This story is about Shabazz Muhammad, but it’s actually more complimentary to Indiana

Hat tip to a Twitter follower Jay Rigdon for pointing this one out. Adrian Wojnarowski, the main NBA beat writer at Yahoo! Sports, covers the league as well as anybody and is pretty much the most connected reporter covering the league. So when he discusses the evaluation of college players, you know he’s getting his info from the guys who make the decisions.

On Monday night, he was in Brooklyn for the Legends Classic and Shabazz Muhammad’s debut in UCLA’s game against Georgetown. He came away from it saying UCLA and Muhammad were probably lucky to lose and avoid Indiana.

Most of the story was about Muhammad, but this set of graphs gives you an idea what NBA executives think of Indiana.

“I wanted to get a shot at them,” Muhammad said. “But we know we really aren’t ready yet.

Not the Bruins, nor Muhammad. Truth be told, Indiana would’ve destroyed UCLA on Tuesday night. For all the starry All-America freshmen at UCLA – Kyle Anderson to Jordan Adams to Muhammad – the Hoosiers are a throwback program of pro prospects. Beyond the clear greatness of Zeller, a highly recruited prospect, Indiana has become a pure player development machine under coach Tom Crean. From juniors Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey, to seniors Jordan Hulls (think Travis Deiner) and Christian Watford, pro scouts marvel over the development of modestly recruited players into draft-able prospects.

“I think Muhammad is lucky they lost to [Georgetown],” one Western Conference executive said. “Indiana would’ve put Oladipo on him, and I’m not sure [Muhammad’s] ready for that yet.”



  1. “Indiana has become a pure player development machine under coach Tom Crean.”

    I can hear FC’s head explode all the way out here in Vegas.

    That retard also ignores the fact Crean did the same at Marquette…..and it wasn’t just with Wade, either.

  2. Big chuckle. Crean developed Hulls? Have you seen Sheehey yesterday? Oladipo’s vertical jump was taught by Crean? This is the best joke ever. Modest recruit Hulls (Mr. Basketball).

    Good one. The only one underdeveloped is Crean. Take him.

  3. Yeah… If we had played UCLA I wouldn’t have been concerned with Shabazz, because I trust in Dipo… I would have been concerned by their size, because it would be unclear if we had anything behind Zeller,and they have 4 above-average players who are 6’9″ or bigger.

    This Georgetown game will be a great test, but it lacks the story lines, and it’s less of a PR-win for IU.

  4. In my opinion Crean is just about as good of an all-around coach as there is out there right now. He can recruit, he can adjust gameplans on the fly or from the start (ie Watford on the bench to start against Sam Houston). He’s very strong at developing his players and he cares and pushes excelling academically in his program.

    He just needs to do it for another 10 years at a place with the exposure of IU and win a title or two. He does that and he’s right there with Knight, Coach K, Roy Williams, Bill Self, Izzo, Matta, Pitino, Calipari, whomever you want to put in that upper echelon.

  5. But that being said, with the way we played last night especially in the first half, UCLA would have been up maybe 8-10 at the half against us.

    Cody has got to stop trying to be a center/wing combo and just play in the post where he’s needed. Forget trying to create a shot from the baseline and get on the block be strong with the basketball. Would love to see some actual skilled post moves as well. A spin move to the basket, a mini hook, something to show that you’ve worked on your inside game some this Summer and didnt just shoot mid-range jumpers and 3s.

  6. FC if you really dont think Crean has made Oladipo a better all-around player you are just an obvious hater. I mean lets give the players themselves some credit here for their own development too, but come on man. Go take a look at just about ever kid that has committed to Indiana the past few years and they all talk about player development. You think they are just saying that because it sounds nice?

    Love how you bag on Hulls’ development and then three sentences later make sure to mention he was a Mr Basketball when trying to not give Crean any credit. Your comments are as transparent as they could possibly be.

    I just cant wait for the Knight lovers (who wont give Crean a chance 4 years in and ranked #1) to die off. Seriously some of you folks cant even enjoy the moment because your head is still up in his arse. Please do us a favor a die off already.

  7. Crean a good coach against teams like Sam Houston St? Yes. That’s his level. Caleb Moore knows better than Crean where and how Cody should play? Possibly. Crean isn’t even as good as Caleb Moore. Player development? I love how Crean developed Capobianco, Roth, Moore, Jones and especially Malik Story, Nick Williams (who was one of his original recruits at Marquette) and Tijan or Bawa. Secondary violations? Let’s not even talk about it. The Georgetown game does not have the headlines? Wait until Crean chokes the team and we lose. If we lose there will be plenty of headlines to feed you with.

