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Two more linebackers joined the IU football recruiting class, Dustin wrote.

Indiana basketball owns several spots on the NCAA’s 75th anniversary of March Madness ballot, while more honors came in for IU soccer, we reported.

From earlier this week:
The imminent return of Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin will boost the depth of IU basketball, Dustin wrote.

Indiana soccer’s national championship was celebrated at Assembly Hall on Monday night, Andy wrote.

IU basketball was second in the power rankings last week, but Victor Oladipo has turned up his offensive efficiency, Luke Winn of SI.com wrote.

Indiana is a No. 1 seed playing Lexington, Ky., in the first Bracketology of the season, ESPN.com’s Joe Lunardi projects.

Steve Alford ranks as the No. 2 guard of the “big bracket era” as The Sporting News took the NCAA’s anniversary concept a step farther.

Indiana fans are expected to dominate the crowd at this weekend’s Crossroads Classic, Michael Pointer of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Are Illinois and Michigan for real? Maybe, maybe not says SI.com’s Andy Glockner.

The soccer team left Birmingham, and I did too, so here’s John Mellencamp with “When Jesus Left Birmingham.”


  1. That should be called worst video ever made. I have seen my daughter watch better music videos on the disney channel. Mellencamp has become such a dork.

  2. People will probably cry I’m a “hater” and/or say “The kids are just having fun”, but I don’t like the show-boating/taunting by the players:


    I really hate that “3 fingers to the temple” thing after they make a 3 and I especially don’t like Sheehey staring down some other player while doing it.

    Have some class when you win and/or make a great play.

    That’s one thing I admired Knight for as he usually didn’t put up with that crap.

    There was one time a player (Jadlow maybe) made a great play at home and he stood in front of the student section and did something like, “Yeah, that was ME!!!!” and did a little thing with his hands and Knight immediately took him out and REAMED him.

    Hardly ever saw Bob SCREAM like that before.

    I was glad he put an end to it.

    But, Knight got “softer” at the years went by because Recker used to do his “6 gun” thing after a great player and I HATED that and Bob never said a word to him.

    So, I hope our players will be gracious winners and knock off the show-boating/taunting crap.

    Do you really want high school kids copying that?

    That’s what leads to fights.

  3. Laffy, you know I kind of agree with you.

    But I’ve never had the skill or ability and can’t imagine having the balls to play the game in front of 17,000+ fans cheering you on. What a rush that must be. I can see one’s emotions getting the best of them.

  4. TT and Laffy- Knight acted that way because he wanted everything to be about HIM, funny you say he was mad at the players for seeking attention. There was/is no bigger attention whore on the planet than old man Knight, maybe Favre.

  5. If Knight had been a stoic, poised and calm person of character…like a Tony Dungy or Wooden you could maybe talk highly of his expectations for his players. Instead he was the exact opposite of that and his only leadership ability was instilling fear into 19 year olds. He became irrelevant not because the “times changed” or kids/parents became ‘soft’ it was because his tactics for motivating and getting the most out of his players failed and continued to fail. He couldn’t coach without treating people bad, he couldn’t command respect without instilling fear. He couldn’t humble himself or find a way to show humility. He continues to showcase those ill parts of his character even now as he grows older. If it wasn’t for ESPN(they keep people like him around strictly for ratings/side-show) he would be even more irrelevant now than he was his last 10 years at IU and that’s pretty hard to do. “Good leaders get people to believe in them. Great leaders inspire people to believe in themselves.” I would say Crean does an exceptional job of getting kids to believe in themselves, the progress of Jordy, Verdell, Ola and Shee is evidence of that. His former Marquette players who were not highly ranked originally- now thriving in the NBA- also show that Crean understands how to instill the right level of respect/sportsmanship while not being afraid to let kids be bold/brash/confident outwardly.

  6. If you take the initial letters from Bombay Sapphire you get precisely “B.S.” and that more than matches the contents of his two posts above.

  7. Bombay Sapphire is now my new favorite gin, not because I like it, really, but because of its association with post #8. Thank you for the poignant honesty and accuracy.

  8. Laffy- they only do it if they hit a 3. They practice all day. They hit, as a team, 39% of their threes in front of 15,000 people. They are 19 year old kids. They prove themselves=they get excited. If you understood the psyche of an athlete you would be able to enjoy your fanhood a bit more.

