1. Sorry guys, I am a Bobby Fan and an Avid IU-Tom Crean fan, but this doesn’t look like a very warm welcome. It looks like Bobby is thinking; “Get the hell away from me”. Crean looks shocked at Bobbies response and It also looks like Dan is telling Crean to let it be. I could be reading the expressions wrong but Bobby looks like he’s trying to get the hell away from him. IU wronged Knight, but Crean and the people that are at IU now had nothing to do with it. I dont know if Crean should have gavce him space or not. I believe he should

  2. Coach Crean please now stop your incessant pursuit of Bob Knight’s appreciation. The man just does not have the ability to allow himself to move on. You’ve made every effort. Let him come now or let him stay away.

    You are above this any longer Coach Crean. Appreciate what you tried to do, but you are the coach of the #1 team in the country….Exactly none of that is due to Bob Knight.

  3. Listening to Knight with the color commentary, there was clearly some affection for IU deep down in there somewhere. To me, that was enough.

  4. Crean is saying: “<slobber> &ltslobber>” (no distinguishing words, just the sound of his drool slowly dripping his face and hitting the floor…)

  5. whatever positive feelings Hoosier Nation once had for Bob Knight are increasingly fading with each passing day. He is a sad, bitter old man. While he actually said the word “Indiana” several times tonight, he just couldn’t bring himself to compliment CTC. I, for one, wish we would stop trying to gain his approval. It’s sorta like a child continually trying to get a neglectful parent to pay attention to them. Thank goodness IU fired him or we would never be in the current position of making a run at another NCAA Championship with Coach Tom Crean

  6. Bottom line is:
    -Knight is clearly trying to avoid him & won’t give Crean the time of day.
    -Dan is playing bodyguard for some reason.
    -Crean has done everything he could to bring closure to this situation….inviting back former players, honoring them, IU hall of fame for Knight, etc….but Knight thinks he should still be coaching at IU & thinks he is still the best coach in college basketball.
    -Knights fund raising gravy train runs through IN…book signings, speeches, fund raisers….he comes back to take your $ but doesn’t embrace the fans, the school, the state.
    -I’m a lifelong Knight fan but his behavior is appalling (again).
    -Why do you think he’s selling his rings folks? He doesn’t care about IU, the fans, the school. And despite the entirely new administration, he holds a silly grudge.
    -We fans, & Crean, want closure, but Knight is playing the classless bully he always was.

  7. Knight has meant a lot to Indiana and to the game of basketball; as far as I am concerned, still does. If you disagree, that’s fine as well.

  8. If you’re a true IU fan then you cant help but have a place for knight in your heart. But i agree he is making me sick with his behavior. In the end I am an IU fan. Knight gave us great memories but Crean is GIVING us great memories. Change the subject; Where is Pat now? Drunk in a west texas town?

  9. For what it is worth…my opinion.

    Have any of you ever been prideful a bit too long? Maybe took a joke a little too far? Tried to teach someone a lesson and end up hurting the other person? I certainly know I am. I am a proud man and make mistakes all the time. Sometimes I get in over my head with teaching other people a lesson. What I’m getting at is this–I believe Coach Knight had every right to feel angered, betrayed, and mistreated at the end of his coaching tenure here. I think he decided to act prideful and not come back to IU. I do believe many of us would act in a similar matter. Perhaps this feud has raged out of control and Coach Knight no longer feels like he can return. Think about it, if he returns now, a good portion of the fanbase will welcome it; meanwhile the other portion could care less/claim it took long/tell him he’s been wrong all these years. Well I’m not sure he’s willing to do such a thing and I can’t blame him.

    Bottom line is, from listening to his commentary, it is easy to tell he still holds a place in his heart for his time here at IU. He may not love the institution, but he doesn’t wish evil on anyone (except maybe a deserved NCAA). Whether or not he comes back in this life matters not. He remains an imperfect man, like all of us, but with legendary coaching status.

  10. Crean does not diminish himself by being respectful to one of the greatest coaches in college basketball history. He took the high road. When Crean wins his first Championship, we can all move on, and Bob Knight can either join in the celebration or fade further from the memories of the Hoosier nation. His choice.

  11. Cosch Knight did great things at IU. All being slowly diminished by his angry, bitter attitude. How sad for all IU fans. The man needs to build a bridge and get over it. At least Coach Crean was trying to be polite and gracious. I am grateful for that.

