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    That would be great, but it sounds like uber-homerism to me… This kid didn’t even know that Hoosier fans were passionate about basketball, so how much can he be thinking or talking about us? He lives in ACC country…

    Put yourself in his shoes for a minute… You’re an urban, African-american teenager in a hip-hop sport, living outside DC. You have an offer from UNC who recently won a title and sends lots of players to the NBA. It’s where Jordan played. It’s where Vinsanity played. It’s where Stackhouse played. You’re a 6’7″ wing with pro aspirations… Indiana is some state hundreds of miles away that’s got a reputation for being flat with lots of cornfields, lots of white people and country music… Last year UNC put 4 kids in the first round of the draft… IU put exactly 0 into the league in the last 4 drafts…

    I’m not trying to be racist, I’m trying to be realistic. He isn’t a teammate of Robinson, and he wasn’t part of Coach Johnson’s AAU program. He has no ties to IU. I’m not saying we don’t get respect, and obviously we get looked at by plenty of top recruits, but until he went to Hysteria give me one reason IU would be more sexy than UNC to this kid.

    “Give me one reason IU would be more sexy than UNC”…….Hmm?….uber corn?

  2. In all seriousness, any future top “hip-hop” DC recruits will likely come to Indiana because of the fast-growing reputation developing around Jonny Marlin’s wild “Crean on the Cob” off-campus parties(These intellectual faith gatherings put the human degradation of a Duke Lacrosse striptease party to complete shame).

    Video Note: “The Blue Man” is a reference to Seth Davis

  3. Stand by every word of that post too. It’s 100% accurate. Up until Hysteria there was no way we were ahead of UNC. The guy I was directing the post at said UNC didn’t have a shot.

    Oh, and if you want to read the rest of that conversation the guy I was debating came to his senses (something you never do), and most of the Establishment on that site, aka Hoosier fans, understood exactly where I was coming from.

    Hey Harvard, can you remind us about Remy and last year’s record real quick?

  4. You were the one that brought ITH into this discussion board, not me. If you think so little of the comments over there, quit reading them.

    And I don’t rely on the numbers or pundits for anything. I make independent judgements based 100% on what I see, stories that pass journalistic muster, and my personal experience. Numbers are a part of the game and I don’t ignore them.

    You are the one obsessed with the pundits. I largely ignore them and rarely have the volume up if the channel can’t be changed.

    Evidence for my opinions come from eyeballs and facts, while you rely on trying to read between the lines of coach-speak and op-eds to form fun little conspiracy theories.

    A broken clock is right twice a day Harvard, congrats on being right twice last year. You were wrong way more, but keep tooting your horn on your “vision” and predictive abilities. Just like Chet, I have stated on here that I’m not much for predictions. I just don’t find them as thrilling as you.

  5. I saw a team with all the pieces in place to have a turnaround season. I had plenty of posts to explain why I believed it was possible last year. It wasn’t just about predictions in a vacuum. I talked of chemistry and what lineups showed more promise in terms of synergy on the floor. Our success this season is no more guaranteed than last. It will hinge on the intangibles, the happenstance, the importance of role players. the chemistry.

    Based on every observation that pundits have no time or desire to dissect, I had the confidence that others in the media(and most on this blog) could not find. I saw far more than your simple win-loss predictions. I predicted a top 10 ranking by mid-December based on those observations. I saw a team that could go undefeated into conference play. I saw a Watford that was key to the success while others were burying the guy and doubting his skills to play beyond college. I was not ashamed to extend that belief and hold my view high and singular when most were ready to put Christian on a bus(or keep him off a “Hoosier ship” that was sailing without him). My visions have been repeatedly verified beyond pundits, predictions, and stats. I defended the guts and glory and gumption in Hulls in the face of the pundits and I’ll do the same today. The season was propelled by synergy(much of that coming due to happenstance injury a starter that gave Remy time to get into games and develop). The confidence was anchored by a stunning win against the best team in the nation. You followed the pundits to that game. I voted with vision and belief. Destiny delivered the final blow to your Establishment BS when Christian Watford drained the game-winner. I saw the victory train coming against UK when the only thing you could envision was more McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Calipari, and anything in the tone your favorite color of blue.

    But that confidence was delivered a blow with losses at Nebraska and Minnesota at home. You voted for irrelevancy to stay. I saw dark horse guys like Remy still making the dream of NCAA tournament victories possible. I stood strong in my confidence in Watford to be big in the tournament when others were wanting to make him a ‘one shot wonder.’

    Know you choose to corner me and mock me on singular predictions that just happened to be scary on target? I didn’t delight in being right. I delighted in the belief of a few Hoosier players others were so repeatedly ripping apart and discounting as valid contributors. I delighted in the unsung heroes of heart more than the declared superstars of ranking sites and Rivals charts where pundits and most prognosticators set up shop.

