Indiana quotes on Florida Atlantic

No press conference today based on the possibility of inclement weather. An IU release with IU’s thoughts on Florida Atlantic follows.

Head Coach Tom Crean

On the unselfishness of the team, evidenced by 27 assists last night against Mount St. Mary’s:

“I think thsee guys are committed to making the next pass. We need people to score. We want to score, sometimes, in a hurry, but never at the expense of the next pass or the best shot. I think the way our guys are moving without the ball and the force of their cuts and the spacing, but most importantly the looking for the next pass, is what’s helping our team as much as anything.”

On the bonding time the team has over break with no classes:

“I think this is a close group to begin with anyway. This just gives them more of an opportunity to do that. They are a close group at all times and it is very obvious to all of us that’s the way it is. But this gives them more of an opportunity to do things away from the court without time constraints. It gives them the chance to sit around the locker room just a little bit longer and watch television and talk. Those are all important parts of the season, just like taking bus trips and things like that. There is always something special in the experience that grows and those are the things that they remember down the road.”

On the ovation that Derek Elston received when he entered last night’s game:

“I thought it was great for Derek. I am not surprised because our fans our tremendous and they are loyal. I thought it was a great feeling for Derek. He already had a high level of energy and adrenaline so it probably calmed his nerves a little bit, and that’s the most important thing. No matter how old you are, when you come back in for the first time from a situation, it is going to be a little different. He settled in and did an excellent job.”

On what challenges Florida Atlantic presents:
“They can really score. (Greg) Gantt can really score the ball. They move the ball well and they run a ton of screening actions. They utilize them really well, whether they are curling or clearing out to look for a drive or using the 3-point line. Any Mike Jarvis team is going to be a well-coached, disciplined team.

“My last time coaching against Mike was when I was at Marquette and he was at St. John’s and I have been a Mike Jarvis fan, and more importantly a friend, for a very long time.”

On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:

“I think there is a level of enthusiasm that people have any time they are in this building. But it is always a little different when they are here for the first time this season or their first time ever. That is exciting. This is the state of Indiana’s program and that’s the bottom line. Everybody in this state has a chance to cheer for the Indiana Hoosiers and have for so many years. So when they can come in and see it with their families, parents or grandparents and children, none of us take that for granted. We know that it is an absolute honor to be playing and coaching in front of them.”

Cody Zeller

On the keys against Florida Atlantic:

“Watching them on film, they have some scorers on their team. We going to have to come out and do what we do best, which is play in transition and play well defense. It seems like they are a pretty nice team on film.”

On the bonding aspect with the team now that classes are over for the semester:

“It is a little bit different being on break so there are no rules about how long we can practice. It is a bonding experience for all of us because we are around each other so much, whether we are in the gym or getting a bite to eat. It is a good time for us.”

On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:

“It is special, just because it might be the only game that they get to watch this year or even in their life. It might be their first impression of us, so we want to go out and play our best and put on a good show for them.”

Jordan Hulls

On the keys to playing Florida Atlantic:

“We have to have good transition defense, they like to get out and run and shoot 3-pointers. They have really good players who can score the ball so we have to focus on that and we can’t have any miscommunication on defense. That is going to be the biggest thing for us.”

On improving his assist/turnover ratio from last year:

“I have always wanted to be a good decision maker, although last night (against Mount St. Mary’s) I had more turnovers than I wanted. I have always wanted to have a positive assist-to-turnover ratio and it helps a lot to have (Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell) in the game with me because he can handle the ball too so I don’t have to have it in my hands all the time. So having him helps, but it is something that I have to do in order for us to win.”

On having so many people experience a game in Assembly Hall for the first time during these games over break while the students are gone:

“It’s a special feeling because whether the students are here or not, we are always selling out the arena. It was pretty loud last night and it is winter break so it was pretty cool to see that. The people that get to see us for the first time, we are trying to leave a lasting impression on them and show them how Indiana basketball can be.”



  1. Dustin, did you edit those quotes from Crean?

    I’ve seen it mentioned several times, forget where, that he talks about Jesus constantly…. trying to ram his beliefs down everyone’s throats and using his position at IU as a pulpit for his religion.

    I don’t ever see him mention Jesus when you quote him on here so I’m curious if you’re taking him out of context.

