Your weekly irrelevant Indiana football depth chart

Presented with the weekly Kevin-Wilson-doesn’t-care-about-this caveat, the IU football weekly depth chart follows.

Points of mild interest. Linebackers Forisse Hardin and Chase Hoobler are listed as co-starters on the strong side and cornerbacks Brian Williams and Kenny Mullen are listed as co-starters. Left guard Collin Rahrig remains ahead of Bernard Taylor. Cameron Coffman remains listed as the starting quarterback, which of course doesn’t mean he can’t get pulled after a drive and return before the second half.

Additional note, four redshirt juniors have apparently opted to not play their fifth years and to be honored as seniors in Saturday’s Senior Day festivities. They are fullbacks Dimitrious Carr-Watson and Mike Carter, offensive tackle Charlie Chapman and punter Chad Roggeman.

Rest of the depth chart follows.

78 Jason Spriggs, 6-7, 268, Fr./Fr.
74 Charlie Chapman, 6-6, 300, Sr./Jr.
64 C ollin Rahrig, 6-2, 278, Jr./So.
73 Bernard Taylor, 6-2, 292, So./So.
60 Will Matte, 6-2, 292, Sr./5th
64 Collin Rahrig, 6-2, 278, Jr./So.
67 Dan Feeney, 6-4, 293, Fr./Fr.
76 Cody Evers, 6-4, 304, Jr./So.
59 Peyton Eckert, 6-6, 293, So./So.
57 Pete Bachman, 6-5, 285, Jr./So.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 157, So./So.
84 Jamonne Chester, 6-2, 210, Sr./Jr.
3 C ody Latimer, 6-3, 208, So./So.
81 Duwyce Wilson, 6-3, 195, Sr./Jr.
13 Kofi Hughes, 6-2, 210, Jr./Jr.
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 173, So./So.
2 C ameron Coffman, 6-2, 191, So./So.
7 Nate Sudfeld, 6-5, 218, Fr./Fr.
12 Stephen Houston, 6-0, 218, Sr./Jr.
20 D’Angelo Roberts, 5-10, 195, So./So.
6 Tevin Coleman, 6-1, 200, Fr./Fr.
83 T ed Bolser, 6-6, 250, Sr./Jr.
85 Charles Love III, 6-3, 240, Sr./5th
25 Ryan Phillis, 6-3, 261, Jr./So.
95 Bobby Richardson, 6-3, 279, So./So.
97 L arry Black, Jr., 6-2, 294, Sr./5th
99 Adarius Rayner, 6-2, 292, So./Fr.
98 Adam Replogle, 6-3, 294, Sr./Sr.
75 Nicholas Sliger, 6-3, 290, Sr./5th
33 Zack Shaw, 6-3, 245, So./Fr.
96 John Laihinen, 6-4, 250, Jr./So.
4 Forisse “Flo” Hardin, 6-1, 208, So./So. -or-
47 C hase Hoobler, 6-2, 242, Jr./So.
42 David Cooper, 6-1, 225, Jr./So.
55 Jake Michalek, 6-2, 242, Jr./So.
49 G riffen Dahlstrom, 6-3, 226, Sr./Jr.
51 Kyle Kennedy, 6-3, 232, So./Fr.
28 Antonio Marshall, 5-11, 188, Sr./Jr.
23 Lawrence Barnett, 5-10, 187, Sr./Jr.
37 Mark Murphy, 6-2, 206, So./So.
36 Tim Bennett, 5-9, 181, So./So.
G reg Heban, 6-1, 191, Sr./Jr.
8 Drew Hardin, 6-0, 208, Jr./So.
7 B rian Williams, 6-0, 185, Jr./So. -or-
22 Kenny Mullen, 5-10, 180, So./So.
16 Mitch Ewald, 5-10, 173, Sr./Jr.
99 Nick Freeland, 6-0, 201, Sr./5th
39 Erich Toth, 6-3, 190, So./Fr.
93 Nick Campos, 6-0, 182, Fr./Fr.
91 Matt Dooley, 6-4, 257, So./So.
82 Sean Barrett, 6-6, 200, Fr./Fr.
39 Erich Toth, 6-3, 190, So./Fr.
2 Cameron Coffman, 6-2, 191, So./So.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 157, So./So.
6 T evin Coleman, 6-1, 200, Fr./Fr.
14 Nick Stoner, 6-1, 173, So./So.
1 Shane Wynn, 5-7, 157, So./So.


