Hoosier Morning

Florida linebacker T.J. Simmons liked what he saw in Bloomington and committed to the Hoosiers, Dustin wrote.

Earning a trip to the College Cup in Chapel Hill brought the IU soccer team full circle in three years, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team couldn’t overcome a cold-shooting day in a loss to Cleveland State, Mike wrote.

Indiana saw more zone and showed more press against Coppin State, I wrote.

IU recruit Luke Fischer is ready to step up as the season begins, Steven L. Tietz of Germantown Now writes.

Duke and IU make for an interesting debate about who should be No. 1, Robbi Pickeral of ESPN.com writes.

Nebraska will attempt to pick up the pieces after the Big Ten Championship debacle and get ready for Georgia, Brian Christopherson of the Lincoln Star Journal wrote.

Highlights from Luke Fischer (No. 40 in white) and Germantown’s season opener last week.


  1. I’m calling it now. By his senior year at IU, Fischer will be a better player than Cody is now. Fischer’s nickname should be The Big Fundamental.

  2. Could this be a repeat of 1976…? IU vs. Michigan in the championship game?

    Wow…Did anyone catch that Nik Stauskas kid in his debut starting role for Michigan? Kartje must be riding a real high..Michigan will give us all we can handle.

    Bring back Kartje’s Big 10 Power Rankings!

  3. It was Bradley, for goodness sake. They have wins over UPPER Iowa and Texas-Pan American.

    Let’s wait and see.

  4. I don’t know, Chet..I saw flashes of Larry Bird. There was a presence you don’t often see from a freshman. I think that kid is going to be special. Doesn’t make me a Michigan fan.

    I’m sure Geoff was familiar with the kid(seeing how he played on one of the East Coast academy squads). I’ll be honest..He’s going to change that Michigan team into a very dangerous bunch.

  5. And don’t forget, Chet..Remy was originally slated to go to Bradley, for goodness sake.

  6. He might be the real deal. Let’s wait and see. How many times have you seen him? You never can tell from one game. Know who engineered the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history? Frank Reich, Buffalo Bills backup. It got him the big bucks. He never came close to repeating the performance ever again.

    I’ll bet Geoff is familiar with him.

    Remy would have been an absolutely ridiculous waste of talent at Bradley (but you knew that). He’s better now than he ever could have become practicing with the Bradley team and coaches. Not a slam on them but how could he possibly become better than he will in Bloomington? Who knows? That’s one of my favorite things about the Big Dance, seeing great players you’ve never heard of. Remember Fennis Dembo? One of the best college players I ever saw was Ernie DiGregorio and I never heard of him before the NCAA tournament.

    BTW guys. Great news. Gotta go under the knife but it’s the ‘simple surgery’ (where they cut into you from the back) and not the ‘big-a$$ed surgery’ (where they filet you and put your insides on an adjacent table in order to come in from the front, which was the initial suspicion). I’ve got a very strong stomach but that particular discussion made me a little sick (it’s different when it’s you they are talking about). If I could walk, I’d be dancing in the streets.

    Thanks for all the good kharma. It worked.

  7. Nebraska/USC…#32 Nebraska is a big kid. FSU many yrs ago had a center who appeared as wide as he was tall. Disrupted many a offense

  8. I could not imagine a worse shellacking than the Huskers took from Wisky until I saw how the Bulldogs went after the Tide. Sorry Huskers but your in it deep.

  9. Chet/Harvard – I had heard of Stauskas, but never seen him play. My only real knowledge of him was from his profile in the New England Basketball Report (a good site with tons of info on all the top HS and prep players up here). In fact, Noah Vonleh is currently the #1 ranked recruit in New England on that site, and he has a profile page full of links and articles if anyone is interested.


    Stauskas was overshadowed by some bigger name recruits at St Marks (Tarczewski and Alex Murphy) and was a lot skinnier than he looks now… I’m not sure anyone saw this coming his freshman year.

    I’ve seen him 3 times this year, and I thought he was their 2nd best offensive player after Burke. He is REALLY effective going to the basket, and thats scary considering that 3-pt shooting is what he was recruited to do. I think he makes all-freshman team in the B1G without a doubt.

    Also, for anyone who wants to keep up with Buss, here is his NEBBR profile…


  10. I agree, but hopefully I won’t have to…

    I’ll take some notes to pass along. I’m really looking forward to seeing Buss since I have only ever seen highlight clips. Also interested to watch the Chris McCullough vs Vonleh match-up. McCullough is a 6’10” Syracuse commit who is the #17 ranked player in the 2014 class.

  11. On Stauskas again… It can’t possibly continue, but he is currently shooting:

    58% FG
    62% 3-pt FG
    96% FT

    In 28 minutes per game… That’s incredible.

  12. I also have lots of questions, Geoff.

    Was he being guarded by Jordy Hulls? Was he looking like Larry Bird against guys that get easily abused?

    Does Seth Davis think he’s crappy?(sure sign of greatness).

    Is he going to be the next Will Sheehey and only show up like Fabio against Sam Houston State?

    Do you think he can hit the crunch time shots like a Remy or a Watford…or will he throw bricks when the pressure mounts?

    Will he put up Freshman of the Year numbers but then fold in big moments like Eric Gordon did in a first round NCAA game against Arkansas?

