Hoosier Morning

Fans and teammates alike were glad to see Derek Elston back on the court Wednesday night, Dustin writes.

Florida Atlantic comes to town with a big-time coach and a big-time scorer, Dustin writes.

IU will look to continue its highly efficient offense in the final pre-Christmas game, I wrote.

Former IU football coach Bill Lynch was named the new head coach at DePauw Thursday, Dustin wrote.

Xavier will be the toughest foe of the season for the IU women’s basketball team in today’s matinee at Assembly Hall, Mike wrote.

An interesting statistical breakdown of how Butler slowed the Indiana offense last Saturday, from Jeff Haley at Run the Floor.

Jabari Parker, the No. 2 recruit in the nation, cited one of his primary reasons for picking Duke over Michigan State as the presence of Branden Dawson at MSU, Diamond Leung of MLive.com wrote.

Wisconsin graduate, NCAA champion and U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton admitted Thursday to a secret identity as a Las Vegas call girl, The Smoking Gun reported (WARNING: mature content).

With a taste of winter last night, at least here in Bloomington, and Christmas on the horizon, here’s a personal favorite: Trans-Siberian Orchestra with “Wizards in Winter” as a light show.


  1. Wow. That Suzy story is crazy on so many levels. Where to begin?

    Replete with a Luis Bunuel reference. Un Chein Andalou anyone?

  2. 45 yrs ago in Vegas w/ my boss for convention. On elevator, a young woman gets on. As we are going up my boss asks the woman if she is a hooker. She looks like she is going to slap him but just said no. He said sorry, just have never seen a more beautiful woman. Couple of floors later she asks what kind of money is he talking about. He said he could go up to $50.00 if she takes credit card and bills it as a “lunch” so he could be reimbursed. She laughed at him and called him a pathetic
    little man. Don had a successfull corporate career.

  3. When I was in the Navy it never ceased to amaze me how people’s commitments were directly proportional to distance from home. We’d slip into Subic Bay and these guys, officers and enlisted, couldn’t get to Po City fast enough. I guess the idea of paying for sex always seemed kinda pitiful to me. Different strokes for different folks.

    Of course, the flip side of that was when we’d pull back into port after a 6 month deployments and some of these young guys would see a 4-5 month pregnant wife or girlfriend waiting for them. Whenever a carrier returned from deployment there would be a spike in the divorce rate.

  4. Buñuel, dude. Luis Buñuel Portolés. Un Chien Andalou was made with Dalí. On this blog Feo Su and Cherpt would call them Caldereros and push for them to be banned immediately. Laffy would threaten them daily with a lawsuit. Chewt have you looked up “veracity”, man … ? Really, it’s never too late to try and learn to speak correctly in English.

    Neurolinguistic research la cola de mi esmoquin! Stay classy.

  5. I generally skip over your posts so I wasn’t sure what you were referring to.

    I thought I had typed ‘tenacity’ into my phone. It must have thought I meant ‘veracity’ and auto-corrected it for me. Whatever.

    I’m quite familiar with Dali as my wife paid way to much for a Dali relief sculpture a couple years ago for my birthday. He greets me every morning. Dali was quite prolific and his pieces as surprisingly affordable if you want to collect an artist your friends might have heard of.

    The film in question is often incorrectly attributed to Dali in the US as his name only slightly smaller than Bunuel’s (I don’t know how to add a tilde, just imagine it.) in the credits and he was already better known. Somehow I ended up with a minor in films from IU. I mostly just liked going to movies in Woodburn on Thursday evenings and ended up with enough credits for a minor.

    You’ll have to practice your Spanish on TTG. I can barely order lunch.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the man who supposedly has enough will to skip over comments about him. Yet again, he responds, because he is a mighty weak man inside. Do us a favor. Find your dog Laffy and wag his tail for awhile.

  7. Off subject, but if Illinois knocks off Mizzu, do we need to assume Bruce Weber couldn’t coach, or this all a fluke thus far?

  8. #11 is not me. Chet you meant “ferocity”. Not tenacity for sure. Veracity and ferocity do sound the same. Take it easy man.

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