1. The Mayans charted the stars better than anyone. Even predicted a black hole and the center of our galaxy….which we confirmed in the recent past.

    Not quite the same as knowing an invasion was coming.

  2. I think Dustin was a little disingenuous with his “robot” smak as no one wants them to be “robots.”

    Just don’t like the HEY LOOK AT ME I MADE A 3 POINTER after every freaking basket.

    I don’t see Jordy prancing around like that.

    Teams in the past didn’t need that “energy” after each bucket.

  3. After Hurricane Charlie hit SW Florida the local paper had a picture of the destruction of a building with the office of a palm reader and fortune teller. Headline was something along the linesw “How Did she not see this coming”

  4. I’m also predicting the world to end tomorrow….

    You can expect the usual cut-and-paste reminder sometime next week telling you “I told ya so.”

    I would like to get in one more Remy Remix before we are all swallowed into a black hole(a.k.a. Jeremy’s Power Rankings List).

    Is Remy not a baller…?

  5. Wasn’t disingenuous Laffy. I just don’t think it’s a big deal. You’re allowed to think it is. I didn’t say anyone used the word robot, that’s the word I’m using. And also, Jordy is Jordy and Vic is Vic and Will is Will. Those are three vastly different people. Jordy’s mostly not an expressive person. Vic very much is. And Will, well, he’s Will. They’re not all going to react the same way. And Jordy’s a great role model for just about everybody, but that doesn’t mean everybody has to do everything exactly the way he does it. Vic adds an element. He’s FUN. And I think that helps everybody on this team. Even Jordy.

  6. Doesn’t matter if we used the word “robot” or not.

    You said fans wanted them to act like robots…..which is a load of crap…..and you know it.

    I don’t have a problem with Vic so I don’t know you keep bringing him up.

  7. Not sure why a stanky face nose grab from Vic is a whole lot different than a three to the temple by Will…

    I will say this, I was watching the UM v WV game the other night and saw Stauskas get T’d up for turning and woofing to his home crowd after a made 3… Pretty lame reffing, but I wonder what happens when Will gets T’d up for being theatrical. I’m sure more detractors will come out of the woodwork.

  8. I guess I haven’t noticed Vic doing anything. Maybe “grabbing your nose” isn’t as obvious as 3 fingers to the temple and jumping around like you won $250 million playing Super Lotto…….

  9. Ron, after the economic meltdown that followed the huge mortgage housing bubble that followed the speculative Wall Street market that followed the changes that paid Washington lobbyists used to bring down the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act (banking rules) during the Clinton administration that finally took down the firewall between “commercial banking” and “investment” banking… we continue to see, listen to and ask the advice of economists, pseudo-economic experts and Wall Street market experts who parade themselves through CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, the BBC, and others telling us how to ‘reccover’ our economy. And, I always marvel, laugh out loud and have the same question you had for the Florida fortune teller following Hurricane Charlie.

    “How did you never even come close to making yourself a productive, worthwhile member of this Earth by predicting and developing some weapons to deal with this collapse of our Las Vegas crap and shoot economy?. Or, as Bull Durham said to his girl friend, “what do you do for a living?” (of course, she taught in a local college).

    I’ve never heard an answer; not after Katrina, or Sandy and they could see those on their screens. I do remember one great professor of an advanced ‘discreet math models’ course say that “statistical analysis” consists of employing sophisticated analytical methodologies of numbers to predict, with some degree of accuracy, yesterday’s weather.”

    You are a good poster Ron. Intelligent posts, relevant anecdotes. I enjoy the hell out of them. Keep ’em rolling.

  10. TTG and Ron,
    I by no means think that I have any particular grasp of the economy. After reading volumes on the subject, I still don’t understand derivatives. That being said, most of the major economic calamities of the past 20 years have seemed so incredibly obvious to me that I am astounded they caught people flat footed.

    Didn’t see the housing bubble? Seriously?

    Didn’t think that deregulation of the greediest people on Earth wouldn’t cause a banking collapse? Honestly?

