeheim/Cuse love for 2-3 zone. He could have thrown darts and picked a better fit. I do wish him luck, he may need a dose of it.

  4. I see you know even less about basketball than you do about football, Clarion. Syracuse doesn’t play some rec league, stand around zone. He is the perfect fit to play at the top with his long arms, getting deflections and steals. He’ll do great there. Maybe we’ll see him in the B1G/ACC Challenge down the road.

  5. His forte is nose to nose, man to man D using fast feet, lateral movement through fluid hips and long arms tie up ball handlers, block shots, deflect passes and steal the dribble. In a zone he is responsible for an area. Man to man he defines responsibility by dominating PG’s.

    Care to talk now about Coach Wilson’s program?

  6. Thanks for the lesson. Everything you said applies to zone, as well. He is responsible for an “area” like you say—an area occupied by offensive players. He won’t be guarding empty space.

    Coach Wilson is on fire. I’m happy for the team and shocked they won two B1G games, but it will take alot more than beating one terrible team and one bad team for me to get excited. The Navy loss, like Ball St., was unconscionable. They should be 6-3 at the minimum. As you know, it’s possible (if they beat Wiscy) that they could go to Indy at 3-5, 5-7. I would love for that to happen, to highlight the absurdity of these conference “championship” games, and to make a mockery of college football in general.

  7. Ron actually played his sophomore year under one of the best zone defense high school coaches in the country (Basil Mawbey) and managed to do just fine and still turn many heads with his ability to steal the ball and deflect passes and block shots. One of the knocks on Ron while playing defense is that he sometimes tries TOO hard to force things. Playing zone is perfect for him because he can still utilize his athletic ability while being forced to be more disciplined about what he’s doing on defense.

  8. Is that child molester still there? They are as big of cover ups as PSU. Hope he enjoys himself up there.

  9. You are most welcome. Do not forget the lesson.

    Try TOO hard, in college. I watched him play both in HS and AAU. His forte is man to man and it is wasted in a zone.

  10. So… what do you all think Buss’s strength is and do you think he’ll do well playing in Syracuse’s defensive scheme?

  11. Personally, & selfishly, I hate losing a defensive stopper like Patterson. “My sources” told me that he could have been the pleasant surprise of this class. Btw, our non-conference schedule is awfully kush. UNC here, Butler-in Indy I believe, & at Georgia, those are the only remote possibilities of losses, & of those, only UNC poses much of a threat, IMHO. Not that it really bothers me much, other than the possibility if hurting our RPI rating via strength of schedule, then again, the strength of the big ten would figure to counter balance that, so, I’d just assume go 12-0 or 11-1 heading into the conference season. We shall do so.

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