  12. Being an avid and lifelong fan of Coach R. M. Knight, I am deeply saddened by the hurt & pain that coach just isn’t able to let go of. He was wronged, no doubt about it, but that idiot Miles Brand & his cronies are gone. The fans NEVER turned on him nor the players of today. He is now only hurting himself & those who still dearly love him.

  13. As much as I hate to say it, Knight does not look like he wanted this encounter. It does not give Dan the right to put his hands all over Coach Crean. I have a much fonder view of Coach Knight than most, but this is ridiculous. He needs to get off his pedestal and realize he is the same as all of us. He is a basketball genious, but no better than any of us. He has to be the most stubborn person in the world. The longer he keeps this up, the more respect I lose for him.

  14. If you have seen Bob Knight anytime in the last year, he really does have a semi-permanent scowl. To infer that his permanent scowl is somehow an indication of his feeling is to not have that perspective. Some people just look unhappy. His comments on the IU team during the game were positive. His looks were..ahem…sad..

  15. Yep… He just sounded like a guy who had no former connection to IU… Nothing too positive… Nothing too negative… Just detached observation. At least in his words I don’t think he gave anyone any fodder.

  16. Born in 76,

    I’ll offer you some facts so the next time you post it does not appear as though you are a 3rd grader. Pat is doing fine in Beaumont, Texas as the HC at Lamar University. Yes, Lamar University, who under Pat’s tutelage last year made the big dance. 1 other fact, Beaumont is very very much East Texas and would have to secede from the state to be any farther from West Texas.


    I very much like the way you put it in #17. Also I really enjoy RMK’s analysis during BB broadcasts and last night was no different. There are only 2 other analysts who can break down a play and communicate clearly how the action developed as naturally as Knight does. He is articulate because he never wastes a word. I’ve seen Knight 1000’s of times and those looks last night of him with Coach Crean look no different than the times he shook hands with me. He has had those expressions for the 40 years I have memories of him.

  17. RMK has become a sad caricature of a once fine coach. The bitterness has left him hollow. All he has left are his misguided pride and his anger. The crazy thing is, what his is most prideful of is that for which he holds the most bitterness.

    Like others before him, CTC has extended the olive branch. Coach Knight finds more solace in publicizing his bitterness (publicizing that he is selling his IU memorabilia. Really? Why do that?).

    He’s a sad old man still re-fighting his own Civil War because he refuses to believe he lost.

    Let him go.

  18. I’m a lifelong Bob Knight fan — but, in so many ways, he’s a bratty child in a man’s body. He could barely so much as look Coach Crean in the eye.

    And this isn’t the first time that RMK has given Crean the cold shoulder.

    If I was Coach Crean, I’d stop making the effort. He doesn’t want to be your friend.

  19. Knight was very decent yesterday and always. Crean ran after him like a panhandler: “Validate me, coach, validate me.” It is clear nobody respects the walk-on “healer” Crean Tom. Moreover he’s an absolute embarrassment to Indiana with his secondary violations on Perea and Jurkin.

  20. “He’s a sad old man still re-fighting his own Civil War because he refuses to believe he lost.”

    That’s pretty much the long and short of it — and, I suspect, the reason that he refuses to accept the olive branch. In his mind, to “make up” with IU would be to concede that his firing was warranted…even if every single person involved in it is now dead or retired.

    It’s never going to change — and those of us devoted to IU should really stop caring that it does.

  21. “He was wronged, no doubt about it, but that idiot Miles Brand & his cronies are gone.”

    Well, I’m not so sure he was wronged. I do think that Brand & Co. handled it about as poorly as it could’ve been handled. But that doesn’t vindicate Knight’s behavior.

    I’ll never forget Knight pointing out that he reached out to Woody Hayes after Hayes hit the Clemson player and convinced him to call the kid to apologize. The big difference between Knight and Hayes is that Hayes, I think, realized he was wrong and OSU was right to fire him for it.

    RMK’s fatal flaw was not so much his temper — but his inability to take responsibility for his actions and their consequences. Having a hot temper is one thing. Being unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for it is quite another.

    And I don’t suspect he’s going to suddenly make nice with IU — which would imply that he’s accepted the firing and the justification, which would require him to assume responsibility for the actions which led to his firing.