    Will Michigan fans start calling him lazy if his numbers drop off for two games?

    Here’s what I think, Geoff. I think Harvard needs 30 seconds to see what a microscope and a stat book couldn’t find in a year.

    I spotted it immediately with Remy and it took no more time to see it in Stauskas. It’s a gift(actually it was last year’s Christmas present from Laffy).

    But if Chet needs assurances…then by all means. Paint him a picture with your paint-by-number flawless and foolproof analysis.

    Because, heaven forbid, if Harvard notices, it must need more thorough examination from a true expert.

    You’re the back surgeon, Geoff. Harvard is the grungy hospital janitor of Scoop.

  13. I see that Jones turned down the Purdue job. Not sure what that means. Probably see Jones get an extension and raise in the next few days.

  14. Dr. Geoff_

    Can I bother you to address a few more questions?

    Did you wear a headband when you played Nerf hoops?

    Does Maine have an adequate representation racist bloggers on Scoop?

    Did your mommy hug you?

    Do you intermittently go to porn while blogging on Scoop or are you a consistent b-ball loafer?

    Have you ever played poker with three imaginary friends?

    Do you share toilet cleaning duties with your significant other?

    Do we win the Big 10 regular season and the Big 10 tournament?

    Was it easier for a IU basketball team to go undefeated in 1976 because of a nonexistent conference tournament?

    Does Cody have the best inside post moves in the country?

    Will Cody have much success in the NBA of will he rid pine and drift into irrelevancy?

    Do you like to go to the movies? What was the last film you saw at the theaters?

  15. Just read where Wisconsin football coach Bielema is leaving for Arkansas. Wow, if Purdue doesn’t jump on someone now, they are going to be scrapping the bottom of the pile for a replacement.

  16. How much defensive effort is Crean facing when he has eye contact with himself?

    Does Elston prefer knitting or crocheting?

    Will Don Fisher ever say: “Cody slips behind a Peter Jurkin screen?”

    Do you eat lobster more than once a week?

    Do you think you’ll still be blogging when you’re Tsao’s age?

    What’s wrong with the Bears?

  17. oops…Don Fis[c]her

    Will Fred Glass soon embark on a “Win Touche!” billboard campaign for the IU fencing team?

    Did Abe Lincoln command the boards and dive for loose balls or did he loaf down court like Thomas Jefferson?

  18. Mr. Attention-Whore has jumped off the deep end….again.

    He’s butt-hurt because people laugh at his basketball analysis and is jealous of Geoff because he actually knows what he’s talking about.



  19. I must admit, I’m a Geoff-worshiper.

    Read the first few posts on this thread, Laffy…It’s truly comical. I make a comment about a kid I saw playing for Michigan…Just a simple comment about a kid I thought was very impressive..Suddenly we need Chet calling Carl Sagan to contemplate life beyond the Milky Way.

    It won’t work, Laffy. The insecurities that Harvard evokes on this blog is the only thing worth a “LOL” over. I’m so grateful that I didn’t turn out like many of you. You are so full of yourselves, you forgotten how to have some fun and, heaven forbid, laugh a bit at yourself. I highly doubt you’ve ever laughed at yourself. You’re not capable.

    And the only “deep end” you’ll ever know will never be worth a “jump” because your thumb is too comfortable living in it, closet Knight-worshiper.

  20. I mean, just think about it…

    How could anyone possibly be a bigger “loser” and “attention-whore” than a person only known as ‘Laffy’ that comes on a free newspaper website and threatens a journalist he’s going to sue his blog? How can you not laugh at yourself for even suggesting something so ridiculous? How can you be so gone and into yourself to not percieve how off-the-charts delusional that sounds to anyone with an ounce of grounded decency and concept of reality?

    Laugh, Laffy. Figure out how to sincerely laugh at yourself and have some fun.

  21. Harvard: Chet, the sun came up today. Look how bright and beautiful it is.

    Chet: Harvard, let’s just wait and see.

    Geoff: The sun does look bright today, but I only saw it once while checking the mail.

    Chet: But do you think Harvard is getting a little carried away? I mean, it is just the limitless space the sun dances around in. It’s 83 million miles away, for goodness sake. Don’t you think we should temper everything Harvard says and just “wait and see.” Geoff” Would love to hear your opinion on this, Geoff.

    Clarion: It does appear the sun is the next “it” in the sky. I do think it’s horribly inconsistent. Sometimes it flares up..Other days it decides to loaf behind clouds. Don’t bother coming out today, Sun. I’m not impressed with your warmth when there are days you just decide to not show up…Look at the clouds…Another disappearing act today. It’s all your fault, Sun.

    Geoff: I’m not ready to say the sun isn’t putting out effort. I think it’s a rotation issue…The sun needs to accept its role…Maybe go to that spin move once in a while.

    Chet: We’re lucky to have you here, Geoff. I sorta knew it was more than Harvard just admiring the sun.

    Laffy: Idiot sun-worshiper.

    Dustin: I don’t want to get in the middle of this..but Harvard did see the sun come up. The sun is Harvard’s for eternity.

    Laffy: Sun-muncher.

  22. Hillbilly whining that “others” are “full of themselves”?


    Do you even know what “projection” means, moron?

    You’re the one who thinks this place is your own personal blog to vomit on 24/7 because your ego is soooooooo huge.

