1. Speaking of missed opportunities, why isn’t the Hoosier Scoop app updated with recent scores? Where is the basketball schedule?

  2. Dustin – can you do a story on the rumors Tennessee is looking at Kevin Wilson as its next coach? Also, if Wilson leaves will IU be open to hiring Bobby Petrino?

  3. Of the 4 websites I trust having the validity to voice inside info, none are talking about Coach Wilson to the Vols. Bobby Petrino to IU is rubbish not even worthy of a comment.

  4. Where does that come from, or is it your way of ghetting it started. Long and the short, do we really need a moral, ethical breakdown like Bob Petrino? Please…wasn’t Sampson enough for you?

    I don’t thin Wilson would ever consider Tennessee over Indiana. It seems to me that CKW is a guy who recognizes class, especially in his own life. Why would he want to even think about the back alley of a disease infested red-light district?

    Thinking helps Aruss.

    I still think you made it up as your way of suggesting ‘Latrine’ Petrino.

  5. HC- He (Aruss) made it up…a slimy way to continue voicing his opposition to CKW and bring up what he considers an ‘opportunity’ to nominate the sewer that is Bobby Petrino. I have not even heard of that rumor and he’s asking DD to ‘write a story on it”, Translation: Aruss’ idea. Too bad, all the way around the thread had been so good and positive today…should have known that the Four DOnkeys of the Apocalypse; Pestulence, Violence, Ignorance and Incoherence were still around.

    Question for you…do these guys (like Aruss) sit on the toilet and really think these things up? That must be some meal they’re eating.

  6. Hiring Bobby Petrino? That ‘s a joke, right? I think IU learned its lesson after hiring a certain basketball coach from Oklahoma. That’s not a rumor, it’s a fabrication, just as Tsao explained above.

  7. Tennessee just got ‘awarded’ two more years of probation (until 2015)

    NOBODY is taking that job (Lane Kiffin has come and gone).

  8. Key word, validity. Gossip does not qualify. You cannot accept what I do not give. Bobby Petrino is a fire in a submarine.

  9. Real quick, just so Osterman doesn’t get dragged down on this, I read his post and he just basically wrote something to quash the rumors. I don’t know what he was hearing in terms of rumors or if someone on his site asked him about it, but he checked in with some people on his network at the Knoxville site who said there was nothing to it.
    So don’t call Osterman slimy.

  10. But yeah, I mean, I’d be stunned if Wilson was offered the Tennessee job after what will be at best a 5-7 season. Not trying to rip the man, and I think he will have offers if he continues to progress with the program, he’s still only won five games in two years. As down as Tennessee is, it’s still won a national championship in the last 20 years and has a 100,000 seat stadium. They have to go really big on this one and as talented of a coach as I think Wilson is, they’re going to want someone who has won more.
    Also, if Fred Glass would hire Bobby Petrino, it would counter absolutely everything he’s ever told me and would go against everything I know about the man. I won’t say anything’s impossible but I’m 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent sure that would never happen.

  11. Dustin, the fact you’re even treating this as a quasi-serious situation just proves how nice a guy you must be. Any IU fan worried about KW moving on to bigger and better things must view Kory Barnett as one of the leading candidates for the Duke job should Coach K decide to retire after this season.

  12. DD…and you do not see how, in rejecting the rumors (squashed by Osterman) of Tennessee’s interest in Kevin Wilson (#11) and, in going on to your 10-line discussion in #12 that the squashed, the not valid, never-existed rumor that Kevin Wilson may be attracted to something that never happened and continuing to detail all of the things that are positive like a 100,0000 seat stadium, and their national championship, just in case ‘it were’ true (which is because it is not valid)…

    Wholly smokes Dustin!…I really think you are too bright a person and too good a journalist to not know the difference….which part of 0=1 do you understand? Do you understand the logical meaning of the word “if” as in ‘if and only if…A is true, can B be considered?’

    It stuns me.

  13. No apology Aruss, you are now trying to ‘justify’ repeating the b.s. (while hiding the fact that Osterman was squashing it. Just more convinced than ever that your role in this blog is to spit at whatever enjoyment people are trying to get out of their relationship to college sports. I will never understand how people like you get through the day…more than anything, there’s a sense of dark sadness to the existence of people like you.