  1. Not happy to hear that Chapman won’t play next year. 2nd string Left Tackle is an important player.

  2. You know Dustin, I’m a great believer in the ‘deep’ meaning of words, especially in the holster of a journalist. Thus, the ‘weekly Kevin-Wilson-doesn’t-care-about-this’ caveat seems to be sarcastic, somewhat provoking and misrepresented, possibly dangerous in terms of the impact it could have and just a little too full of hubris.

    I believe that Wilson ‘cares’ and a lot and from what I read (mostly through yours and Andy’s reports) the players care a lot. Somehow, I consider it a starting point and like to look at it. I see so do other people.

    Perhaps a better way of saying it is that Wilson attaches the Monday report little influence on Saturday morning lineups. Perhaps an ‘unimportant” Monday report, or a ‘Monday report with little relevance on Saturday ‘ decisions. But, I do believe CKW ‘cares’ and so do the 44+ names on the report.

    English is such a beautiful and precise language, don’t you think? Almost like running a precise pattern for the cognoscenti.

  3. Well, technically, “irrelevant” is probably not the best word, bacause the chart is undoubtedbly quite relevant to the football team. Ofcourse, the sentiment is more that of, “meaningless”, or “insignificant”. However, the Tsao’s interest in & commentary on the entire subject is to me, “illogical”. Not really Tsao, just joshing you. It’s kind of a slow time here on the scoop, & this us just fodder filler. Or, BS, more accurately.

  4. Actually, allow me to correct myself for my incorrect correction of Dustin’s article. I said the depth chart was not irrelevant, but Dustin isnot calling the depth chart itself relevant. The sentiment, as I oddly called the tenor of the article, is to imply that the order in which players are listed in terms of 1st or 2nd string-is in fact, irrelevant. & that is very much true, in some cases. It’s a very slow time indeed.

  5. Lordy lordy, I meant to say, “Dustin is not calling the depth chart itself IRrelevant” in my last post, just to avoid misinterpretation. I’ll quietly go away now & focus on hoping that Drew Brees scores enough fantasy points to win my game this week, since I forgot to swith Jonathan Dwyer out for Isaac Redman, putting myself at risk of defeat.

  6. Chris K, I can’t blame Chapman (or any of the other redshirt seniors listed) for leaving, especially if he will have his degree. Chapman lost his starting spot to a true freshman and then Wilson made comments to the press that the true freshman was better and is one of the best linemen Wilson has ever coached, with great potential, etc. The writing was clearly on the wall! Why stay around, put in all that time and effort, and risk injury if you have little chance of playing?

    I posted a comment at the time Wilson made those statements to the press suggesting that it was not the best way to handle the matter because it might demoralize veteran players. Maybe Wilson wanted Chapman to get the message and leave the team after this season, or maybe he’s just a totally honest guy, calls it like he sees it, and let’s the chips fall where they may. I’m not saying Wilson was trying to run Chapman off the team, but certainly a man as smart and experienced as Wilson is had to know that his decision, and the way he communicated the decision, would increase the likelihood that Chapman would not return for a fifth year. Maybe Wilson believes that’s best for the team, by making room for a better player, or maybe Wilson regrets that Chapman won’t return and is now scrambling to recruit more depth at left tackle?

    These are the ramifications associated with transforming the culture of a program. I thank Chapman for his years of hard work and effort and wish him well in his life after college.

  7. Chris K…no problem. My comment was not directed at yours at all- I had not read your comments at that point. Nor was it directed at the headline and the use of ‘irrelevant’ since I fully understand and expect that the headline is usually not written by the writer but by a headline writer and/or editor (depending on the paper).

    I was referring specifically to “Kevin-Wilson-doesn’t-care-about-this caveat,” introducing the chart. I think it important to be mindful of the message.

  8. I’m not saying Chapman shouldn’t leave, just saying I wish he wouldn’t for selfish reasons. The depth he provides will be missed. What if Spriggs gets hurt next year? It would be nice to have Chapman backing him up, although time will tell who will fill that role. Hopefully a good one.

  9. Can’t say I blame any of the seniors who left. It’s a huge time commitment to play a varsity sport in college, and if the writing is on the wall that one is not going to see game time, maybe that time is better spent studying or trying to line up job interviews etc. Can’t blame KW either if he’s blunt and it opens some scholarships.

  10. I honestly think Dustin hits the nail on the head with his comments about the depth chart. This always comes out on Monday, yet Wilson has always said that each and every position is in competition the entire week up till game day. That statement tells me that a Monday morning depth chart really is irrelevant in the big picture. Now if it was to be released Friday morning after they practice, I would put more into it than I do now.

  11. The better the program the less the relevancy of the depth chart. With the exception of QB and, perhaps, the offensive line, successful programs play a lot of players throughout the course of a game.

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