    My economic approach the past couple of decades has been, if my money appears to be in a spot that’s about to burst into flames at any second, perhaps I’d better move it. Also, if money is being virtually given away for free (such as houses for $35,000), I’ll believe have some.

    I’m really not equipped to have a more complicated strategy that that but it’s worked pretty well so far.

  11. Geoff, the issue for the Mayans was not the Spanish (though Cortez and others did contribute to finishing them off, especially by exposing them to European disease)…a bigger and more present danger was the Toltecs, Aztecs (and their predecessors).

    Nevertheless, empires generally follow the same cycle for the same reasons that basketball teams rise and fall; they fail to learn the history of their own emergence, surge and collapse.

    My theory, examine the leadership for the same virtues and flaws whether we talk about Empires, Nation, Football, Soccer and, the junior in the group, basketball. In fact, we already see similar patterns when it comes to the emergence of competition in international basketball.

    Just something to think about.

    Interestingly, what has kept Indiana basketball refreshed more than most is the fact that the engine seems to come from the high school ranks where ‘younger coaches and players’ infuse new ideas continually, and the players spread it to the rest of the country’s colleges. (Before Bob Knight, there was a Cleon Reynolds and a George Theofanis at Shortridge, a Charlie Maas at Indy Tech; a Ray Crowe and a Bill Garrett at Indy Crispus Attucks; a Johnnie Baratto at East Chicago Washington; a Jerry Oliver and a Bill Green at Indianapolis Washington- and later Marion).

  12. For once I actually agree with Laffy. (Not necessarily about your “robot” comment, Dustin, although I do think it was an exaggeration). I have zero problem with our guys having fun and being expressive after making a good play (e.g., waving arms up and down, yelling, high-fiving, beating chest, etc.) but these ridiculous pre-meditated symbols/signals are in a different category, IMHO. It reminds me of that stupid hand/face gesture Brian Cardinal used to make when shooting free throws for the Toiletmakers. Maybe they get a pass for doing stuff like that when beating the crap out of the likes of UNC, but doing it against the Coppin States of the world just makes us look arrogant, self-absorbed, attention-starved, and downright stupid. I’ll take the Will Sheehey I saw last night – focused and mad as hell – over Will the hot dog showboat any day. And by the way, I graduated from IU in 2000 and am “only” 33 years old (before I get lumped in the “old fogey” category). Ha.

  13. Laffy, is it possible for you to make the same points without being aggressive to the point that it seems you are writing for impact rather than just sharing your opinion? Why would DD’s observation be ‘a load of doo-doo’? Why the need to challenge it? I’m not even sure I disagree with your observation but I get to the place where you seem to lose control and civility and fell like I don’t want to read it any further.

    On practical terms, why hand those who are your ‘critics’ gratuitously any excuse to ignore your otherwise good observations and criticize you on the basis of style.

    I wouldn’t, I’d rather see them stew on the basis that my argument is logical and right and drives them nuts because most of them can not put an equal argument together. That will drive them to impotency. Try it Laffy.

  14. Great comment Greg. In the end, ‘representing’ is what these are about and they are the same ‘in your face’ gesture borrowed from ‘representing’ on street corners or in back alleys.

    Surprised those responsible allow them to do it since undoubtedly they are aware. You’re right, Sheehey makes much more of a statement (and he’s really got a lot to state about) through straightforward demeanor than by ‘flashing’ …especially against teams that are not as competitive or adversaries without his credentials.

    Interesting how you approached it with Laffy. It took me a while to take him at his serious and knowledgeable version, because, earlier, his posts seemed unreadable. Much to his credit, he is now contributing a lot to our common knowledge and himself an asset to the blog.

  15. Thanks, Tsao. I actually agreed with some of what Laffy posted re: the Butler game the other day, but the comments about Zeller pushed me over the edge. Glad we can find some common ground.

  16. I agree 100% with Greg…

    Act like you’re the #1(or, now, #6) team in the country.

    Act like you have a clue what sportsmanship is all about.

    Sampson’s “thugs” showed more class on the basketball court.