    He’ll never do that, regardless what Coach Crean or anybody else says or does. So they may as well save their breath.

    I am glad, anyway, that he sucked up a bit of his pride and called an IU game. I suspect he wasn’t exactly pleased with the assignment. But he did it…and did it quite well, IMO. He had a lot of really good advice for our team.

  22. Alford?


    He did a worse job at Iowa than the guy he replaced.

    And Knight is a disgrace to the human race.

  23. Chet,

    Publicizing = bitterness is silly. Anyone having vast memorabilia to the uniqueness of RMK would absolutely want to market it to get the highest value. And that is done by target advertising and publicity. Over half that trove being auctioned is non IU(there are Ohio State items, TT pieces and collectables from the West Point days). Sports figures dilute or enhance their collections all the time using asset auctions. But Knight is the tallest lightning rod so he takes the most strikes. It is smart to manage the liquidation of some of your personal possessions before your dead vs. how the alternative could work out. Hell Chet I’ve placed a bid on 3 items Knight has listed with Steiner Sports and am pleased to have the opportunity. If successful each of my 3 sons will have another gift from me that will have value and be unique. But please understand that I understand your fondness for grinding your ax on Knight, that’s smart, it can only get sharp against something tough. Grind on.

  24. “There’s competence, there’s incompetence and then there’s … Tom Crean.”

    Uh, in a period of four years the man has taken a program with a roster of two walk-ons to the #1 team in the nation.

    I’m not really sure what more anybody could ask. Granted, winning a high ranking is not the same thing as winning anything of note. But, still, from a smoldering heap of ashes to #1….in 4 years?

  25. Knight is what he is. He said some nice things about this team, Indiana,and Indiana basketball last night.If we really want to “let him go” maybe we should take down all the Banners in Assembly Hall that he helped put there. Love him or hate him he is part of Indiana basketball History. There is no letting him go.Coach Crean is smart enough to know that.

  26. I am not sure why the Alford references probably some very insecure Crean apologists… Crean lost twenty games per season until Zeller came. Zeller came here for Indiana, not Crean. Crean himself admitted that part of his recruiting strategy is to show the banners and the House that Knight Built. Crean slobbered all over Knight yesterday. By comparison Bruce Pearl praised the Lobos’ win against the Huskies (the real ones) and said the “Lobos are for real”. Proof Alford is a great coach.

    Crean at this point is still a walk-on.

    Crean would do better in the second league (e.g., PAC-12).

    His coaching is inexistent, and Knight in some sense is still recruiting for him, with his banners.

  27. I mentioned Alford because Mr. I’m Jealous of Crean said he wanted Wonder Boy instead.

    Alford sucks. Period.

    Any time you do worse than the coach you replaced shows how worthless you are.

    Knight gets credit for Crean’s recruiting?


    Holy %&^$ you retards are desperate.

    Knight is a washed up coach who lost it LONG before he was rightfully fired as he kept getting his butt kicked in the Dance by FAR less talented teams.

    If anyone is to “get credit” for recruiting now, besides Crean who ALL the recruits PRAISE, it’s the fans who show them the LOVE.

  28. HC, whatever validates your undying acceptance and loyalty.

    I don’t care enough to pick up a butter knife for Bobby, let alone grind an ax. He never did anything to me, I have no feelings pro or con on the man. I can’t even muster up like or dislike. There’s simply…nothing. I just think it’s sad that so many people waste their efforts trying to toady up to him. You’re the perfect example, you are so enamored you’re willing to pay good money for his throwaways that only have value to those smitten with him. It makes me think of those plates they used to sell on late night TV as if they were some sort of treasure and they convinced those poor saps that those pieces of crap were actually a ‘valuable investment’.

    The fact of the matter is, high profile sports memorabilia are auctioned off every day for premium prices. Rarely would a sports figure make such a sad figure of themselves by contacting a sports news outlet that he is selling off his ‘Indiana memorabilia’. Most high profile individuals have too much dignity for that kind of thing. There a plentiful marketing systems in place for those kind of things. Bobby’s ‘news’ piece will have little to no effect on the actual bidding. Anything to put his name in the spotlight for a final fleeting moment.

    If only he could have had the dignity of a John Wooden or a Dean Smith.

    It’s just so sad.

    Let him go.

