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Seniors Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford got Indiana off to a good start, and the Hoosiers never looked back against Penn State, Dustin wrote.

Standout pitcher Jonny Hoffman was removed from the Indiana baseball team and faces a felony drug charge, Dustin wrote with police reporter Jon Blau.

Eriq Zavaleta’s dream month continues to roll along with his decision to go pro, I wrote.

IU’s depth and Penn State’s miscues made for a blowout result, Aaron Carter of the Centre Daily Times writes.

IU football commit Antonio Allen shared team-high tackling honors with five at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Saturday, Tim Hipps of Army News Service wrote.

Monday night’s BCS championship game debacle was difficult to make sense of for Notre Dame, Al Lesar of the South Bend Tribune writes.

Alabama’s offense was too much for the Irish, even surprising some Tide players with the ease of victory, Tommy Deas of the Tuscaloosa News writes.

In honor of the Irish, and all the Midwest teams who have flopped in the big game, here’s Cowboy Junkies with “A Common Disaster.”


  1. Penn State has big heads now behind the bucket during free throws. Time for IU to come up with something different. Big heads are so 3 years ago. And when they change that, they can stop the most worthless cheer/chant in basketball: the right/left one when someone fouls out.

  2. Let’s see: The University of Notre Dame du Lac is 12-0 and ranked #1 and is reported as the underdog to #2 Alabama at 12-1. Either the Fighting Irish should have been at least even in the favorite/underdog ranking or another school should have been playing against Alabama. Based on the results, Notre Dame was not much competition for the Crimson Tide. Oregon would have been a better match-up in spite of the Ducks’ single loss this season. Anyway, it warmed my Hoosier heart to see the Fighting Irish demolished by Alabama in such a manner that there cannot be any ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ cold comfort in South Bend. I was rooting for a shutout by Alabama; oh, well. Roll Tide – I hope 14-0 next year!!

  3. HforH, while I was totally wrong earlier this year when I opined about the overall performance of ND football for the 2012 season, I was right when, more recently, I said they were over-rated and would get crushed by Alabama.

    I congratulate all ND fans for a season where your football team over-achieved and went undefeated during the regular season. The football program has been turned-around in a short time by a quality coaching staff. Furthermore, they have the #1 rated recruiting class coming in next fall, so the future looks bright. But as I stated previously, ND was grossly over-rated throughout the second half of the season and did not deserve to be playing for the BCS Championship. If ND played in the SEC, they would have finished in the middle of the pack this year. Having almost lost to BYU and being saved by a missed field goal against Pittsburg, this ND was not an elite football team. But hey, it’s not their fault that they were selected to play in the BCS Championship game, it’s the fault of the power brokers that have not agreed to a playoff system for college football.

    If you ever needed any evidence to justify a playoff system, last night was it. That game was over at half time and had to have been a ratings disaster for the network. Fortunately, I got to watch IU play basketball!

  4. Momentum is so very important in games. ND was probably “grossly overrated,” but they were robbed of some early momentum and a boost of confidence by some horrendous calls.

    The interference call on the punt(I don’t care what the guest from the official’s league said to Brent Musburger in the booth)was shameful. It was clear the ND player was shoved into the return man on Alabama)…The sideline catch on a long pass play ruled not a catch was also a killer.

    I’m sure the 44 day layoff may hurt a team building on a season’s worth of momentum far more than a completely established 12 month machine that has been operating in Bama for the past decade..It’s also shameful(because of the plethora of bowl games) to make young men attempt to stay focused and game-ready for that amount of time. ND was likely a lot less content with their season 6 weeks ago. The doubt had worn off.

    But congrats for looking brilliant. I hope IU basketball is not living by the same sword of excessive Establishment hype. At least there is not a four week layoff between the Big 10 tournament and March Madness.

  5. HforH; you make a good point about the effect the long layoff has on football teams. Alabama had the advantage of playing the SEC Championship game between the end of their regular season and the BCS Championship, minimizing the amount of idle time. I’ve always thought the Big Ten suffered from the long idle time between the third week in November and the first week in January. The recent Big Ten Championship may help a little, but not quite enough.

    But bad calls that deprived momentum or not, ND was not in the same class as Alabama. ND was simply out-manned. Alabama has NFL-level talent at almost every defensive position, the best O-line in college football and a senior QB with BCS Championship experience.

    The Championship game should have been played between Oregon and Alabama. The outcome would not have changed, but it might have been a better contest.

