1. So is that NFL rule that cost Detroit the game yesterday not the single most stupid thing you’ve ever seen in sports?

    I don’t ever say that a person should lose their job over something short of a serious crime… But the guy who came up with that rule should be suspended from duties for a while.

    Despite what Schwartz said, that is not his fault. It’s on the league and the refs. If I’m this disgusted today without even having a fantasy player in the game – literally no rooting interest – I can’t imagine how pissed I’d be if I were a lions fan and my team was fighting for a playoff spot.

  2. Everyone around me watching the game said the same thing. I could imagine the refs leaving the stadium accompanied by police officers that wanted them to die.

  3. Well, actually some of the NCAA rulings make just as little sense….

    Speaking of which, it’s been 3 days since the appeal… HOW CAN THERE NOT BE SOME KIND OF STATEMENT OR RULING ON THIS!?

    What a completely inept organization.

  4. Note to all my Scoop friends… I saved 1 ticket to the PSU game @ PSU on Jan. 7 for a Scooper.

    Our tickets are in Section 125, and should be pretty good – that section is in the first ring around the court.

    So if one of you would like to claim the ticket it is available. You just have to put up with my group during the game, which will be up to 9 other friends and family. But we’re a friendly crowd…

    I may have another ticket or 2 if my father’s best friends from Indiana don’t take up the offer.

    Chet – if you want it, you can even carpool up from Asheville with my brother 😉

  5. From http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/68044/3-point-shot-maui-titles-lost-luster

    Indiana coach Tom Crean said Thursday he has no idea when Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin will hear whether they won their appeals to have the nine-game penalty for impermissible benefits reduced. The two players won an appeal to travel with the Hoosiers — after they left — for Brooklyn and joined the team to watch them win the Legends Classic Tuesday. The Hoosiers play Ball State Sunday and host North Carolina Tuesday in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. If the suspension isn’t reduced then the two freshmen won’t play until Dec. 15 against Butler in Indianapolis.

    NCAA is an inept organization, I agree.

    But for Crean to make this mistake and put IU in this very delicate situation? Unacceptable. Fire Crean now.

  6. Geoff, he just can’t read. He thought that it said they traveled before being granted permission when it clearly says they joined the team in Brooklyn.

    Well, it’s clear if you can read.

  7. These are the facts:

    1. Drew Adams, a Bloomington South grad who is also a prominent coach in the Indiana Elite AAU program, has been named to Tom Crean’s staff. He’ll assume the role of coordinator of basketball systems, which is a new position on staff.

    2. “It’s pretty special for him to be able to work for a program he grew up around,” said Drew’s father Mark. “He had other offers, but being able to be here and be part of Indiana basketball was something he couldn’t pass up.”

    3. Drew has worked as an assistant coach for several of his father’s AAU teams. Most recently he had a heavy influence on the Team Indiana Under-16 and Under-15 teams. The former included recent Indiana commit Austin Etherington[…]

    4. Mark Adams is the founder and president of the A-HOPE (African Hoop Opportunities Providing an Education) Foundation. Through that program, he has managed to provide $3 million worth of schooling for students who otherwise would have struggled to make it to college, Mark Adams said Wednesday.

    Some of those players have turned out to be top prospects. Emmanuel Negedu was highly-touted wing who ended up at Tennessee; Peter Jurkin and Hanner Perea are top 25 prospects in the 2012 class and played for Team Indiana.

    Endorsed all this.

    He’s the face of all this mess.

    Fire Crean now!

  8. Geoff, that’s really very tempting. My schedule is nothing if not flexible.

    I’m in limbo right now, having broken myself yet again. Not sure what I have ahead of me for the next few months but I should have a better idea in a week or so.

  9. Wow, quite the breaking news story.

    Oh, did you hear, Truman beat Dewey in an upset.

    Do you just get newspapers when people clean their bird cages?

    Did you hear about Coach Knight getting fired?

  10. Diddly brain, as for your “facts”, are you referring to Drew Adams, assistant basketball coach for Steve Alford’s New Mexico Lobos? Man, the NCAA is gonna be all over Alford.

    Apparently, it takes your posts several years to show up on the Scoop.

    You are so incredibly dense.

  11. My facts refer to things that happened.

    So IU fired Adams as a consequence.

    Next one on the chopping block: Crean.

