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The fifth year turned out to be the charm for IU soccer players Joe Tolen and Tim Wylie, I wrote.

IU women’s basketball dropped its second straight when a late rally fell short against Belmont, Jim wrote.

Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson emerged victorious from his ‘battle year,’ Dustin wrote.

A partial transcript of Maurice Creek’s Twitter Q&A last night, courtesy of the Daily Big Ten blog.

A look at Victor Oladipo’s difference-making defense against Coppin State, from Ryan Corazza at Inside the Hall.

Some of college basketball’s unbeaten are frauds, but not Indiana, Jeff Goodman of CBSsports.com writes.

Not exactly Indiana, but related. Four Sudanese basketball players, placed through Mark Adams’ A-HOPE program, were declared ineligible to play at their Illinois high school, Ted Gregory of the Chicago Tribune writes.

Questions surround Bret Bielema’s sudden departure from Wisconsin to take the Arkansas job, Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal writes.

Indiana isn’t the only school feeling frustration with the NCAA. Texas is still waiting for a ruling on point guard Myck Kabongo, Andy Katz of ESPN.com blogs.

A lawsuit by former USC assistant football coach Todd McNair reveals the NCAA’s hypocrisy and deceit, Joe Nocera of the New York Times writes.

It’s not quite Fayetteville, but here’s a dedication to Bret Bielema: “Little Rock” by Collin Raye.


  1. Hoosier Scoop and IU Basketball Faithful. I’ve networked with guy that is producing posters of famous last second football and basketball plays (college and pro). Long story but I bought the Hail Mary Flutie poster as a Xmas present for my BC alum dad.

    He’s curious to know which one the IU fan base would like to be made into a poster? The IU vs. Kentucky game from 2012 or the 1987 Championship game.

    The posters look very similar to a drawn up play on a chalkboard. If anyone saw the Big Ten Journey Basketball episode where Jack Harbaugh gave a copy of the final Kentucky play to Crean, it would look similar to this.

    This guy also said we would provide a few free to give away to the Hoosier Scoop faithful.

    Thanks in advance for your input and I’ll ask this question on the chat too.


  2. The two ncaa articles – worth reading.

    Since the schools own & run the organization (or do they?)
    they need to get their….their stuff together. If nothing else, speed up the process, add some accountability and stop the “we can’t prove it but we’re going to penalize you anyway” decision.

  3. PB,

    I’ll bet the look in your Dad’s eyes was priceless. About which IU depiction to choose is I think a tough call. Nice dilemma, both are treasured. I think I have enough wall space for both.

  4. It is truly incredible to me that another school would cry foul and request an investigation of a rival. The purpose of the United States and of the educational system in this country is to try to better the lives of young people. A-HOPE clearly is bettering the lives of young people from generally terrible situations. Basketball is a vehicle, but should these kids be punished because they are tall or athletic or talented? Its absolutely assanine that kids be punished either at the HS or college level when they have clearly done nothing wrong. Why should schools be punished for bringing in, or accepting kids, that are graciously accepting any opportunity to have a decent life where they aren’t having a gun shoved in their hand and forced to kill and rape their neighbors because they are from a different tribe… I’m sorry, but that isn’t hyperbole! That happens all the time the in the Sudan and some of these other African countries.

    But of course the NCAA and ISHA or DBoAH (d bags of American hypocrisy) or whoever have to step in and make sure they are heard. And the rival school is more concerned about the score of a game than actual fairness on the court or in life.

    These kids deserve a shot. Stop impeding their progress!


  5. HC,

    Haven’t given it to him yet but looking forward to his reaction. He’s a big Flutie fan. Thanks for your feedback on the poster idea.


  6. Indiana is about Championships….. So i would go with 1987, that said, i think the Kentucky game makes a statement that IU is back.

  7. PB-

    I would go with a poster of AJ Moye against #Duke in the 2002 Regional Semi at Rupp(I’m sure there were numerous great snapshots).

    It’s doesn’t get anymore Hoosier than the passion Moye brought to the floor.

    Just thought I’d throw it out there…I know it wouldn’t be a bigger seller. It’s the repeated clips you see on ESPN that will sell.

    Here’s a cool idea…Do a very faint ghostlike image of Smart’s ’87 jumper in the background of Watford’s 2011 buzzer-beater heard around the world.

    Obvious title: THEY’RE BACK..(courtesy: Poltergeist)

  8. I see…It’s not an IU memory, but have you considered the Bryce Drew shot. It rather epitomizes March Madness…A tiny Indiana school..A miracle shot. And, they even Drew it up that way.

    Title: March Madness…Just Drew It.(Probably a Nike lawsuit)

  9. Ron, I agree, those articles were revealing and most interesting. I smell some smoke regarding the NCAA. I think that organization is rotten to the core. I’m anxious for a court to force them to open their files and testify under oath so that the press can then come in and and expose the NCAA for the corrupt organization it is. Frankly, I think we’re about to see a feeding frenzy, because there are a lot of people that have major beefs about how the NCAA has abused their power. Those people are beginning to pursue payback, and rightfully so.

  10. You guys are all ignoring the most important issue in the above posts: Mo’s contention that Jordy should cut his hair. My 17 year-old daughter, who considers herself an authority on good-looking young men, has suddenly bestowed upon Jordy the “hot” label. To me, the more he looks like Pete Maravich, the better.

  11. I know better than arguing with a 17 year old girl. Had two of them and can’t put my finger on any arguing ‘win” that was in my favor.

    Bottom line than, “Jordy is “hot”. (At the 3-point line)

  12. PB,

    After reading H4H postings above, maybe this idea(with your networking Buddy)should be expanded. Bigger than just only in poster form and Indiana, not just IU only. Possibilities are near endless. I am now getting out of my bailiwick. Maybe you should brainstorm with some astute(or starving) marketing folks. It is worth grazing on.


  13. For sure HC. The Valpo idea would be a good one to do.

    Check out the link to their website above. They’ve got some good pro and college football plays diagramed. The Catch from Montana to Clark, Immaculate Reception, Music City Miracle, Etc…


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