1. Gotta give Dustin kudos…Perea has some high level basketball instincts. I’m impressed at his poise with so little action under his belt.

  2. A Jordy Hulls dedication…Did he not abuse the 3-point line tonight?

    This tune was originally sung by ‘Love’ in 1968, but I do like this ‘UFO’ version from their album appropriately titled, “Shoot Out the Lights.”

    Hulls SUCKS!!

  3. H4H,

    The other thing I noted about HP he relishes the competition. He is already adjusting his timing to the speed and size of the players. His stroke from the FT line is consistent and smooth. When JH gets his playing time back there could be 5 candidates for 6th man. In our time we may never see another 10 like this years 10 at IU.

  4. If Hulls isn’t a lottery pick in the NBA draft, it will be a travesty….and proven conspiracy by the Establishment.

    Anyone that can put up 6 3’s against the 284th ranked team in the country DESERVES to have their jersey retired and pick which NBA team they want to play for.

  5. Please tell us what is allowed on an “IU blog”?

    Is it only glowing posts about our team?

    That’s odd because I just got lectured about “diffrence of opinion.”

    While everyone is slobbering all over Jordy’s 3’s last night and Yogi’s 10 assists with zero turn-overs, they ignore the fact one of the WORST teams in the country shot almost 60% from 3 point range (10-17).

    Last I checked, it’s defense that wins championships.

    And our guys can’t guard a wet paper bag.

    But, hey, at least Will can still prance around pointing at his head everytime he makes a 3 even though he can’t stop one of the teams in the country from abusing us from down town.

    It’s all about “having fun” doncha know…..

    If we make it past the Sweet 16…or even to the Sweet 16…..I’ll be amazed.

    And if we don’t, all we’ll hear from the “real” IU fans is “The refs screwed us.”


  6. You can write whatever you want….but you look like a “basher” not a fan.
    IU is #1 in the country in Scoring Margin…PPG-OPP PPG..that’s pretty good defense. Also # 1 in scoring, more opportunities for the opponet..they are not going to be trying to take away the 3 when up by 30.
    I can’t believe your picking one of the most talanted teams we’ve ever had, and I’ve been watching for over 30 years, to miss the sweet 16….Like I said- “basher”.
    Don’t say we….we is for “real” IU fans!

  7. Last time I checked, the team with the most points at the end of the game wins championships. Nitpicking the stats on one particular game seems defeating on the over all viewpoint of the game. I’m certain that one stat each game by our opponent can be alarming for some…..some.

  8. this forum is sounding more like a Purdue Boiler forum in the Journal & Courier. Only thing is, those fans bash the players, nitpick stats, armchair QB a team that has not knocked off a #1, 2 & 5 team the previous year. Lose to Bucknell, Ivy Tech & Harrison college this year, lol!!!!

  9. Way to go Larry!!

    Most these nitpickers would marinate a fabulous cut of steak.

    Wow..Santa Clara giving Duke fits. Duke SUCKS!!

  10. Duke is definitely overrated… Santa Clara is good though. 11-2 with both losses in OT. They also have 3 current 1000 pt scorers on the team, and another guy that will be by the end of the season. I’m gonna say they are an 11 seed that wins a first round game against someone like K-State or Cinci…

  11. Well, I’ve never been one of those who say, “Unless you do nothing but shower your team with rainbows, you’re not as REAL fan” while burying their head in the sand over all the problems.

    Of course we’re “#1 in scoring margin”…..we play mostly nobodies.

    It’s not “pretty good deense” to let one of the worst teams in the entire country shoot almost 60% from 3’s.

    we always hear IU fans BRAG about “being the smartest fans”, yet you guys do nothing but point at “look at how many 3’s Jordy made” while ignoring us getting torched beyond the arc….by nobody.

    And then CRY we “aren’t respected enough in the polls and should be # 1.”


  12. Oh….and congrats for crying “just one bad game” for about the 10th game now.

    Your door prize is a a set of blinders in case you wear your current pair out.

    And a parrot that says nothing but “one bad game” over and over so you don’t have to say it anymore.

    And please forgive me for laughing at the cryfest about “nitpicking” when ANYONE will tell you it’s DEFENSE that wins Titles.