    Keep with Geoff. You live in Seth Davis’s world of paint by numbers. Easy to board the train now.

    I would suffice to say this team is currently in a bit of trouble. We will miss Elston. We will even miss some of the craftiness a Verdell Jones. We may regret not working harder to do right by Patterson. And, unlike Chet, I believe Pritchard was an integral component of our success last year. We will miss the spark from Roth and the backbreaking potential his long bombs. It may not be all roses this year. The Big 10 is stronger. Michigan and MSU are lurking with some heavy talent. Branden Dawson(Do you know I actually once referred to him as the next D-Wade and preferred we put him in candy stripes before Cody..? Talk about foolish blow)…Anyway, “they” are saying Dawson is coming out of the blocks with a new form of awesome in his game..showing no signs of being derailed by his season-ending injury of last year. Mitch McGary at Michigan will teach even the great Cody a few things he may need to work on. There are no guarantees. I love the Hoosiers, but I love the game more. It never fails me by making everyone wrong(including Harvard).

  6. And for what it’s worth, if Jordy loses his confidence due to submission into a role player status, we will not win a championship. It will be far more important to keep the faith in the unsung workaholics of last season(Remy, Elston, Jordy) than get too giddy over the new flashiness and freakish “athleticism” in our roster. I certainly like what I see from Yogi, but we don’t get to the end prize without staying true to the heart of Hoosier team. Destiny will reward us by staying humble and believing in the game more than the individual.

    It’s a very easy trap to be seduced by the “slam, bam, thank you, mam” methods of John Calipari. We don’t have that team. We will only be as strong and goes as deep as our weakest link. I really believe Yogi holds the keys to the season. Those keys have nothing to do with his passing gifts and point guard abilities. He will have to be humble enough to elevate those around him to continue to believe. When a team has a player with his level of talent come into the picture, it’s not uncommon for some now removed the spotlight(positive and negative attention) to slip into feelings of disconnect. Can Yogi be mature enough to relinquish the stardom? Can Crean manage the personality of the team and not fall into the usual traps of picking a “chosen one” over chemistry and maintaining cohesive confidence as a unit from NBA-destined freshman starter to last seat on the insignificant pine?

  7. We will only be as strong and [go] as deep as our weakest link.


    Funny how we hate on Ohio football and basketball teams, but come election time, they so often hold the keys to our political desires and the future course our nation.

    Indiana is never part of hinging importance in elections. We’re nothing but hoops and corn…Hoops and corn and backward cuckoo clocks like Mourdock and Quayle for CNN and the Establishment to toot its horn and paint all Hoosiers as sophisticated and irrelevant the same. We can’t spell ‘potato’ and we we think God sends out approval cards for rapists. It’s all “black and white” when it comes to Hoosiers.

    Hell, without basketball, grain, and some long, lingereing, old Knight disdain, there would really be nothing for Hoosiers in headlines since “Tippacanoe and Tyler Too.” Ohio, Ohio, Ohio…Everything hinges on Ohio. Where are our banners without Ohio? Do we have Tom Crean as coach without Ohio? And where is the 1976 banner without Ohio’s Scott May picking Indiana…? Everything hinges on Ohio.

    Oscar Robertson….also from Ohio(I just checked it on Wiki-Establishment).

  8. My apologies, Dustin. Did you censor that one? I don’t even remember what thread I placed those insinuations aimed at Geoff’s brain(noodle).

    I’ll make sure to just stick with calling people racists, whores…morons, idiots, butt-buddies, etc, etc, etc. Heaven forbid a “noodle” reference amidst the putrid language and hideous character assassinations you allow to be strewn on here.

    You do allow me some freedoms, but your warnings are not very consistent. And you never did address my question of banning(due to going over the line) when it comes to thievery an established blogging name as an infantile form of more personal attacks. My mom is dead from as a result her three long battles with three forms of cancer and you let someone steal my blogging name to make ridicule of me through my loving and decent mother.

  9. That was a reference to Crean’s constant desire to attach himself to Bobby’s nipple. I do believe he’s mentioned him on Twitter, elevated him to godlike status, nearly as many times as Joyce Meyer. I think we know where Bobby is from.

  10. And Chet has been victim of the same form of name thievery. If you can’t keep claim to your blogging name, then how can you attach comments to any individual?

    You have no problem attaching Harvard to the “noodle” post, but you refuse to divulge who was behind the stealing of my name(or who is behind the antics with Chet). Chet and I could just as easily go to the same measures to ridicule and insult people.