    And you SNAP any time someone laughs at your retarded posts on basketball.

    What your BFF FC13 was doing was illegal.

    I have lots of fun. Wading thru your 10 paragraph LOOK AT ME MOMMY posts isn’t part of it.

    Get over yourself.

    In case you missed it, I’m far from the only person to call you out for your nonsense, Mr. A-W.

  23. Wow, looks like I got under the retard’s skin.


  24. Illegal? Oh, my gosh…

    I hope it wasn’t armed blog robbery. Did anyone get seriously injured. Did any blogging names have to go to the hospital?

    You are a complete lunatic. Projection? How about some INTROSPECTION! Can’t you have any fun? Laugh at yourself. It’s your only hope.

  25. Yes, feces-for-brains…..illegal.

    It sure is odd how you’re sticking up for him considering you kept asking Dustin to make people stop stealing names.

    My guess is you were doing it too because your ENTIRE LIFE revolves around this board and you’ll do ANYTHING to get people to talk to you because you’re BEGGING for attention.

    And take your suggestions and ram it where the sun doesn’t shine. How many people need to tell YOU to stop your crap before you get a clue?

    Being called a lunatic by you is a compliment. Thanks.

  26. Bullying Dustin…Threatening to sue Scoop because you didn’t have any character or nuts in your sack to let Dustin handle it the way he wanted to.

    “It’s illegal..! It’s illegal to steal my name!”

    It’s not classy.. It’s not nice. It was done to get under your skin(like you don’t know that world).

    Does any rational person take that to a level of threatening the guy that has put his trust in us?

    You just aren’t capable. You’re so into your own principles you forgot how to be a decent human being. You made Dustin look like he caved into your lunacy.

    He was likely more in fear for his personal safety. It begins to get scary when you have shown no ability to make light of anything. What wacko threatens to sue a blog? That type of intimidation bull wouldn’t work with me. I would have put out a restraining order on you.

  27. Chet, great to hear you are not getting Option 2.

    Just one thing, if in your fuzziness and slumber you hear the surgeon say “oops!”, not good…. Immediately pull the sheet off you, sit up, grab him by the mask and pull him close to oops and demand “what the F do you mean Oops!…four years of college, three years of med school, an internship and a residence in orthopedic surgery and OOps!!…?? Give me that OOPSF scalpel you ignorant, ‘I’m number one in my class’ SOB..M(*)….I’ll oops pull your tongue from your throat through your rear end…Oops!! Where’d you go to Med School, the University of Kentucky during football season? Oops…you intern at Keenland Racetrack doing racing horse circumcision brit ceremonies for jewish horse owners??? Oops!!!!……..

    No oops, get his class attendance card for that course first, Chet.

    When is it? Let us know. And, rest easy before hand…if anything goes wrong the ceremony we’ll have for you on Scoop will be simple…but nice.

  28. Speaking of Oops. Neurosurgeon, USAF, Mid 1960. Guy was clinically excellent but could not talk to “people”. As the new guy I had to follow him on rounds. Patient/family would ask him a question, he would point to me and tell them to ask him. They would ask me and he would answer talking to me. He had 3 Jaguire XKE’s. He made a road course on his property. We would call at 3am and he would be driving the course. Wife would turn on the porch light to alert him of phone call. As a punishment he was assigned to ER, than was found in the base ambulance smoking the happy weed. Was than given assignment to Nam. He was very happy in Nam. Last I heard of him he was in San Francisco returning to school to be an attorney,

  29. I don’t give a flying &^%$ how “Dustin wanted to handle it.”

    The law is the law. And if he didn’t have the balls to do his job, I had no problem forcing the issue…..especially since EVERYONE said they were SICK of his CRAP.

    Virtually this entire board asked him to get rid of that hole and he did nothing.

    Just like people have asked YOU to knock your crap off and you give everyone the middle finger.

    And you whining about “being irrational” is beyond priceless considering all the nonsense you spew on here.

    Love how you keep ducking the fact that many on here have told you they’re tired of your schtick.

    Restraining order?



    And if it was “no big deal”, why did you keep asking Dustin to stop people from stealing names?

    Why didn’t you “have a sense of humor about it”?


    There isn’t a board in the country that lets people steal others’ screen names.



    Just as they would have your BFF FC13.

  30. Like I said, you’re just not capable.

    You live in a swamp. I saw the swamp you used to play in.

    The entire board looked just like your above post. There was no Dustin making it happen. It was all you. The vile was there 24/7.

    And now you brought your disease here.

    Congratulations. You bullied the decent guy that provides you the avenue to open the hole your pus rolls out. You must feel very proud.

  31. Eat (la cucaracha).

    And nice job ducking for the 23,074th time how people keep asking YOU to knock off your crap and you keep doing it anyway.

    More projection from the retard as YOU aren’t capable of not being an Attention-… Loser.

    In case you missed it, dummy, Dustin asked us to knock it off months ago and I was the ONLY ONE that did.

    Not you.


    So the one that “isn’t capable” is YOU, you …

    Dustin is not a “decent guy” if he lets an (H)-hole hijack the board like he did with FC13.

    That idiot wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on ANY other board, let alone the MONTHS Dustin let him ruin this place.

    Lastly, it’s cute how you cry about “decency” then turn around and use your patented/lame “pus” crack.