    Or are you on his payroll maybe and don’t give us the full quote so he doesn’t get in trouble?

    Thanks bro’ham.

  2. I had forgotten about Mike Jarvis. As I recall, he’s a very good basketball coach but he had trouble with ‘off the court’ issues, not necessarily his own.

  3. I think all of us can agree on our dislike of Kentucky. Well, here is an article you may like:

    Top kid in the country picked Duke today. Months ago, he had a Top 10 list and said he wanted a coach he “admired.” He shortly cut Kaintuck off the list.


    They still have a incredible class next year but it’s good to see the slime ball rejected.

    And I found it fascinating how Coach K recruited him.

  4. Good article. He sounds like a great kid. Good for him.

    I’ve spent a lot of time on the Duke campus and ,frankly, I’ve never gotten the appeal. It’s OK. Nothing special. Same is true for UNC.

  5. Great story about Jabari Parker. Coach K’s success attracting great individuals should not surprise anyone, it reflects his character and his values.

    Parker’s approach is a great story in itself. He seems to be very aware that there is much more to life and people than basketba;;. He is fortunate to have a great set of parents and a great brother.

  6. Chet, one thing is the campus, another the schools themselves. Those two are truly among the world’s best universities.

  7. Coach K is a Knight-worshiper. Could care less about the program..They’ve had virtually zilch success against IU in the NCAA tournament.

    Duke would be completely irrelevant in the world of hoops without the teachings of Knight bestowed upon the “naturally drifted.”

    So glad Cody told of of North Carolina to finally shove it. Without Indiana bigs and Bobby’s genius, they’d(UNC and Duke) be lucky to have 1/4 their total banners.

  8. Goals for the game:

    Hanner – at least 20 mins of playing time.

    Cody – at least 15 shots and demanding the ball.

    VO – at least 4 three point attempts.

    Remy and Yogi – on the floor at the same time.

    I don’t care if they win by 5 or 50.

  9. TTG, oh, no doubt about it. If fact, I always find it interesting the number of people that put Duke on a pedestal above UNC, particularly in medicine. I work with both med centers. If it was me I’d go to UNC every time. The people I knew who worked at Duke 15 years ago have all drifted across town to UNC. It was just dumb luck on my part as I found myself in a field where I get to work with the best in the world in my specialty. Story of my life. Luckiest SOB you’ll ever meet. The hospital facilities aren’t even close. Duke Hospital looks like St. Elsewhere. UNC is one of the most modern facilities in the world. I guess cigarette money only goes so far.

    Harvard, come on now, Coach K surpassed Bobby a long time ago, in every way imaginable (and I’m a Duke hater). You may as well credit Clair Bee with Bobby’s success. Their styles are kinda, sorta similar (in a fashion) but that’s about all. While that program at Chapel Hill has pilfered a few talented Hoosiers over the years, give that team that Dean Smith built its due. It’s a quality program.

    It is pretty cool that the Hoosiers tend to get the better of both of them, though.

  10. Speaking of Duke, the girl who lives next door dropped 4 treys and a total of 14 points for Presbyterian College in a blowout loss to the Dukies the other night. It was her season high. Her parents moved here from Iowa 25 years ago and her Mom and my wife worked in the same ICU. They were pregnant at the same times and all our kids all grew up together and played on many of the same teams. All but one of the bunch went on to be DI athletes and even the one who didn’t was a pretty good athlete. Growing up together made have played a role in that. Fun bunch of kids.

    She’s really having a notable career so far. Great to see her doing so well.

  11. 1) I was in that area about 22 years ago and thought it was beautiful. Not as gorgeous as IU, of course, but still very nice.

    2) Dustin, did you edit Crean’s quotes? It was a serious question. While you stink as a board moderator, I think you’re a great journalist and I’d like to know if you’re editing what Crean says.

    We’ve been told many times….again don’t remember exactly where….that Crean does nothing but use his pulpit to push Jesus.

    And yet, I never see those quotes in your reporting. Are you leaving them out?

    3) Chet, excellent point about giving Clair credit for all of Bobby’s success. Heck, even Knight said he learned everything he knows from him.