    Not raining down 3’s on a JV team from Florida.

  13. On Peegs several people are whining how Duke “flops all the time.”

    Of course, if one of their own fans said that, they’d be bombarded by the “real” fans with:


    See, I look at our team like a “real” person….not someone with blinders on and then when things don;t go well, start crying how “the refs screwed us” (which I see CONSTANTLY on Peegs) or “the liberal media hates us” or “The Establishment has a conspiracy against us” or any of that other VICTIM crap.

    Heck, using your rules, I guess you HATE AMERICA any time you rip Obama (Oh. Wait. That only applied when Georgie was in charge. Now, it’s your “DUTY” to rip the Prez….rolleyes).

    If I start whining we don’t get enough # 1 votes in the polls, can I be a “cool guy” and “real fan” like the rest of you?

  14. Hopefully we won’t get Santa Clara in a first or second round game…

    It’s these type of teams that get completely juiced up come tournament time and stop potential storied runs to championships by a far superior team on paper(based on overall SOS, depth, conference play, etc).

    I wonder what Plymouth’s SOS was when Scott Skiles put his small town team on his shoulders and marched(pun intended)through sectional, regional, semi-state, and into the world of legendary Indiana high school tales as he sunk clutch bucket after clutch bucket to ultimately claim a state championship for Plymouth over East Chicago Roosevelt…? Back in the day when we had a truly unique and unparalleled, all-inclusive, winner takes all, singular high school tournament wrought in wonderful tradition. How on earth did we ever allow Establishment-minded tiddlywink traders to abuse their power, goof it all up, and sell out our storied one class tournament behind the veil of do-goody corruption bargained off in the cronyism a politician’s closed door? It’s stuff like SOS numbers and getting overly hung up on mountains of statistical crap piles to produce our personal crucifixion crosses as labels any past performance to be the ultimate indicator of what a team or individual will do tomorrow that screwed us out of a ton of beauty and mystery in the game.

    Heaven forbid to let the “cupcake” have a chance to shock the world and prove the pundits wrong that undervalued the power of collective hearts bonded in purpose and greater will to win.

  15. Laffy, Jacksonville only shot around 40% on the game, just because they made 60% of their 3’s means nothing. I know it seems crazy, but SOMETIMES people make shots. Teams often play their absolute best when they go up against a top team. You seem oblivious to the fact that we won by 34 points. If this team is as bad as you make them out to be, then quit watching. All that is ever posted from you is how horrible they look. The last I saw, we had a top ten defense (save ur debate about playing nobodies because we beat the #15 team by 24 points and georgetown by 10+) If you want to nitpick them to death, you and debbie should start your own blog, everybody here seems to be tired of reading your bullsh*t. Go back to LAFFYette with the other toiletmakers

  16. Dustin and Jeremy and the others…..are you going to jump down Hillbilly’s throat for his “vile” language?

    (Gotta LOVE how that hypocrite always CRIES about MY language then throws out “effing” up and “sh*t”…..which is all I ever did).

    Hell, he was even talking about sperm before…don’t see that on too many “family” boards.

  17. Oh, and speaking of vile language, you gotta love how p1 ended his post to me.

    Yeah, yeah……..shooting 60% from the 3 “means nothing” even though we’ve SUCKED at it for YEARS.

    And who has a gun to your head making you read my posts, crybaby?

    We could write a book with all the excuses you “real” fans have.

  18. It’s called “calling out his hypocrisy”, HH’s dad.

    He’s had countless meltdowns about “my” vile language when he “cusses” all the time.

    And speaking of obsession, you sure do worry about me 24/7/365……..

  19. 46The defense we are playing now will not work in the big ten! It’s good enough against the cupcakes but big 10 no way! Jordy is a pure shooter and the poster boy for hometown kid makes good but on defense is unable to guard anyone and gets little or no help from anyone else.With all the big guards in conference it will be tough.Dipo and Remy might be the best combo there switching in and out as needed.Shehey hustles no question but seems to lose his man alot this year that never used to happen!Watford is still MIA in my opinion he has skills but never is motvated against weak teams and a no show against good teams. Not a NBA first round pick not playing like he has been.We cannot count on out scoring everyone with out defense plain and simple!Dipo has been amazing,Cody is getting better every game even though we still don’t look for him near enough.Perra is a beast in the making. We need Hollowell.Yogy is just getting started!Without defense we cannot win the conference.Everyone is good and you cannot take anyone for granted!Iowa will be ready! GO HOOSIERS!

