Hoosier Morning

The Indiana soccer team and strength/conditioning coach Tom Morris are inspiring each other through the run to the College Cup, I wrote.

Teaming up with Yogi Ferrell has been a case of deja vu for Jordan Hulls, who did something similar in high school with Dee Davis, Dustin writes.

The IU women’s basketball team picked up its third commitment for 2014 in 6-foot-1 wing Amanda Cahill of Clyde, Ohio, Vince Guerrieri of the News-Messenger writes.

In the wake of last Saturday’s loss to Baylor, a number of Kentucky players “left” Twitter, Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader blogged.

The young and struggling Wildcats are headed to Camp Cal the rest of this month, Kyle Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal writes.

In honor of the soccer team’s trip to Hoover, here’s “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.


  1. I can’t remember a CFB season with so many HC’ing moves. + assistants everywhere are finding new opportunities or having to look for new ones. Even working under contracts the professions brand is fluidity.

    Even though he nearly let MP get away and having Butch Jones slipped off the hook Morgan Burke has again landed on his feet with the hire of Hazell.

  2. The video above also speaks volumes to why I’m never overly enthused when I hear of kids leaving their small towns(often out of the limelight or struggling economically), breaking apart friendships and bonds with teammates that can go back many years, to play at academy programs(many on the east coast). The CBS story made me think of Mitch McGary from tiny Chesterton(a small town in NW Indiana also effected by the struggling steel industry and Walmarts closing down mom and pop shops on Main Street)

    Where are the dreams of the potential magic that could have happened in the state high school tournament if he would have anchored with some of his teammates and stayed in his home town for all four years?

    There’s certainly something special about those young men from Clariton, PA in how strongly they believe in the families that built their small steel town; a belief that community, unwavering spirit to achieve long term missions, and a collective belief in school pride can bring rewards and lifelong memories attached to every cheer from the stands that eclipses the individualist pursuits of only watching your name go up a Rivals list.

  3. Alan Rossington, one of the few remaining original members of the band, recently announced the band would no longer fly the Confederate flag at its concerts and apologized for having offended people in the past. He plead ignorance and stated he had gained wisdom with age.

  4. I’m apparently not gaining wisdom with age. See nothing wrong with flying the Confederate flag. Different people read different concepts/values in that flag. I see a streak of independence and regional pride. Political Correctness seems to be leading us into homogenized nation.

  5. Ron,
    I get what you mean and, by and large, I think you are right. I, also, certainly don’t want to engage in cultural warfare but I always reflect back to WHO tends to make the Stars and Bars their centerpiece and the message they are trying to send.

    Living in the South most of my life I know that many mean no harm by it. I also know that many fly it meaning nothing BUT harm to people that they’ve decided aren’t like them.

    As a vet and an avid student of history I have NEVER understood flying it side by side with our American flag and calling it patriotic. That makes NO sense whatsoever. The sole purpose of the Confederacy was to dissolve our Union. In Germany it’s considered (a type of) treason to fly the Swastika largely because its followers nearly brought about the demise of their Republic.

    Coincidentally, in the US it is not unusual to see flags bearing the Swastika flown alongside the Confederate flag. That’s kinda what I mean about using it to send an offensive message.

    In the case of Lynyrd Skynyrd I’m sure it’s purely about getting butts in the seats. With each passing year I see fewer and fewer Confederate flags, particularly among folks with more disposable incomes. It’s also a more mobile society. People don’t live in the same county for five generations and not to many folks who move from Michigan to Alabama are going to fly Confederate flags. Simply put, times are a-changin’.

    I think those that see it purely in terms of history and tradition would be well served to stand up to those who use it to convey a message of intolerance and hatred. I haven’t seen that happen, though.

    One last thing, and this is by no means directed at you, Ron, or your comment because you don’t fall under this at all (more likely my sister), but whenever I hear someone start a comment by saying ‘now this may not be politically correct’ I’m expecting something racist to follow but they assume it’s OK because they gave a disclaimer before saying it.
    “Now, this may not be politically correct but I think we should hang all the _______ and _______.”

    Anyway, I get your point and I think it’s reasonable but I get what Alan Rossington was alluding to as well.

  6. To hell with PC, if you feel free enough to fly Ole Dixie, then fly it. People already have their opinions formed whether it is flown or not.

  7. People can and people do. If concertgoers decide not to part with their money because of it, they can and they do, as well.

