Hoosier Morning

First place in the Big Ten is on the line when Indiana and Wisconsin square off at Assembly Hall, with tempo key to the outcome, Dustin writes.

A look at the lineups and matchups for the Hoosiers and Badgers, from Dustin.

Eriq Zavaleta, Luis Soffner (with Salty the Sea Lion) and Todd Yeagley are capping off the MLS Combine today in Fort Lauderdale, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team is hoping a weekend bye gets them healthy for Thursday’s game at Ohio State, I wrote.

A much-improved Wisconsin defense will be tested by the nation’s top scoring team in Indiana, Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin State Journal writes.

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh, Tom Crean’s brother-in-law, channeled his disappointment last year into the Hoosiers, and now has a shot at redemption vs. the Patriots, Les Carpenter of Yahoo!Sports.com writes.

IU soccer’s Eriq Zavaleta is eager and ready to pick a position in the pros, Simon Borg of MLSsoccer.com writes.

Slumping Illinois isn’t ready to hit the panic button … yet, Steve Porter of the Alton Telegraph writes.

To celebrate tonight’s big game, I dug into the progressive rock archives for this gem by Badger. From the album One Live Badger, here’s “On My Way Home.”


  1. Where are all the whiners saying, “Louisville is over-rated”?

    They destroyed UConn on the road last night…..and UConn is no slouch as they won at Notre Dame, which has been playing well.

    If they are “over-rated”, what do you call us blowing a 23 point lead at home?

  2. Laffy, I watched the entire game and Uconn played so much better than them the first half it was not even funny…I was not impressed with Louisville at all. Louisville came out in the 2nd half and played with more intensity and that is what won the game…I would not say they destroyed Uconn…just my opinion. In my most objective way looking at it, I think Indiana is a better team than Louisville right now just by the eye test. I think Michigan and Duke are better than Louisville right now…again, just my opinion. I too hope we run Wisconsin off the court tonight. Take care.

  3. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Indiana fans are “objective” when they completely over-look us getting our butts kicked and other teams are “over-rated” when they win BIG on the road.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


  4. Chet, I figured as much but I have watched Louisville play a couple games from start to finsih and they just don’t play defense like a great team should. I think IU is improving with Yogi and Hanner getting better every game and Louisville has one freshman that plays in harrell and I am not sure he gets better every game. I guess I think they have peaked a little while I think IU will improve with every game. I also don’t think Louisville can handle us in the post…you better believe Zeller will be ready come time for the Tourney.

  5. So right J Pat about the UConn/L’ville game. They wanted it more. UConn either at home or away is no Minnesota. But L’ville being in 1st does not offer any impediment to IU’s fortunes. Kinda cool the CBB epicenter is located between the Ohio River and Monroe County Indiana.

    “Might”, “possibly” be in BTown February 16. A couple of stars have to align but hopeful. If it happens it will be with or without tickets.

  6. What is this “bait” thing Chet keeps crying about?

    Please don’t tell me he thinks it’s “bait” to say our team isn’t perfect and we should only blow sunshine up their butts.


    J Pat, I’ve watched most of our games and MY “eye test” tells me we aren’t NEARLY as good as the “real” fans keep saying.

    And if IU was “improving every game”, we wouldn’t be blowing 23 point leads….at home.

  7. Clarion, I would make every effort to meet at Nick’s or Yogi’s to grab a beer…let me know!!

  8. Wouldn’t it be fun to pull a Big 10 coach from his respective team and, for just one game during the year, allow him to coach another Big 10 team?

    What a treat that would be for players to just get a different feel to how another coach would approach talent on the roster vs. style of play.

    With so much technology packed into so many small devices today(phones with sophisticated cameras, etc), do you wonder if a lot of unscrupulous activity is going on when a team goes on the road and into opposing gyms to practice?