  29. People hate winners…It’s why the Establishment hated on Indiana last year..They saw us coming.

    And I think if many took a hard look in the mirror, it’s why they hated on Bobby. Bobby’s success(in terms of championships)faded in his latter years, but the banners are there because of great players and a man that knew how to coach the game.

    If Tom Crean takes the Hoosiers to a championship victory, his biggest fans on here will claim it’s ridiculous to give that credit only to the players. The same is true of Bob Knight. It’s equally as ridiculous to assume we have three banners from his teams without his coaching genius.

    There is absolutely no reason in the world Knight owes Tom Crean a thing. This isn’t Dean Smith approaching him to shake his hand. We are telling Knight to move past his bitterness. Tom Crean needs to move past believing that because he now coaches the Indiana Hoosiers, Bobby Knight owes him a warm handshake. Put your name in the record books..Hang some banners in Assembly. Don’t expect to put yourself on equal ground by working at the same hoops factory and having Calberr Cheaney on your bench.

    I don’t care if we ever see Knight in Bloomington again, but for those that are saying Knight needs to forgive and move past all of the bitter history, it may come more naturally if Crean would figure out that having the job and hiring some of Knight’s old players, doesn’t make him into a legend by association to Knight’s better history(his coaching genius and three banners…and some very fine young men that were willing to learn from one of the best coaches in the game despite knowing he was a tyrant). When Crean has achieved something remotely measuring the same level of success the same, then show respect by letting Bobby quietly approach him outside the flashes of cameras to shake Tom Crean’s hand.

  30. I hate Knight because he’s a hypocrite. And he treated others like dog feces.

    Had nothing to do with “winning.”

    I love Joe Gibbs because he won with class. I like Montana, Elway, Marino, et al…..all winners.

    Knight “owes” him a handshake because he’s a human being, Gomer. No need to be a complete jackass because you got fired a decade ago.

    Knight is a disgrace to the human race.

  31. He doesn’t owe him a thing. Most sad excuses for human beings walk by a homeless person on the street believing they don’t owe them a warm handshake, Goober. Are the thousands that walk by a homeless person more evil than Bobby Knight. Tom Crean is doing just fine. He’s eating good . He’s praying good and he’s getting paid lots of money. God has done right by Tom Crean. Knight owes him nothing.

    Fact remains that none of you give a rat’s ass who Tom Crean wants to shake hands with until it’s Bobby Knight. What message does that send concerning how much we sincerely believe in Tom Crean? What message does that send to Bob Knight?

  32. Actually I don’t care when it’s Bobby either… But you commented that,

    “Tom Crean needs to move past believing that because he now coaches the Indiana Hoosiers, Bobby Knight owes him a warm handshake.”

    I just think that’s a big assumption. And I don’t care, but apparently you do.

  33. Frankly, I love all the tension. I think it’s great publicity for Indiana. The day Knight comes walking back to Bloomington with his pride between his legs, will be the day ESPN removes him from their lineup of analysts.

    The only reason they gave Knight the job is because of his hard edge and the history of being a tyrant. We receive limelight by association in the mere fact Knight is on ESPN. He doesn’t have to shake our hand or mention our name. As long as the great divide remains, it’s good theater. Whether you pack the audience into the playhouse for a tragedy or a juicy love story of forgiveness, most smart producers understand that the audience losing interest after the curtain comes down will soon be the kiss of death.

    It’s all great theater…And believe me, if there is one thing Tom Crean and Bob Knight have in common it is their genius in front of the rolling cameras. They both understand the importance of theater. For a Hoosier fan…? Why bitch? Do you think the game had better ratings on ESPNU in that horrible time slot because of the potential theater?

  34. I think it’s one of the dumbest things he ever said…..which is saying a lot.

    ESPN will fire Bob if he visits IU?


    So, why does ESPN hire people that don’t have a “hard edge”?

    I don’t think Crean shook his hand for “theater”….he did it because he’s a classy guy.

    Hillbilly thinks that just because he’s an attention-whore, so is everyone else.

  35. Sorry Laffy, somehow I missed that first sentence and raced to the 2nd paragraph. I don’t agree with that first statement at all.

  36. Does not look like a cordial meeting…..Crean has done all he can and if Knight didn’t acknowledge him he should just not fool with him anymore. Let him go his own way…Crean doesn’t need him.