  32. And the McCoys returned fire…

    Now we’re back in an all out war.

    Just got home to this whole exchange… I have to say I laughed quite a bit. I really did find Harvard’s take pretty funny. Unfortunately I didn’t see the sun at all today though, so I really can’t comment… Too overcast in Maine.

    Harvard, i am tempted to answer all your questions, but I’ll spare the general public.

  33. Laffy,

    I’d like to point out that Dustin’s job isn’t Moderator of this blog. He is one of several contributing writers. He is paid to write articles for the Herald Times as far as I can tell… not run, or moderate, a blog. If you want policy change take your gripes to the Sports Editor or the Online Editor.

  34. You’re wrong. Part of his job IS to monitor this place.

    And he always whined he “didn’t have time” to do it constantly yet he had time to read FC13’s garbage instead of booting him. Go figure.

    I have talked to Dustin’s boss. FC13 wasn’t kicked off until I contacted him.

    Most boards have volunteer moderators to help the main one. I’ve suggested more than once that you and Chet would be great for that.

    I’d even do it…..but Hillbilly would have most of his posts yanked as he rarely talks basketball and just vomits whatever pops into his head because his mommy hates him and he’s DESPERATE for attention.

    Like all retards, he projects his own faults onto others. I love how he keeps CRYING that I’m “not capable” of being a good poster when most of this place has asked him 1,000 times to stop his crap.

    And he refuses.

    Just like he ignores the fact that when Dustin asked us to knock it off, I complied and it was HILLBILLY who gave Dustin the finger.

    Then he’s going to turn around and lecture me?


  35. Laffy you are absolutely crazy. Calm down will ya?

    I refrain from posting yet you keep mentioning me.

    Stop it, or I will sue you for harassment. 👿

  36. For those that love irony, you have to LOVE that THE two biggest a-hole trolls on here are lecturing ME on how to post.

    That’s just priceless.

    BOTH of them have told a GAZILLION times to knock it off and they give everyone the finger…..especially Dustin….then have the (basket)BALLS to tell me to “calm down.”


    And as I said before, when Dustin asked us to knock it off months ago, I did.

    Not those kkklowns.

    I did.

    So, they can eat …

    They’re just mad because I stood up to them…..bullies HATE that.

  37. Hey Harvard,
    I just asked Geoff because I thought he’d be more likely to look up video of Michigan playing Northeastern Western State Tech U. and do a player by player defensive analysis. In fact, he’s the only person I even kinda know on the planet who might consider it. Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers, man.

    I gotta say, you are wrapped tighter than anyone I know. There is a trip to Maui, or at least a Xanax, out there with your name on it. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  38. Personally speaking Laffy, though some comments some time get a bit much (who doesn’t at some point here?), I find HfH’s commentary much more poignant, constructive and stylish than yours. He’s also pretty observant and has a good eye, especially for basketball. Several of his contributions today, for example, were very, very good. As he points out, the stats alone never tale the entire tale. And, when using them for analysis, the important issue is the questions you ask off/of them.

    Anyway, much of the problem would cease the moment he stops dealing with your constant and often very obscene attacks. And yours would end just as quickly if you ignored he’s here. But, there are several here who do enjoy his commentary for different reasons. I know I do.

    On another point, I’ll ask again if you could control your language. There’s no need for it, you can express the same thoughts with directness in English. Sometimes I feel if we blacked out every curse word and obscene expression you use, we would end up with one line comments. Please, I’m here to read about Hoosier athletics and to share thoughts with others on the same subject and basis.

    I appreciate your giving this consideration.

  39. Harvard, a favor…for the next two weeks respond to absolutely nothing, zero from Laffy. Nada. Write your entries as if you are writing out your thoughts, which is plenty good, as if you are discussing your observations on Hoosier, Indiana of today and yesterday, people and life…but not one in response. Not even mentions of lesions and yellowish substances from the skin (someone always takes them as aimed at them).

    Please, I ask please so this blog can get back on balance. Thanks Harvard. Some of your pieces today were inspired. Don’t always agree with you, but I know that its thoughtful when you write with depth.

  40. Laffy,
    I really like the overwhelming majority of your posts. The exceptions are when you and Harvard get into these… whatevers.

    I’ve made similar pleas to Harvard, so you can feel free to ignore me, too.

    It’s worth a shot.

    Geoff, I hope you didn’t take offense at my reference to your analysis. You really are the only person I know that might take the initiative to look into that kind of thing. Love of the game.

  41. Ron, I believe it about your version of Oops. And, he’s probably making $10 mil a year representing both sides, the surgeon and the complainant on mal-practice suits.

  42. OK, I cleaned up some of the language on these posts, which is quite literally the least I could do. And the next step is going to be banishment for those who can’t behave and post like a civil human being — and that suggestion is being made above my pay grade. It is clear that not everyone agrees on everything (or anything), but turning this board into a name-calling contest is beyond ridiculous. If you can’t help yourself, just walk away from the computer.

  43. He’s playing on Michigan and was recruited by John Beilein.

    No disrespect intended, Geoff..but I do believe Beilein probably has some pretty capable eyes for the game and saw something rather special as well.

    And I don’t believe he had six hours of film against a higher level of college competition to figure it out.

