1. IU big men Zeller, Watford, and others 6’8″ (IU inside game both, offense and defense) is just not good enough.

  2. Jacksonville big men appear to have very quick hands. That’s a real test for our big guys. Believe it or not Jacksonville is turning out to be a very good team for us to be playing. They present some very different challenges for our front line.

  3. Some very telling stats when one looks under the hood of this team….

    Oladipo has more steals than turnovers! This kid is the best NBA prospect on the team.
    Yogi has a near 3:1 assist to turnover ratio. VJIII had near 1:1 career ratio for those keeping track of such things.
    Hulls at 54.5% from 3. Needs more picks to get open & rolls down to Zeller inside.

    CWat….yawn….yawn…..perhaps still considering his NBA options.

  4. Anyone else remember those posters that were criticizing Crean for recruiting Oladipo a few years ago? Remember? They were saying that VO and WS were wasted scholarships. Hhmmm, I have not heard comments like those for a while now.

    Anyone want to man-up, admit to making those comments, and publicly admit to being totally wrong about these two great college players? Come on, it’ll make you feel better.

  5. Just as a quick recap on the “5 Things I Want to See”… Yuck.

    1) floor generalship from Hulls & Yogi – check… Hulls was aggressive finding his shot, and Yogi was great in transition and with his decision making in general. 26 points, 12 assists, and only 2 turnovers…

    2) Hanner get into the flow – sorta. He didn’t get as many minutes as I was hoping to see, but he was a presence in the game. Offensively, I was impressed with his positioning and readiness on the catch. Nice to see his FT stroke was smooth.

    3) Elston get some confidence – doubtful. He didn’t get open looks, he missed FT’s, and I actually noticed him not looking at the basket on the catch a couple times when he picked-and-popped…

    4) Cody be a man – nope. He picked up silly fouls, got out-smarted by their bigs, played with poor composure in the post, and never dominated any aspect of the game.

    5) Get out to a quick start – double nope. Just an awful start again. Jacksonville actually had a lead over 6 minutes into the game, and it was as close as 4 points before IU went on its run with about 8 minutes to go in the first half.

    Considering how much I love watching Dipo and Hulls I managed to really enjoy the game, but it was a bit unsatisfying on most if these fronts. Oh well, on to the real season…

  6. Has Crean usurped Cody’s mojo with too many thoughts of Joyce Meyer’s pantyhose?

    Is Cody going to soon become Clarion’s next Houdini?

    When will the Cody of last year reappear? At Iowa?

    Did practicing against Tom Pritchard induce some toughness into Cody?

  7. I’ve always liked Victor. Still not super impressed with Hot Dog Sheehey.

    Geoff….why do you think Zeller is the worst player to ever put on an IU uniform and wished he was kicked off the team?

    I will say there is no way in hell he’s a lottery pick now.

  8. Great win against Jacksonville. Powerful, convincing and refreshing. We are good against cupcakes. Very very good. God, please end the season here and give the Master the recognition he deserves: I hope he gets another one of those mid-season Conspicuously Awesome Coaching Award (CACA) for at least the games he won.

    But how could Jacksonville lose at home 94-52 to Wofford when Crean’s Lean Mean Machine (aka The Olashehey) beat them only 93-59. Well, who cares? Anyway, great (tough and very smartly scheduled) test, planned by the Grand Master of Happenstance, the one and only Coach Tom Crean.

    I predict three conference wins this season: Nebraska (2OT), Purdue at home and Penn State. Regarding Cody’s evolution what better proof you need that Crean knows how to develop bigs?

  9. Still a lot of basketball to be played this season, so let’s hold off on deciding where Zeller will go in the draft until the season is over. If he plays below general expectations, he may come back for his third year. But the issue really is not Zeller’s level of play, it’s the unbelievable expectations that were placed upon the young man. He is a target now, both on the floor and off it, for every opposing team, the media, the fans, the trolls and the so-called experts. And I think it takes a little time for him to adjust to the reality of being a target. He will adjust.

    My prediction is that we have not seen the best of Cody Zeller in an IU uniform and that he will do very well in Big Ten play. As for his future status in the NBA draft, I could care less.

  10. Who made you LORD OF THE RULES and dictate what we can and can’t talk about?

    If I want to talk about Cody dropping out of the lottery, I will.

    You guys are just mad because I was right about him being over-rated.

    Does that mean I “hate” him and “wish he wasn’t on the team”? Well, I guess to mental midgets it does.

    To those with a brain, however, it just means I actually watch what happens on the court instead of slobbering all over every player on the team and thinking they all deserve to be NBA All-Stars.

    I have to laugh when people were foaming at the mouth….literally…….when we didn’t get all the # 1 votes…….and then now, say, “We were over-hyped from the start and people’s expectations were way too high.”


    How, exactly, are expectations “too high” for Cody? I said from the start he wasn’t a Top 3 pick in the draft….and was told I was an idiot.

    It’s not “too high expectations” to expect a player to improve from his first to second year.

    No one is asking him to score 50 a night, Drama Queen.

    It would be nice if he could kick some butt against unranked teams, though.

