Hoosier Morning

Wisconsin slowly sucked Indiana into playing the Badgers’ game, and the No. 2 Hoosiers suffered their first home loss in a year, Dustin wrote.

Indiana’s 11th straight loss to Wisconsin was just more of the same, I wrote.

Tuesday’s game was just another reminder to never doubt Wisconsin, ESPN.com’s Eamonn Brennan writes.

The Badgers sit alone in first place in the Big Ten thanks to what Mike Bruesewitz called “a bunch of mean guys,” Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote.

Victor Oladipo slips into the top 10 in national player of the year candidacy, while Cody Zeller slips out, Jeff Goodman of CBSsports.com writes.

The Big Ten is no longer just a football powerhouse, it’s the best basketball conference in the country, Josh Sanborn of Time.com writes.

I think this clip from “UHF” speaks for itself.


  1. Can the “smart” fans help me with something?

    Crean said that Wisky “didn’t take our transition game away”?

    Seeing as we had our lowest point total of the season, do you want to explain that one to me?

    They also only had 9 turnovers, which I thought we used to “get our transition game going.”

    So, if our point total was the lowest all year, and they had super low turn-overs, how did they not take our transition away?

    Oh, and for the all the crybabies who tell me to stop ripping Crean: screw off.

    Davis was CRUCIFIED for his coaching and if he ever used the excuse “shots just didn’t fall” every time we played like crap, he was called the dumbest coach in the history of the universe.

    Maybe it was because he was the first black coach at IU….in ANY sport…..that there is a double standard.

  2. Story of 2013… Has completely taken over sports radio not only nationally, but up here in New England.

    Dear Manti,

    Thank YOU!

    Love, Lance


    Dear Manti,

    I have an experienced PR guy if you want a referral.

    Regards, Tiger

  3. Yeah his statement makes no sense… At the very least he perpetuated all the lies.

    One of my good friends has a theory I think is tremendous… Manti is gay and he was using the story to cover up his relationship and explain the phone calls, etc. then the story blew up and he couldn’t get ahead of it. Facing the truth in what he percieved to be a macho football culture and possibly the shunning from his very religious Mormon inner circle and Jesuit university was much more difficult and painful than perpetuating the lies.

    I’m not starting a rumor, just throwing out a theory. The story is so bizarre and we were just trying to get a handle on how/why it got to this point. Just being a pathological liar doesn’t make sense. Sympathy stories don’t drive you up draft boards. He was already a star in his Notre Dame football bubble of a world, so doing it for pub doesn’t make sense. It’s got to be something bigger, deeper, or really painful that makes going along with this story for so long justifiable and conscionable in his own head.

    I hope people understand I’m not saying this with any judgement or malice. For his sake I hope that it’s the truth, because anything short of that explanation will destroy his credibility. I think that explanation is the only way he gets out of this with a shred of sympathy…. Plus the market is ready for the first active major team sport athlete to come out. If its anyone with any sort of star quality they will become not only super rich, but an historical figure.

  4. I’ve seen that theory elsewhere and it makes perfect sense.

    Also, Winn came out with his Power Rankings and he has Louisville # 1 and I loved this quote:

    “Louisville has the nation’s best defense, but its defensive performance does not always please coach Rick Pitino. The Courier-Journal reports that at halftime of the Cardinals’ win over Seton Hall on Jan. 9, Pitino called them “13 Michael Jacksons” because they were speaking to each other too softly on D. Since then they’ve been quite stingy, shutting down the Pirates, South Florida and UConn in succession.”

    I said Crean needs to make them play in dresses since they are so soft. Yes, a little hyperbole, but the least he could do is compare them to MJ and hopefully light a fire under them like Pitino did with his guys.

    Question their manhood.

    People had no problem when Bobby did it so stop your phony outrage when I suggest Crean do it as well.

    Put Will is a skirt and tell him only girls prance around after making a three and to act like he’s done it before.

  5. Saw an interview today with a woman who said, “The biggest motivation in the world is someone telling you that you can’t do something.”

