IU release: Maurice Creek out with foot injury

Indiana redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek suffered a foot injury in practice Sunday and is out indefinitely according to an IU release. Creek was averaging 3.0 points per game so far this season after injuries ended his last three seasons. The release follows.

Indiana University guard Maurice Creek will be out indefinitely after suffering an injury to his right foot Sunday in practice.  Through 10 games, he is averaging 3.0 points and 1.6 rebounds.

“Maurice has been doing so much to improve and help our team,” said IU Coach Tom Crean. “Hopefully this is just a temporary setback.”


  1. Geez can anything go right for him. He has been a gentleman on and off the court. He is what an Indiana Basketball player is all about. Get well soon want to see number 3 knocking down another 3!!!

  2. His career at IU is over after this season. He will be one of the 3 people needing to leave to make room for the 6 new guys. Sorry to see this happen and wish him a speedy recovery. This is an easy decision for Crean to make. Why keep a scholarship for a kid that never plays? Give it to a new guy and move on. After Vic goes pro, that leaves only Jurkin to transfer and we end up making room for all 6 new guys.

  3. Ummmmmmmmm, what, exactly, is “BS”?

    The dude is an injury machine.

    Some bodies just can’t take the pounding.

    No shame in that.

  4. Debbie, Sounds like u have made all of Coach’s decisions. A little cold and frank don’t you think we should at least wish Mo Creek some love. The kid has been a trooper thru all of this. Why don’t we wait until after the season to make Coach’s decisions for him! I think we owe Mo Creek at least to wait until after the season. Then Coach can work it out. This is another blow to our team and the players and coaches need time to process the directions they take our team.

  5. debbie

    what do you know about jurkin? you’ve never even seen him play! (insert inappropriate rant here).

    (and more of the same here)?

    — edited by JP —

  6. coachv, I am certainly no fan of “Debbie’s” comments on this site, but you don’t need to lower yourself to her level by responding to her with blatantly sexist remarks. There are more appropriate ways to refute her comments. Whether it was tongue in cheek or not, you can do better.

  7. Just going by the numbers, if you pay attention, it helps you understand oversigns.

    Statistically speaking, it usually works out. That’s kinda cold, I realize, but, statistically, X number of guys get hurt, X number transfer, etc.

    They probably have a spreadsheet on this stuff.

  8. Coach V- Completely agree with Podunker and Chet. You sounded like you were wishing her she were in Newtown. No place for that here or for your anti-women rant.

  9. how do you guys think creek and jurkin would feel if they read debbie’s crap? do you think just because they are players they or their families don’t occasionally visit these sites? how awful for them when they do.

  10. coachv,
    Got a lot of respect for you going back a long ways. Don’t blow it with the sexist stuff. Women know sports too. Some of the best professionals I’ve ever known in this business are female. You want to disagree with Debbie, that’s OK. Don’t take it there.

  11. i’m being edited now? way to homogenize the site. ok, so telling a kid who shows the courage to leave a war-torn, impoverished home, and then takes a chance on indiana, then gets suspended for reasons he can’t understand, that he should take a hike before playing a single minute is acceptable here. but joking, sexist and gayist remarks are not.

    some of you people are too serious. if debbie wants to hang out with the boys, then she can expect to get her chops busted. cause that’s what guys do. although, i doubt many guys here have had friends from the sound of it. of course, i’ve never heard debbie complain. don rickles would last about 10 seconds here.

    dustin: way to call out crean for his ridiculous strategy of pulling zeller off the floor on butler’s last posession. i thought you might be intimidated by his water bottle. hope he doesn’t ban you from his press conferences for speaking your mind.

  12. coachv,

    When it comes to Debbie I am in your corner. Swing for the fence. Also, what was sexist????

  13. hc

    i told her i don’t go trolling on covergirl or betty crocker websites acting like an expert when i have no idea what i’m talking about. oh, and go bake some christmas cookies.

  14. Coachv, mostly, I also always enjoyed your posts. This one was way beyond what I thought appropriate. Personally, it’s also pretty obvious to me that Debbie’s elevator doesn’t reach the Penthouse and for that reason I just ignore her all together. She’s got absolutely nothing to say, and I suppose the one thing that drives her nuts is when we are all obviously saying ‘pass’ to whatever nonsense she is posting.

    As it is, your entry extended her 10 seconds to about 15 seconds of value. Your thoughts are generally worth much more than that.

    Also, don’t obsess over this episode. You said it, we commented (notice, mostly with surprise because we din’t expect it from you) and it’s over. No one will even remember it in two weeks when we are thin king about how we are playing in the B1G. Next play.

  15. Personally JP (Jeremy Price), it would be preferable that if you question a post, you first send it back to the originator with the phrase “PLEASE EDIT”. While I agree that some entries are inappropriate, they are the product of someone’s thought. Editing them without first allowing a review by the poster is not such a good idea since the edit can change the intended message.

    If, the entry is then not cleaned up for language or aggressiveness, then you can always reject it entirely. I do believe in keeping this an active but civil and appropriate debate.

    Then, if the poster doesn’t like it they can ____ themselves.

    1. Tsao,
      I by and large agree with you. And had I caught the post before anyone replied, it would have been summarily deleted, which would give the offending poster a chance to try again. Since there were responses, it needed to still exist, just not with the blatant sexism and profanity.

  16. There are plenty of folks whose radar doesn’t detect sexism. Frequently, there’s simply no one close to them that might be affected by such things. I doubt coachv was conscious his comments sounded so sexist. He’s never particularly struck me as a lout.

    A good rule of thumb is, substitute gender stereotypes/language with racial stereotypes/language and assess how it might be interpreted. There are a whole lot of those women from what I’ve seen.

    That’s assuming you care one way or another. That would be entirely up to you.

  17. I am thoroughly amazed how Dustin and Jeremy have the time to quickly respond to posts. It’s almost like they’re watching 24/7…Sorta creepy….sorta consumed..sorta borderline voyeuristic….sorta exaggerating.

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