  9. It’s cliche but, along with being kids, you gotta remember, they aren’t playing for us, they’re playing for each other. They aren’t making those gestures to/for us, they are making them to each other.

  10. Crean is the coach. If he allows them, let them do it.

    Until they fire Crean and hire Laffy instead I’m fine with it.

  11. Chet, not when they are staring down the other players when they do it.

    Sure is odd how players are “thugs” when it happens on other teams but “just kids” when it’s our guys.

  12. Laffy you make it sound like they are being given technicals and other teams are talking about the IU squad being cocky dirtballs. No one is saying that. Why do you want a coach to yell and scream/curse(Knight) but if Will Sheehey looks at another player wrong you can’t stand it? Pretty sure all the IU players are walking through to shake hands with each member of the other team after each game. Don’t forget that all these Jrs and Srs were laughed at and destroyed on the court for a few seasons, they have some reasons to play with edge. You don’t lose that edge after winning 9 games.

  13. I would like to see Jordy take up a bit of taunting.

    When Jordy makes a three he should spank himself like he’s being appropriately “abused.” One solid slap. Make it a signature move…Maintain the normal ‘all business’ grumpy facial expression to go along with the self-inflicted slap to the hip/buttocks.

    Never let them forget the abuse you’re giving yourself as you one day spank that butt all the way to NBA Hall of Fame.

  14. I’m not sure if taunting is an “edge.” Let the spankings of two and three years ago fester..Keep it contained..Keep the beast leashed as always the bellows to rustle the burning coals of purpose into the constant flame.

    When you claim the final prize, hang the sixth banner in Assembly, roar to the gods you are king again. Roar fire, roar…

  15. Wow!…from my perspective, Laffy is making all kinds of sense. I agree with him; respect the game, respect the opponent, respect the fans. The posturing is the kind of street non-sense we don’t need on the court, in front of 17,000 fans. I do love our players and their success, how far we came back. Love the kind of joyful moment at the end of the Kentucky game last year, a spontaneous celebration of Indiana University basketball and its return, not so with in-your-face gesture aimed at the opposing players.

    Have the dignity to shake their hands and walk off the floor. The same knife cuts both ways; as when we struggled to win 12 games and the word “cheat” became synonymous with Hoosiers and the crowds reminded us frequently. Leave those for Illinois and Kentucky basketball

    Yes, coach Crean, perhaps a little reminder that dignity and respect are a part of the Indiana sports tradition would add to the mythic belief that “It is Indiana!”. You came because of it and we were glad to have you to reinforce it. Without parading like show dogs on a fire hydrant. Love Oladipo, Sheehey, Hulls and all of the spontaneous celebrations when they succeed; but not the rehearsed ‘in your face’ or ‘end zone dances’ that belittle the game into resembling the celebration of a Chicago street mugging.

  16. Taunting Coppin State?

    That’s like loudly proclaiming to the Denny’s waitress: “That was the best steak I ever ate!”

  17. WOW!!! Let the kids enjoy the moment and have fun. It was not 2-3 years ago and you same bashers of Will and Vic and others were asking why no emotion or fire in the belly on this same team. If this is all you can think about to bash our players go home and look in the mirror. I just can’t believe what I am reading!!! Really!!! Sometimes you so called fans can be real jerks. Get off of Sheehey’s back. He is one of our best players and he is always excited for all the kids while he is on the bench. He leads the cheering and Vic does also when he is not in along with many others. They are a tightly wound team and when you bash one your bashing all of them. I hope they don’t read this crap!!!

  18. I’ve yet to see anything from the IU players I would call inappropriate, taunting or unsportsmanlike.

  19. I agree with Laffy. I don’t like taunting in any form. I don’t like Sheehey’s three fingers to the forehead. If you’re running down the court next to someone, you may get away with a few word of trash, but the demonstrable gestures just look stupid. Making a three point shot should not be that big of a deal. I hate it when an NFL defender celebrates after making a routine tackle. It’s like, “Really? You do all that celebration for simply doing your job?”