  12. Laffy, it IS a beautiful area. The thing about the campuses is that they are each a little oasis within a huge metro area. The auto traffic is much heavier (probably my biggest gripe) and, overall, they are much more crowded as the municipal spill over is just more. UNC, for example has Franklin St. (similar to Kirkwood) but go another block and you are in a big metro area.

    Still, either would be good place for your kids to end up.

  13. Laffy, I really don’t know why you care but do you see these comments about God in any other newspapers, on ESPN, on other blogs and at any of his Coaches interviews because I do so it must be a conspiracy to keep you out of the loop when it comes to Jesus. It is best that we not tell you about Jesus with it being Christmas and all. We have to keep you uninformed because we sure don’t want you talking about Jesus. That would be dreadful. Dustin shame on you for keeping Laffy in the dark ages.

  14. Do you mean ESPN and all the other papers are also editing out Crean’s non-stop talk about Jesus?

    Man, I guess all that talk about the “liberal elite media who hates Christians” is all true.


  15. I admit that I don’t go looking for them but I don’t see any more references with religious connotations from CTC than from pretty much any other college basketball coach. For whatever reasons it seems as though football coaches go down that road a little more often.

    For better or worse, there’s a lot of recruits whose Momma won’t let you past the front door unless you can produce your religious bona fides. If that’s what he has to do to recruit a player I don’t have any problem with it. Better than having a Kaintuck coach with an envelope full of currency.

  16. I’ve always enjoyed Coach Crean’s tweets. I am never the first one to church when the doors open, but his tweets remind me that their is something more important then just me.

  17. So I’m not entirely certain about what’s going on here. I’m pretty sure Laffy’s being pretty facetious, but no, Crean hasn’t said anything publicly about religion or Jesus or God since the end of last season when it was starting to become a trend. He has continued posting about religion on Twitter.

  18. So, do I have this right that those who have had success in persecuting Coach Tom Crean for his religious beliefs, and censored his statements to eliminate ‘I believe in God’ content in the Hoosier Scoop, the publisher now offers a reward of Free Ice Cream?!

    Damn!!…We (believers) never get the chocolate-caramel good stuff!

  19. Dustin….seems to me you have a problem with freedom of religion in the press (or freedom of the press regarding religion). “…when it was becoming a trend…”, could be taken as a very editorialized statement.

  20. ….since the end of last season when it was starting to become a trend

    Damn straight it was becoming a trend…until one voice saw how inappropriate it was to have the IU logo on the Twitter page.

    One voice that is filled with more the spirit of Christmas than a bag of wind using Jesus to promote anything but religion or Christianity.

  21. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate-caramel……….

    (Homer slobber)

    Yes, Dustin is right. Sorry, but after reading Tom’s comments, I couldn’t resist taking a jab at “someone” who whined the entire summer how Crean “Rammed his beliefs down our throats 24/7/365.”

    I need SOME humor to get me thru the day…..and this is “all in fun”, right?

    Well, I need to get ready to celebrate the REAL “New Year’s Eve” tonight…..and watch our Hoosiers.

    We’ve got some moonshine that came in a mason jar we got at the liquor store.

    Smells worse than gasoline and we almost fell over just sniffing it.

    We figured if it’s “end of the world”, we might as well “go out right.”

  22. Taso,

    I think Dustin was implying you could always “expect” Crean to bring it up. Just his character. I don’t think Dustin was putting the Christian faith down in general. I can see how a non believer or just someone who believes, but don’t like to be preached too could be turned off by Crean. He walks a fine line. Some people might says talk basketball, and leave your faith out. Probably why he just takes it to Twitter. Not slamming you.

  23. Chocolate caramel? Praise Jesus!!

    I remember on my 30th some good ol’ boys from over in Haywood County that I worked with showed up with a jug of moonshine.

    I’m still sobering up.

    I’ve notice around here that local and semi-local moonshine is showing up in the ABC (liquor) Stores. It has tax stamps and all but the label has local towns as its source.

    I could be wrong on this but didn’t the world end LAST night?

  24. Ohhh Twitter!! Thanks for clarifying that Ben. Twitter is not the press; it is a social media service that requires a ‘fee for service’ and anyone can use it for whatever purposes they wish. I understand that the Chicago Latin Kings, the Gangster Disciples and the Latin Maniac Disciples also use Twitter and do their representing there as well but, so far, no one has called their attention to their symbols.