    Fire Crean now.

  8. We all know why FC is so DESPERATE for IU to fire Crean:

    Tom is building a dynasty and losers like FC will kill themselves if/when Crean wins more titles than their God.

  9. Wow, that is a very flattering article, I wish it were all true, unfortunately I think it’s a bit exxaggerated, but nonetheless, quite charmed, I am by the drooling confirmation of CTC’s “NBA draft pick factory”. Did they watch the IU Georgia game? I wonder. Hopefully I’m being far too self-critical. Any word on when/if a decision about Jurkin/Perea may come down today?

  10. Someone on Peegs has a “scoop” they’ve been cleared but any yahoo could say that.

  11. Don’t be stunned if we lose tonight, btw. I hope not, not saying we will, but we can’t be sluggish for the 1st 256 minutes tonight & expect to win. Zeller, Wattford, Sheehey, were all brutal last night offensively. Worst games I’ve seen them play(well, other than Wattford)in about 2 years. Maybe Cody’s worst game as a Hoosier. It can only go up from ther, right?

  12. I think it’s safe to say “The Scoop” will be the LAST place to have the news on our players being cleared or not…..

  13. We weren’t sluggish last night… We were hyper as shit… Once we slowed down we started becoming efficient on offense.

    We were also dominant again on defense last night. If it hadn’t been for 2 miracle 3-pointers in the last minute we would have held them under 50. As it was we held them to 33% FG, 14 FT attempts, and tore down 84% of the defensive rebounding opportunities.

  14. It won’t be the end of the world if we lose. Sometimes losing is good for a team. Keeps them grounded and let’s them know there is still work to be done. Look at Izzo’s teams. Even when they lose some games early on in the season he always seems to have them playing together and peaking at tourney time. That is what we all want right? We play in the Big Ten. There is no way we make it through the whole season without a loss. We all know when the last time a team went undefeated was. This will be a good team once we figure out roles and the team starts to mesh together more.

  15. I have to agree with the ‘Fire Crean’ guy. What objective info do we have that Crean is even competent? Sure he took over a mess improved his win total each season, and yes they beat 3 top 5 ranked teams last year. There are the highly ranked recruiting classes and the astronimical improvement in the teams academics. Maybe IU is ranked #1 and is as deep as any team in the nation, but anything else, ANYTHING AT ALL!?! I thought not, this embarrassment must end today. Eat his contract and fire him, FIRE CREAN 2012, I say.

  16. Big E you’re absolutely right… Imagine if Duke had kept that Mike Krzyzewski around… I mean Duke was a really good program before he got there, going 27-7, 22-8, and 24-9 the 3 prior seasons. Then Coach “K” got there and tore the program down going 17-13, 10-17, and 11-17…

    Can you imagine what would have happened to that program if they had kept him around? I can say for sure they wouldn’t have all those titles. All I know is that FireKrzyzewski1984 was totally right. Glad they listened to him.

  17. Sports analysis is often times too narrative driven and backward looking. All I’m hearing about today is how bad IU played last night and how great G-Town looked. People are always looking to pick apart the #1 team in the country. So, there is all this buzz about us losing tonight. Might as well hand GTown the trophy.

    I don’t make predictions. They’re boring. However, I wouldn’t want to be G-Town or UCLA tonight. We’ll be much better tonight. We had a rough game and still won convincingly. That isn’t the mark of a struggling team, that is the mark of a really good one.

    I really looking forward to playing Georgetown. If we can get out in transition against them and some early 3’s will take them out of their normal 2-3 zone, we could set Brooklyn afire.

  18. Agree Georgetown has a difficult task tonight. Can’t go two upsets in a row. That’s why this is an absolutely must win for Crean. No excuses! We would win and should win but with Crean on the sidelines … it’s really hard. Tom Crean—the last of the self-imposed sanctions of the Greenspan regime. Hopefully he expires next year.

  19. I have a confession to make.

    As many of you have guessed, I’m a 10 year old Kentucky fan. My mom and dad are also brother and sister to each other.

    The reason I hate Crean is because he wins without cheating and it makes us in-bred rednecks look bad.

    I’m so ugly my pa has to tie a steak around my neck to get the dog to play with me.

