1. Ron, I just read it and it sounded like he didn’t actually see the game but just read other people’s accounts of it.

  2. Over the next 3 games I only care about 2 stats – number of minutes played for Hanner and number of shots for Cody. If both aren’t high then CTC isn’t doing his job and getting the team ready for the B1G.

  3. Wow, 19 turnovers. I wasn’t able to see the game. I know we won by almost 40, but is that number something to be concerned about?

  4. So after bitchin & moaning about our two missing for 9 games we get 10 minutes and 0 minutes plus Elston back for 9 minutes.

    If MSM had been hitting their shots, they got plenty of open looks. And the drives to the basket continue, over and over. 18 or so turnovers.

    I guess it’s hard to stay “on” when you have a 40 point lead but if that’s the case get the second team in there.

    Guess it was a good morale builder but not sure if this game helped solve the problems highlighted by Butler.

    Took care of #249 tonight. Next up…..#310. wow

  5. As far as the RPI, etc., we’ve played 3 teams currently in the Top 25. I’ll bet that’s more ranked teams than most schools have played at this point.

  6. Strength of Schedule

    IU..#224 Butler…18 Florida….41
    Louisville..97 Duke…..4 New Mexico….73 Ohio State….276 Michigan….143 Minn….68

    I’m afraid that after the cupcakes and conference starts, every game will be like the Butler game, except those at Assembly Hall. How do you train to be competitive and respond to pressure situations w/o being in pressure situations? I think we may throw away a couple of conference games before the team and the coach get accustomed to high pressure games? On the other hand this type of schedule did not hurt them last year..so hell if I know..

  7. With regard to the playing time for Jurkin and Perea, my guess is that Crean is more concerned about Elston getting ready for battle in the BIG. But if Jurkin’s not getting in this game, then what game can he play in?

    Yes, the 19 turnovers are concerning. Some times, these guys try to get too cute with their passes or they simply lack patience during a possession. Some of the turnovers are caused by their desire to get fast-break baskets when the fast break is really not available.

  8. 2 OT’s weren’t pressure situations? Not having 3 roster players does not create some type of pressure? Now losing another to an extended injury is not some form of pressure? I think this OOC schedule has been just about right.

  9. Ron, a buddy of mine wrote me…he is a basketball coach down south and he was saying the strength of schedule will cost us at least 2 or 3 Big Ten wins. I think though once we get battle tested in the Big Ten…we will be fine! The two things I don’t get are the frustration/attitude on Will and Jordy’s face when something does not go well and the other is why Zeller is not shooting the jumper or showing the hook that was talked about and why he is playing so far out…he needs on a low block fighting to get open! For the first time ever I see some chemistry issues or what I think are anyway and I wondered about that with all the talent and minutes to go around. Lastly, I will say as much as I have supported and been a cheer leader for Crean…the way he dodges a simple question like why certain kids did not play is shady…especially if it is sickness which he hinted at…if Jeremy is sick…say he is sick! Great win last night and I am glad to see Vic and Yogi shoot the ball with confidence.

  10. J Pat,

    Your last statement describes what I’ve been waiting on, VO for 2 years and Yogi during this season. Their shooting confidence will mean so much in eliminating the predictions your coaching friend mentioned.

  11. 1) I think the schedule could be tougher with at least 1 more decent road game.

    2) Has any reporter asked Crean or Cody why he isn’t shooting the outside shot he bragged about and admitted we need?

    3) Love this quote from Elston when Crean asked him if he wanted to play:

    “There’s no way I would have said no,” Elston said. “I’ve been on the bench for so long. If I could have gone out there to wipe down the floor when these guys were out there sweating on it, I would have. No matter what I would have said yes.

  12. Butler – #47….and took us in OT
    NC – #32…and dropping like a rock
    Georgetown – #34…and took us to OT

    HC. I think the stress you mentioned are not considered during the action of a game. They may keep the coach awake at night. I’m not expressing my thoughts very well. I was talking about the moment when a player realizes the game momentum has changed and the need to modify their game with the change. Rather they are exposed to this during the non-conference games rather than conference?

    We won big last night with appropriate points, assists, rebounds. Think the post game interviews noted we have our defense and rebounds back to where we need to be. But thats against a team ranked #249. Proved we can beat up a team ranked in the 200’s. Tells us nothing about how we will do or how to attack or how to cope with the B1Gs.

    I guess the pre-conference is more about a winning record.

    CTC Re; Jeremy & Peter. Would think it was just illness the comments would note that? Not like the flu is a confidential issue. From what TC said I am left feeling its a bigger issue. Hope not

    An example of “over communication”..Working nights at a Indy hospital. First week of December hospital meeting with the CEO. Who told us no Christmas bonus and no Jan raises due to $$ situation. Than apologized for the early meeting. He and wife were being sent to Hawaii for a conference and two week vacation.

    An example of “under communication”..What he said about Hanner and Jeremy.

  13. I’d be interested to sit down with the decision makers and find out what their philosophy is in scheduling.

    Of course, it’s not just up to us. The other team has to agree as well and Kaintuck already tucked their little tail and ran away. Had they not crashed and burned that conceivably could have put 4 ranked teams on the pre-conference schedule.

  14. Ron, I’m looking at the paper right now and, as of this morning, Butler, UNC, and Georgetown are all ranked in the Top 25. Not sure what you are referring to.

    My comment was “we’ve played 3 teams currently in the Top 25.”

  15. Sorry Chet. Forgot my reference. KenPom.com. More of an RPI ranking. He has Florida #1, IU #2 and Duke #3.

    I would think the current non-conference was put together 1-2 yrs ago. Probably next yrs will be somewhat stronger.

    I just don’t think we are serving the needs of our players with current schedule. But there is a hell of a lot about the world I can’t figure out either.

  16. And I’m not talking about playing the top 10 or 20. Just get the experience of playing in the top 50-100. See no positives playing #250 or #300 or the #350’s. Would not think there would be anything to learn from the games except the potential exposure to injuries.

  17. I don’t disagree. What I was alluding to was just what I said, I love to talk to these guys and find out what, if any, is their philosophy in scheduling. Is it just about the money? Doesn’t seem like it. Just the record? Well, that’s killed Virginia Tech and New Mexico State the past few years. They’ll win 20+ and stay home. Is it so deeply thought out that each team brings something different? Probably not so much as 2 years is a long time and they might be a vastly different team.

    I’d just like to know.

    As far as the major conferences, we KNOW we’ll get a tough ACC matchup. The SEC only has Kaintuck and Florida and Kaintuck is too a-feared to play us (and, when the schedules were originally made, they were on it). We played a good Georgetown team from the Big/Little East. I’m betting we play Louisville next year. I guess they’ve decided we can’t play both ND and Butler with the current Indy setup.

    Many of the best teams this year are in the Big Ten so we can’t play them non conference.

    I guess our best bet is just to schedule traditional powers from what is now the Big East and ACC.

    I, too, would like to see us add a couple really tough games in pre-conference. I wonder if the fluidity of conference re-alignment has any impact on the availability of a team for scheduling?

  18. Don’t forget Mizzou now Chet…

    Yeah, and scheduling the occasional A-10, Mountain West, or WCC team as a middle ground between the cupcakes and powerhouses would be great.

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