  20. Watching this undisciplined UK/UL game makes me feel better about IU. We will definitely carve both of these teams up in the big dance.

  21. Clarion – I agree that Hanner is catching up pretty quickly. I like how he seems to have good instincts on where to be and how to position his body when teammates drive to the hoop, and how hard he attacks on the catch. I think he’ll have some very valuable minutes for us over the course of the season…. Not every game, but I do see a couple double-doubles that will come out of the blue.

    As far as our 10 man rotation goes, I’m not so sure that next years won’t be better… Or maybe the year after that. Depending on who sticks around.

    If for some reason both Dipo and Cody stay, and we add in Vonleh, Williams, Robinson and the rest of the crew… Your top 10 next year could be: Zeller, Perea, Vonleh up front, with Dipo, Sheehey, Holloway, and Williams on the wing, and then Yogi, Remy, and Robinson in the backcourt. Damn.

    I am going to hate losing Hulls, but that 10 would certainly be more talented, athletic, have more defensive potential, and more rebounding prowess.

    Ok back to the current season…

  22. Laffy, there are very few things in this world that I am obsessed with, and I assure you that you are not, and never will be, one of them.

    Using some gentle sarcasm, my point in #20 was, LET IT GO! Let HforH go. Ignore him, ignore his posts, ignore the real or imagined hypocrisy you think you see. Focus your comments on IU sports, as positive or negative as you choose to be on any given day/subject. It will be better for you and much better for all the other IU sports fans who subscribe to and read The Hoosier Scoop.

    Honestly, no one wants to click on a string, supposedly written to inform us about IU sports, only to see that you are using the string to wage a war of words against HforH. It’s juvenile and it’s really boring. Your obsession with HforH and your constant sniping denigrates the blog and pollutes the subject matter. Frankly, no one cares about your battle with HforH or your efforts to point out the hypocrisy you so frequently try to reference. WE DON’Y CARE!

    While I have not studied the matter, it appears that HforH has stopped directing posts toward you. I may be wrong, but he may have finally decided to take the high road as far as you are concerned. If that’s true, I wish to convey my gratitude to HforH for doing so. If I am mistaken, I wish to encourage him to do so asap. Regardless, I once again sincerely request that you stop using The Hoosier Scoop to wage your war of words against HforH. You can make it your New Year’s resolution!

  23. Well, for a while there he was posting some interesting, coherent thoughts on IU basketball. It was refreshing. Now it seems to just be the same old tired name calling and constant less than constructive criticism and negative hyperbole.

    That’s a shame.

  24. Geoff, Not hard to understand your thoughts on next years “10”. I just do not count my chicks befo…and want to see who arrives next year. But, I easily could agree.

    A real treat New Years eve will be to watch Iowa PG Mike Gesell. The 1st time I saw him was almost 2 years ago at an AAU weekend which was also the 1st time I saw Yogi play in person. I was equally impressed with both that tournament. He does not possess YF’s speed, athleticism and craftiness but he has that “it” factor and easily makes his teammates better. No one would be disappointed if he wore the C&C. It’ll be a Heineken Night, enjoy.

  25. Jermemy-

    I sorta think you should tell that goofin’ blowhard Ginger to stop trying to show your butt up on ScoopTalk.

    Dustin plays favorites and lets him steal your time while piles and piles of bull-stuff flows out his cakehole.

    Quit playing that shy routine. You have excellent b-ball opinions…I agree with your statements toward the latter part of the ScoopTalk as you described Yogi being the main guy most likely to command his presence and influence the outcomes during the Big 10 campaign.

    Don’t be afraid to be more assertive and slam the door on that goofin’ babbling Burl Ives sitting in the center and stealing your bit of nothing-stuff minutes. Does he own any other goofin’ item of clothing other than the argyle vest?