  37. Chet,

    I respectfully submit on the subject of RMK your opinion is based from a hollow position of 10 second news clips on replay. You do not know him. Your declaration of holding a neutral position on the man is false. As far as validation, I have to do none, as he has established that for me. As to his notifying a local news outlet of his intentions I’m damn am glad he did since I am not on Steiner Sports mailing list I would not have known of the opportunity to purchase the items I desire. So his news piece does have a positive effect and I’ll bet it did the same for 1000’s of IU fans. As I have stated before whenever you post false information of RMK on here I will post the corresponding corrections and it pleases me to do so. Grind On.

  38. “Chet,

    I respectfully submit on the subject of RMK your opinion is based from a hollow position”

    Hoosier Clarion,

    I respectfully submit on the subject of RMK, your opinion is based from a (rhymes with hollow) position.

  39. ^ Another retard who doesn’t know how to type. Could be Laffy. By the way, where is Laffy? I kinda miss the idiot.

  40. HC, while it is far more than 10 seconds om television, as I probably attended close to 100 games that he has coached and I used to interact with him in passing on a regular basis at the athletic department, I by no means claim to ‘know’ Coach Knight.

    Your premise is apparently that my opinion of him is based upon his behavior in public and not the inner workings of his mind and personality.

    Guilty as charged.

  41. Playing for Knight likely made Marine Corps basic training look cushy.

    It wasn’t for everyone, but there had to more than the lovely colors are uniform within the brutality of the experience that drew in some very talented basketball players. I guess if you were certain you would be unequipped to endure it for more than a couple years, you could always join the Navy(North Carolina?)..or the Air Force(UNLV?)…or the Army(Purdue?)…or the Coast Guard(Kent State).

  42. oops. [our] uniform

    How about that Jordy kid? Worst defender in all of college basketball just keeps putting us on his shoulders when we need the clutch performances. Homely corncob ears needs to wake up from his dream..Let’s hope all those comments from Bobby Knight don’t go to his head(calling Jordy one of the best players in college basketball). Poor kid. He’s short. He can’t afford a haircut. He’s taking his backseat to Yogi. He can’t shoot the ball. He has a low release like a 5th grade girl. He’s never going to sniff the NBA. He’s just going to play his heart out, involve all his teammates with his great court vision, and be instrumental in helping us win tough games because of the glory, guts, game, and gumption written all over his grumpy face.

    I hate that kid. Get’s so damn abused every night on defense..MVP in the Legend’s tournament..? Most Valuable Pipsqueak? Enjoy it, runt. Cherish it more than Seth Davis his Big 10 whore he paid to say those things about you last season.

  43. To: FireCrean2013- not only are you 100% ignorant about the current status of Indiana basketball (I am embarrassed for you), your “retard” reference shows you are also a despicable human being.

  44. ^ And here’s Chet doing everything he can to get some attention. Sad little man he is.

  45. In the 5th photo:

    Guy in white shirt: Sir, please step away from Mr. Knight

    Tom Crean: Bobby, Bobby can I PLEEAAASSSSEEEE get your autograph!!!?

    I’m a huge Hoosier fan and an IU student and I think it is sad that Knight can’t get past his grudge and just accept that the hoosiers are back and that we would like to have him come to a game at Assembly Hall. The place would go absolutely INSANE!

  46. Harvard, as crazy as it may seem, there was generally, a perfectly good reason for every thing your Drill Instructor might do. Also, no one I knew was ever embarrassed by anything their Drill Instructor did.

    The comparisons between playing for eccentric coaches and the military experience are not really reasonable. Coach Knight’s “military experience” wasn’t the same kind that the rest of us had. Comparing playing for RMK with serving is not something that will be well received by many vets. He was a basketball coach, not a military leader.

  47. Good for you Hoosier Clarion (#58)! I agree! BTW, could you give me the contact again on his memorabilia. Would love to get something from his West Point period for my son.

  48. Whoaa…Chet, I agree with HC on the subject of BK, I consider him an admirable friend and, like HC, worthy of defending him.

    That said, I have high regard for you as well.

  49. And, I agree with you Chet. For all of his admired characteristics, he was a basketball coach and not a military leader. There is a self-discipline in military leaders that is not always evident in RMK. A fascinating contradiction which has been the source of his tense relationship with many.