    When Dustin and Jeremy were in Assembly Hall yesterday, subsequently kicked out because the Badgers were coming into to prepare, it made me think of how simple it would be to just leave a device propped up somewhere to film the Badger’s practice. The device could send the live practice session directly to one of our coach’s phones..What would be the penalties from the NCAA if caught filming the visiting team’s practice/preparation? Our custodians allowed in arenas during closed practices? Ticket office personnel? Delivery people bringing in goods for the concession stands? They threw Dustin and Jeremy out during their filming of ScoopTalk..Why on earth they were trying to do it from some obscure corner in Assembly Hall is beyond me. Did they get kicked out of HT offices too? So am I to assume that the AH bouncers completely emptied all of Assembly Hall? Do they check the balconies? Do they check behind every corner? Do they check the vent systems? Hmmm? Do the bouncers have i-phones?

    Please explain how any practice is can be remotely secured its privacy.

  9. Laffy,

    As annoying as it may be for you to read some fans saying IU is greatest, bestest, awesomest basketball team on the planet, it is equally annoying for a lot of us to read your rants reminding us that this team clearly sucks or is overrated because they have one loss to a CLEARLY improving Butler team. IU is clearly somewhere in between the greatest team ever and the awful team you purport them to be. Hopefully they’re improving. I am tempted to go over to the Ohio State message boards to see if you are telling them how much their team sucks after blowing a 22 point lead at home to Michigan to win by 3. How hard is it for you to enjoy the ride?

  10. psych, nice!!

    I just got this from a friend and I think he got it from Peegs but not sure…

    A key stat Crean mentioned, over the past two years (52 games in which IU is 42-10), Indiana leads the nation in field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage and free throw percentage.

    Wonder if L’ville is close to that stat??

  11. I have to actually agree with the Laffy “eye test.” I’ve watched enough of the other top teams in the nation..We are overrated.

  12. Harvard…that would not be fair play. This is NCAA competition and they (the authorities [you know who that is]) count on our sense of honor and sportsmanship.

  13. Harvard,
    Back in my competitive martial arts days I always took every opportunity to learn from different instructors. It was very interesting how an instructor in the same discipline, perhaps even using the same curriculum from a specific governing body, would focus on the importance of entirely different areas.

    I always learned a lot when I’d study under someone different.

  14. I have a question for JPat: In your objective observation of IU and Louisville, Pitino vs Crean and your take on a possible confrontation..; either one of them (Crean and/or Pitino)as good a coach as your ‘eyeball’ description of Coach Felisha Legette-Jack? (of course, as a coach- we all know she was a tremendous person).

  15. ^That “eye test” in post #13 actually only happens during the viewing Duke games.

    Cause? I’m attempting to see around the NCAA’s reasoning behind nine game suspensions for $185 donated to Indiana’s Varsity Club sometime between the Civil War and Knight’s belly being noticeably fatter, but a $100,000 diamond purchase by a star Duke player(a starter from the 2010 championship team) during a weekend road game in the Big Apple in December ’09 doesn’t catch the eye.

    It’s called the NCAA eye test. I have a feeling AP voters are nearly as objective.

  16. Psych–

    Never said this team “clearly sucks” so if that is annoying you, you must be reading somebody’s else’s posts or have screwed up eyes that show you different letters.

    And only complete idiots only look at “one loss” as a gauge if the team is good or not.

    And it’s not just the loss to Butler, but HOW we lost to them.

    Sure is odd how all your “trained eyes” will completely dissect every other team in the country but all you guys do for OUR team is look if we won or not.


  17. But how does a loss in December serve as a gauge to how you’ll play in March?

    How did a loss on the road against lowly Nebraska on January 18, 2012(the third loss in a row) indicate how we would get to a Sweet 16 in March?

    We could play like kings throughout the entire year and trip on our shoelaces in the opening round. I would much rather have the dose of reality now and then. We all want the team to bring it every night. Even the greatest teams to ever wear the cream and crimson didn’t bring it every night. Even with rosters packed to the hilt with talent, there will always be nights that a lid appears to cover only your goal or, heaven forbid, your opponent wants it just a little more. There are so many variables…Maybe your star player is under the weather..Maybe a key bench player is injured. You fight through the variables and fight your way through them. There are no guarantees..Too much parity..Too much talent in D-1 basketball. That’s why there hasn’t been an undefeated team since the ’76 Hoosiers. For 37 years, even the strongest teams to ever appear before our brilliant “eye tests” have found a way to drop the ball from a season measured as perfection. But was it really perfect, anyway?