    So, no, telling the players they are playing like girls is not “silly.”

    I think Pitino knows just a “little” more about coaching than all you guys put together….times 100…..and he agrees with me.

  6. That is silly not motivation.

    Pitino damn sure knows more about Italian Restaurant after hours than I do. Some woman must have motivated him by telling him he could not do that.

  7. If Super Coach Pitino found out that Laffy agrees with him how fast would his motivation techniques change?

    Correct answer is quickly

  8. Ok, I just phoned Coach Pitino. I asked him if he agrees with Laffy. After a long pause, Pitino said: What a fruitcake philosifier. So no Laffy, he don’t agree, and don’t always assume. Your not always right, like you think you are. Your always looking for a fight. Your a what? 48 year old man? Act like it.

  9. It’s not motivation?

    Odd, they’ve been playing better since he did it.

    And if it wasn’t motivation, why did he say it?

    Also, one of my favorite stories about Knight was when he taped tampons to the front of the locker of every player…..and Knight is considered the greatest coach of all time by most on here.

    So, not only does Pitino agree with me, so does Bobby.

    That’s gotta hurt. Two HOF coaches agreeing with me over you “experts.”


  10. And you probably smuggled a tampon out of Assembly Hall to remind you of the connection between you and Knight. Do you also sniff it Laffy?

  11. Personal attacks because you lost the argument?


    And who is too much of a coward to use their regular screen name?

  12. 48 year old man. No job, and depends on the government. Sad. I know that hurts pitinos feelings. Handkerchief anyone?

  13. Keep waving that white flag, HH, with the personal attacks while ducking my points.

    btw…..did you guys see today’s column from Seth? Two points:


    1) Buckner said there are “too many fans patting players on the back telling them how great they are.” so, again, forgive me for laughing at all the people who say, “Only REAL fans say positive things about the players and tell them how awesome they are.”

    Telling them they play like girls is actually motivation for them. Ever hear of “bulletin board” material? Maybe if more people told them they were soft, they’d be more determined to prove people wrong.

    Athletes have admitted COUNTLESS times they LOVE proving the doubters wrong….it DRIVES them more than ANYTHING.

    2) He talked about our guards not being able to create shots and just score from sets. Other coaches have figured all of our sets out. And when Crean puts new ones in, the other team figures them out at halftime and shut us down.

    So stop the whining Crean is not out-coached.

  14. I am back Laffy. How many people are after you now? That why you dont have a Facebook? I’ve saw you in New Haven playing Vollyball. You want a war? You have a war Laffy. Nobody wants you here. Take a hint. I WILL remove you.

  15. Laffy. Buckner seems to be referring to “circle of friends” around the player. Not the fans as much.

    I agree that players need the motivation but your comments usually come across as insulting, demeaning, hurtfull and all those words. Management 101 entails motivation through constructive criticism. There has to be something these kids are doing that is positive. But you would not know it reading your comments.

    I don’t believe the type of motivation you are preaching would stimulate any kid today. If a coach were to utilize that technique on a daily basis you would have an unemployed coach pretty quick.

    I do not have the experience or background to grade Coach Crean. He’s had a couple of bad games for sure and maybe by March this team will be stronger because of that. I also do not think any coach can cover all bases and that is where the assistant coaches come in.

    Nearly 50% of Division 1 players transfer, per the same article. Thats kind of amazing.

    As said before, what you say makes sense, you just cover your comments with so much junk it’s hard to dig them out.

  16. Pitino calling players “Michael Jackson” is more cruel than calling them girls.

    Same with taping tampons on their locker room doors.

    Another favorite Knight story of mine is when he came out of a bathroom stall and showed them his soiled toilet paper and said, “This is how you guys are playing.”

    Instead, Crean does nothing but talk about “how hard” they are playing and his excuse for EVERYTHING is “shots just didn’t fall.”


    I’m not saying Crean needs to berate them 24/7 like Bob did. Pitino didn’t say his MJ thing with “hate”….sounded like it was kinda funny….but they got the message.

    How do Ryan and Stevens get their players to be TOUGH? Crean should take a class on it.