    Just ask Gary Rossington (I think I typed Alan before). Gotta get off these pain meds.

  8. …exactly…that is how it should work…but lawyers can’t make a killing with that outcome…

    Reminds me of the story of a small town in Kansas with 1 lawyer who nearly starved to death, a 2nd lawyer moved to town and both lived very well.

    When is surgery scheduled? Can you hobble around or are you down? Who the hell is mowing lawn and washing the windows, hanging lights , decorate the tree and bath the dog?

  9. If I flew a flag saying, “Christians are all pedophiles”, you wouldn’t hear, “Freedom of speech” from the same people who say it’s ok to fly the bigot Confederate flag.

    Or if someone had the Nazi flag next to a Jewish center.

  10. I’m on the flight line for Zero Dark Thirty on Friday. Probably spend one night and go home which somehow is considered ‘outpatient’. Whatever. It saves a bazillion dollars by saying ‘outpatient’ instead of ‘inpatient’.

    I can walk when adequately medicated. I can’t, however, stand still. I lose feeling after about 20 seconds. How about that? I’m more useless than usual and the bar is pretty low. I could still ride my motorcycle but I’m not stupid enough to do that on the street taking meds. Recently, Ruthie carved out a ‘skills course’ down the mountain below the cabin to practice offroad skills on the KLRs but she watches me too close to pull the dual sport out. Plus, when (not if) I dropped it I couldn’t begin to pick it up. I’d just lie there until the chipmunks slowly nibbled me to death.

    As far as the manual labor, the same person as always is doing it, Ruthie. She looks good doing it, too.

    Yeah, the biggest problem with lawyers is they write all the laws. What a gig. You get to decide what’s necessary, when to do it, how much you pay, and so forth. Imagine if your mechanic could do that. “That oil change, with the required documentation, is gonna run you $1467.23.”

    I don’t care how much they get, though. I couldn’t stand being a lawyer. I’m always amazed at all the shows on television about lawyers. All the ones I’ve ever met are about the most boring people I know.

  11. Laffy, that is a very good point.

    What’s the old saying, “It depends on whose ox is getting gored?”

  12. It my experience, the people who scream ‘Freedom of Speech’ the loudest are often the same ones who want to restrict OTHER people’s rights the most, such as protesters outside family planning clinics.

  13. I didn’t mean to use that as a position statement. I probably should have used a different/better example.

  14. DeGeneres is in a new commercial for JC Penny and some Christian group is going off how OFFENDED they are and want it yanked or they will boycott.

    Yet if I say, “Merry Christmas” or “Praise Jesus” offends me, they say, “Too bad. I can’t control what offends you. Deal with it.”

  15. Thought I would spend a few minutes after work catching up on my IU sports news…You know…championship soccer, #1 ranked basketball, women’s hoops on the rise,etc.

    Anybody know a place where . . . .?

  16. Yeah can we please talk about IU athletics and not how dumb you guys think Christians are? Seriously there is no reason to hate on Christians all the time. You stupid liberals that ruined our country are open to anything but Christianity. You accept people of different races and culture, you accept gay people and atheists but you hate on Christians! America used to be a great country when it was based on God and his laws so STOP BLAMING THE CHRISTIANS FOR EVERYTHING because they are the ones that made this country great!

  17. Great is a relative term. The country was great for white Protestant males.

    It wasn’t great for blacks, or women, or Chinese, or American Indians… Or lots of other groups. In fact it wasn’t even that great for many Christian groups up until the 60’s… No one thought a Catholic would ever get elected president and then boom… Kennedy.

    The country is great because of lots of reasons… Certainly Christianity is a part of that.

    But slow your roll and gain some perspective.

    By the way, I’m not a liberal.

  18. Oh, spare us the “Thumpers are nothing but victims” act.

    You treat gay people like dog food and tell people if they don’t follow your fairy tale they “have no morals.”

    And if our laws are “based on the Bible”, when are you going to make adultery punishable by jail?

    Also, this country was BUILT on coveting your neighbor’s stuff. The “war on Christmas” isn’t being waged by the “dirty liberals” like Faux keeps whining, it’s by the Big Businesses that you bow down to.

    And last time I checked, Jesus talked about helping the poor more than everything else combined….yet Righty Thumpers treat the poor like they’re worthless moochers and even call them “animals.”