    Still, I’m glad all concerned have been relieved of the threat of CTC ‘representing’ with the IU sign when voicing his beliefs. Can’t be that here in America freedom be free in all forms. We have to discipline in the exercise of our freedom!

  25. Laffy, in good faith to your statements, we appreciate your attempt to show a sense of humor (#28); but please, not on the back of a Harvard comment (#29) as you stated yesterday. Thank you.

  26. Harvard, when was Laffy filled with the spirit of Christmas? He always complained about ‘Jesus Freaks’.

  27. General M. Matheson, good for you!!! All we are going through and somehow this seems to be the extent of our essence. Perhaps, it is time for some reflection…without regards to differences.

  28. Ben, I agree with what you are saying. From my stand point, it’s his (Crean’s) business and I’m happy he has convictions (of any type); and, if they offended me in anyway it would be up to me to stop reading them. Then, I wouldn’t know what they are.

    Remember the old adage about the falling tree and if no one hears it…, if no one read it, did the Twitter message?


  29. 1) No hangover at all from the moonshine. Little surprised. And very happy.

    2) TT, it wasn’t “a” comment from your buddy, it was a non-stop barrage for 6 months straight, if not longer, that Crean did NOTHING but preach Jesus every time he opened his mouth. Since he loves to “just have fun” taking shots at EVERYONE, I thought he’d be up for some too.

    3) In my paper today, they have a feature of Player of the Year candidates and have 6 pictures along with short bios. Cody is not one of the 6. The ones mentioned are Plumlee, McDermott, McCollum, Burke, Johnson and Canaan.

  30. Six months? It was far more than 6 months. I’ve been going after that Twitter page of his for two years on behalf of Joyce.

    Finally got the IU logo removed…It was the right thing to do..”Because it’s Joyce.” I’m one of her biggest fans. It was wrong(and I’m sure her attorneys were in agreement) that she would not be provided royalties/financial consideration if her name was going to be used by IU for promotional purposes.

    Wonder what ever happened to Reggie….?

    Merry Fairytale, Reggie!

  31. And you whined about Jordy Hulls getting “abused” for six months(and still do by posting any malarkey you can find that rips into the young man). So what’s the point?

    You can go after a player that’s only ever known the Indiana colors, but a multimillionaire coach/Joyce Meyer professional marketing agency on his resurrection whrilwind tour of Indiana is untouchable for saying dumb sh*t to reporters(e.g. “We all pray together before the game”) as a summation for a very fortunate win in the tournament?

    Not to mention, the same game he publicly chastised Hulls, and would have loved to seen all the blame for the loss fall from Seth Davis’s lips onto Hulls’ shoulders…But thanks to the humble Lord he’ll never quietly and unassumingly believe, Jesus would have no part of crucifying one of the most unselfish and hardest working Hoosiers.

    So, I ask again, what’s your point? You can drag Hoosier players through the mud(paint them as “lazy” or constantly being “abused”..or treat them like dog crap because they’ve had career-ending injuries), but pious garbage from a coach’s mouth is untouchable?

  32. I think it just all boils down to coaching preference. No 2 men are the same. Knight wouldn’t be caught during his coaching days quoting scripture, but Coach Crean does. Just his character. It’s probably just natural for him to say the stuff he says. It’s just him. He is comfortable with it. Like I said earlier, probably why it’s mainly just on twitter. If you enjoy it, great. If not, delete him from your feed. It’s a tricky thing to talk about. I like your reasons though. Good stuff.

  33. 1) I think I said that once or twice about Jordy….and it’s true. He gets abused on defense.

    2) You whine about Crean non-stop…….and it’s not true.

    You always accuse Crean of running off players if they aren’t Thumpers and all kinds of other crap that are a complete lies……….and then you wet your pants about “spitting in people’s faces.”

    3) Watford IS lazy. Ask anyone who has watched his career and I bet you not a SINGLE person will say he’s a consistent player and lives up to his potential.

    He had a chance to be a first round pick this year and he’ll be lucky to go in the second because his effort sucks most of the time.

    I said I was going to ignore you so…….screw off.

    You’re a complete moron and hypocrite….and bigot.

  34. I agree with # 1 and #3 Hulls defense isn’t too good. Getting “wasted” is a good way to put it. Obviously his shooting speaks for itself, but his defense is mediocre at best.

