Ohio linebacker commits to IU

Marcus Oliver, a 6-foot-1, 225-pound linebacker from Hamilton High School in Ohio, has committed to Indiana according to the Hamilton football program’s Twitter account. More to come, I hope.

UPDATE: An interesting story from Zach Osterman of 247Sports.com on Oliver’s commitment.


  1. How is he the 37 best linebacker in the country by has no stars in Rivals?

    Why did he play only 7 games his senior year? I think that may have hurt is prospects as well as playing for a team that didnt do well on the field.

  2. Dustin,
    I believe coach wilson said he wanted to sign 15-17 this year. Does that mean we have 1 more scholarship to go before we cut it off? I think we have a few visits this weekend.

    Any issues with existing players (grades) that well give us more room to sign upto 25?

  3. Chicago,
    I’m about to post Zach Osterman’s story (and then I’m calling Lee myself) but he was hurt and still had like 135 tackles, which is friggin’ crazy. When I talked to Wilson on Monday — and I didn’t get a chance to work this into the story — but he said it will probably be low 20s. I don’t think 25 is going to happen, but 21 or 22 sounds reasonable.


    What are the odds we make it to signing day with Latham, Kenny, Allen, Fant still committed? I’m hoping they’re all %100, but after that gunnner kiel garbage last year you never know. Thoughts?

  5. I keep hearing great things about this klid Oliver. In fact, I keep hearing great things about our class in general, defensively anyway. A new day is dawning! I’m not worried about losing the 4’s, not this time. I coule be wrong but, I think we have enough momentum going to carry us through with or without a guy here or there. When have we EVER been able to say that about a football class here?

  6. You never know, because we certainly aren’t Notre Dame, but maybe we dodged a bullet with Gunner. He’s buried so deep at Notre Dame he doesn’t even appear on the depth chart. If he came to IU he’d be our starter, no matter what. As far as any of us could know Coffman might look like Peyton Manning in practice compared to Gunner.

    He certainly hasn’t impressed anyone in South Bend.

    Despite the doom and gloom from many, losing Gunner doesn’t seem to have impacted our recruiting AT ALL.

    I wish the kid the best (I always like to see the home grown kids do well) and I damn sure want to see Notre Dame bring a BCS title back to Indiana to bookend with our basketball title.

    How cool would that be? Lil’ ol’ Indiana, home to both the BCS Football Championship and the NCAA Basketball Championship in the same season.

    That will NEVER happen in Kaintuck or Alabama or North Carolina.

  7. I agree with Chris K, I think there’s enough momentum with the program to where we don’t need to worry as much about recruits de-committing. Gunner jumped on board at the very beginning of the coaching transition, when there was 100% uncertainty about the program and guys being kicked off the team/quitting right and left, as well as stories circulating everywhere (including on the Scoop) about K-Wil being a petty tyrant and a hothead.

    A year has passed and the team made a nice leap in win total despite losing Tre; we gave Ohio State the closest game they’ve had all year and were able to be pretty competitive in the conference. After the initial turbulence it is pretty obvious that Wilson is not in over his head and has a plan and a direction. These defensive recruits probably could see the writing on the wall and knew it was a good time to take a calculated risk and start a movement. Reminds me a lot of the situation that Holowell, Yogi,Patterson Perea and Jurkin were in when they decided to commit to IU and His Creanness.

  8. Bottom line for me is the fact that, only a few months ago I was still very uncertain as to wht was going on with the staff, but as of now & what we’ve seen since? we’ve pretty much hit the jackpot. WHEN we start winning a lot of games, & the poachers come calling for CKW, I’m not worried, as long as we immediately turn around & offer the keys to Seth Littrell, or 1 of the other talented assistants, & I think they can continue what’s already going on. Ofcourse, I’m getting WAY ahead of things, but I want a learly defined plan.

  9. Plan 1- Here’s a clearly defined plan…don ‘t get so far ahead of yourself. Remember that only a few month ago you had your doubts….that a plan?