    And I hate to break it to ya, but many/most of the Founders thought Thumpers were a bunch of fruit cakes and were VERY CLEAR our country was NOT a “Christian” nation.

  19. Oh…..and how did the “liberals” ruin the country?

    Last time I checked, Georgie was a Righty….and not only did he get us into TWO of the worst managed wars ever, the economy cratered on his watch.

    Same as the worst attack ever happened on his watch because he ignored every warning.

    And instead of paying for his wars, he gave us a tax cut…..the first time that had happened during war EVER.

  20. I gotta say that when a group that represents the overwhelming majority of people, owns every media outlet, not to mention controls every segment of government, and 99% of the county’s wealth, whines bout being oppressed, it’s pretty ridiculous.

    I’m still waiting to see a Sunday morning Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist program wedged in between the 500 Fundamentalist/Baptist/Methodist/Evangelical/yada/yada/yada that are shoved down my Episcopalian (sorry to disappoint you, not an atheist) throat every Sunday (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc,…).

    Think how you would sound if you were a Jew in Tel Aviv or a Muslim in Tehran or a Hindu in Calcutta complaining about being oppressed.

    That’s how Fundamentalists whining about how everyone (the overwhelming majority of EVERYONE is YOU) “hates Christians” sound to the rest of us. You sound like a 3-year-old who was told ‘no’ for the first time in their lives.

  21. I have a hard time swallowing that Gary Rossington was ‘ignorant’ about the meaning of the Rebel flag, especially in that setting. But, he showed his ignorance. He’d have flown the Yankee flag that rode into Atlanta for a couple of more dollars. The nature of the game.

    Anyway…, this is a very tolerant Nation. I’ve always been amazed at how we don’t even turn around in the various parades of flags during ‘national’ celebrations that have little if anything to with the history of this country (in fact some by groups honoring the history of countries that at one point or another have been at war with ours). Only in America…what a great Nation. No one anywhere else is more tolerant and more openly embraces everyone.

    My father used to get a big, big kick out of the signs at the entrances to farms off back-hill two lane roads that read “We Accept Fill Dirt”. He’d laugh and say, ‘dey assepted us diren’t dey’.

  22. Chet… the best of luck. Know that you sometimes don’t see the sense in it, though I’ll admit you aren’t unnecessarily b_ll inflatingly obsessed with the issue. Anyway, this old’ Bible thumper will put your name into ‘the hat’ in prayers this evening, just behind my five grandchildren, two grown children, their spouses;… and just in front of Bob Knight. (There you go Laffy, your cue…!)

    No sh__! My prayers are with you, your wife and family.

  23. Great post, Chet……especially that last line. Loved it.

    Is there anything more absurd than Thumpers trying to ram their fairy tale down everyone else’s throats and then crying how we’re “intolerant of THEM” when we say we’re sick of it?


    That’s like KKK members saying someone is a bigot for ripping them for being racists.

    I almost fell over after hearing Santorum say he wanted to ban porn and then 30 seconds later whine how the government was “taking our freedom away” and “we need the government out of our lives’ and, my favorite, how we “NEED to govern according the Constitution.”


    Because banning stuff YOU don’t like is all what the Constitution is about while forcing everyone to follow YOUR religious beliefs.


  24. Is there anything more absurd than Thumpers trying to ram their fairy tale down everyone else’s throats and then crying how we’re “intolerant of THEM” when we say we’re sick of it?

    And Crean is ramming it down our basketball program’s throat. He’s the point guard for Jesus Saves…Joyce plays small forward.

    Then again, it’s the “majority” and we’re #1…so suck it up.

  25. Speaking of soccer….see that 3 missing players from Eritrean (I’ll have to look that up, maybe Africa?) are seeking asylum in…Uganda? Eritrean must be the pits if Uganda is looking like a haven

  26. You take up the whole thread with your anti-Christian spiel and I’m the attention-whore.

    And who’s the regular blogger hiding behind “Yankee Panky?”

    Answer: The true attention-whore of Scoop that took a song choice from Jeremy and attempted to turn it into another chance to send the thread down the toilet. Get a life.

  27. Not sure how I “took up the whole thread” when we had about the same number of posts in it.

    Yes, you are the Attention-Whore with the whining about Crean “trying to ram his beliefs down our throats.”


    YP was probably you.

  28. Maybe you should ban reruns of ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ and the ‘The General Lee Charger’ too. Christ.