  12. Here’s how FC13 spent his Thanksgiving:

    Starting at 7 am, he began calling random numbers from the phone book and asked, “Is you refrigerator running? and when they replied “yes”, he shot back, “Then you better chase after it before it gets away” and laughed and hung up on them.

    After an hour of doing it, he’d run up the basement stairs to yell to his mom, “I’m the COOLEST, mommy. They fall for my line EVERY time.”

    If he didn’t run back down the basement stairs so fast, he would have heard her say, “Damn, I knew I should have aborted that loser” before she took another swig of vodka.

    This went on the entire day.

    Each hour, he’d race up the stairs again and yell, “Mommy!! I am the KING OF THE WORLD!!! These idiots are STILL falling for my prank. I’m AWESOME!!!!”

  13. ^ Irrelevant. Laffy’s just Chet’s sad excuse for a sphincter.

    Here’s Drew Adams’s official page at IU.

    Adams played one year for Alford at Iowa, so it’s irrelevant that Alford is hiring his former player. Alford is clean. Always has been. Crean on the other hand is smarmy. Very very smarmy.

  14. Well, I don’t see any broken rules in those points. And none of the things you just said are what the 2 guys are suspended for.

    Listen, I know that assumptions can be made… But how is it any different that hiring Kenny Williams and recruiting Anya? It’s all a big “so what”. It’s within the rules and done everywhere.

    I think it would be foolish if a qualified person couldn’t get a job because they worked in the AAU circuit for a time… And I have ranted on here about my loathing of AAU. In this case, it’s not even really the persons fault… A kid was born into a family that ran an organization that helps under-privileged African kids better their lives – and undoubtedly that is the outcome for these kids – and ended up working in the family business…

    So, what… Now he should be banned from working in college basketball? Why should a kid trying to make his way in this world be limited by that happenstance? And the recruits… They should be punished by having their opportunities limited by not being able to be recruited by great universities because there has been a connection to that program?

    So yeah… This is on the NCAA and not Crean.

  15. Chet your very low intellectual ability was on display for all to see when you spent hours looking for the “meth” girl on the Internet… Now you’re embarrassing yourself again. (1) Perea and Jurkin received impermissible benefits from their coach Mark Adams. (2) Indiana hires Mark Adams’ son. (3) Perea and Jurkin choose Indiana. The connection is obvious.

    But New Mexico? What does New Mexico have to do with this?

    But who am I to ask for a semblance of lucidity from your sick Creanophile mind?

  16. Now he should be banned from working in college basketball?

    Of course not.

    And kudos to Alford for stepping in and help clear this mess!

  17. More facts:

    After Drew Adams, the son of Mark Adams, was promoted to director of operations/video coordinator in April 2010, Crean signed or picked up commitments from eight players with ties to A-HOPE and/or the Indiana Elite program. According to summer team forms on file with the NCAA, the younger Adams previously coached three of the players with Indiana Elite, and his father acknowledges that two — 2012 commits Perea and 7-foot-1-inch Peter Jurkin, part of a class ranked No. 1 in the country by ESPN — lived at his Bloomington, Ind., house last summer while he was their coach at Indiana Elite.

    Drew Adams’ original hiring in September 2009 as IU’s coordinator of basketball systems came just before an NCAA rule change that would have prohibited IU from signing players he previously was associated with for two years.

    Amid questions about Adams’ ties to his father’s foundation and the Indiana Elite program, the 26-year-old left his hometown program May 6 for a same-titled position at New Mexico under former Hoosiers star Steve Alford.

    Just two weeks prior, IU compliance officials declined to address specific questions posed by ESPN.com about Adams’ role with the Hoosiers, offering a general statement through an athletic department spokesman that their office “engages in active monitoring and educational efforts focused on a broad range of areas for all Indiana University sports programs our institution has reviewed our relationships with other educational institutions, non-profit foundations, and non-scholastic teams and organizations, including A-HOPE and Indiana Elite.”


    Crean has put IU in a very delicate position.

    No amount of toxic vapor from Laffy and Chet can negate this. Crean is guilty. Alford just stepped up to help a former player. Crean should be fired.

  18. Chet, it’s obvious his mom ate paint chips with lead while she pregnant with him and downed it with vodka.

  19. Nope, that wasn’t you, “Ron”:

    Chet Friday, November 2, 2012 – 7:03 PM UTC

    I don’t get that on my page. I would ask if she’s hot but “meth t-shirt girl” tells me all I need to know.