  17. Oh, and if these players want to play in the NBA, they need to be MEN. They need to be TOUGH.

    If any player whined, “You’re too mean for me” after a little ribbing, I’d tell them, “Don’t even try to get in the draft then because the second a player on another team knows it hurts your feelings being told you pay like a girl, he’s going to tell you that the entire time he’s guarding you.”

  18. Just reread the article.

    First of all, Buckner referred to “students”, so I’m so sure that was just “circle of friends.”

    He also said this: “They have too many people letting them know how great they are and patting them on the back.”

    So even it is just his “circle of friends”, or especially if it just “circle of friends”, SOMEBODY needs to tell them they aren’t the best thing since sliced bread if it isn’t true.

    It’s funny how Righties are always blasting liberals with, “The problem with our education system today is that schools care more about building self-esteem than teaching them anything.”

    Well, that goes to coaching too. I’m not saying “Tell a kid he’s worthless all the time.” I’m saying don’t blow sunshine up his butt 24/7.

    All these kids want to play in the NBA. Fans there have NO PROBLEM telling their own players they SUCK if they think so.

    Getting prepared for the NBA is more than just basketball skills. It’s about being able to handle diversity. And if all you ever hear from fans is, “You’re awesome”, even i you aren’t, you’re going to be in a HUGE shock if you ever make it to the NBA.

    If they are playing like crap, they need to hear it.

    But, I would NEVER in a MILLION years boo our own players. And I wouldn’t yell at a game, “YOU PLAY LIKE A GIRL!!” What I’m saying is, someone….Crean….should tell them in a calm voice, “Watford. You’re playing like a girl. What the hell is up with that? Don’t you have any pride in your game?”

    Our team is soft.

    And Crean needs to make them tougher.

    I don’t see Lousiville players transferring after being compared to MJ.

  19. What Crean says during the press conference and what he tells the players may (I hope) be totally different. He is not going to fry any player in public and I agree with that.

    I keep going back to the first half of the Minn game and see what these guys are capable of. That was an unbelievable stretch of game. And the second half of the Wisc. game was just as unbelievable.

    Is Will sick? What’s going on with Remy? Jordy I think was just playing too hard. I don’t know.

    What coach could ( or would want to) come in and do what Crean has accomplished? What coach could replace him now that would improve the program. Stevens is the only one I can think of. But I’m happy with Crean.

  20. Laffy. Get a minute wander over to Yahoo Sports and read Eric Adelson’s article about Social Media Trap..

  21. Ron…clearly you had my ear at some point. One thing 72 years has taught me is that if you are asking for a rational argument from someone who is completely and sick irrational, you’ve lost the entire point of why you are doing it.

    This blog is infested at this point. There is nothing anyone can do about it because there has and there is always someone who is a willing enabler to feed the virus.

    Sorry Ron. Hope you understand I am not attacking you, This is not my opinion of you or your thoughts; to the contrary. It is merely my opinion of why (the cause) the blog has stopped being alive, enjoyable, controversial and dynamic. And, I fear, it won’t return to that until those enabling it are willing to meet the abuse with absolute silence. I’ve tried to say that. I think (at least, I thought he also communicated the same3 message), so has Chet.

    And HfH-, for you; what is the point of having spent so much time to be understood, to develop respect, acceptance and friendships based on it, to completely undermine it with your silly ‘dirty war’ and make everyone else on the blog endure ‘the virus’ as well?

    I really don’t mean nor want to take a ‘tsk,tsk’ tone, I really don’t. Just mourning the passing of what used to be a good, enjoyable, dynamic and fun blog bound together by a Hoosier heart and the experiences and love for the Hoosiers.

    Disappointed but…still hopeful (damned near like being a Hoosier football fan!).

  22. Should have added. When the commentary (by all) is about basketball, football, athletics; when it is given in a serious, respectful and dignified tone that seeks to give opinion,- regardless of how controversial it can be or is even intended-, it is not only enjoyable, much of it can be quite good, at least contributing to make everyone think. As long as it avoids pouring a mix of garbage and phlegm mixed with spit, before addressing an observation that can be quite good.