    Look at the crispness on the bounce pass to the cutter..Look at how he moves on the court. Look at the swagger how he belongs. How often do you see that from a freshman getting his first start for a team ranked #3 in the nation? Zero jitters. All poise.

    This wasn’t an upperclassman playing against a cupcake. That kid is going to impact the Big 10 season in a big way.

  44. Right… And Holloway is playing on IU and was recruited by Crean… But he isn’t making the kind of impact Stauskas is. Beilein recruited him thinking he was going to be a player, but he also recruited Spike Albrecht to be a player… Spike isn’t having a huge impact…

    I’m not sure why you are saying no disrespect intended, like I was saying negative things about Stauskas…. I was highly complimentary of the kid.

    Like I said, I think he is a no-doubter for all Freshman team in the B1G.

  45. You guys are truly incredible. There is more rational male conversation and energy on Desperate Housewives than on this thread/blog.

    Even with the #1 team in the nation and things looking mighty healthy in Hoosier Nation you find things to argue and whine about, inventing “disrespect” around every corner.

    I think this blog is much more about you and filling a void in your lives than it is about Hoosiers or Hoosier sports. I pity the job Dustin has to do some times.

  46. Chet and others—

    As I’ve said many times, when Dustin asked us to knock it off months ago, I was the ONLY one that did.

    Harvard and FC13 only got worse.

    And Dustin did NOTHING about it.

    And then those two idiots turn around attack me even more and then whine that I, not them, need to tone it down and cry how I, not them, is “disrespectful to Dustin.”

    Screw ’em.

    Hillbilly goes ballistic the second you question any take he has on basketball.

    Grow up.

    And as I also said, FC13 wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on any other board in the country.

    I’ve proven I can post without name-calling. Did it for months. Let’s see Mr. Whining That Others Can’t Control Themselves when He’s the Worst on Here do the same.

    $20 says he can’t.

  47. Laffy…..I’d love to buy you and Harvard a beer (I’ll have coffee) and sit back and enjoy the show.

    Something like oil & water?


    You’re lying again. You haven’t stopped a thing.

    Here’s your CONSTATNT modus operandi with Harvard….

    Here’s how it works:

    Harvard: Blah..blah…blah…Remy…blah…blah…Indiana high school kids…blah…blah.

    Goeff: Blah…blah…Yes Harvard, but what I’m also
    see from Watford….I agree with much of what you said….burp…burp..blah..blah.

    Laffy: That’s the DUMBEST thing hillbilly has ever said.

    Conclusion: You don’t know how to have a constructive disagreement with me. Other bloggers may not like my opinions but they do not employ your tactics.. Clarion and I have massive disagreements(recently concerning Watford’s effort) and he stays dignified…He stays dignified..He knows how to make my opinions looks stupid as all hell without calling me stupid or using the various 4th boys fighting schoolyard retorts you can’t get away from when you’re talking of something I’ve said…It’s always “dumb,” “retard,” “fruitcake,” “stupid,” “moron,” etc, etc.

    You have NEVER dialed back your tone. Even when you bite through your tongue to not use despicable language, you are incapable of responding to me in a CIVIL AND DIGNIFIED manner.
    You never have.

    NEWSFLASH #2: I am the one that has done the ignoring. I ignore you until I finally get sick of your repeated “that’s the DUMBEST thing hillbilly has ever said..”

    The adjective “dumbest” describing “thing”(my opinion) is a label.

    I say plenty of dumb things. Trying to reason with you is now the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever said.

    NEWSFLASH #3: On rare occasions, some other posters say things that could be construed as uniformed, off-target, over-the-top..I don’t see you using the same continual, repetitive, nonstop tactic with ANYONE else.

    NEWSFLASH #4: Calling someone retarded, idiot, moron is also unnecessary You do it constantly. You don’t start a basketball conversation with me. You have never taken one of my BASKETBALL opinions and attempted any form of debate. Your not capable. It’s always a slew of adjectives, verbs, nouns that have nothing but the intent to insult. Even when you’re refraining from kicking it up to using vulgarity, you have never stopped in your CONSTANT modus operandi of ATTACKING when never engaged in conversation in the FIRST PLACE.

    You have never gently eased your way into any debate…If Harrvard’s comment box was a house, you come over to be neighborly with a baseball bat and foam coming out of the corner your mouth. “This is the DUMBEST HOUSE I’ve ever seen…Why in the (insert uncouth word) did you paint it BEIGE and not off-white, RETARD.”

    NEWSFLASH #5: You have proven nothing.

    You want a make a bet? I’ll double that $20 if you can find a post from Harvard calling Chet, Clarion, Geoff, Tsao …anyone on this blog where I have used “idiot,” “moron.” or “retarded” to describe them as a person or to describe their opinions. I am the target of your bullying attempts. It has never left your tone.

    Why must you feel you have to bully me but no other posters? Why can’t you let other bloggers wear their own big boy pants without the need to always interject a contemptuous TONE and ADJECTIVE ATTACK(your typical: “DUMBEST THING EVER SAID”) on me?