  29. I’m positive YP was you.

    Funny how you’re not outraged by a cowardly fake blogging name when it has your agenda all over it.

  30. Harvard- do us a favor….stay out of it and away and don’t get drawn in. It puts you on a par with him and you are not. Just watch.

  31. Crean is the Big 10’s billboard for Jesus-worshiping. Nothing wrong with it. Go Christ in Candy-stripes!!

  32. Ron- Eritrean refers to Eritrea, an African nation just north of Ethiopia, south of Sudan on the opening to the Red Sea and across it from Saudi Arabia. Indeed, it is tough there and anywhere they find food or a way to protect their families is ‘heaven’.

    Much the same reason why so many of our families went across the Atlantic…cause they want to survive or want their children to survive and not have to do it. Sad, isn’t it? I constantly think about the strength my old man had to have to move 7,000-8,0000 miles to come here. Yep, sad but so brave.

  33. HH…..You can be “positive” all you want……wasn’t me. You think just because you pull that stupid game all the time that others do it as well.

    And I don’t get “outraged by fake names”, retard. I think it’s over the line stealing someone else’s name.


    And TT……screw you. In case you forgot, most of this board, including you, told HH to knock his crap off MANY times…..and I was being a “good boy” for months.

    Ron, yes I’m in Vegas. No, I haven’t seen him play.

  34. Can ya’ll just take a chill pill? Seriously you guys get into these religious arguments all the time. A lot of people say they are “Christian” when they are not. A true Christian try’s to follow the Bible with God’s help in every area of his life. He does not force it down people’s throats. There is a big difference between calling yourself a Christian and actually being and living like a Christian. There is a large majority of people that say they are Christians when in fact they are not.

  35. TTG, thanks. I truly do appreciate it. Faith can do wondrous things and I’ll gladly accept the power of your own. Anyone paying attention knows I don’t have trouble with anyone’s religion. I have my own beliefs on such things and I’m happy not to force them on anyone. I’m just not much of a believer in organized religion. I also see the hypocrisy of one person’s religion being intolerant of another person’s. While I certainly think some are sillier than others it’s not up to me to place a value of one over another.

    I do scoff at the whining of the overwhelming majority complaining about being “oppressed”. A Christian in America complaining about being oppressed is clueless. Pretend to be a Muslim in Mississippi for a month, then tell me about Christians being oppressed.

    It’s old news but world history is replete with the dominant religion trying its best to be the only religion. That’s gonna be as welcome as one of our two dominant political parties trying to totally eliminate the other.

    What do you say we just tolerate and understand each other a little more and eliminate each other a little less.

    TTG, thanks again for your prayers. I do appreciate them.

    Merry Christmas.

  36. RemywillingandAbell,

    Give me five minutes and I can have an endless line of people lining up to tell you that you are not a real Christian because you are not trying hard enough to ram it down our throats (I live in North Carolina, it’ll just take a second).

    Which one of you is the “true” Christian?

    Never mind. I’m pretty sure of your answer.

    Bless your heart.

  37. If Jesus was real, I bet he wouldn’t claim 99% of the “Christians” out there.

    The vast majority are nothing but hypocritical bigots.

    And as far as the “oppressing” thing, how many mosques are blocked from being built around the country?

    Now, how many churches?

  38. So.. If someone grows up in East Germany and flew a flag with a Swastika would you be ok with it? Would I get my A** reamed for posting it on my website? What If used the excuse that I meant no cultural harm, No harm to the Jews, I just grew up there that’s all. “No Harm Boy! I’s jus grew up dere!”

    That symbol represents Slavery. It represents that its fine and dandy to own another human being. Not just own them but its also ok to beat them and ..I think the points made. Sweet home Indiana.

  39. It’s sad but true Laffy, a whole lot of them are nothing but hypocritical bigots. I agree with Chet, lets just tolerate and understand each other a little more and eliminate each other a little less. Fine by me if the Christians say that their religion is the only thing that matters and is the only religion that is true. I mean all of the true Christians that I know have an overwhelming peace and kindness in them that is incredible and only can come from them knowing Jesus.

  40. Chet,

    Everything seems to be so fluid, now outpatients can spend the night. What comes next is whatever sticks. Well hang tough and tell Ruthie to hang tougher. Don’t P/O any Harley rides for at least 3 weeks.