    Here’s what’s interesting- I’ve been wanting to comment on some of Laffy’s takes since I think some of them are quite good and interesting. I’ve been waiting only to find a point in the discussion where I can comment on them, ask a question, request a clarification, make an observation without having to wade through the waves in the sewer water, or the flushing toilet that seems to be a regular part of his blogging. Literally, I’ve waited three weeks and something that appears to be very defective in his emotional approach to the blog precludes any sane sharing of opinions with him. I addressed Ron because I observed he has also tried (he’s at least the most recent), but gets nothing back but the insane amount of anger and twisted vitriol that cuts Laffy off from every other blogger- except, ironically, the twisted love affair between himself and Harvard (sort of Bloomington’s own ‘Manny Teo’ tragic opera).

    But, more often than not, it is easy to go two sentences into it and read the infected, poorly written vitriol, pouring sewers of garbage addressing other opinions before the point is ever made, leading only to the point where I also just skip the rest of the statement. Meaning I am also finding that I now read less than half of what is contributed to the blog. Sad statement.

    Among others, this morning statement by Rufus: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

  23. A Knight-worshipper calling someone else irrational? That’s priceless. Take your “virus” and shove it up your assssss. Don;t ask me to be civil with that garbage.

    And I’m not saying Crean needs to blast the players in public. But he doesn;t need to shower them with praise either when they play like crap. Other coaches have said, “We need to play tougher” and other things. I’ve seen Crean do it once when he mentioned rebound drills.

  24. Chet-

    You actually pay attention. Am I not done with it?


    Could you please also set Tsao straight? There was an accusation in the first sentence of post #21,,It is the same old tired accusation of the same old tired lie. Please inform Tsao that I do not use any other screen name to engage another blogger. Please remind Tsao that it is he that has once again dipped to the same level of lying by including my name in the same fashion as the object of his contempt that accused me of being on this thread in the first place. I have not been on this thread…I no longer play the “dirty war” game. Please, inform him the truth. Please ask him why he also brings my name to this thread when I have not made a single comment here. And who has the “twisted love affair?” Hell, if I only had a dollar for every time “HH” is mentioned in a thread when “HH” is not on the thread.


    And you wonder why you can’t find trust and sincerity…? Within all the depth your life experiences and wide-encompassing knowledge, there appears to hide a very vulnerable soul. You use my name to partake in your own enjoyment a form of character attack and rumor. You have poisoned minds on here by once again planting a seed that I am hiding behind other screen names to fight a “dirty war.” And I’m not sure anything we do on a blog should be compared to the sacrifices of men that have truly ever faced “war.” Does that old crucifixion strike and old memory.? We can’t say “battles”..We can’t refer to an supreme athlete has having “freakish” abilities…Does it ever end? Anyway, back to the topic at hand..It’s simply not true. I’m done with the “dirty war.” Chet pays attention. He’ll set you straight. He made a comment a few weeks ago that astutely point out a refusal by lack of interest my taking any more “bait.” Now if you want to spread more rumor…Feel free to move into an area that may elevate my standing amongst the patrons. You might want to claim you saw me getting a bit too intoxicated at a bar on Rush street and that I was preparing to take home a blond and a brunette with uncanny resemblance to the pair in a popular Hardee’s hamburger commercial …? Hey, knock yourself out.

  25. TT didn’t accuse you of using another name, moron, I did.

    And don’t cry about me “name-calling” when I’m getting called a “virus” and all kinds of other crap.

  26. Oh, and let me see if I have the “rules” for this place so it isn’t “ruined” anymore:

    1) No one is allowed to rip Crean’s coaching because “he came to our program when it really sucked.”

    2) No one is allowed to rip the players for blowing huge leads at home or getting pushed around by teams with far less talent. Or when the bench combines for 5 points over 2 games.

    3) No one is allowed to say the team is over-rated even when they are rated # 2 in the country and lose at home to an unranked team (do you guys even know what a dictionary is)….even though we can call every other team in America over-rated.

