1. And he told the Reno Gazette-Journal in 1999: “Nobody thought I would be a great coach. I am kind of the guy you’d expect to be driving an 18-wheeler through town.”

    Very few unique coaching personalities left in the game of basketball anymore. Rick Majerus was truly authentic; self-deprecating and a humble breath of fresh air in world filled with so many fighting for the tops of podiums. Majerus fought for his players more than limelight and I doubt if he’d ever give up on any troubled young man. He loved the game and he loved to coach for all the right reasons.

    My heart is heavy tonight. I’ll miss Rick Majerus…

  2. Concerning isn’t it Aruss?

    Does hulls get the Watford treatment from all those who were saying Watford was an unnecessary part of the machine? Do people point out forced, no-look passes? Or defensive errors for standing flt-footed? Do they point out he’s a fourth year senior and ‘we don’t need him’ next year.

    Naaahhhhh…he’s a nice kid. Let’s keep them both and appreciate what they bring to the dance.

    Chorus: Hallellujah!!!!!!

  3. TTG,

    I think you know why CW was dumped on after the UNC game(Aruss I am not so sure of). But if you and/or others do not it is because he disappears or goes through the motions w/o energy on offense in some games. I would be hard pressed to name another member of the team who suffers that malady. Tonight he showed energy, so no bitch will be posted.

  4. Re: Rick Majerus, jeez I hated to hear that. Sad, sad news for anyone who loved college basketball. A one of a kind, a brilliant coach who totally understood the game. When Knight left, I thought Majerus may be the perfect one to follow RMK at Indiana, the ‘other side of the coin’.

    RIP Rick Majerus, even those of us who never met you will miss you …and your humor.

  5. That is so sad about Rick Majerus. The whole diet thing will be beat to death but Coach M was a brilliant basketball coach. Truly, truly a great coach. He was also the picture of heart disease.

    It is so sad on the human level. He was someone’s husband, father, and grandfather. But, to us, he was an absolutely brilliant basketball coach.

    He may make his greatest impact by giving another young child a few more years with their beloved grandfather. I’ve always stayed very fit because I want to see my own grandchildren. No one but my nearest and dearest will care but maybe Coach Majerus’s demise will inspire some others to stay around to see heir grandkids.

    One never knows the impact they might leave.

  6. Nothing…nothing in life like having the house invaded by grandchildren while watching an IU game and hearing them say…”trains!…watch trains…Diesel 10, that’s Thomas!…”, much, much more important!

  7. Tsao – Hulls is my favorite player, but to answer your question, he absolutely frustrated the shit out of me tonight.

    Dipo has shown in the last couple games exactly why he is a NBA player. He impacts the game without needing to have the ball in his hands. He overwhelms people on defense, comes up with every loose all, and sneaks in offense through constant motion and energy. Those who say he won’t be a pro until he makes perimeter shots more often just don’t get it…

  8. HC…go back to my comment on CWat after the NC game. I also thought he played really poorly but did so because he focused on everything else involved; the 25 scouts at the game, the magnitude of playing NC for a national #1 rank, perhaps his non-start(I just th0ought about that, he didn’t start that game, did he?) and forgot to play basketball. Perhaps a bit of ‘oh hell…what’s…’

    But CWat was emasculated by some here. I’m not referring to you and/or to other bloggers who questioned his game and this game’s passivity in particular. But, some of the posts I read went well beyond questioning his performance to questioning the man himself. And that friend is hard to take on a man who came to Indiana when we were the Bubonic plague and our own ok players were going places like Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, Ohio State… He stuck his chin out and grew the Hoosier in him. Some of those crying need to remember what it was like to be laughed at, or worse, be the object of pity and ridicule. Instead he climbed into his candy stripes, stuck out his beard and said, ‘Hoosiers play ball.’

    Sometimes, some fans get the team they deserve.

    (I’m absolutely not talking about you Clarion or some who were hard but still show CWat their respect).

  9. I caught a few glimpses of the Lakers playing on ESPN the other night and watched a megastar, Dwight Howard, discover the true art of free throw shooting: Seventeen different ways to hit a rim while employing various caroms off a backboard without ever allowing the ball to drop through a cylinder and find the center of a net. Seriously? Can’t somebody on the 100 million dollar coaching payroll afford a phone call to bring in a junior high coach from Indiana to get Howard’s tiny quip in his game resolved?

    Maybe I’m old school…I do love the theatrical atmosphere of it all, the celebrities in the stands, the circus clowns that run into the crowd wearing “World Peace” jerseys, stars humble enough to sleep with homeless hotel maids, coaches picked from a roulette wheel, and all the high-flying trapeze above the rim stuff, but isn’t there a rule(albeit a very corny and outdated facet of the game) that a player assaulted going to the rim must then use kung fu meditation techniques to teach a ball to fly through air like happy grasshopper for 15 feet of gravity defying moments and pass through net to find same inner peace and equilibrium with a Bill Walton sweaty headband meets David Carradine meets ‘The Wizard of Westwood?’

    I mean, isn’t this LA? Isn’t this the land of Beach Boys and psychedelic “Good Vibrations” flowing off every pair flip flops worn where never the uptight and uncool shall be found? Howard shoots free throws like Sarah Palin shoots one-liners at Barack. There’s no touch. There’s no finesse. There’s no art. There’s no stopping the cringing when you find yourself in the unfortunate moment to watch it happen..There’s certainly no ‘Good Vibrartions’ to be sung from a rim with no greatest hits.