    It did not take any “brilliance” to predict ND would get crushed, it just took two good eyes and a little experience watching football. When ND struggled to beat BYU and Pitt, you knew they were not in the same class as the top teams in the SEC.

    What still baffles me is how Bama lost to Texas A&M?

  6. Yeah, I’m sure you’re right.

    ND did have a great season..Beating Oklahoma and USC both on the road(albeit, possibly down years for both)was not too shabby for an irrelevant program.

    I could only imagine the eternal bliss for those that have suffered through decades of putting their mistreated “eyes” on IU football with road victories against the likes of those two teams steeped in tradition.

    Not being in one’s “class” is certainly a relative term…Theo Ridickly speaking, of course. I think ND has a large handful of players that may have very successful NFL careers. 44 days is a hell of a long time to wait for your next game.

  7. ESPN apologizes for Brent Musburger’s very tame comments about the beautiful Catherine Webb, but Danny Kanell(ESPN Unite) saying something as offensive as, “I’m trying not to trip over my tongue right now” is just fine.

    And listen to the comment at the end..the claim that it’s only “athletics” that makes these very attractive ladies pursue high profile players…

    ESPN needs to apologize for their hiring practices as well…Please tell me what unattractive female reporter they put in a chair of one of their popular shows or on a sideline/courtside during a game…? But it’s perfectly fine to hire men that are balding ugly toads(5:12 mark of clip).

    Good looks sells. If you’re a woman you’ve got to look like a Barbie doll to be hired by ESPN. They’re nothing but eye candy to keep the male audience interested for more than five minute stretches when tuning into their crappy shows. The same argument could be made for the popular female journalists on CNN. Brent should tell ESPN to shove it up their butt. Talk about hypocrisy.

    And what the hell purpose are cheerleaders dressed like call girls at NBA and NFL games providing their audiences..Should count how many times in a typical NFL game they have one of those hot babes in a camera shot…often staring directly up their shorts or into their bouncing breasts.

    But now Musburger’s soft comments during the national championship game deserve some critical evaluation and apologies…? GIVE ME A BREAK. The market scene and sexism permeating national sports is at an all-time high. Leave Musburger the hell alone. Katherine Webb knows perfectly well the power of the camera..Christ, she’s getting a Today Show appearance over Brent’s horrible comments..She’s attempting to break into the modeling industry. She should be sending Brent a check.

    Here’s an idea..Keep the damn cameras off them and nobody will care. And watch the ratings fall.

  8. Harvard – Webb came out immediately and said she was not offended one bit by the comments and thought there was nothing wrong with a man calling a woman beautiful. She went as far to say as she did not think it was creepy given their difference in age, that she just took it as a compliment.

    She also went from having 2,000 twitter followers to having over 160,000 by the end of the game, which surpassed her boyfriend’s total by something like 20k…

    It was a very good night for Alabama football…. It was a GREAT night for Webb.

  9. Who wants to see ugly chicks on TV during sports?

    And that one lady they’ve had for years looks like a horse anyway.

    And I think HH confused CNN with Faux as they are the ones that put up dumb bimbos for their dumb audience.

  10. H4H,

    I agree with much of #9. Men announcing mens sports and women announcing womens sports would not offend me in the slightest. I am no prude by any means but these gals on the sideline and some of their attire let alone that of the cheerleaders, pom poms, etc. is done for 1 reason only.

  11. I hope it’s true young love, but Miss Alabama, an Auburn grad, hooking up with the starting QB for #1 Alabama certainly could be mistaken as a career move. It would be a smart one.

    None of my business, though. I hope they’re both having the time of their lives.

    Not that I expect anyone will ever believe me but for most of my marriage my wife looked as though she was built from a similar kit. She wasn’t blessed with the perfect high cheekbones, magic hair, etc. (not that she isn’t attractive, she is), but that’s the way she’s built except she’s always been a little more athletic looking and muscular and had better abs. Kinda like a beach volleyball player but with more slender legs. Even post 50 she could easily pass for a blue jeans model. My 21-year-old heptathlete/hurdler daughter borrows her clothes but she (my daughter) is actually bigger right now due to constant weight training.

    She blew out her ACL in the finals of the Mid Atlantic TaeKwonDo championships when she was 45. With a 36 inch inseam she could kick everyone else in the head when they walked out of the locker room. That was the end of official competition. Now it just mountain biking, racquetball, and such. I stay in shape just trying to keep up with my sorry, pieced together body .

    Other than the lines on her face that living with me have caused she doesn’t seem to age (at least to me).