    Plan 2- Let’s not leave any doubt we want to keep Coach Wilson. Let’s plan to have not intention to allow poachers to come in and poach. We’ll do what it takes to keep him.

    Plan 3- Keep the assistant coaches and coordinators at IU in their same role with CKW leading.

    Plan 4- Not even consider the possibility of going beyond plan 2.

    That’s a plan!

  10. If Wilson wins seven games next year, and IU earns a bowl bid, Wilson will get offers to leave IU. So will some of his top assistants. IU is not paying top dollar for football coaching talent, and our assistant coaches would be vulnerable. Don’t get me wrong, I believe IU’s compensation package to Wilson was appropriate at the time of his hiring, but if he does in fact product a winning season, Wilson will be approached.

    My guess is that Wilson won’t accept offers for a while. The reason being is his family. Wilson’s got a bunch of kids and I doubt he’d disrupt their lives unless the money is huge. Unless the money thrown at him is in the $2 to $2.5 million range, it would not be worth moving his family. And Wilson is no where near being in that class of college coaches until he takes IU to a couple of bowl games. But if IU football’s trajectory continues to go up beyond 2013, you’re going to see some IU assistants getting offers for more money. That’s when Glass is going to have to reach into his pocket and increase salaries or risk the football program losing momentum. A stable group of assistant coaches is essential to building a winning program.

  11. When $ is the issue I trust Glass to make the best offer possible for the program. Revenue from 8 home games next season and more seats sold per game will give him plenty of ammo to keep “his guy” and staff.

  12. Talking about getting ahead of yourself……4 wins last season against not any good teams….IU has just taken the first step on a 6 foot step ladder….hopefully, they want fall off,the ladder is properly braced and on even ground. No offers from any major program to worry about next year unless IU goes to rose bowl or something of that nature….Hopefully they can win 4 games plus 2or 3 more.

  13. t, obviously we were speculating. But IU has a realistic chance to win six or seven games in 2013. We could have won seven games this year if we had done just a little better against BSU, Navy and MSU. With 8 home games in 2013, seven wins is possible.

    The point was, if one of IU’s co-defensive coordinators (Ekler) received offers to go elsewhere, after coaching one of the worst defensives in the country, just think how much financial pressure will be placed on IU to keep these assistant coaches if IU has a winning season in 2013.

  14. You guys are putting the cart so far in front of the horse that the horse has forgotten what a cart is. Po wrote “We could have won seven games this year if we had done just a little better against BSU, Navy and MSU.” True, but that “litte better” would have to have been piled on top of the “better that IU played in those games compared to how IU played in 2011.” Seven wins in 2013 may be possible, but I still think that such would require IU to play way over their heads and catch some breaks. Even a progression of five wins in 2013, six in 2014, and seven in 2015 would require no backsliding in any season- and we all know how the ups and downs of college sports programs can go.

  15. A 6+ win season should be the goal. Wilson in year 3, with PSU taking a scholarship and post-season ban hit. Also Wisky and Purdue with coaching transitions, and Illinois in the pooper. If you can’t pull out 6 W’s in these conditions, then I don’t see it happening.

  16. Hoosier Heart,

    What does the PSU scholarship hit and post-season ban have to do with IU winning 6 games? Are you saying IU should beat them because of said bans? If so, I give you the 2012, 12-0 Ohio State University Buckeyes. Post season ban, loss of scholarships, new coach, etc.

    Wisconsin will be solid, even with a new coach coming in, they still have Barry there to oversee what he built. I don’t expect any drop off from them. We will play them at Wisconsin next season. Just don’t see a win there.

    Purdue, I agree, the coaching change should give IU an advantage next season, especially with the bucket game at The Rock.

    Illinois, yes they are in the pooper, but since they are included in the 4 wins this season, they are a push when talking about getting those 2 extra wins next season.

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