    Watford is lazy. You are correct Laffy. Since coming to indiana, he has failed to be consistent. Usually shows up for the cupcakes, but disappears during big games. Not all the time like Kentucky, but you get the point.

    In this day Watford wouldn’t be recruited by Indiana. Back when he came in, it was full rebuild mode/desperate. Had to form a team somehow. I am grateful he endured what he did, but I am disciplined at his play thus far. I was hoping he would play like he did against New Mexico State and VCU.

    I will let the Judges view your other points. Lol. Just here for basketball. Good post.

  35. Though I will add this. I highly doubt Crean runs off players if they don’t have a bible in hand, or don’t participate in a bible study.

  36. HH always whines about me and others “spitting in our players’ faces” but what he’s too ignorant to get is that when he whines non-stop, “Crean runs off players that aren’t Christians”, he’s also ripping the players.

    He’s spitting in THEIR faces as well because he stating that they put up with bigotry from Crean…..which makes them just as guilty.

    If Crean said, “No blacks players”….any white player that played for him would also be a racist.

    Same thing here.

    HH is just a moron who doesn’t get he’s the worst person on here when it comes to “spitting in the eyes of our players” because of his blind hatred for Crean.

    His lying about Crean, and ripping our players, while acting holier-than-thou, makes me barf.

    And yes, that makes him a steaming pile of crap.

  37. Yeah, Watford “disappears during big games”…Like the entire NCAA tournament when he saved our ass from first round elimination….and had saved us from being buried by VCU in the first half.

    Please tell me there are bigger games than the NCAA tournament.

    IU fans our never happy. I remember when Eric Gordon tore up all the Big 10 in his one-and-done Freshman of the Year season. Sampson is fired..The entire team is in the crossfire of an ugly witch hunt for thugs and flunkies. Gordon has a bad game at Arkansas in the opening round, and the so-called IU fans bashed him for the next two years for his “disappearing act” in the NCAA tournament.

    Would have loved to have listened to all the closet-Thumpers and closet Knight-worshipers on here bashing the daylights out of Crean if not for CW’s bailing out a team frozen with stage fright. Easy to plug your nose and put three fingers to the temple against cupcakes.

    Did Cody and Oladipo do a disappearing act at the Sweet 16 game with cheap and lazy fouls that put their butts on the bench for half their usual minutes?

    And attributing laziness to inconsistency is completely unfair.

    Look closely at any Hoosier of choice on a game-to-game basis and you’ll find glaring inconsistencies in the scoring, rebounding, assist columns, etc. You could just as easily call anyone on the roster “lazy” based on positional inconsistencies.

    Sheehey’s jump shot in the last game(against a total cupcake) looked ugly and lazy. Until last game, Zeller’s free throw stroke had been a “disappearing” act.

    And let’s not forget the passionate and best fans on the planet. Where were they for the last game? Sounded like we’re spoiled already. Does it take only playing powerhouse, #1-ranked, teams for fans to appreciate Hoosiers that have brought IU back from the ashes? Cheers and clapping did a “disappearing act.” The entire crowd was beyond lazy. They were comatose.

    We slipped to #6 in the polls and out come our disappearing Houdini fans…What the hell? To much strain on the throat from singing Christmas carols to show some life on a nationally televised game?

    And where’s Geoff? Lazy-ass, inconsistent, blogger.

  38. IU fans [are] never happy..

    You can’t even put three fingers to your temple when draining a 3-pt shot without some Thumper crucifying you for having fun..They’re all closet Knight-worshipers and hypocrites that forever want their puritanical, cornfed, Hoosier hoops forever rigidly stuck in Steve Alford’s short shorts.

    Watford with a the flu on his laziest day could move with more speed and agility than Laffy chasing Alford with with his broomstick.

  39. That was the point I was trying to make, but guess I failed to do so. Your right, Watford did save us in last years tournament. I don’t deny that. What I do deny is carrying that energy this year. I realize bad games happen, but you can’t deny he is inconsistent. Either he is, or my glasses fail me again. Good post though. Yes, the crowd was lazy.

  40. Blah, blah, blah. Poor widdle baby is having another meltdown.

    You’ll notice the idiot completely ducked the fact (well, maybe he did discuss it but I just quickly scanned his drivel and didn’t see) that he calls them ALL bigots by getting rid of non-Christians.