    I can only imagine the impression she leaves when she rides up to the hospital on her black Triumph Bonneville all decked out in tight black leather and helmet except for her red cowboy boots.

    …and I fully recognize that I may be living in a ‘Matrix’-like tube, being fed nutrients while a fantasy life is projected into my brain. I have absolutely no problem with that.

  12. Chet…I’m concerned about you. Your quote: “…but for most of my marriage my wife…” Now, you know this is the phrase she noticed; and will ask, “…during which part of your marriage was I not…?”. Don’t let her see Scoop today, tell her about the comment or, you will notice it takes her a very long time to fall asleep and she keeps staring at you as you do tonight. Just advice. ‘The Devil is not the Devil because he is a devil; the Devil is the Devil because he is… old.”

  13. Yes, sex surely does sell…So quit apologizing for what you spend all those chauvinistic pig minutes behind closed executive doors manufacturing.

    Holy cow…I nearly lose myself just watching the latest Hardee’s commercial. Who’s apologizing for those pulled pork metaphors when they’re aired during the breaks a Super Bowl game? ESPN, with their formal apology about absolutely nothing, proved what a completely dimwitted organization they truly are.

    They must be afraid of some slot machine lawyer with cheap winnings on the brain. It’s pretty much how lawyers operate..Perpetuate the existence of an ugliness and then sue somebody over it. Note to ESPN..If you build it, they will come.

  14. Tsao, you are a smart man. Good advice to Chet. As I was reading Chet’s comments about his wife, I said, Oh boy, that’s going to cost him.” I was ready to offer similar advice, but you beat me to it.

    I have a wife, a sister, two daughters and three sisters-in-law. With each of them, I can say 100 complimentary things mixed in with one less-than-complimentary thing (not a criticism, just not complimentary), and each of them will be hyper focused on and remember (for years) the one less-than-complimentary thing I said. And based on feedback I hear from my buddies, both married and single, I don’t think the women in my life are unique in that regard. (I can just hear them now, ‘what do you mean I’m not unique?’)

  15. TTG, as I was referencing someone who is, perhaps, 22 years old, she’d probably let me slide.

    A friend of hers recently posted a pic of her on Facebook. My daughter said she took great pleasure in showing it to her friends and telling them that’s what she is gonna look like after 50.

  16. Harvard, I hadn’t seen that one. That commercial was unbelievable especially since every person I have ever seen enter a Hardee’s is a big fat cow of a human being..

  17. I am completely infatuated with the brunette. Myyyyyy Lord…

    I love the expressions on the two dudes taking the snapshots…Talk about playing on every fantasy ever imagined..? And to think some pipsqueak hillbilly QB that can throw a good spiral gets to dine every night at Hardee’s. The world is just not fair. Brent is singing my song…The world is just not fair. These young hot shots are slathered in more than that burger got barbecue sauce..Slathered in hype..slathered in money..slathered with the attention of gorgeous women. For what? Because they can write poetry? Because they are decent and kind loving men that will stand by their love to one for eternity? Slathered because they can throw a damn football.

  18. Harvard,
    Not necessarily for throwing a football. I’m sure plenty of women are enthralled by Tim Tebow, too, and it can’t be for that.

  19. Chet-

    Yeah, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look like a Roman god while you’re pointing to one in the heavens.

    Geoff- 100% agreement. That’s not a commercial..That’s ‘Leave it to Beaver’ in a nutshell.

  20. I got my wife her first pair of tall leather boots for Christmas…Thought she was too short for boots…Foolish. Just took the right pair. Let her slip the boots on.

    Be quite with your words…Tell her with your eyes. She knew it. I knew it. That’s all it took. Suddenly she’s the brunette in the Hardee’s commercial. Not that she wasn’t the blond long before…

  21. Chet, the reference to your slide (#19), is that you doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk slide?

  22. Not only do women think Tebow looks like a “roman god,” but they’re attracted by the belief (so he has said) that he is a virgin. That’s one of their common fantasies.

    Have guys seen the Kate Upton commercial. I think it was taken off the air for being too suggestive. That one will wake you up in a hurry!

  23. Harvard,
    That looks a lot more like what I envision of when I think of Hardee’s. I wish it were the babes.

  24. i came here looking for my basketball fix and stumbled into Chet’s Milf Madness. chet, you forgot to describe her boobs for us.

    chet is short for chester, right?

    got any hot pics of her?

  25. You’ve always been very straightforward about your complete disdain for women. No news there.

    Personally, I’ve always been a big fan.

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