    I understand where Laffy is coming from..You just can’t learn from the losses. When you’re a talent-rich team, you better damn learn from your victories as well. If you get overly adsorbed in the ego inflation of nearly flawless records and rankings, rest on your laurels, you can potentially be setting your self up to be bit in the butt come tournament time… I don’t think this is this team. I think they’ll stay motivated to improve and push with everything in their being to get to the final prize.

  18. We are not the “76” team but we are not the underachievers as Laffed-At professes. But IU is at its greatest in about 2 decades. Anyone who thinks we are 23 points better than Minny has no perception to their eye test.

  19. Sure is funny how you clowns keep crying you want me to “be civil” and stop the name-calling when idiots like HC keep calling me “Laffed-At” and no one rips him for it.

    And I’ll say it again: I love how you “experts” will examine every other team with a magnifying glass and look at every single little flaw they have so you can call them “over-rated” but is someone looks at our own team with the same “Eagle Eye”, you whine non-stop about “nitpicking” and are “tired of hearing it.”



  20. Dustin-

    I would like to make one small request…On one future ScoopTalk session, could you lead in with highlights of Oladipo while this tune plays?

    Get some techno gurus to sit down with you for an hour…We’ve had no Remy Remix. We’ve had no Pipeline tunes…Get it done. We have a top team in the nation. You need to bring your A-game(not your Lawrence Welk depressing locked in a PSU cloakroom or an Assembly Hall concession stand) as well. …Just sayin’

  21. Gotta go find some grub..I think I’ll make a chicken with peanut stir fry tonight. …add some minced ginger root, some slithered snow peas atop, and a few sectioned dried hot chili peppers(blacken them in the hot peanut oil). Serve with a high quality sushi-style white rice..Yum.

    Go Hoosiers!

    IU 88
    Wisconsin 76

  22. He just wants to provoke emotional responses with his acidic posts. The more rabid and/or defensive the better.

    It’s all about what he can elicit as a response.

  23. Harvard – I like the 8 pt margin, but that is one hell of a prediction on tempo!

    I’d be shooooocked if IU scored 80. I’d be equally shocked if UW scored 70. So I’ll go with a score of 73-64 IU…

    Just so I can say I have even more faith in the Hoosiers than Mr. Crimson Glasses over there.

  24. No, Chet, I’m hear to talk basketball.

    It’s you guys who come there to “share your feewuns” with each other and swap brownie recipes with each other. Telling each other how much you “love them as a friend” is also to get an “emotional response” because it seems like you can’t get it from people in real life.

    So, why is it “nitpicking” to point out OUR flaws while saying EVERY OTHER TEAM is “over-rated” because you point out where they’re bad after “watching them closely”?


  25. Harv, re: your post in #10. Taping Wisconsin’s practice would only benefit us if they’d played anybody differently in the past 84 years. But we already know what we’re gonna get from them: efficient yet nauseatingly slow ball-control offense and slug it out defense. I say it doesn’t work this time. IU 72, UW 58.

    By the way, I thought L’Ville looked great last night. UConn is dangerous, and UL put the hammer down after the first ten minutes. Hard to argue against them being #1 right now. Kansas looked tough again, too. Hard to say who’s going to be the odd man out come March when it looks like the top five are clearly in a class above everybody else.

  26. Punjab, it’s not only shaping up to be an interesting remainder of the season but it could be a classic tournament. There are so many teams bunched up that it’s gonna hard to call many games ‘upsets’.

  27. Oh, and if Chet doesn’t think HH is here to “get an emotional response” with most of his posts, all I can say is: “Bwahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha.”