  50. Didn’t mean to offend, Chet. I don’t take serving lightly and I fully respect anyone that puts on a uniform to defend our country.

    I do remember many an old post on here that went a lot further than I just did in drawing analogies between sports and the military. I’m sure you would prefer I not go bringing them back, but I can assure you, they are out there.

    Anyway, my apologies.

  51. Tom Ricks: You don’t want people to get away with immoral or unethical behavior, but you really want to focus on professional competence. Soldiers in wartime will put up with an awful lot if they feel they are being led competently. In wartime, in combat, one wants to survive. And if they’re not going to survive, they want to know at least that their lives are not thrown away by some guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    So I think the real scandal is not David Petraeus’ sex life, but the people who preceded him in Iraq who led the military badly. Likewise, in Afghanistan, the real scandal is not whether a Marine general is flirting with a woman by email. The real scandal in Afghanistan is that we’ve had 11 commanders in that war in 11 years. That’s a lousy way to run a war, because the new guy comes in and by the time he gets to really understanding the situation and knowing what’s going on, it’s time for him to get ready to go home.

    You wouldn’t try to have 11 CEOs of a corporation in 11 years. In World War II, you can’t imagine rotating Eisenhower home in January 1944 and saying “it’s time to give somebody else a chance to command out there, Ike.” We’ve been running our wars with a kind of inattentiveness and recklessness, and we’ve run into a situation where we care more about the sex lives of generals than the real lives of soldiers.(courtesy:Washington Post

    Pick this video up around the 6:00 mark. I think you might find it interesting, Chet. And, according to Ricks, what is needed from generals(and what troops are most concerned about) it is in complete contrast to the “self-discipline” what Tsao’s states above. In their personal lives, self-discipline has not been the overriding theme of some of our greatest generals throughout history. What is most important to success is the vital importance of competency and accountability within on the battlefield/war zone. It was this conversation that made me think of Knight. We, the viewing public/fan, felt he should be held more accountable(“zero tolerance”) in terms of the public image he was reflecting upon Indiana with his outbursts and ugly personality characteristics, but players/recruits want accountability in the form of knowledge and expertise on the court and in the locker room(in terms of a coach they are supremely confident in to get them collectively and individually to a final winning outcome).

    It was the philosophy on evaluating ‘leadership accountability’ where I was attempting to draw the parallels of ‘zero tolerance’ for unethical behavior in military generals(no intention of ever comparing the sacrifice of those that sacrifice for our country and those that have the luxury to be in college playing sports while young men and women give their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.). Troops don’t care about who their general sleeps with. They care about getting home.

    And maybe players don’t necessarily care if their coach is a complete hypocrite and a poor public image..Maybe they primarily want to be assured(the most important form of accountability)they have a coach that understands basketball like the back of his hand and can get the job done.

    The public tends to get consumed with the moral high ground when it comes to leadership accountability(the look into their bedrooms type of critiquing…This spans from the corporate world..to political/government leaders..to leaders in the sports world), while those inside want accountability in terms of expertise within the profession, mission, task at hand.

  52. From the clip:

    It’s a little bit like having tenure….for a university professor. You can get fired for embarrassing the institution for moral lapses, but just being incompetent in your profession is perfectly acceptable. Tom Ricks

    Or…? For a university basketball coach, you can get hired for moral high ground, but just being competent in your profession is perfectly unacceptable….?

    Gotta get the turkey in the oven.

    Happy Thanksgiving Chet.

  53. Tsao wants self-discipline in the bedroom(all of that ‘Christian’ moral high ground and forming the perfect culture malarkey).

    The players(those that want the best chance to win and see their skills developed to the fullest) want first and foremost the highest level of knowledge competency and broad expertise brought to the court; accountability on the chalkboard and the mission at hand when the take the court every game night/game day.

  54. My thoughts as I knew Bob and knew his deep hurt before and after 2000 that it was a big move for him to act professionally during the broadcast. His has no personal animosity towards Crean or the present staff including Cheaney or other former IU players and alumni. The only people who can make amends at a personal level are not in the public eye, it starts with Board of Trustee’s starting with Steve Ferguson who was there but the BOT will have to put down their ego’s first and admit error of a past BOT. Ferguson told me personally that Myles Brand was a mistaken IU President who failed to understand how to properly acquire and manage highly talented individuals let us call them 0.01% not earners but talented professionals who are different that 0.1%’ers or the rest of good professionals. He actually antagonized them instead of supported them and fostered personal problems like Doninger towards Knight. Doninger had no business getting into a political internal feud with Knight and should have been fired but Brand fostered this kind of dysfunctional atmosphere academically and athletically.