    Do you ever google meth+tshirt+girl?

    You can now google Chet’s Infinite Supply of Stupidities though…

  20. So to make a concise statement about the facts you presented…

    Crean broke no rules.

    And to reiterate the obvious…

    The benefits were only impermissible because the players went to IU. And only then because he is deemed a booster, which everyone except Kentucky fans thinks is absolutely ridiculous. Even Purdue fans side with IU on this.

    And beside the entire point…

    Drew Adams has nothing to do with the suspensions, so he isn’t even a part of this conversation.

  21. You mean the mess you just proved with your own facts contained no rule breaking…. That mess?

    The only way Crean dragged IU in a mess is by self-reporting a ridiculous sum of $185 from before the kids were born.

  22. I really shouldn’t pile on here, but…
    Well, let me start this way. FC, it’s your right to dislike Crean and think he should be fired. It’s also your right to like Alford. But you probably should know that Alford not only hired Drew Adams, but he also very much recruits A-HOPE kids who took the same benefits Indiana’s guys did. He took on Emmaneuel Negedu after his heart problem at Tennessee, and he signed Obij Aget in the fall, who is also an A-HOPE kid. Literally, the only reason Alford isn’t in the exact same situation as Crean is is $185 worth of alumni stickers purchased before either one of these players were born, as well as a compliance official who failed to alert others to those donations. If you view this situation as corrupt or “dirty” — and many people would disagree with you on that — you have to declare both Crean and Alford dirty. Alford is no less in bed with Indiana Elite and AAU than Crean is. Seriously. Drew Adams still goes to all of his father’s games — which he’s legally able to do — and he unquestionably does that at least in part for recruiting purposes. Alford was hanging around with the whole Indiana Elite crew at Kory Barnett’s wedding this summer. Objectively, there’s no way around this. If Alford is clean, then Crean is clean, and if Crean is dirty, then Alford is dirty. Personally, I don’t consider the Adamses to be corrupt, but if you do, then both Crean and Alford are corrupt and you need to look elsewhere for your personal fantasy scenario replacement.

  23. Dang. Now I think Alford should be fired too.

    Then New Mexico can hire Crean and Indiana can hire Alford.

    And the two can then start a new, clean life.

  24. I’m all with you on your arguments, Dustin. But their are many things that account for seedy actions that are within rules. Protecting those relationships at the cost of taking away a kid’s heart and final year of eligibility only being one of many possibilities. Just because something is within rules doesn’t mean it can’t reek of hypocrisy, cronyism, betrayal, and honorable intent. Calipari operates within the rules and wins championships. How many are willing to call him a morally sound individual good for college basketball? Does bending rules to help gang-ridden inner city kids a better shot at life and a more valid shot at NBA dreams any less honorable than helping kids from war-ravaged foreign lands find college through a ‘good Christian’ voice?

  25. Question for DD… 1. Did Adams give a donation of any type to the Iowa Varsity Club or any other U. of Iowa booster group?
    2. Is it true that an Indiana U. official knew of the Adams-IU violation (which occurred more than 10 years ago, but did not report it- as required- to the NCAA?).
    3. What does it mean that the Infractions committee is made up of ‘independent’ faculty members of the member schools?(does not require a yes/no)

    Please, include a yes or no to preface each answer and then, if you feel an argument needs to be elaborated to support or contradict the yes or no, add the argument.

  26. It’s very rare that Dustin feels the need to speak to F.C. But when he does, he absolutely decimates Ricotard’s childish B.S. with cold, hard researched facts.

    “Facts,” the true F-word in Ricotard’s world. A world where a coach’s merits are judged on clapping and hairstyle rather than rankings and records.

  27. I never should have pointed out his endless stupidity in the first place. It just gave him hope that someone had listened to him.

    Won’t do that again. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to program an auto delete function.

    In about 3 minutes I’ll never see his posts again.

  28. Geoff,
    If Chet can’t make that game in Jan. I am interested. I am fairly close to State College. I would love to see the Hoosiers in person this year. I usually catch a game or two when visiting Bloomington. I don’t think that is going to happen this year. I attended the game @ PSU last year and it was a nice place to watch a game, even better with other people in red. The Indiana crowd was good, I think it will be even better this year.
    Geoff, you and Dustin have my permission to obtain my email address if Dustin is willing to do that.