  28. Punjab-

    Yeah, I was just having a bit of fun…And that’s sorta my whole point. So why kick out Dustin and Jeremy?…Hells bells, you would think they were sitting in on a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And like they’d even be paying much attention while doing their ScoopTalk thing.

    Still begs the question…Why on earth were Dustin and Jeremy wearing t-shirts and in Assembly Hall? They sure had guilty looks on their faces..They looked like my wife and I when we have nooky and then then a relative happens to pop over to the house with a surprise visit…”Us? Oh, no…We just got home…Sweat? Huh…I don’t feel sweaty..Honey, do I look sweaty?..The flu is going around…”

    Maybe Jeremy was just teaching Dustin how to play basketball? Are they living out some weird fantasy? Did somebody lose an office bet and they had to run the balcony steps? Sorta strange to be there for a ScoopTalk..And what a weird background…I think Tsao made a funny comment about the spit image..(something about looking like convicts)…Would you not surmise the visiting team would be using the court? Maybe they were filming a women’s volleyball practice…Damn, those shorts are tight on those long-legged gals..We can only hope as our imaginations drift.


    You’re right about the tempo. If we can dictate a bit(which is damn hard to do against a Bo Ryan team), maybe the score gets a bit of a bump.

    I’m hoping for a much bigger margin. It’s highly possible we beat them by thirty(88-58?). I would love nothing more than to double them up…some redemption for Brian Butch bankshot victories and massive blowouts against our football squad.

  29. Gotleib (sp) just said on his radio show he thinks IU is going to pummel Wisky tonight.

    Don’t most IU fans whine 24/7 he “never shows IU any respect”?

  30. National TV too, Geoff. Guys get pumped…More ball get lofted up. Showtime! Getting on ESPN vs. BTN is worth a good 10 point bump.

  31. Most IU fans are on a constant Bobby Knight menstrual cycle. Just sit back and enjoy it.

  32. Alford 4 of 19. Missing FT’s. Smart was a heck of a player. He was the first junior College transfer Knight brought in, right? Seems as if there was some contraversy about that. Dickie V back when he did actual analysis instead of just talking loud.

  33. Just assessed that I have 1672 channels, but none of them are ESPN classic…

    I have ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPNU plus all of those in HD… However no damn ESPN Classic – BAH!

  34. So first yr referee Teddie Valentine calls a charge on IU. 26yrs ago. Weird. Student section wearing red shirts 9Like Knight’s) with “Indiana Sucks”. Good game IU wins and Dickie V about speechless

  35. For all those who whine I “know nothing about sports”, last year after the NFL season was over, half/most the country was slobbering all over Tebow.

    I believe he had the top selling jersey and his worshippers were foaming at the mouth with how he was “going to dominate the NFL.”

    I said he was worthless and wouldn’t amount to squat. Of course, I was called a “hater” and told I knew nothing about football/sports.

    Of course, I was right. The dude was a third stringer, at best, and even his hometown of Jacksonville doesn’t want him even though he’d help sell a lot of tickets.

    It’s one thing to be a fan…….it’s another to watch your team with blinders on and call people “stupid” because they see the flaws in the team you BLAST others teams for having.

  36. Laffy – considering that every football voice outside of Skip Bayless was saying that Tebow was not ever going to be a good QB, I don’t think you can claim to have made any bold prediction there. I’m not trying to give you sh!t. Just because he had a top-selling jersey doesn’t mean very many football fans thought he was any good… At least at the NFL level. Those that did were in the vast minority. You were in the vast majority. Those who opposed you were simply vocal.

  37. The “professional” voices may have hated Tebow, but not all his fans.

    They thought he was the Second Coming.

    If “everyone knew he sucked”, why did the Jets trade for him and then not play the guy?

    And you’re wrong Bayless was the “only one in the national media” who loved him. I listen to sports radio most of the day and at least one other guy thought he’d be a Hall of Famer: JT the Brick.

    Couldn’t stop GUSHING over him.

  38. Do you see a trend Laffy? People ignore you, cause your not wanted. Your posts are a joke. You burned to many bridges here. Go home.

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