  41. Let’s see…I wished Chet good thoughts with an innocent ‘my prayers are with you’ expression, laughed at my self with the ‘old Bible thumper’ monicker hung on me earlier, mentioned the great tolerance we found in America and read some 10+- attacks on Christianity and religion in America by, I guess, the founding members of the “Society of the Defenders of Freedom of Expression in America”.

    So, I’ll repeat. Hope all goes well Chet.

  42. I’ll be glad to knock it off, Dustin.

    It might go a long way in clearing the air for you to step up to plate and stop the accusations about me stealing blogging names.

    I asked you a couple days ago and you seem to want to let Laffy have that false accusation in his arsenal.

    You know the truth. Why are you so reluctant to tell the bloggers of Scoop the truth? You know I’m not into that. And you know I’m not FC2013.

    Who is FC2013 and why do you protect them at the expense of Harvard constantly being accused by someone that’s uses that lie to spit more vile in my direction?

    And here we are on a thread that dived in the topic of racism..Yet, you let Laffy throw the ugliness of that label at me and you have never done anything to stop it. Why? Does that form of accusation belong on a blog? Please tell me what I’ve done to be called a racist?

    You could back me up on some of these things, but yet you “don’t.” It leaves me rather perplexed.

  43. Harv, chill… Most people on this blg are anonymous, at least to a certain extent. You are one of those people. Just like I have to accept that most readers have made up their minds on me (ir)regardless of some of the jabs taken at me me, you have to do the same.

    Here is the one thing I’m pretty sure of:

    People will make up their minds about you based on what YOU write, not what other people say about you…

    That goes for Laffy too.

    I don’t think Laffy is pus, and I know you’re not a racist.

    FC13, even though he is an instigative idiot, deserves the same amount of protection that you get.

    I agree that there is no way Dustin can verify you only use 2 screen names – its easy enough to disguise with multiple devices – but I take your word for it.

    My guess is one of these days they’ll go to a format that doesn’t allow imposters, but until then you’ll have to be content to know that the most of us are usually good with you and never get more than mildly annoyed.

  44. HH—When you asked Dustin to “clear up” about you stealing screen names, why don’t you also ask him to “clear up” that he actually praised me for knocking it off for several months (and you kept crying I didn’t)?

    And as I said, if you’re posting from more than 1 computer, he wouldn’t be able to tell.

    And stop the victim act as it’s really pathetic. You’ve been asked……repeatedly……by most of this board to knock off your crap……and you just give everyone the middle finger and keep doing it.

    So enough of the “poor widdle innocent Hillbilly” schtick.

    Geoff—I disagree that FC13 “deserves protection” as he is nothing but a troll who brags the only reason he’s here is to pizz people off. There isn’t a board in the country that allows that….whether it be sports, religion or politics…..that I know of.

    And they certainly don’t allow stealing screen names.

    TT—-Thumpers were brought up before you said anything so I don’t understand your whining, “All I did was offer a prayer and my faith was attacked.”

  45. I guess I just don’t see the real harm in what FC13 does. He makes outrageous statements that make him sound so obviously foolish that he has discredited himself for life.

    Nothing he says makes an impact anymore… And I’ve found the only people he goes after are those that acknowledge him.

    If he wants to come on here and sound like a moron I guess I don’t feel like Dustin needs to shut him down. Now If he feels the need to be vulgar then they have the right to ban him, but just saying stupid things about Crean I guess isn’t enough in my world.

    I like the fact that this board isn’t overly PC. Most of the US has gone overboard. We can all make the choices whether or not to engage with each other.

    There are plenty of personalities that exist ONLY to push people’s buttons – Michael Savage, Keith Oberman, Skip Bayless… If you don’t like them, ignore them.

    I choose to ignore FC13…

  46. Geoff-

    Thanks. Like I’ve said many times…Dustin understands what’s going on here.

    I trust he’ll do the right thing.

    And thanks again for your kind words. As I said, you’re one of the few here that has a true lighthearted side and a sense of humor.


    I’m going to SUE your ass and it’s going to cost you some major CASH. Hedbanz was true genius…But then, you already know that.

  47. Well, if he just stuck to being an ignorant troll, you might have a case even though other boards don’t allow it.

    But stealing names is beyond ridiculous. People don’t know who said what and there was a constant, “I didn’t really say that” by the actual poster.

    And, people keep saying they “want to talk about the team” but that’s hard to do when FC13 floods this place with his nonsense.