    Maybe you should start giving “Ginger” Ives part of your tiny HT goofin’ paycheck since they treat you like a piece of stuff barely deserving to be part of his goofin’ camera shot.

  26. Does this goofin’ hot babe not look like Joyce Meyer after getting all that backed up sanctimonious stuff out her yazoo?

  27. 1) I don’t think there is any way Victor is coming back. I do think Zeller will after getting exposed as Super Soft in the Big Ten. If he can’t bang with nobodies, he certainly can’t bang in the Big Ten. And since he’s too chicken to take that outside shot he bragged about, he’s worthless in the NBA. Yeah, he can run fast down the court. Woo-pee!!!!

    I think next year’s team will be FAR better than this one. I honestly do not see us getting past the Sweet 16 and I think we fold on the road this year. Nice to see others start to agree with me that next years team could be better when I was told I was nuts the first time I said it.

    2) Po — I don’t care what you “assure” me. You respond to my posts 10 times more than I respond to your BFF HH. The obsession is yours. I mean, if I call Zeller soft, you cry so much about it, we could stop the drought here in Vegas. When Geoff says it, mostly silence from you. You have to RACE to HH’s defense every time I mention his name.

    And follow your same advice: Ignore me. You’ve told me 187 times you “don’t care what I say”, so just ignore me already. And if HH is going to come on here and cuss after all the lectures I’ve received for my bad language, you bet your butt I’m going to say something. Same as with the other poster who cussed. Nothing I hate more than hypocrisy.

    It had nothing to do with a “war of words” with him. Oh, and do you think people are tird of reading you chasing me around all the time calling me dumb?

  28. Yes, someone stole my name again as that was not me.

    Get a life, HH/FC13.

    I’ve been more right than anyone on here.

    Most IU “fans” did nothng but scream how “IU didn’t get enough respect” because we didn’t get every # 1 vote in the country.

    And called people idiots for saying Zeller was over-rated.

    And how Yogi and Sheehey were leaving for the NBA after this year (LOL!!).

    And you’re all just butt-hurt because this “non-IU-fan”, (rolleyes) was right.

    And, of course, you project your “high expectations” whinefest onto me when it was YOU guys proclaiming Zeller to be better than Kareem and Russell put together.

    “Best IU player of the last decade” I heard. LOL!!!

    This team is soft. Period.

    Watford is a complete joke and all Zeller wants to do is run and dunk….while giving high five’s to Will everytime he makes a 3 pointer while he prances around like he won a new car on The Price is Right.

    It’s all about “having fun” and “putting on a show” instead of going out there and kicking butt.

    If we go .500 on the road in the Big Ten, it will be a miracle.

  29. Laffy,

    I’ll make a small wager that IU does better than .500 on the road in the B1G.

    12-pack of Maine Microbrew or a couple live lobsters? You could send me a pet cactus or a showgirl… What is of comparable value in Vegas?

  30. Well, I have a rule against betting against our Hoosiers.

    You can have bragging rights, though.

    I think we lose 6 games on the road as I think we have the softest front court in the country.

  31. You would just much rather talk about how “soft” and horrible our guys are. You never bet against them though? That makes sense, you claim to know more than anyone on here and constantly say how bad they are, yet you wouldn’t make a friendly wager backing up your ignorant remarks. You’re just full of genius stuff. Pure brilliance..

  32. Banner – very well said, but you’re only going to add fuel to his fire. Laffy knows everything about everything and all of us are complete morons in his mind. After we win the B1G, we can smear it in his face how dumb he is. Then after we make it past the sweet 16, we can talk some more crap. Until then, it’s going to be a long few months seeing his stupid remarks.

  33. No, crybaby, I do not think you are “all” morons.

    I just can’t stop laughing at all the idiots who at tHE start of the season were beating their chests and screaming, “ANY WRITER THAT DOESN’T PICK US AS NUMBER ONE IS A FREAKING MORON”….and that got louder each time we got fewer and fewer # 1 votes…..but now turn around and scream, “YOU IDIOTS HAD YOUR EXPECTATIONS WAY TOO HIGH GOING INTO THE SEASON!!!!”

