1. Well, if you thought we took a hit with the suspensions of Perea & Jurkin, take solice in the fact that UCLA-probably my biggest concern for defeat in the interim, lost Shabazz Muhammed indefinately & most likely for the entire season. At least. That is a MUCK bigger blow to them than losing Perea & Jurkin is to us. ‘Bazz is clearly the best Freshman in all the land, IMHO, & I had excruciating visions of Oladipo, Wattford, you name it getting schooled all night long in a ptential showdown with the UCLAn’s, & I would suspect that their# 13 ranking was due in large part to Muhammed.

  2. We are such positive thinkers!!! I think the Alumni Assn. and the Varsity Club should provide shrink services with our donations.

    Wouldn’t it be better to beat UCLA WITH SHABAZZ. Just like we beat UK with their AAA Minor League NBA training team. These days the most Kentucky can say is that they were 1-1 against the Hoosiers and backed off playing us.

    What was the fishbone in Calimari’s throat?…the probability of losing and being 0-1 (and 1-2 to the Hoosiers)at home, in Mop Arena in Lexington, KY (where much of Hoosier Chet’s relatives still live).

    So…a ‘winner’ would think, there’s no joy in facing “Casey at the Bat’ unless you strike him out.

    Yeah…I don’t like losing,…but I’ll wait another 71 years to beat you if necessary. Real men really don’t cry (out of bitterness), only out of love. (That’s a good thought on Veteran’s Day).

  3. Lord of the Zit (pus zit?)(or zest?)…in another life you were ohhh, so grateful and considered Dustin such a a loving, fair and loyal friend…why ahhh…. weren’t you wishing him a great career horizon opening up to the glories of the dreaded Establishment access with bird’s chirping in the morning dawn as the sun’s warm rays burst out of the East for his tolerant, illuminated writings…or was that just pucker-pucker?

    You can’t walk both sidewalks of the same street at the same time…a concept that escapes you…this is a friend telling you that.

  4. Chris – watched the UCLA game last night… They will be plenty good without Shabazz. They are big and deep up front- Wear twins, Parker, and Smith. The other 2 freshman are also pretty damn good. Anderson will be inconsistent but he’s talented and won’t be depended on to score. Adams looked like the real deal… Just made everything he did on offense look smooth and easy – led them in scoring with 21, and plays the same position/role as Muhammed. They are still a tough matchup, especially with Howland leading them.

  5. I believe Dustin knows exactly where my rib-poking was aimed in friendly jest(only with regard to “Ginger” joining the ‘Remy Remix Party’). Isn’t it time for a Remy bobble-head to go along with the playing of Remy Remix on ScoopTalk? Would that remix tune not be a great lead-in for ScoopTalk, Dustin?

    I am plenty confident in Dustin one day putting HT in the rear-view mirror and moving on to succeed in the bigger markets where his versatile sports journalism/broadcast skills can take him. I wish him nothing but the best in every new challenge he’ll take his career.

    And speaking as a friend to you, Tsao, please stop acting like a teenage chick; always snooping and turning the harmless fun into the sinister and melodramatic. Continual insistence at knowing the true taste of my spit, may get many to believe we’ve locked lips.

  6. Toward his point, Harvard does get to keep Remy for eternity. He was in fact prescient on that one. It’s reached inside joke level at this point, because I didn’t realize they would head that direction in recruiting him. I didn’t call it. He did. He can keep that.
    If I knew how to mix lead-in’s for ScoopTalk (Hugh is so much more awesome than me technologically) I would include some Remy. Thanks guys.

  7. Dustin-

    I appreciate those words and your honesty. I knew you were completely on the same page with the ‘darkly puzzled’ inside joke.

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