    Hope it gets better, really do.

  14. What the heck? The first I read anything related to CKW to UT was Osterman’s tweet. I don’t read his site (personal preference). Any football coach that has success at IU will get consideration for “bigger” jobs it’s naive to think other wise. It would be logical for a journalist to check CKW’s situation as the college football head coaching carousel fires up this time of year.

    Two reasons why Petrino to IU wouldn’t be far fetched. One – other fan bases want him warts and all (see UK). Two – General Petraeus had the same issue.

    In other words, TT, please grow up.

  15. Aruss, Gen. Petraeus owned up to his relationship, (he had broken it off four weeks earlier) and resigned giving full acknowledgment to having violated his own Honor Code.

    Petrino not only had an affair, he did so with someone in a position that answered directly to him; hired her to a sham job and took all types of measures to hide the facts from those investigating it.

    Big difference. But then, I would be expecting you to understand a concept such as the obligations of leadership, the demands of an Honor Code, accepting consequences and the meaning of being a ‘stand-up guy’.

    Petraeus is a great American, a great Leader, a great Soldier who erred in his humanity and admitted to his failure.

    Whoaaa! I’m the d__b _ss if I think you could actually understand the difference.

  16. Tsao – I completely agree that Petraeus is a great man. He definitely handled the situation the right way “after the fact”… I’m not sure you can understand his motivations for breaking it off and admitting to everything. Maybe he was trying to be a stand-up guy, but maybe it was all coming down around him and he felt like it was best to head it off at the pass while he still could. Clearly he is a tactician and would understand mitigating circumstances, potential outcomes, and how the media propaganda machine works.

    My guess is half the people that are being reasonable with the Petraeus situation were completely unreasonable 15 years ago with the Clinton situation.

    I always think its best if these things come out, because once they do they lose their power. I could care less that some guy is getting a little nooky on the side, but what does bother me is that if the wrong people find out, that situation can be used to influence the decision making of powerful people in order for them to keep their personal peace.

    That being said, Petraeus can lead my organization any day…

  17. As I stated, Aruss spreads rumors and gossip, is solid. Waiting for proof defines integrity before opening your mouth.

  18. No way Petrino gets hired by IU. NO WAY! He’s more likely to get hired by Tenn than IU. But honestly, Petrino is too toxic for any AD or University Administration to take a chance on. And remember, he was toxic before he had the affair. Sleep with dogs, wake up with flees.

    Petrino will probably get hired by some relatively obscure mid-major program where he can re-connect with his love of coaching college football.

  19. Geoff- Petraeus was a great officer, a brilliant thinker and an incredible man who believed in an Honor Code he pledged as a Plebe at West Point and which continues to guide his life. He recognizes his ‘personal failure’ and felt obligated to resign as a testimony to the rules of fidelity that have guided his life. I also know that a great consideration was the fact that as a command officer his duties involved sanctioning subordinate officers for similar violations of code and Army rules. The contradiction was too great for his sense of Honor to bear. I believe this is what drove him to resign from the CIA post.

    Obviously, many if not most people today would see it as incidental, but to people like Pretaeus it is who they are. I hope we have the wisdom to see this as ‘his human failing’, as you point out as in the case of Bill Clinton, and that we call on Pretaeus’ great leadership and vision in the future. His violation of military rules should not necessarily preclude him giving great and needed talents to the Nation.

    A family member, also a WP grad, served as an officer under Pretaeus during three of his four tours (Iraq three times including the Surge; and in Kandahar, Afghanistan 2010). He is very proud of knowing and being mentored by this great soldier, leader and man.

    You are right that Clinton went through a similar episode. The media seems to enjoy soaking in these misadventures. (The irony is the reality we would find in the lives of many of the media personalities if we searched). But, all in all, Americans seem to have been able to go beyond the personal failing and understand we are better for their leadership and counsel. Particularly now that politics goes beyond divisive to polarizing, I always admired and got a kick out of the ‘buddies’ relationship Clinton and George Bush-father- were able to develop.

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