    Again…………other boards kick those morons off and I don’t see how that is “PC.”

  48. FC2013 is too much of a match for most. Learn to accept it and he’ll respect you in the morning.

  49. Hillbilly claims the worst/dumbest troll ever “is smarter than most people” and then wonders why people think it’s him…..


    How many crosses are you going to burn today?

  50. I think I mentioned it back in that post that I believe eventually this will go to a system where identities won’t be able to be stolen, but I’m not sure that’s Dustin’s call. Publisher budgets aren’t exactly loose these days.

    I find a big distinction between censorship and taking people’s names.

  51. I’ve been to SnailPond, Laffy.

    I’ve seen the “worst/dumbest” troll in the history of the internet.

    FC2013 is harmless. There is no vicious hatred in his “trolling.”

    Dustin knows what’s going on here.

  52. And I find a big distinction between actual debate and being nothing but an ignorant troll who does nothing but hijack a board so he can get his jollies.

    To me, stopping that is not “censorship.”

    And HH, stop the act that you aren’t FC13.

    And “no hatred”? He paints Crean as the anti-Christ. “He” hates Crean just as much as you do.

    And it’s cute how you slobbering all over Dustin with “He knows what’s going on here” when he praised me for knocking it off for several months yet yo keep saying it didn’t happen.


    And stealing names is not “harmless.”

  53. And where are all those cute animated emoticons you loved to use on SnailPond? I only visited the site for a few minutes, but your posts were littered with dozens upon dozens of those cute emoticons(along with vulgarity that Larry Flynt would consider raunchy).

    Scoop to sophisticated for smiley faces jumping up and down?


  54. People went after Bill Lynch and Davis with far more vicious intent than you’ll ever see from FC2013 and his satirical jests aimed at Crean.

    Why should Crean be so untouchable? The way he uses his Twitter account to quote “retards” like Joyce Meyer does slightly open the door for a bit of jesting…Think?

  55. Talk about “Protest too much” when you say you aren’t FC13.


    And your defending “him” is so over-the-top ridiculous. How is it “satire”? Idiot.

    Where did I say Crean was “untouchable”, retard?

    And it sure is funny how when you and “him” ATTACK people it’s all “good satirical fun not to be taken seriously” but when people rip YOU, you start foaming at the mouth with “HOW OVER THE LINE IT IS”.

    Bullies can never take what they dish out.

  56. Yahoo Sports has an article “Sudanese teens at center of recruitment controversy” A-Hope assisted 4 kids into Il. high school. 7′ one interviewed (wearing IU shirt). Rival high school questioned the legality. Good read on possible future players.

  57. OK, let me make sure I do give both of you your points.
    Harvard is not FC2013, and the only names he takes on are his own and the occasional Lord of whatever he feels like talking about this week. And yes, Laffy did knock it off for a stretch, and I appreciate that.
    So there you go. If my affirmation on both of those things was what you guys were waiting for, I apologize for not making that abundantly clear earlier. And that’s on me.
    But you should both know that you’re arguing about absolutely nothing. Like absolutely zero. In diametrically opposite ways, you two are both so incredibly tone deaf that you can’t see that you agree with each other on 95 percent of all topics. But then you grip onto certain words and phrases with all your might and then start insulting each other and all of the sudden, you’re having a fight that’s simply based on each other’s insults and you don’t even know what the point of it all is. The differences in opinion between, say, Clarion and Chet or Podunker and Geoff is so much greater than yours, and they have their disagreements, but they can at least agree to disagree and be civil.
    If at some point you actually go back and read what each other has been writing, and look for actual philosophical disagreement, you won’t find any. It is truly amazing the degree to which this feud is based on nothing.

  58. Man I wish we had played Duke. Temple not hitting their shots but Duke is …..smooth, the only word I can think of. Pass. pass to the bucket and score. If we had won or lost would not matter much. Either confirm we are good or opened the teams eyes a little.

  59. I don’t agree, Dustin. If you go back to when this all started, he would jump onto a thread and attack me with insults when he was never even engaged in the discussions.

    It’s still his main tactic to date..(minus the one week of tongue biting he did where he now expects the world give him praise). I’ll be having a one-on-one with another blogger and his first entrance into the conversation is his usual “that’s the dumbest thing Harvard has ever said…” He defends positions of other bloggers by attacking me with personal insults rather than engage in any meaningful discussion.