    And are you saying YOU’re an “expert?


  11. My prediction is that we have not seen the best of Cody Zeller in an IU uniform …

    But we’ve seen the best of Vic and Will? Is that why you were claiming so loudly after Jacksonville that Will and Vic are good? Was that the final proof of their talent in your opinion?

    Purdue is having their hands full playing Will and Mary at this moment in West Laffy. If they took Mary out and put Vic in it would be a blow out. Why don’t you follow your own advice and let the season be played before claiming left and right how good Dipo and Sheehey are? Afraid they might not do as well in B1G play? Well that is extremely disrespectful of you, Podunke!

  12. We should retire Cody’s jersey for scoring 19 points in 16 minutes, at home, against one of the worst teams in all of college basketball.

  13. Clarion, I agree that the stat line was acceptable at the end of the night, but it was a product of some late garbage buckets. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but most of his night was not good.

    – the very early charge call on Cody was a poor decision on his part. He had a smaller defender who was laying off him a good 8 feet. Instead of taking the wide open 16 footer Cody decided to try to drive into the paint… Charge, turnover, 1st foul…

    – back to back travels early in the 2nd half.

    – With 6 minutes to go in the game Cody had 4 fouls, 6 points, and 4 rebounds.

    What it comes down to for me is that he was not part of the reason they won. He subbed out at the 14 minute mark and IU was actually tied… When he came back in IU was ahead by 4… Then he very quickly went back out with another foul and sat the last 8 minutes of the half. He started the 2nd half by missing a FT, missing a lay-up, turning the ball over twice and picking up another foul… He then subs out 4 minutes into the second half. They increase the lead from 19 to 28 while he sits… He comes in 3 minutes later, picks up his 4th foul and sits down again after 30 seconds… He then picks up 4 meaningless minutes and 10 meaningless points late in the game with IU already ahead by 30+… For the first 33 minutes Cody was a +7… While Cody was OUT of the game over the first 33 minutes IU was +26…

    Listen, the stat line ended up being fine, but the eye test and the details behind it grade out to about a D+ performance.

    As I’ve said, I love Cody and don’t want to trade him for any other center in the country, but not every game is a Monet…

  14. It sure is funny how people say, “Who cares if they shot 60% from 3 because most of that was garbage late in the game” and then turn around and brag about Cody’s points when……it was garbage late in the game.

    Cody was awful……….again………….against nobody.

    And people need to stop whining about “too high of expectations.”

    Please tell us what YOUR “expectations” were of him.

    Plus, when I said he wasn’t “the best player/center”, I was called every name in the book and told I didn’t know what I was talking about and that I wasn’t a “real” fan.

    So, if anyone “built him up too high”, it certainly wasn’t me.

    I said there was no way in hell he’s the top pick in the draft. At this point, I wouldn’t even take him in the first round.

    The dude runs fast for a big guy.


    I HOPE he goes early and Victor stays.

  15. Your chronicle gets very little argument from me. But I do think he was part of the reason they won. In any game his presence alters the opponents D and JH, VO and Sheehey benefited during this 1. Even during his absence he is in their minds. I did not re-watch the recording and I agree his points were late but I suspect if he would have played those lost minutes and set out during mop up time instead his production would have been similar. But I also understand if a frog had wings…

    Are you all tooled up for New Years? Ready or not 2k13 and the B1G season are crowding us now.

  16. Oh, so now Cody plays Jedi Mind Tricks on the other team while he’s not playing and THAT’S why he’s good?


    Keep those “facts” coming……..

  17. Saw on Peegs that Luke Fischer has a hook shot.


    Hopefully he won’t be too chicken to use it and, instead, use Jedi Mind Tricks from the bench to “intimidate” the players on the court from the other team.

    To beat us, all a team has to do is “punch Cody in the mouth” like Butler did (and they used that actual phrase) and he’ll fold and put someone on Jordy so he can’t get a shot off.

    Victor will step up but no one else will.

    Will will just prance around pointing at himself when he makes a 3 while losing his guy on defense because he’s too busy “having fun”….which is more important than winning and playing your best.

    Wat will simply vanish.

    Yogi will try but he’s Brick City.

    Hanner will try too but he’s got the worst hands I’ve ever seen.

    When Zeller comes back after dropping out of the first round, maybe Luke will teach him the hook shot….that way he’ll have an excuse not to bang with the big boys since he’s too scared to take the outside shot he worked all summer on.

    Is Zeller the most fragile player we’ve ever had?

    Afraid to get physical with even cupcakes and too scared to take the outside shot he worked all summer on?

    Good kid.

    I don’t dislike him like I dislike Watford…and I REALLY didn’t like Patterson from years ago……talk about a complete waste.

    But what a disappointment.

    And, again, save the “too high expectations” baloney because I never heard “Over-rated” when he was on the cover of every magazine.

    It was, “Yeah, he’ll be the TOP PICK and is gone for SURE” when I said he wasn’t that good.

    Hope he proves me wrong…….

    At least he has a future in mind-control warfare with the military with those Jedi Mind Tricks of his…..

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