    He just points the finger at everyone else and cries his eyes out with, “You suck for ripping our players.”

    He rips them far worse for calling them all bigots.

    Plus, I just laugh at any idiot who cries, “You’re not a real fan if you ever say our players aren’t perfect.”


    Does he really think Watford is going to be a first round pick like he had the chance to do at the start of the year?

  41. Sorry for my absence. Just got back from the inlaws… Going to watch the game on DVR… Until then I probably shouldn’t say too much.

    Nice visit though. Very good food. One of the few(?) that’s really gets along well with, and enjoys the company of, their inlaws.

    One piece of advice… If you’re going to finish of your night with tequila don’t spend too much time in the hot tub. Ended up making snow angels with my brother-in-law at 2 am in our swim trunks.

    Needed 2 naps today…

  42. Geoff,

    Did you catch what he said about his alma mater joining the B1G? I don’t believe anyone on here said anything good about his opinions or analysis. Although I do agree with CZ needing to explode.

  43. The only one that had the meltdown, brought out the hackneyed name-calling, and his standardized SnailPond attack-whore drivel, is the closet Knight-worshiper with his puritanical, “never have any fun,” constant vile spew erupting out a bottomless ‘Boil of Anger’ that shall never heal.

    I’m quite comfortable with Dustin’s supportive statement. He hit the nail on the head with his quote from post #24:

    Crean hasn’t said anything publicly about religion or Jesus or God since the end of last season when it was starting to become a trend.

    It WAS becoming a trend. Why did it get toned down? I’ll gladly take the credit for the IU logo being removed from his personal Bible page, but I’m pretty sure most reasonable and rational fans understand why the snake oil had to be put momentarily away.

    The “trend” would have continued to “trend” upward. But with already some bumps in the road(poor internal management and bad press the result of A-Hope and a loss up the road against Stevens and Butler) coupled with the overly high expectations padded by inflated Establishment rankings intended to set us up for perceived failure in the eyes of many less sophisticated fans foolishly expecting the season to be a busting-out party/cakewalk,…….. Crean and the IU athletic department quickly became plenty perceptive to moderate the “trend” while functioning within the current climate and growing critical examination, the building skepticism that an instantaneous climb to fame the result of the infallible preacher from Marquette, should probably apply a firm brake pedal on what Dustin so acutely and accurately described as what was “starting to become a trend.”

    The administration wisely used its powers of persuasion to cease the growing trend, to stop the obvious painting of any success on the McCracken hardwood arising more from halos hovering over “New Generation” huddles at center court and the personal blessing of Jesus coming out Tom Crean’s microphone belches on all of Hoosierland, where the adherence of such specific religious doctrines communicated in the growing “trend,” Mr. Crean’s calculated chosen moments in front of national ears and cameras to utter, from being sold like snake oil out Joyce Meyer’s armpits as the power for our resurrection, instead of the select fine Hoosiers that assembled their personal and collective love for cream and crimson in individual and group “Movements” to bring Indiana back from the dust of an NCAA/Establishment-inspired witch hunt aimed at Bloomington.

    The fans are beginning to show a bit of restlessness(e.g. A-Hope investigations, academic ineligibility a major recruit, rumors building upon another “Movement” player possibly having issues…Yogi and Hulls showing visible fits of anger and frustration, undisciplined players showing individualistic tendencies with their taunts and flaunts)..The compilation of troubling signs the disgruntled attitudes(some manifested in “lazy” and inconsistent performances), the growing skepticism of a sustained resurgence/cupcake march to a Final Four, is the only reason the “trend” has been tempered.

    I haven’t hit the panic button. I believe our fine Hoosiers will rise above it all and have a great season and tournament…Watford will have a great Big 10 season. Cody will live up to the Establishment pedestal many had hoped he would fall. Hulls will abuse the 3-point line and hit big shot after big shot. Remy will continue to be the next Quinn Buckner. Everything will be just fine…and the “trend” will crawl out of McCracken with the same fake blow it props up one man.

  44. My Christmas card for Dustin…His support of Harvard is becoming quite the trend. It’s all about the good ol’ days of sharing Cutty and late nights on Scoop dancing to the music of West Side Story. Keep your fine heart, Dustin. …

    and have a merry “Fairytale.”