    A simple smile, like the one’s Cody provides after he makes a good play, is sufficient. And if you do taunt, you run the risk of elevating your opponent’s motivation to play harder and beat you. Taunting an opponent is a knife that can cut both ways.

    Back in the late 60’s, Jade butcher was a great wide receiver for IU football. IU was playing Purdue (I think it was 1968 or 1969) and Butcher caught a TD pass in the end zone. He held the ball out to his defender’s face in a clear taunt. Big mistake, because it really riled the Purdue players and the Purdue fans, and later in that game that same defender intercepted a Harry Gonzo pass and made a good return, setting up Purdue’s go-ahead TD. When the defender got up from being tackled, he ran over to Jade Butcher held the football out to Butcher’s face. IU lost the game.

  20. Well, I would call staring someone down while doing the three finger thing as taunting.

    You think they’d let kids in high school do that?


  21. I have not seen them doing the “3 to the head” thing to opponents. They seem to do it to their teammates. The picture on ITH is misleading. It looks like he is making the signal to McAdoo, but they are directing it towards the guy who made the shot.

  22. Frankly this discussion is baseless because the Hoosiers haven’t been called once for taunting all season. It’s a rule, if the refs feel like IU is taunting they’ll call it.

  23. Dang, talk about “cream” glasses.

    Will is staring right AT the UNC player.

    As far as the refs not calling it, I thought most people said refs are blind and miss most things.

    I don’t really care what “the refs” think anyway.

    I think it’s a dumb thing to do after every basket whether they are doing it at the other players or for themselves.

    After every assist, why don’t they dance a little jig (sp) too?

  24. Just talked to the UNC player- he’s more offended that you think he’s too sensitive to take a little brashness from Will than he is at anything Will ever did to him. These kids have been playing high level/intense basketball since they were 10, they aren’t worried for a second about the posturing or how the other players are ‘looking’ at them. Sports are played with emotion, adrenaline, and ‘in the moment.’ Athletes don’t have the luxury of sitting down each morning and saying….”Ok, tonight after I hit a big shot with an All American in my face I’m going to stop, put my head down, and thank him for playing good defense…” Plus ask any athlete, most will say they would rather play with and against players who show emotion. It means they care, and it means they are giving high level effort.

  25. If you like players who don’t show any emotion at all then Jeremy Hollowell is your man. IU has it all Laffy, just sit back and enjoy.

  26. Will’s (and the teams) response is better than the poor guy who gave the home crowd the double “finger” after hitting a 3 the other night.

    I thought the 3-finger thing was much improved when compaired to Vic’s stare down and crotch grab after a dunk during the first few games.

    It’s a game, they are having fun and until it’s called by a ref….whatever.

  27. As I stated above I sure do not consider it taunting. Their success driven spontaneous emotion is harmless and natural. Since IU plays collegiate BB, thoughts about HS are irrelevant. Much like the Peegs comparison to the Scoop was on another thread.

  28. Strawman rejected.

    Never even implied “no emotion at all.”

    And how is it “spontaneous” when it’s done after nearly every 3?


  29. A Strawman was not offered. Hitting a 3 does not happen every possession. Their emotional display is spontaneous to success during a BB game. I would be somewhat miffed if they did it after a failed possession or the other team soring. S-P-O-N-T-A-N-E-O-U-S!

  30. BS said: “If you like players who don’t show any emotion at all”.

    That’s a strawman. Never implied “no emotion at all.”

    And I don’t give a crap if a 3 isn’t made “every possession” (rolleyes), they do it after nearly every 3 they do make.

    In no universe is that “spontaneous.”

  31. Laffy, you do get on here looking for a fight. I agreed with the concept of respecting the game, the opponent, the sport…and not taunting… But, spontaneous celebration by a player not intended to provoke or taunt? …it’s a game, you ‘play’ games. Relax, laugh, put your anger aside, !!! (that’s a ‘three’)

  32. In the C. Conn. St. game IU attempted 113 total shots, of the scores that swished the nets, 7 were 3’s. That should benefit anyone who needs help understanding spontaneity by IU players.

  33. Well, that’s a good point. The three finger to the forehead may not qualify as a taunt. And it may not be intended as a taunt. But it still looks stupid.

    I like Ron’s point, “Cold Business.”

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