    Act like you understand what an honor it is to wear the candy-stripes. Especially in front of small school opponents willing to get their a$$es embarrassed because of the honor they feel in playing a school with as much basketball tradition as the Indiana Hoosiers. Don’t abuse that appreciation and hand of sportsmanship.

    You can have plenty of fun(e.g. reward your teammates for their great plays)without classless showboating.

    That’s what I always loved about Eric Gordon…He could make one of the most explosive moves to the rim witnessed in the college game while acting like it was just another walk in the park.

    There’s a point of crossing a line when excessive displays of personal greatness, overly flaunting and taunting, begins to fall into the realm of a lack of dignity your view of yourself….and your team. It begins to look like weakness more than having honest “fun.”

  17. TT–

    I said it was a load of crap because it was. If he wants to go “over the top” with his criticism of us, he’s a big boy and get it right back.

    Nobody expressed anything close to “wanting robots.”

    If HH or someone else had said that, I’d ignore it. Seemed to be above DD and surprised he took a shot like that.

  18. If HH or someone else had said that, I’d ignore it.

    Notice how he has to take a shot at me to make himself look classy? Isn’t that plugging his nose to a fellow blogger?

    You want sportsmanship and dignity from your Hoosiers but you can’t display it on a blog?

    The only thing that’s “worthless crap” is your obnoxious tone with those simply finding marginal disagreement with your viewpoints.

  19. And who the hell cares if Dustin exaggerated? Everyone exaggerates for point of emphasis. It’s not an exaggeration to call a kid the “worst defender in all of college basketball” while ignoring the dozens of irreplaceable positives he brings to his team?

    Dustin has every right to a bit of “fun” exaggeration without your conceited view that it was an affront to only you.

  20. Go to hell, HH.

    You whine about “spitting on people” yet rip any kid that isn’t from the Midwest.

    So save the sermon about “being obnoxious” and take your bigotry and ram it.

    Where did I say “only me”, retard?

    I said “us.”


    Dustin can exaggerate all he wants….and I can call it crap if I disagree with it.

    Just like you start crying about “pus” if you don’t like something.

  21. Show me where I said a kid had to be from the Midwest to be a Hoosier.

    It was a “fun” exaggeration, Mr. ‘Not Fun’ Exaggeration…I was plugging my nose at Geoff for wanting to funnel all his East Coast ballers he gets to watch personally to IU.

    I like a good share of the Hoosiers to be from Indiana..State pride. Sue me…or maybe sue this blog for my “exaggerated” opinions about the joy of following exceptionally talented high school players from Indiana moving on to play for the Hoosiers instead of Butler, Duke, OSU, MSU, Michigan, NC, etc.

    I’d also love to start stealing some top talent from Ohio and Michigan with the same regularity they pluck some of the best from Indiana(Deshaun Thomas, Mitch McGary, Gary Harris, Brandon Dawson…to just name a few). Be nice to feed them back a bit of their own medicine seeing how we play most of them twice a year(sometimes three times in a year when factoring in the Big 10 tournament).

    1. Hopefully, one of us will catch the truly egregious fairly quickly. If not, duly note the objection here in the comments. Or, hesitant as I am to even suggest this, our emails are linked on the main Scoop page. But if I’m figure skating for 3 hours some afternoon, you’re just out of luck (and so am I!).

  22. Harvard,
    I was actually either ‘in the other camp’ or, more accurately, ambivalent, about ‘three to the temple’, etc. I felt it did no harm, was simple and rare, and the kids enjoyed it. Your thoughtful post #19 has swayed my opinion. Well said. There is no reason for it and it adds nothing to the game or the players. The kids should stay simple and stay classy.

    As for the pot shots…just don’t. He can’t deem to help from taking the occasional shot at you but just ignore it and stay above it all (much like you ask of our Hoosiers). This place is so much better when you do. If you ignore it it will be a phrase in passing that, to everyone else on this blog, just demeans him. If you respond it poisons the thread and elevates no one, it merely pull two people down into a ditch instead of one.

    Stay classy.