  45. I wrote a lengthy answer to your post HC, but for whatever reason it isn’t showing up on the thread. I get the whole “duplicate post” screen when I try to re-post it.

  46. Geoff,

    Looking forward to it.

    Also have a 1st hand notion about Tequila(or Scotch for that matter)co-mingled with relaxing hot tub conversation.

  47. Strange. Ken Pomeroy has IU back in 1st. Followed by Louisville than Duke.

    Worried. Driving to Chicago on Wed to pick up 2 grandkids for the week. 35 yrs in Florida, not sure about this snow stuff. Maybe it’s like driving on the sand at Daytona?

  48. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Barf, barf, barf, barf, barf.

    And if Crean hasn’t brought up Jesus since last summer, why are you STILL crying he’s “running off players if they aren’t Thumpers”?

    And, of course, you still duck the fact you’re calling ALL the players bigots with that.


    Dustin’s support of you? LOL!! Ummmmmmm, he said he was considering kicking you off too.


    Also, you’re a complete hypocrite………again……….with your “I’m just having fun so get a thicker skin” crapola.

    You can take shots at EVERYONE else but if someone has fun with YOU, you get super defensive and go on a tirade.

  49. Geoff, add a few lines to it man, change a few letters and it’s going to be allowed. Add a space somewhere, then submit. Come on man everybody is itching to read your lengthy response!… I promise to translate it in Welsh for our readers in the Swansea and Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll area(s). Please try again. We are all supporting you in this great attempt! Go Geoff! Go Blue Lobsters! U can do it man!

  50. I could add some translation to Afrikaans. Probably only remember the uhhh erotic words.

    ESPN…Did the response you guys got include the warning about fraud detection check failed?

    And Happy Holidays to all

  51. Geoff, I actually am interested in reading it (In all fairness, I’m barely walking yet so an interesting post is gold to me. I’ve been skipping over a lot of the garbage that’s been posted recently.). Are there blue lobsters up there?

    Ron, yeah, I got the fraud warning also. Hey, did you live in SA or something? My daughter worked at a school just outside of Johannesburg last summer. She loved the place.

  52. Hey Chet. Sounds as if you are getting bored?

    For a number of years I was involved with a young health care professional from SA. Knowing nothing about the country, I was amazed at how her experiences growing up were close to mine.

    She lived just outside of Johannesburg. Would have to look at a map to remember the city.

    She was much younger than me and wanted to start a family. I was more “been there – done that”. She also had a pet monkey that hated me. Still have the scar from that little monster.

    From her descriptions and pictures the country sounds beautiful. But from the crime and poverty her father talks about, does not good at all.

    My rather small hospital opened in one year a 20 bed in-patient rehab unit and a 20 SNU. Prior to that I had 4 PT’s, 2 OT’s and a prn ST. Also opened a free standing CORF. In 9 months we had to recruit and hire 15 PT’S, 9 OT’s and 2 ST. Hired therapist from Canada, England, Sweden, SA, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, India and Scotland.

    Probably the most interesting year of my life, work wise. Picking up these kids at the airport who had never been to the US and introducing them to our ways. I got to know their parents from the recruitment calls and when they were able to visit. Amazing backgrounds and I first realized how backwards we were as Americans.

    The Irish and Scottish girls, the patients just loved to hear them talk. They could have been clinically incompetent and still been succesfull. Also had a 7′ guy from Denmark who played pro BB while going to school.

    Tried for a Speech Therapist from deep-wood Georgia. Thought they could be kind of a clue they were from our rehab when they got discharged with a thick southern drawl.
    Thar did not work out;

    Sorry, guess I’m bored also. Waiting for my son to arrive for the holidays and the grandkids.

    There was a connection between my friend from SA and the kids I hired. Don’t remember what it was. Anyway, have a great holiday with the family

  53. Now I remember Chet. I mentioned the kids from all the countries because all of them either vacationed or received schooling or performed internships in SA.

    Either I’m getting old or the loss of brain cells from living in S Calif in the 60’s.

  54. Not that you’re serious “Lafty”, but I have tried all the things you mentioned and more. Would have taken less time to just re-type the whole thing… But as you guys know, I’m stubborn.

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