  29. Tsao,
    1. Not that I know of. He was an Indiana alumnus and he only bought the stickers because his then-wife wanted them. (His then-wife has confirmed.)
    2. An IU compliance official knew in 2008 that Adams was a booster but did not inform the rest of the department. (This was in the original story and IU’s self-report note). Adams was discussing with compliance everything he had given Tijan Jobe and they were determining whether or not that would affect his eligibility. Adams disclosed the donations. The IU compliance official failed to pass those along. That is the part that’s an actual violation.
    3. It means that they are not NCAA staffers but they work on campuses. I think they are mostly compliance officers at the individual institutions. (Each school’s equivalent to assistant athletic director Julie Cromer)

  30. They got Capone on tax evasion.

    For years everybody thought Lance was clean.

    Now the end is getting nearer for Crean.

    End of travesty. End of the rope. End of deceit.

  31. So if this is Crean’s “tax evasion,” FC, what is his mass murder, extortion, racketeering, etc? What do you think he’s doing and what if any reason do you have to think that, other than the fact that you just don’t like him?

  32. Dustin- 1. Why they wanted the sticker is completely irrelevant. Was the donation to the Alumni Assn. or the Varsity Club? If to the Alumni Assn., was it earmarked ‘for athletics’ or an open donation. If made to the Varsity Club, it verifies the NCAA’s contention of Adams’ booster status. I suspect it is to the Varsity Club.

    If someone discovered Adams’ ‘booster’ status in 2008: who was it? what position did that individual hold? why did they not report it? (My suspicion, either Greenspan or his compliance officer (I now forget her name), made the discovery and covered it up.

    On the make up of the infractions committee, the members are faculty representatives of the schools, conferences, leagues. In other words, hold ‘faculty’ status or are conference/league execs.

    Finally, what is this reference I read in someone’s post that Coach Crean misread the ‘permission to travel Mosquera-Perea and Jurkin, and indeed should not have flown them to Brooklyn? This correct or is someone making up stuff here?

    I’d appreciate your answer on each. Sorry to take your time.

  33. Dustin, I thought you were for “freedom of expression” so why do you yank my posts critical of you?

    You’re a bigger hypocrite than I thought.

  34. 1. It was made to the Varsity Club, so yes, by the NCAA’s rationale that any donation makes a person a booster and once someone is a booster, he is always a booster, Adams meets that definition.
    2. It was the assistant athletic director in charge of compliance. (Or something close to that. It’s in the original story) This same assistant athletic director did eventually volunteer the information about three years after he obtained it while he was still working there. No one else discovered it. And basically, no one knows why he kept his mouth shut for three years.
    3. Someone is making stuff up there.

  35. Oh spare me.

    That one you yanked down just told Hillbilly to shove his finger up his butt after he cried about “me” ruining the place when HE has been told COUNTLESS times to knock his crap off but refuses to do so.

    I’ve seen far worse on here you say nothing about it.

    Hell, you actually allow cyber-harrassment on here…..which is ILLEGAL…..so save your phony excuse.

  36. TTG, Crean didn’t misread anything. Our mentally challenged little troll misread the statement and tried to make it sound like CTC committed an infraction.



  37. TTG: Chet made up the whole thing. Typical of him. There was not a single mention of that until he wrote about it.

  38. Also, Tsao, as previously mentioned, the donations were not “uncovered.” Adams volunteered the information to the compliance official. He was not aware it made him a booster for life.

  39. That being the case, we don’t have a leg to stand on in claiming ‘innocence’.

    1. Adams, as every member who ever contributed to the Varsity Club of Indiana Athletics, knows that they are classified as Boosters and any activity that violates NCAA rules will be held accountable against IU. A ‘booster’ is exactly that- the ‘parking sticker’ has nothing to do with it, that’s an ego gift the Varsity Club throws in.

    2. The sum of $285 dollars has nothing to do with it, except as Adam’s donation that made him a Booster.

    3. What does enter into it is that Adams gave room and board, gifts, travel, school materials and equipment and clothing to both Mosquera-Perea and Jurkin totally (from what I understand $6000-$8000 dollars. That’s not a small amount. I do think that given this info you need to clarify this is not over an insignificant $285 ‘help’ to each because that is exactly how it is being interpreted and discussed in this blog through ignorance of the facts.