  20. 10. The guys were tired.
    9. It was (again!) an away game.
    8. Youth. We’re too young.
    7. Inexperience. We lack experience.
    6. Perea and Jurkin still not cleared to play.
    5. Perea and Jurkin only cleared tonight.
    4. There are conventional excuses, unconventional excuses and then there’s this excuse: we were just too good!
    3. We still miss Verdell.
    2. Sorry, we were prepared to play UCLA.
    1. We gave them a good scare… it counts as a win!

  21. After Crean wins a Title, will 4guards be a gutless coward and change his name again?

  22. I really wish the middle schools in ky would more closely monitor 12 year-old boys’ access to the internet. Little trolls like FC and top ten should be trying to learn 2nd grade math instead of wasting time trolling the HT.

  23. Fire Crean and Top Ten,

    C’mon fellas! You can’t tell me Jordan Hulls could do the reverse-pivot spin and finish with a floater in the lane last year, let alone during his Mr. Basketball year.
    Crean flat out develops players, he tells them what they need to improve on and supports them as they go after it.
    As a Freshman Hulls was primarily a spot up shooter with very little speed/lateral quickness and even less strength.
    Last night he guarded a more athletic guard who was easily 3 inches taller, and stayed in front of him.
    Give credit where credit is due, Crean can develop players.
    If you don’t think so google Steve Novak, Travis Diener, Lazar Heyward, and Wesley Matthews (all attended Marquette). Crean recruits players who are coachable and want to get better. So cover up the matching Bob Knight back tatoos and let’s move on.

  24. Another confession:

    I’m a Moonie and when Crean walked by me at the airport and I stopped him to try to get him to convert, he just laughed at me and didn’t even toss any change into my tambourine.

    I’ve hated him ever since…….

  25. There is no word more powerful than the Word of God. If God says Tom Crean is a crappy coach and should be fired it is what it is. Who cares what his apologists say. I mean, who are you going to get into agreement with: God or people?

    (Joyce Meyer)

  26. Satan wants us to be afraid; God wants us to trust. Let’s trust Satan!

    (Tom Crean)

    From the upcoming Top Ten Tom Crean Tweets Tonight!

  27. To post #33 Ask Joyce to give us the evidence of gods choice. We’ll be waiting untill the end oftime for it.

  28. A loss tonight could be good in the long run for our team — especially if we don’t win.

    (Tom Crean)

  29. I hope the fact that we’re NOT playing UCLA & their other suspension which was revoked doesn’t factor into their decision. Ofcourse it should have no bearing whatsoever, but with the NCAA, who knows.

  30. You know what Chris… That’s a valid thought. I just hope the NCAA was sick of being shit on by the announcers all night during the 2 games and wants to be seen as doing the right thing… you know, some positive press.
    It’s A-Hope of mine.

  31. Wow… That sucks. Just saw PSU lost Frazier for the year. I liked watching him play. Feel terrible for him and that team.

  32. There’s a name for the psychological condition that people like FireCrean2013 has, but I can’t remember the term right now. It may be one of those “personality disorders,” but I can’t be sure. It includes delusions of grandeur, like when a person writes a statement implying he has the exclusive truth about a topic and that a recognized expert in his field, a true professional, like an NBA executive, is totally wrong. You know, when a person is convinced he’s right and that everybody else in the world is wrong.

    What is that condition called? No, it’s not ‘stupid,’ although people with this condition often make a lot of stupid statements. It’s not ‘fool,’ although they routinely express foolish opinions. Help me out guys; what is the term describing the psychological or mental condition that FireCrean2013 has?

  33. Geoff- Tuesday I answered a statement you wrote on Gen Petraeus in a thread started on Sat 17. Not sure you saw the response to yours since the thread extended through Tuesday night. We completely agree.

  34. Thanks… Just went back and found it. Good post.

    I still can’t figure out how the search function works on this site… As FC2013 says, I must be an idiot. I type in “Petraeus” and nothing comes up. I’ve typed in exact phrases I’ve written and nothing comes up. I’ve copied and pasted things into the search bar from articles… And “no results found”. How the hell does Harvard do it?

  35. Podunker, fairly obvious to me that most bloggers are avoiding even addressing certain posts here. I went down the thread and thought (hmmm, most are getting smart and just ignoring). Everyone, Chris K and you. Don’t even comment…just let it go and let it die from lack of oxygen. Please.

    Same goes for you Chris K.

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