    NEWSFLASH #6: I did say I don’t like blogging names being stolen. Do I want to sue Scoop over it? No. You have never stopped insinuating that it is Harvard that partakes in stealing names. I DO NOT. I repeat, I DO NOT. Ask Dustin in front of the Scoop crowd directly…Ask him if Harvard steals other posters blogging names? I occasionally post under the “Lord of..” handle as a form of having some fun with photos and photo doctoring…SUE ME…or SUE Dustin for the illegal activity of having a little slapstick fun. Sue bloggers for talking of their vacations, favorite restaurants, favorite activities..Sue Dustin for allowing any human interaction. Sue…sue…sue…sue. Put on a dress so we can call you ‘Laffy SUE.’


    Go Hoosiers!!

    Geoff- Bring back your “Five Keys to Victory”…

    Of course, maybe not for the next couple games:

    1. Show up at Assembly
    2. Bring your uniform
    3. Breathe
    4. Try not to play barefoot
    5. Shoot a blistering 25% from the field

  50. Dustin, Jeremy, & Andy,

    That was my best effort in #60. I’ve tried to give a sincere response to Laffy and all Scoop bloggers.

    I’m sorry for all of this.


  51. Harvard… I thought about doing that a couple times, but it was always before games where your keys above would have sufficed…

    I’ll bring it back for Butler.

  52. 1) I hate to break it to ya, retard, but even Dustin praised me for knocking it off for several months. Are you calling him a liar?

    2) Love how you keep ducking the fact that YOU are INCAPABLE of knocking it off after EVERYONE has asked you to yet you keep WHINING that “I’m” incapable of it. The hypocrisy is amazing.

    3) Ahhhhhhhhhh, are your poor widdle feewuns hurt because I don’t give you “constructive” criticism? LOL!! Thanks for proving you’re 5 years old.

    4) Go see a shrink and get some meds for your constant meltdowns and FRAGILE ego.

    5) Why don’t I go after posters like I do you? Ummmmmm, because they don’t cry about “festering pus” non-stop like you do when they don’t like my basketball takes. Idiot. They also aren’t attention-(seekers) like you who vomit on this place 24/7 like you do.

    6) I don’t believe you for one second you’re not using more than 1 name. And if you’re using more than one computer, or a phone, to do it, how would Dustin know?

    7) The bully is you. You ATTACK anyone that dares disagree with you. I NEVER said ONE WORD to you until after your 30th mention of “festering pus” because you didn’t like what I said about Jordy. So …

    8) Why do you refuse to knock off your crap after EVERYONE has asked you to? You sure do love ducking that question while CRYING about me.

    9) I’m not the only one that was SICK of names being stolen. You can’t have a board where people can steal others’ names and have any type of real debate.

    10) Get over yourself. I’ll let you have the last word.

  53. Big secret: This is Harvard speaking..It took ‘you know who’ exactly one sentence to bring out “retard.”

    Really no point. As I said, I tried…but it was the “DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.”

    Correction: This is now the dumbest thing I’ve ever said from the blogger known as “THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.”.

    Lord, this is pointless. Hamilton and Burr were less stubborn.

  54. Geoff-

    DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID and I’m glad to hear ‘Five Keys to Victory’ will be returning.

    Thank God you have a sense of humor. THAT’S THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

  55. Hillbilly has gone so far off the deep end, even Cameron couldn’t find him.


    Truth hurts.


    Love how he cries about being called “retard” after everything he said about me.


    And for those keeping score at home, he STILL ducked the part about him not being capable of knocking it off after EVERYONE has asked him to….just like he ducked the part about Dustin actually praising me for knocking it off.

    Oh……and you “didn’t try” anything. You did nothing but attack me so stop your holier-than-thou whinefest.

    I’m looking forward to more of your “brilliant” analysis like “Watford is just pacing himself.”


  56. You are twisting and lying again, Sue Laffy

    My ‘pacing’ response was a follow-up to Tsao’s post. Did you call Tsao a retard?


    There are players that take a bit longer to get themselves acclimated to a season, even- in some ways- acclimated to their own bodies and rythm, both physically and mentally. I believe that CWat is one of those. Just as great runner may trail a lap, sprint to the lead (to measure their own sprint)over 200 yards, drop back to the middle in the third lap and begin a move into the fourth lap.


    Talking from the stands about lack of effort is nothing but cheap talk. You can’t have a 6-9 frame and play every possession like Tijan Jobe with a bumblebee nest in jock. You have to cheat the exhaustion, maintain your control, deceive and “lull” your defender, play it low key at times, while keeping enough in the tank to not loose your legs, your crisp passes, and your confidence in your good stroke from the perimeter.


    I also said the following DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID:

    Because of the changing dynamics brought by Ferrell, no player on the roster will rarely be called upon to dominate out of necessity. Zeller has looked just as ‘absent’ at times because of the multiple weapons rising to surface with a guard that can open up the floor.

    When we hit tougher backcourts in the Big 10, Watford’s assets will once again come into play.

    And because of the speed transformation Yogi brings to the floor, many others on the roster(including Sheehey)are looking like NBA All-Star material in some of these blowout contests.

    Maybe there’s a bit of getting carried away in their successes that adds to the dumping on Watford for his few sluggish outings.

    I stand by every word of it. Even Jordy Hulls knows how to cheat exhaustion..Coaches know how to cheat the possibility of team exhaustion and the speed discrepancies where a man-to-man defense attempted on a very athletic team could wear their squads down prematurely. If they don’t want to sacrifice pulling a strong offensive player/players, they may employ zone defenses and other tactics to “pace” their teams through stretches.