    As far as control on a blogging site, I truly think there’s a real hypocrisy in enforcing those controls when you refuse to stop the name thievery antics and character assassinations aimed beyond the blogger. Stealing a name, insinuating loveless mothers/shadowing fathers/ mental disorders, goes far beyond individual disagreements, over-the-line PG-13 innuendo, or generalized(impersonal) conspiracies.

    Just my opinion, but how do you maintain credibility in your selective measures of who and when something is “over the line” when you allow hijacking of a blogging name? You have a willingness to spotlight my crude behavior but an unwillingness to unveil the thieves? Why? Is it Chris Korman or one of your “butt-buddies” that is stealing Harvard or Chet’s name? Is it your friend, 4tickturds? Is it someone from HT offices? Is it Zach Osterman? To maintain credibility, you must maintain fairness. Fairness begins with blogging names being solely identified to their consistent user. There should be no second chances for name thievery. If you’re going to allow the second chance, then deliver your warnings the same and unveil their true identity.

  11. Dustin – its ok with me. Even if I am tired of Harvard’s shtick he doesn’t offend me. I know it’s your job, but I’m still shocked you even got to the “noodle” quote. I quit reading after the second paragraph of post #8. It’s either all the same old stuff, or it’s him trying to pretend like he’s the only guy who believes what 90% of Hoosier nation also believes.

    Blah blah blah… Accusation, accusation, accusation… Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy… YouTube video, doctored picture, poem… Another conspiracy, another accusation, anti-Crean tweeting post… Blah, blah, blah… Remy, Watford buzzer-beater, Establiment… Blah, Seth Davis, blah…

  12. Re post #6 attempting to ridicule Harvard when HfH actually won in straight set, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 without loss of a point. The poster should at least be recognized for the obsessed attachment to ‘trying’ to never be wrong, even when Harvard mopped the floor with the post and then used it to mop his toilet.

    But hey! Sports is about trying!!

  13. Actually Tsao – Williams confirmed my thoughts…

    “It’s like non-stop hype,” Williams told Inside the Hall via text on Sunday. “I love it though. It means they’re really a basketball state and I like that.”
    It’s the “hype” surrounding the IU basketball program that convinced Williams to commit to play for the Hoosiers next season. Williams said that before he visited for Hoosier Hysteria on Oct. 19, IU was only a member of his top three (with North Carolina and Louisville).
    “But that had a lot of impact on me after that,” Williams said.

    …yeah so basically what I said, I just broke down some reasoning behind it. It’s called perspective Tsao, and I’m constantly shocked after all your experiences why you lack it.

  14. I’m sorry for the lewd remark Dustin..If my recollection of the post is accurate, I was mainly using it to ridicule the ‘average’ ITH blogger. There was also something about opinions being as easily moved/nudged/pushed as cows to a slaughterhouse. The post was more a stab at ITH than Geoff. I have reasons for not being too fond of that place…They have never been forthright and fair(back in the day when a certain blogger was intimidating all of Hoosier blogging land). You remained open. You remained trustworthy. I understand that you try your best and you give ol’ Harvard tremendous leeway to have a bit of chance to make commentary beyond the use of the typed word(clips, images, etc).

    Sometimes I think you fall a bit short in quelling the viciousness and name thievery, but when the dust settles, I’m still in your corner. In my humble opinion, ITH is the Ozzie and Harriet of Hoosier b-ball chat sites. You know it. We all know it. I mainly visit there occasionally for highlight clips I can’t find on Scoop. I get lonely when the primary basketball blogger of Scoop, Geoff, stops posting on Scoop. I got a kick out of Geoff’s “corn” reference at Indiana. I found it ironic because there is nothing more “corn” than the target audience Bozich allows and polices for his forum.

    Scoop is far more than corny pollyannaism. At times we stray into dysfunctional behavior and highfalutin braggadocious behavior. But it operates more like a true family..Imperfect and beautiful in all its honesty of openness. That’s because of you. You’ve done that mission more service than any of your predecessors. Some criticize you for it, but I believe it to be your greatest asset. You allow most the longest patience. You prefer to error on the side of tolerance rather than the iron fist of censorship and membership. You allow the trite trite to the extreme and the humanness our thoughts and reservations.

    I’m not kissing your a$$…I’m telling it like it is. If Scoop is Establishment, then Harvard is signing up. But in all honesty, there is nothing more ‘Establishment’ than turning away from freedoms the minority voice for petty hypocrisy rooted in conforming for sake of the comforts and protectionism a status quo can afford those in charge. So, at the end of the day, the ‘corn’ of ITH is Establishment. The freedom of Scoop is democracy and tolerance. You place your faith in the honor of good intentions over a blogging police state for zombies living in the world their overly cautious tongues.

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