1. To fill time, you could have discussed Elmore’s atrocious announcing. Lol. My question is this. With Ethrington out for the season, Creek to be determined, and worst case with Hollowell, does depth become an issue in league play, or not time to hit panic button yet?

    1. I don’t think it’s an issue yet, at least not a panic button one, because really now you just have the right amount of perimeter guys for a solid rotation with Sheehey and Abell coming off the bench. But then again, foul trouble on a certain night or a sprained ankle could start to make things dicey. It does help that now they could go big with Watford at the 3, Perea and Zeller up front.

  2. Honestly, I am more concerned about getting 9 or more guys in rhythm than not having enough depth. I know it was a blowout and last game was, too, but I’m getting the distinct impression that CTC is liking what Jeff Howard is doing in practice. Quite frankly, I don’t think the kid looked out of place at all on the floor. He was more into the flow of the game then Hanner or Peter (though Hanner is definitely gonna be a good one with time, not enough info to comment on Peter). Maybe my meds need to be adjusted but I thought the kid looked pretty decent. While not the shooter Derek is, he has a bit of that ‘beast’ quality to him and he’s a LOT smoother than I’ve seen him in the past. Late bloomer?

  3. Ben, Elmore was the worst ‘homer’ for FAU I’ve heard in a while. You would have thought they were Maryland and that Maryland was staying in the ACC (and that he was being paid by Jefferson Pilot, the ACC broadcast sponsor).
    He’s in a fix now, though. He can’t be a Maryland homer AND an ACC homer anymore. He needs to get ‘mentally regular’ if he wants to stay employed. I’ll bet he’s getting counseled today.

  4. Most everything critiqued on her since last Sat. about the team looked better last night. Perea with 10 boards(3-O, 7-D) is 1 great example and team foul shooting a 2nd.

    Mike Jarvis is kind of a treat to watch on the sidelines during a game. He demeanor commands respect w/o demanding it. Did anybody have an inkling he is 67.

    I’ve never cared much for Elmore’s announcing but this is the 3rd time I’ve listened to drivel this season. In seasons past he has never been good but this year he is horrible. His take on Maryland leaving the ACC and going to the B10 was the definition of absurd. ESPN bosses must not listen to their own employees performances. He did have 1 thing right CZ needs to explode into his finish when right under the basket.

  5. Quote from Jarvis something along the lines of having a team that could come into Assembly Hall and kick our butt is his new lifetime goal.

    The guy has personality & hope he has success.

  6. got tired of listening to Elmore go on about…”FAU has to remember who they’re playing and where their at”(officiating)…what a terrible announcer…ESPN must be hard up.

  7. The announcers were clueless. They also said Jordy was nothing but a spot-up shooter. About two minutes later, Hulls drives, stops on the dime, schools his defender, and pops in a nice jumper on the move from about 15 feet. Do they say anything when Hulls immediately disproves their comment..? Of course not.

    Do these guys do any of their homework? Even Bobby Knight in all his bitterness could notice more than those two corpses. During the IU vs. Georgetown game Knight called Hulls one of the best guards in the country and had no problem identifying the many facets of his well-rounded game….Great court vision, crafty passer, exceptional ball skills, composure, free throw shooting, constant movement without the ball…

    So much more to Jordy than the deadbeats of the entrenched ESPN Establishment world care to do their homework to acknowledge(or, heaven forbid, open their bizarrely biased eyes).

    Establishment robots that don’t study the game. They are guided by the glamor of a popular trashing an already identified target generated out of their own living rooms. Preconceived notions, conclusions based on manipulations of specifically filtered history to validate the biased outcomes, forever binds their shallow agendas and analysis.

  8. Well said Harvard. I was never an Elmore fan anyways, but last night was the final straw for me. I emailed ESPN. Worst they can do is shrug, and delete it. I might get called out for this, but I enjoy Dan D during season play.

  9. If the players Elmore comments on were as unprepared for a game as he is for a telecast they’d never set foot on the floor.

  10. My email to ESPN…their reply and my reply to them:

    Well I will say this guy was far from being…..” announcers who are fair and neutral to the Games that they cover “…this guy flat out has a disdain for the Indiana program and showed it…….I was one of many that didn’t appreciate his biased comments. There will be no Elmore fans in the Indiana program. And he was “not’ insightful and entertaining. He was actually a “bore”. I would hope he see’s this but I know he won’t.


    ——-Original Message——-

    From: ESPN Customer Care
    Date: 12/23/12 07:12:58
    To: bholla@suddenlink.net
    Subject: Re: Len Elmore [ ref:_00D4080H6._50040OY4tk:ref ]

    Dear Bob,

    Thanks for writing.

    Being a national network, we do our best to select announcers who are fair and neutral to the games that they cover, yet offer insightful and entertaining analysis.

    We’ll be sure to address your thoughts and concerns with our producers.


    ESPN Viewer Response

    ————— Original Message —————

    ESPN must be hard up to have this guy calling games…his constant…”FAU has to remember who they’re playing and where they are playing at(officiating)” got old real quick. Tell him to stay out of Indiana if he has that much anti-Indiana bias. Terrible announcer.You people will hire anybody.


  11. Better than what I got….I mentioned my feeling that he appearded to want to be anywhere but Indiana. His “take” on Maryland, ACC, B1G overshadowed the actual game. In one word I would define him as “boring”. With Vitale I can take Tylenol. With Elmoe I use “Mute”.

    The return response back to me was a form letter, “Quantity of communications, blah, blah, blah.
    My e-mail provider noted “Be careful! Sender failed fraud detection checks”

  12. Chet, Bob, Ron, What address did you fellas use to send your messages. I’d like to point a finger toward Elmore’s wrong headed verbiage.


  13. The response I received was, word for word, identical to the response that Bob received.

    Customer care rep, “Just send response #14.”

    I’m going to fashion a generic Len Elmore complaint email and send it after any game he muddles, er, analyzes.

  14. ESPN’s response above and my email below.

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    We appreciate you taking the time to write and share your thoughts with us. We have shared your comments with the appropriate personnel for their review and consideration.


    ESPN Viewer Response

    ————— Original Message —————

    I normally don’t do this, but Len Elmore and his announcing has to go. Len kept saying Indiana was getting “home cookin” calls, when that wasn’t the truth. The officials for the Indiana/Florida Atlantic game have officiated many Big 10 games. I know Len is a ACC man, but in the Big 10 we let the boys play, and don’t blow the whistle every time like they might in ACC.

    Furthermore he mumbled, and if he is bias to the ACC, get him off Big 10 games.

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