    4. It also renews another question I’ve raised before and which has never been answered. Did either of the Adams’ (more like the father) have ‘legal custody through a court over either Mosquera-Perea or Jurkin. It can not be easy to get a US Visa for either of these individuals without someone having legal custody. I’ve asked this before and, specifically, I believe asked it of you and you were checking on that. I remember Adams senior being very evasive. But that is a key, key question.

    4. It’s important to point out that the NCAA has also ‘suspended’ any possible relationship between Adams and IU through summer 2013 (though that’s now moot), because of Adam’s Varsity Club Booster status. I do wonder to what degree the ‘transfer’ of Adams to work under Coach Alford was or was not arranged by someone here and seeing a win-win for both Iowa and IU. The ‘suspension” of Adam’s booster status at IU is sanction for ‘something’. This last point just speculation in my part, but an overlap between Crean-Adams-AHOPE-Alford-Iowa should not surprise anyone nor would it be ethically wrong from my perspective. (Of course, that will get you a bunch of email from the Alford Haters Club…sorry).
    5. Speculation…it now sounds to me as if Glass was trying to clean up one heck of a mess. My question is, how much did CTC know and when did he know it?
    6. What happened to the IU official who concealed or failed to report the ‘booster status’ between 2008-2011. Does he/she still work for IU? He wouldn’t if left to me.

    I don’t think anyone has used their head on this. It may be, to some extent, just as grievous as Sampson’s violations and intent to conceal. We are indeed lucky that the NCAA rules specifically state that the appeal can not increase the sanctions of the original conviction. It now seems crazy to have raised it again (I’m surprised because I give Mr. Glass much more credit than that…I’d love to hear a statement for him).

    Finally, it seems to me that much of this is due to the lack of transparency in IU athletics and the role of the Varsity Club. Information, even factual NCAA information, is doled out slow and in very small amounts. This is really tragic and we look like c__p.

    Dustin…with the facts out, the spin on the ‘injustice’ of the NCAA violation seems a mere spin that misleads fans. We did it the old fashioned way, we earned it. Very sad.

  40. Mass Hoosier, if you’re able to make plans, please take up Geoff on his generous offer. As I said, my immediate future is kinda in limbo right now so it wouldn’t be fair for me to tie up the ticket. It’s also quite a drive. One of my kids wrestled in (and won) the Nittany Lions Open a few years back and I missed it because of the driving distance involved. Seven matches in 24 hours. Yikes.

  41. Tsao,
    I’d like to address this at significantly more length, but I’m big time under the gun right now. But yes, in the initial story and the NCAA’s findings, it was stated that, yes, Adams is Mosquera-Perea’s legal guardian.

  42. Also, this links back to Glass’s comments at the time of the initial ruling. Basically, the athletic department has taken full responsibility for the actions of its staffers. That staffer is not on staff to my knowledge. Based on background conversations I’ve had with some of the principles, that staffer did not appear to have an ulterior motive and Adams and Indiana were in near constant contact with the NCAA throughout the last four years over what would and would not be permissible for Adams to do. Again, Adams volunteered the information in a meeting with the IU compliance official as well as legal representation and has volunteered information beyond what was asked.


  43. Tsao – the $185 (not $285) has everything to do with. If it weren’t for that sum there would be no infraction… No suspension… Nothing. It was clearly stated that the benefits were permissible except for that fact. And as Dustin stated, there have been other a-hope kids that received similar benefits, but did not receive suspensions because Adams was not a “booster” of the schools they ended up attending.

    Also, regardless of the bumper stickers, we cannot go back and know Dams understanding or intent starting in 1986… His wife wrote the checks… He probably didn’t give it any thought… If its anything like my marriage my wife doesn’t ask permission, or discuss the fact that she just made a $20 annual donation to the local animal shelter. But I guess 20 years from now I’ll be considered a booster…

    The NCAA made a statement and outright said it was because Adams “is” a “booster”… That’s a joke.

  44. Mass – its all yours if you want to claim it…

    Dustin – you have my email… Can you send me Mass Hoosier’s contact info?

    Chet (et al.) – it looks like I may have another ticket or 2 available, but I’ll know more later and keep people posted…

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