    And a similar situation with Cody. When he was on the cover of every magazine and named Pre-season Player of the Year and if someone said, “Yeah, I’m not that impressed with him and think there is no way he’s the number one pick or best player in the country, those same people started foaming at the mouth with, “YOU ARE A FREAKING MORON WHO KNOWS ZERO ABOUT BASKETBALL. CODY IS THE BEST PLAYER AT IU ON A GENERATION. HE CAN DO THINGS WITH THE BALL ALMOST NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME CAN DO!! HE’S GOING TO DESTROY PEOPLE THIS YEAR, ESPECIALLY SINCE HE CAN SHOOT FROM OUTSIDE NOW!!!!”


    And laugh at people who claim to “know basketball” yet point at our Cupcake City schedule like it means anything as far as “margin of victory” and “offensive efficiency.”

    As far as the betting….no, I do not bet against them. Just against my “code.” I guess you FAKE fans wouldn’t understand that.

  34. Once felt a need to open up in a self-disclosure moment with Scoop bloggers of his “poor circulation”…..?

    Constantly talks about hookers, attending strip clubs, and the ins and outs of the prostitution industry….?

    Enjoys attacking a sturdy and robust IU center confident enough to humbly wear the large shoes his large feet…?

    Hmmm? Sounds like all the symptoms of “the softest front court in the country</a>.”

  35. Oh yes I do think we have the softest front court in the country.

    Watford is a complete joke.

    And Butler even said, “All we have to do is punch Zeller in the mouth and he’ll fold”…..and he did.

    Did he come back against that last cupcake? No.

    I didn’t say least talented…I said softest.

  36. When I mentioned we got abused from 3 point land, one of the apologists said, “Who cares if they shot 60% from 3 point land as that came in garbage time at the end?”

    Well, I just read Inside the Hall and they said Jacksonville shot 5 for 9 from 3 in the first half.

    Someone needs to get their “facts” straight while making excuses.

  37. You know that they aren’t the softest… You just can’t name another front court softer… There’s a difference.

  38. Well, to me, “soft” includes level of talent that is not realized.

    So, to me, that means to name a team “less soft”, it has to have equal or better talent than we have.

    All the IU fans say “We have the best center in the country.” So that narrows down a lot of teams.

    And many people said, before the start of the season, that Watford could be a first round draft pick.

    So, please tell me which team out there has 2 first round pick potentials, including one everyone said would be a Top 3 pick, that is softer than us.

    Any team that is tough, like Butler, would lick their chops at the prospect of playing our front line.

    I doubt too many players get the label “Punch him in the mouth and he folds” like Cody did.

    You think ANYONE is afraid to take Watford inside and mix it up with him?

    I think Hanner is a stud……..but he doesn’t play much….yet.

    That’s why I think we’ll be MUCH better next year…..especially if Zeller leaves.

    Jordy……..love the kid but he scares no one od defense and even Butler can shut him down.

    Watford? LOL!! Good riddance.

    Zeller? If he isn’t beating his guy down the floor for a dunk, he’s pretty much worthless (little hyperbole there).

    Next year, Hanner will be a monster..or getting close to it.

    Vonleh and Williams and Stan are rebounding machines who aren’t afraid of anyone.

    We’ll miss Victor…..a LOT…..but not Jordy, Watford and Zeller.

    Hope Zeller proves me wrong.

    But since he faded against the last Cupcake, when he should have come back STRONG after the Butler embarassment, my hopes aren’t too high.

  39. I’m sure Vonleh, Williams, and Robinson are rebounding machines and afraid of nobody..in high school..

    You are out of your mind if you think we are better without Zeller. He is a matchup nightmare for the opposition and opens up the floor for everyone else to do their stuff. He’s not ready to bang with the NBA stars, but he’s still the most important guy on our team.

    This is rare, but I agree with you..about Watford, he’s been a ghost all year and I’ll ne glad when he’s gone..he’s a waste of valuable playing time. However, as we all know, he’ll go off for a few double-doubles and will be a factor in some games, but on the whole, he’s very disappointing.