    So anyone thinking Bob will publicly do anything else is plain stupid. That doesn’t mean Bob was holier than thou or all right or can’t come half way once or if a process begins.

    Now if Steve this gets forwarded to you, I know you know I am right and was right when the 46 lawsuit was filed and exposed this to us and you. You were there.

    Pat Shoulders you might be the only one who can lead this on the present BOT but no AD or other person can do this. It can’t come from the new President or administrator.

    And will also probably have to involve Terry who is gone but there also.

    Bob Nemanich

  55. So…this was all on the university (because, after all, Bobby was the next Carl Sagan) BUT as long as everyone is willing to come crawling to RMK on their knees, firing everyone who offended Bobby along the way, he might be willing to ‘forgive’ IU?

    I believe most of us are gonna pass on that. He should be thanking the university for allowing him the opportunity to coach the Hoosiers but that would require self reflection.

    Some of you people are unbelievable. You are not IU fans, you are Bobby Knight fans. You’d throw IU under the bus in a heartbeat if it would bring ‘ol Bob back for one more moment in the spotlight.

    Go cheer for Texas Tech.

  56. No, don’t put words in mouth, Bob by every measure was a 0.01% talent, the problem is that Myles came in and mismanaged the situation into a disaster. Not that Bob is unaccountable or outside the measure of accountability but when it was found that he and the program was under constant surveillance since the mid ’90’s as a target instead of supporting the program than you have a hostile atmosphere and prescription for an institutional disaster…which resulted.

    No body is asking for crawling just honesty

    And remember this is not what was reported or made public, but alas neither are those pills in the Matrix, believe what you want, but that post was meant for Ferguson and Shoulders.

  57. Oh, please.

    Bob, I don’t know you or your line of work but I’m assuming it is not as a defense attorney.

    So, RMK should not have been held accountable because no one should have been watching? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but every successful major college basketball team in the country is “under constant surveillance” and a certain percentage of those observers will always be viewing the coach as a “target”.

    Read this board sometime or any college basketball journal. Think Tom Crean isn’t “under constant surveillance”. Give me a break.

    So RMK is “by every measure” 0.01% among college head basketball coaches? What measures would those be, exactly, because that’s a helluva statement. If RMK is top 0.01% among college basketball coaches that would mean he is, unquestionably, the greatest basketball coach to have ever lived. The number 0.01% means he is the best out of 10,000 (1% is top 100 and so forth). I’m guessing that probably represents the total number of individuals who have ever been college head basketball coaches. He had a great run from ’76 to ’87 but unquestionably the best to ever coach the game?

    Bob, I’m sure you possess all kinds of inside information but you did not think this through before you posted it. It’s nonsensical.

  58. Bob Knight played basketball in college. Tom Crean did not. Bob Knight had a “great run” from 1976 to 1987. Tom Crean did not have any kind of run whatsoever yet. Bob Knight was the winningest coach ever. By comparison Tom Crean has less wins than Steve Alford. Bob Knight’s pupil, and former assistant at Indiana and the 1984 US Olympic team, Mike Krzyzewski, is currently winningest coach ever. By comparison Tom Crean’s legacy is absolutely inexistent. Bob Knight was 36 when he won the first NCAA title with Indiana. Tom Crean is currently 46. What do these men have in common? Nothing. They don’t have anything in common. No wonder the meeting was so awkward.

    But now consider the following scenario: suppose the University fires Tom Crean. Then there would suddenly be a premise for that bond, for there would be that one thing that they could both claim they share. Then Bob Knight would have a bit more empathy for Crean and their meetings would be a bit less awkward. I think this is Crean’s fastest route to Knight’s acknowledgment. In Crean’s interest (he seems so eager!) let’s hope that happens soon.

  59. I went to a fundraiser for the Calbert Cheaney Center, “Night with Bobby Knight”, in Evansville, In the first year Crean was to coach at IU. Crean was front and center, and participated in the meet and greet before the show.They showed much respect for each other. We are probably reading too much into this.

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