    We have a pro team in this state known as the Indiana Pacers. THAT’S THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

  57. Maybe Watford will get drafted by the Pacers…


  58. Wow, reading this string was like looking into the bowl of a stopped-up toilet in a frat house. Somebody get a big plunger.

  59. Admit it, Laffy Sue…

    I’m too clever for you. That’s been your issue from the beginning. Breathe it in. Exhale. You’ll be alright. THAT’S THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

  60. Po-

    You just gave me an idea. That’s my new nickname for Watford….He plays like a clogged up toilet, but then it’s DRANO! time!


  61. TT—–Looks like Mr. Fruit Cake is giving you the MIDDLE FINGER as to your favor from him.

    Of course, that shouldn’t be a surprise since everyone has asked him to knock it off for months and he never stopped once.

    I’ve never been this far under someone’s skin in my life.

    Kinda scary.

  62. I was merely agreeing and elaborating on Tsao’s explanation regarding the accusations aimed at Watford.

    It is you that were giving him the middle finger as you have many times when you’ve called him a Knight-worshiper 3000 times for merely saying the ex-coach should not be remembered in your simplistic everything black or white fashion.

    What’s scary?…What is scary is a lunatic threatening to sue a journalist because he needs him around like mommy moderator. THAT’S THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

  63. Watford goes as the final pick in the first round to the Pacers..By his third year in the NBA he’ll average 18 PPG and be known as “DRANO.”


  64. TT and I are not close to being “friends” on here like you two are.

    And he asked you……NICELY….to ignore me for 2 weeks.

    And you gave him the middle finger and have gone CRAZIER than you usually have.

    Part of it is because you’re a complete fruit cake attention-whore and part of it it’s impossible for you not to because I OWN you.

    You have the easiest buttons I’ve ever pushed….and that’s saying a lot.

    And are you trying to beat your “dumbest thing ever said” on purpose? You made a great entry with your “TT simply said Knight should be remembered” because TT has done FAR more than that acting like Knight is more pure than Jesus MANY times.

    The only lunatic here is you.

    Want to make a bet, AWFC (Attention-Whore-Fruit-Cake)? I bet you I can ignore you and not mention you at all before you mention me.

    I did it for months (nice job calling Dustin a liar for saying I did) while you can’t stop for 5 seconds.

    You’re my puppet.

    I own you.

    And you have THE thinnest skin in the history of the internet.

    Did your mommy leave you in front of a fire station when you were a day old because even then, she could tell what a complete loser you are?

    And stop pretending how you love Wat so much because it’s obvious you’re only saying it to make it seem like you don’t hate black people.

    So, wanna make that bet, AWFC?

  65. You don’t own a pair of socks.

    You’ve already lost all bets, Sue Laffy.

    You said I was having the final word fifteen posts ago. See, you lied again.


  66. Translation:

    “I couldn’t ignore you if they paid me $1,000 because you own me.”

    And, yes, I did say you could have the last word but I didn’t know you’d go so CRAZY I just HAD to laugh at you.



    To prove my point, I’ll let you continue to barf on here 24/7 while OBSESSING about me and everyone will see….again…..how it’s YOU who have ruined this place with your constant attention-whore-I-can’t-take any-criticism antics.



    btw……Are you going to apologize to Dustin for calling him a liar for saying I knocked it off for several months? Or apologize to TT for giving him the middle finger when he asked you nicely to ignore me for 2 weeks?

    Or do you have zero class?


  67. I ignored you for days until you couldn’t stop responding to every exchange I had with OTHER bloggers with…”That’s the dumbest thing hillbilly has ever said.”

    You didn’t stop anything. You want to wear everyone’s big boy pants including Dustin’s. You’re a liar and you twist more than Chubby Checker at a dance marathon.

    Issue: You can’t laugh at yourself. You can’t even acknowledge “Watford going to the Pacers” as lighthearted fun to try to break your mood and the mood of this thread. You own yourself. Free yourself and have some lighthearted fun.

  68. Sure is odd how everyone is tired of your “lighthearted fun” and asked you to knock it off……repeatedly.

    And speaking of “liars”, I don’t read half of your garbage so how did I respond to “every” exchange you had with others?

    And I didn’t respond to your Pacer thing, crybaby, because, as I said, I skip over most of the drivel you type.

    Why do you keep calling Dustin a liar?

    He praised me for knocking it off for several months.

  69. Did you enjoy the Pacer/Watford joke? Are you now rolling on the floor after discovering it? Or does the jealousy just increase the rage?

    I thought it was brilliant and exceptionally timed. Do you see how carrying the criticisms of Watford to the point of witty satire actually nullifies the true knock on the guy?

    I thought it was out of the ballpark. “Drano” wasn’t too shabby either. That’s THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

    Want some ammunition..? Nickname me ‘Dodge Ball.’ The mommy and daddy stuff is a bit overworked.

  70. HC, I will continue my enjoyment of D.H., or should I say, D.G.M.S. (Desperate Grown Men of the Scoop) here on the Scoop. With you as one of the lead actors (the faux father-figure to the bickering Scoop overgrown children). Your performance is Oscar-worthy!