    Hanner is getting more and more comfortable with each passing game and I’m sure he will be an absolute beast in time. Zeller will be back next year I believe, and no doubt we will be better, but for you to say we are better off without him is completely stupid and unrealistic, without Zeller, we are a .500 team.

  40. If Zeller is a “match-up nightmare”, why did he vanish after THREE Butler players fouled out? Why did he look like a JV player against our last cupcake?

    If the floor was “opened up” for everyone, why couldn’t Jordy even get a 3 point shot off against Butler?

    And, again, I’m saying NEXT year we don’t NEED him. Not this year.

    And forgive me for laughing at your “not ready to bang with NBA All-stars” when he’s not ready to bang with nobodies on Butler.

  41. He was in foul trouble from the onset last game and was forced to sit out. Once he came back in the game in,the second half, he went on a run and finished with his average. If you think he doesn’t open the floor for other people, you are in a different world. I was as shocked as everyone with how he played against Butler, but it wasn’t only him, the entire team looked like they didn’t want to be there and that was clear during warm-ups as I made that exact comment to my wife.

    Laugh all you want, I don’t care. He’s not ready for the NBA, he could go, but hr’s not ready for it. I’m not debating you on that, just stating the obvious. But just because he’s not ready doesn’t mean he’s not a vital part of our team.

  42. Yeah, he was in foul trouble because he was making mistakes a freshman bench player usually does his first game out.

    Hardly the “best player in America.”

    Again…….if he “opens the floor for everyone”, why couldn’t Jordy even get a 3 point shot off against Butler?

    And you need to learn how to read because I never ONCE said he is not vital to this team.

    Not once.

    I’m just saying all the people screaming “he’s the best player in college basketball”….which we heard CONSTANLY before the season……..are beyond clueless.

  43. He had open looks, if he didn’t pull the trigger, that’s his problem. Maybe he wasn’t feeling it, and if that is the case, I commend him for making a pass instead of forcing it like watfprd does.

    You said we are better off without Zeller and you’ve been saying it all year. That implies you believe he’s not important.

  44. Why would you “commend” him for passing up open shots when Crean has been telling him over and over and over to shoot it more….especially if our big guy is being shut down?

    That’s just stupid.

    Just as stupid as you keep whining that I’m talking about Zeller for this year when I’ve been CLEAR I don;t think we’ll miss him NEXT year.

  45. Read the post again smarts. I said if he isn’t feeling it, I commend him for passing instead of putting up brick after brick. He has said several times when he doesn’t shoot it’s because he’s not feeling confident in his shot that game so he passes to someone who is.

    I’m not whining, just pointing out how ignorant you sound when you say dumba** things like we would be better without him.

  46. Well, he didn’t “feel it” tonight and kept shooting and went 0 for 10.

    And you just pulled “not feeling it” out of your butt anyway.

    If Jordy isn’t going to shoot, then he shouldn’t even be on the floor as that lets his guy double team someone else.

    Yes, you ARE whining because you keep making it sound like I’m talking about THIS year when I’ve said 65 times it’s NEXT year.

  47. 8:20 mark of this ScoopTalk…Jeremy’s keen insights to power shift beginning on this Hoosier team:

    “…the ball is probably going to end up in Yogi Ferrell’s hand in some form or fashion in those situations…It will be up to him to distribute the ball.”

    Dustin quickly cuts him off…ummm? Yeah…. but? But..ummm? You don’t know what you’re talking about, Jeremy.

    Fast forward two weeks…No mention of Yogi on a ScoopTalk discussing how IU prepares for Minny. First half against Minnesota Yogi just completely takes over…8 assists in one half…three drives to the hole going to his left hand with lovely extension and adjustments to prevent his shot from being blocked(an ambidextrous move to the goal rarely seen from some of the top senior point guards in the Big 10).

    Should have stuck to your guns, Jeremy..Everything Minny’s athletic point guards could throw at Yogi had little effect…Yogi is the difference-maker. Yogi is why we had all the looks.

    Yogi is why it was running like a smooth shifting Ferrari 20 minutes…”Ferrari Ferrell” turns us from a Hulls Dodge Hemi fit for the Nascar circuit into a sexy Italian sports car ready for the streets of Monaco.

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