    It just ain’t cool, Dwight. Find a way. Wilt found a way to bed 10,000 women and still make time for a date at the charity stripe with Bob Cousy’s virgin underhand toss from between the knees. But Wilt was the “Gentle Giant”…Soft hands and soft release to go along with a very studly game of hoops with the finesse. Think of the rim as your lady…Don’t disrespect her simply because you have very expensive hands. It cheapens the game and cheapens the good vibrations your newly discovered California swagger.

    Find help. Find inspiration. It’s California! Everything is possible in California! A teenage pansy turned body builder from Austria showed up at Venice Beach and magically became the governor. You can surely pull a Houdini, a dead rabbit out of the maids hat, and make that 10 lb. dumbbell your tossing at the rim perform like a basketball.

  10. Tsao – i like this passive aggressive you much better. I will speak for myself only… The difference for me between Watford and Hulls is that Watford has frustrated me EVERY game except the one he came off the bench (Sam Houston State). He did start against UNC, but Crean started Sheehey in the 2nd half… Hulls rarely frustrates me, almost always makes the right decision, almost never takes a bad shot, and I never question that he is on the same page as Crean. I am constantly questioning those things with Watford. It has no more to do with the NC game than it does last nights game. This year Watford just looks like he’s constantly forcing things and rarely in the flow with the rest of the team.

    Here’s the thing… Just like any family… And I’m sure it’s like this with teenage kids… You always have the one that you just wish would cut the crap… Where you always saying to yourself why did he do THAT?! It doesn’t mean you don’t love them or want to disown them… It just means you’re aware.

    Well, with Watford I’m aware, and this is a blog, so I’m talking about it.

    Ultimately my dream, and I have not given it up yet (like I had by VJ3’s junior year), is that Watford settles in to his role and consistly performs it. I’m hoping for 11 pts & 8 boards a game in 25 minutes and fewer than 10 shots per game in the B1G season. I honestly believe that he will RARELY be better than the 3rd best offensive option on the floor and should internalize that. If he does then we’ll be almost impossible to beat this year. Watford as a role player is tremendous. Watford as a star was when we were 12-20. But he has to be the one to accept that if it’s going to happen.

  11. I think CWat plays better off the bench. I don’t mean as a punitive thing. I just think he plays better off the bench.

  12. IU lands #15, Florida LB T.J. Simmons.


    CW emasculates himself when he plays w/o energy. His M.O. is he disappears. Will was brought in to handle UNC’s McAdoo because he was owning CW, held him to 0 points and still scored 19 himself. He is the 1 that needs to remember our darker days of BB and refrain from returning the level of play back to that time. There were some who defended him after the UNC game saying he would bounce back big and score 20(1 predicted 27)in the next game. He got 10 and 7 boards, right where Geoff(and I concur)thinks he should be. Hulls made plenty of mistakes against Coppin but did it while playing at full tilt boogie.

  13. Nope… He may put up better numbers than that, but it won’t make IU better. I won’t be eating my words.

  14. It’s a complete insult to compare Watford to VJ III. He’s never been a turnover machine.

    We weren’t 12-20 because Watford was trying to be a star. We were 12-20 because there was no Zeller and no quality point guard to compliment/interchange with Hulls.

    Watford saved us against VCU and is the primary reason Seth Davis ate his Establishment words. There is no win against UK. There is no Sweet 16 appearance without Watford’s performances against the very athletic teams that had our backcourt shut down last season.

    It’s convenient to jump on his ass this year when you have a Yogi Ferrell in the backcourt allowing those deficient in size and versatility to get their open looks courtesy a top talent and solid creator in the backcourt.

    Because of the changing dynamics brought by Ferrell, no player on the roster will rarely be called upon to dominate out of necessity. Zeller has looked just as ‘absent’ at times because of the multiple weapons rising to surface with a guard that can open up the floor.

    When we hit tougher backcourts in the Big 10, Watford’s assets will once again come into play.

  15. oops.

    …no player on the roster will be called upon to dominate out of necessity.

    Prepare to eat words in four weeks.

  16. H4H,

    Yes, the dynamics have changed this year but I was on his ass last year and you were not able refute it then. So here we go again, he mirrors this year like last year. It is not a skill/talent issue. It is state of mind, decisions and attitude. His M.O. remains the same, he at best has periods when he loafs and disappears in games and at worst plays lazy, lethargic, inconsistent, w/o energy and enthusiasm for whole games. Yea we will need him this season but only during the periods when he is putting out effort. Sheehey is at least equal to him and puts forth positive effort every minute and no one denies. He is in trouble when the other 3 become available. Maybe CC can get the B10 to intervene and allow IU games to use 8 players, 3 basketballs and add 30 more minutes to each game. That would greatly help CW’s future predicament. When we hit tougher back courts Remy, Will, Jeremy and Vic will add the needed support.

  17. It’s not here ‘WE’ go again…It’s here ‘YOU’ go again(and the rest of the bandwagon crowd that’s always looking for someone in candy-stripes that doesn’t play like a robot to jump on)…Dumping on a vital component that was instrumental to a Hoosier basketball team getting back to national relevancy.

    It’s all rather sad that he’s being thrown overboard again. And before we’ve even hit the Big 10 season? Wow..just..wow.

    In all honesty, the player that doesn’t look himself and hasn’t shown he can take his game 10 feet from the basket(as many were proclaiming he had the ability to achieve) is Cody Zeller.
    If Watford’s NBA stock has dropped, then Zeller’s has dropped equally. It’s early. Maybe we should refrain from putting nails in any coffins until the season is a couple weeks beyond its infancy…..Ya think?

  18. Enjoy it while it lasts, fruitcake.

    Nice to know you’re still plastered to the Scoop screen, breathing heavily, a true “Peeping Tom.” Always figured you were peering at Harvard through the peephole though you’ve lost the ability to ‘harness the zest’ to blog without wearing one of your many masquerade costumes.