  71. Jeremy…(laughing a little), that’s got to be punishment! You’ve heard of ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’, this is ‘Dustin’s Disemboweling’. Sitting trying to go through some of these. Just one question that has me terribly curious and I can’t resist asking…could you give us a hint of what you mean by ‘above my pay grade’ in $ and cents.

  72. Actually Laffy…I was staying out of the dialogue until you invited. There is a point that Harvard (whatever it is now) made that is not too far fetched. There is some bullying and provoking in many of your posts directed to or about him. And , it made me think because ‘cyber bullying’ a new topic to me until recently, as become a much more discussed issue and been linked to very negative consequences.

    I think both the continued provocation with Harvard (as well as his addressing you directly) and, especially, your very foul and aggressive language should cease, immediately.

    It is very bothersome and has really brought the intent and direction of this blog to its lowest point.

    I also want to make this clear. I do not blame Dustin one bit and admire his stoic marginal presence. If he made a mistake was to believe ‘freedom’ can actually contain the more negative consequences in the extremes of human nature. We all make a thought out commitment to rules of civility when we actively participate in these blogs, but I believe it was a mistake- though an honest one- to not apply some standards.

    Sadly, as we see here, when the extremes take over the creature ends up destroying itself. Like a 1970’s futuristic science fiction movie.

    Harvard, I really do think that, in reality, Laffy is about 15-16 years old (something in his overall demeanor, vocabulary and sentence construction) and that’s why I avoid any contact of any consequence with him.

  73. M brown, You should say DH since your complaining about the Scoop. Thanks for the compliment, as I do agree.

  74. HC I think you meant to say “you’re” (you + are). But then again I don’t expect grammar to be a strong point for a Scoop Housewives guy who grew up admiring Dan Quayle!!!

  75. TT—-

    If anyone is a bully, it’s Hillbilly. Period.

    I never said one word to that moron until he started blasting me with “festering pus” in 30 different posts because he didn’t like what I said about Jordy.

    That’s bullying/harassment.

    I finally decided to attack him back as I learned the ONLY way to deal with a bully is to punch them in mouth/give them a taste of their own medicine.

    And then months ago, Dustin asked us to knock it off. As I’ve said 20 times, I did.

    Dustin even praised me for it.

    Hillbilly didn’t stop.

    so, PLEASE tell me how “I’m” the bully when I stopped and HE didn’t.


    And, most of you asked Hillbilly to knock his crap off….he refused. Hell, you just asked him nicely to ignore me for 2 weeks and he went even crazier.

    I haven’t used “foul” language as I type “f-ing”…..not my fault if you think that’s a “dirty” word.

    And please forgive me at laughing at your phony outrage over “bad words” because your Messiah Knight cussed more than ANYONE….and in front of kids…. and you treat him like he walks on water.

    It’s cute how you act like Hillbilly is a complete victim in all of this…..especially after you asked him nicely to ignore me and he went CRAZY instead.

    I have some breaking news for him: Just because someone doesn’t think a player is great, doesn’t mean you can FREAK OUT and ATTACK that person as if I slapped your mom.

    Get over yourself.

    When a Kentucky fan tells me he thinks our players are hillbillies, I don;t FREAK OUT AND GO CRAZY against that person like Hillbilly does with me.

    And if we wants to talk about fellow IU fans, when people blasted Reed or someone else, I didn’t GO OFF on them like Hillbilly does with me.

    Talk about “being 14 years old.”

    The same when I said his statement was stupid. First of all, I didn’t say HE was stupid. Big difference. So quit crying it was name-calling.

    Second, I get told my ideas are stupid 40 times a day.

    I don’t go INSANE over it like he does.

    Again…..14 years old.

  76. Have we so quickly forgotten the D.H. marathon bitch sessions between Clarion and Husky Tom(I do believe it was Husky Tom…or maybe it was Mr. Brown)? I mean this at as no criticism because I thoroughly enjoy watching the stable grown men also have their one-on-one meltdowns…It shows a refreshing human element to their normal manikin silhouettes(what they like to project as “stoic”).

    I do remember one in particular that went over 80 entries. I think the all-out hostile exchange was over something earth-moving like Old Spice vs. British Sterling…Shall I go find it and cut-and-paste?

    Let’s not pretend that Laffy and Harvard are the only two posters that have taken a thread down the toilet. I’m sure a different sideshow would quickly take to the stage if Laffy and I could somehow call a truce. Anyway, that’s THE DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER SAID.

    To quote Laffy…..”projection.”

  77. Can we agree on post #93, Laffy? Can you do it? Can we join our hands together and see that their lack of introspection could result in some of our own?

    I’m willing if you’re willing.


  78. Two games in two weeks. This will be the longest two weeks in the history of Scoop.

    Maybe we could all take a crochet class together. Meet at Nick’s for beers and bring our hooks…? Or, in Laffy’s case..hookers.

    Crocheting for Hookers…Hmmm? Another blogging name possibility.

    I’m finished, you guys.


  79. I’ve about decided Laffy and Harvard are the same person. Now, I don’t think they know they are the same person…but they are.

    Norman…Norman, is that you?

  80. Dude, I called for a truce…………and you went CRAZY.

    So stop the “if we can come to one” crap.

    And even though you keep lying saying, “You never stopped for several months”, Dustin actually praised me for it.

    So, the truce is on you.

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