    Here’s a discussion question: How can he come onto every thread and talk about horrible Christian “Thumpers” without ever acknowledging that the biggest “Thumper” coach in all of college basketball is Tom Crean? Why does Tsao and everyone under the sun get attacked for their belief in the great “fairytale” and the IU coach is untouchable for shoving it down the throats of our IU basketball team?

    And didn’t Mr. Dustin Dopirak himself say he was going to do a story on Crean and faith?…Something to do with how much is too much when it comes to interjecting personal religious beliefs onto others at a public institution? I guess that got put on the back-burner.

    And you keep avoiding SnailPond…It takes five minutes of visiting his posts at that forum to know exactly how it emulates what you’ll be getting on any site he squats. His modus operandi is in full view. It ain’t pretty.

  60. Nice to hear Dustin speak in the clear about some of these issues, although we still don’t have an answer to the “Who is FC2013/Rico Chet” question. The guy has been stealing names and posting silliness/garbage for more than 4 years; other than Hugh’s brief and failed attempt to censor the guy, he has been given pretty much free reign. There are some posters on here who continue to not be able to post openly anymore because of the name-stealing, yet the attitude from up top has simply been “deal with it.”

  61. And thank you for finally acknowledging that I am not FC2013.

    I’ll bet you a $20.00 gift certificate to Trojan Horse he’ll claim you’re a liar or there is some form of BFF and butt-munching/mooching involved in your “protecting” me.

  62. Please stop Harvard… Nobody cares…. You two aren’t debating anything even remotely interesting… Not sports, politics, religion, anything… Just who is the bigger a-hole, and who started it…

    No one cares!

    Please stop!

  63. I’m debating just fine..I’m opening up for debate the current hypocrisy of bloggers digging on all “Thumpers” except our head basketball coach …I asked a question about religion and it’s not being addressed. For all those that talk of “Thumpers,” I repeat:

    1)How can Laffy come onto every thread and talk about horrible Christian “Thumpers” without ever acknowledging that the biggest “Thumper” coach in all of college basketball is Tom Crean?

    2} Why does Tsao and everyone under the sun get attacked for their belief in the great “fairytale” and the IU coach is untouchable for shoving it down the throats of our IU basketball team?

    3} How much is too much when it comes to interjecting personal religious beliefs onto others at a public institution?

    4} Why should Crean be so untouchable(especially within the discussion of morons and retards that are fairytale believers and “Thumpers”}?

    5} Does the way he uses his Twitter account to quote “retards” like Joyce Meyer(a.k.a. Queen of Thumperland) not slightly open the door for a bit of jesting on the topic of Christian “Thumpers?”

    Conclusion: Don’t be hypocrites when you attack Christianity as a “majority” shoving one religion down your throat while leaving Tom Crean out of discussion on shoving it as the only religion down the throat of our basketball program.

  64. Harvard, you’re a liar.


    This all started when I said Jordy sucked on defense and you started calling me “festering pus”…..or whatever that was.

    And I ignored you.

    You then chased me around from thread to thread to thread to thread repeating it.

    At least 30 times.

    I finally had enough of it and gave you what you wanted:a response.

    And you’ve been crying ever since.

    And I stopped for more than a week……it was months.

    You, on the other hand, have NEVER stopped because you’re nothing but a fruit cake attention whore.

    And you should stop wetting your pants about SnailPond because it’s been about 3 years since I posted there.

    Did you ever post there?


    I don’t care.

    Screw you.

  65. Ron, I agree. I think we’d see some serious ball movement. Games like tonight, where those guys were trying to get their own points, just aren’t very entertaining.

    I think back to IU being upset by Kaintuck after Scott May had his arm broken by Purdue. UCLA went on to beat Kaintuck in the final. So, the next season started off with IU/UCLA on a neutral floor. We handed them their heads on a platter. One of their players commented that it only mattered in March, when we, once again, handed them their heads on a platter.

    Love those high quality non conference matchups. At least we don’t need to worry about losing a good game against Kaintuck because they chickened out this year. Central Connecticut was better than Kaintuck. I’d pick them by 5 over the Mildcats

  66. And, crybaby-retard, as far as Crean, I don;t see him “shoving” anything down people’s throats.


    If “talking” is “shoving”, they you should stop “shoving” YOUR nonsense down our throats all the time since most of the board has asked you MANY times.

    Sure is odd you keep ducking that.


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