  23. Harvard, please just let it go. No one wants to go back to your argument. Just give the rest of us your thoughts; please don’t renew nor give him the chance to renew and old something that we ‘barely’ suffered. Not for him, but out of respect for the rest of us.

    Just ignore, don’t even read his posts.

  24. I hadn’t even read Chet’s post when I wrote #26. Take it from him and all of us. When you focus on sports, culture, the comments about what it means to each of us, no one better. Just stay there and allow us to enjoy your mind.

  25. It’s easy for you guys when the digs are not constantly aimed in your direction.

    I ignored the one the other day when he referred to me as “a worthless piece of crap” when I wasn’t even engaged on the thread.

  26. Laffy, you are out of place. While Harvard would have been better off to not address you, your #23 is totally out-of-place and disrespectful; not to him but to the rest of us who just want good interaction with civility.

    So please measure your comments and respect the tone we would all appreciate for this, our blog.

  27. Out of respect for the board, I’m not going to respond to his drivel and start another whizzing contest…….

    Very tempted, but I won’t.

  28. Harvard, no its not easy for us. And it ruins our blog. So please ignore it or simply don’t even read any comment marked ‘Laffy”. You should have figured out we know who is who and what is what by now.

    If nothing else, when you respond…he wins. When you leave him to the mercy of the value of his contribution, that’s a problem he has a hard time handling. Come on Harvard, no one here thinks your dumb. All we’ve got to do is read the vocabulary and the flow of the thought and it is all there in front of our eyes.

  29. Well, TT, I of course disagree.

    He is the LAST person to lecture ANYONE on “being obnoxious.” Wait. I forgot. When HE does it, it’s just “having fun.” (rolleyes)

    You sure do have a short memory since even you told him you were tired of his schtick more than once… so quit acting like he’s the PERFECT poster when he’s not engaged with me because most of you guys ripped him while I ignored him over the summer.

    And, he flat-out lied. I said “us” not “me.”

  30. OK Laffy. Let’s just go onto the next game. Without us to tell them how to do this thing, I doubt we can avoid going into 2013 with two losses.so let’s get back on blocking out, rebounding, setting out feet and squaring up on ‘threes’, moving the feet on defense,…; otherwise, how can we expect Crean to get it and improve?

  31. Harvard,
    Really, several of us are targets from time to time. I certainly get my share of folks going after me but I’m just not much fun as a target because I just don’t care. If I do respond I try to with humor but, mostly, I just don’t.

    Because my overall philosophy on a variety of things is, if not the opposite, it is certainly perpendicular to the majority, over the past couple years there have been plenty of jabs. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t taken offense at the comments, instead of feuds, bonds have occassionaly been formed. I’ve frequently jousted with Tsao, Clarion, Po, even yourself. No harm, no foul.

    I have no ax to grind with Laffy and I enjoy his posts when topic relevant. That being said, his assaults contain a level of veracity rarely seen around here. Consequently, you respond to him with an intensity of venom you don’t direct toward any of the rest of us (thankfully). It’s ugly and it makes you both look bad.

    There is a Zen saying, something about how there can’t be a tug of war if one of the combatants simply lays down the rope.

    Lay down the rope.

  32. TT–

    The thing i want to see more than anything else is Zeller touching the ball on most possessions.

    Did anyone ask Crean if they went back to that rule in scrimmage where a basket doesn’t count unless Cody at least touched the ball?


    I love that quote.

  33. That’s a good point Laffy, and it would do two things…first force the defense to worry about where CZ is and account for it; second, draw more movement and flashing from CZ himself…something that must be uncomfortable for any defense. It should help us penetrate their ‘weak-side’ which with Oladipo and Sheehey must be something the opposing coach worries about (having either flash from the back of their defense).

  34. I had forgotten his previous commitment that all possessions would be channeled through Cody (within reason).

  35. sorry: pseudo-intellectual black hole.

    chet you always reply, and always with plenty of humor. only it’s all completely and entirely involuntary. that’s why we love you so much.

    feo-su tamales: don’t even bother.

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