    So, it’s only “fun” to say great things about the team and not actually LOOK at how they’re playing or being coached?


  27. And HfH-, for you; what is the point of having spent so much time to be understood, to develop respect, acceptance and friendships based on it, to completely undermine it with your silly ‘dirty war’ and make everyone else on the blog endure ‘the virus’ as well?

    There it is, Dustin. There is the reference to my name in Tsao’s post #30…There was a ton of playground childish spit throwing between various bloggers(mostly names I’ve never seen on here) that occurred from post #10 through post #23. Why does my name belong on this thread in post #30..I think you fully understand that bringing my name up is playing upon a suggestion that I was involved in that crap…Please set the record straight. None of that garbage was HfH hiding behind a screen name. Why on earth should Tsao bring me into this thread?

  28. Trust. Honor. Truth. Justice. Fairness. Persecution. Mirror. Dorian Grey. Attics. Portraits. Clocks. Cloaks. Shadows. Fear.

    Thursday, May 31, 2012 – 4:08 PM UTC

    Harvard…I have to admit and apologize. I had forgotten that Reggie and pUKe were one and the same posters and your post #223 had a history. I had also objected to pUKe’s (aka Reggie) post labeling a couple of prospective players as “lazy” (specifically Collin Hartman and, by innuendo, Austin Etherington) and, at that time (and to his credit, pUKe/Reggie apologized, and then announced he was changing his handle from pUKe to Reggie. I had forgotten that. Shoot! I hate it when posters use alternate names…no accountability and it makes it hard to have and follow a dialogue.

    Still Harvard, you rightly point out nothing but fact; Reggie did make that post which I (and others) thought was unfair and without basis to the players mentioned. I stupidly (and irresponsibly) forgot that and pUKe/Reggie’s name change. My deep apologies for a basic, stupid and rude mistake. I would not blame you if you walk away from me (though I hope you’ll find some forgiveness. (In terms Reggie should understand, I repent for my harsh words directed at you Harvard. No excuse!). Reggie, reread Harvard’s post #231…he is absolutely right…you should think through his words.
    And, Reggie: The Book does talk about circumstances like these, the bearing of false witness and outcomes. The consequences, in this case, have created a mess.

    Very sorry Harvard.

    As you can see, there is, indeed, a history.

  29. Harvard…don’t know what you are reacting to. The only sentence where I commented on your posting was aimed at the ‘virus’ “…the insane amount of anger and twisted vitriol that cuts Laffy off from every other blogger- except, ironically, the twisted love affair between himself and Harvard (sort of Bloomington’s own ‘Manny Teo’ tragic opera)…”, that the two locked into and, truthfully, made the blog difficult to get through. Other than that specific issue, my disgust is with what seemed like continued exchanges, though I’ve been clear as to what I still value in your posting and what I consider an unbelievable, unceasing abuse of every poster by a ‘virus’ (absolutely not referring to you). Yes, I agree…though he has been asked in several ways by several posters- both old and new- in every appropriate way, his life’s mission seems to insult and disrespect every single poster here. I believe it absolutely appropriate for him to be accountable and strongly feel that some basic rules of respect must be applied. There is no other rhyme or reason to allow anyone to be continually insulted, verbally abused and disrespected.

    I’m just tired of reading insult after insult, gross inappropriate language and insults directed at nearly every single post and poster here. I know Dustin and Jeremy feel that the only way to handle it is to take a totally ‘laissez faire’ approach and do absolutely nothing. But, I hope they see that there is a difference between dialogue, debate and diatribes that are completely inappropriate, obscene and abusive.

    But HH, other than my reference to the origins in a confrontation between the two (and which I agree you seem to have wisely walked away from), I do not think I referred to you. (When I have objected to something you’ve said, I thought I’ve been pretty clear in stating so. I regret that somewhere here there is a misunderstanding that you feel refers to you (other than the one or two sentences that that mention the actual confrontation a month ago or more).

    (I just realized on re-reading post #35…that’s exactly what I mean and, truthfully, I hold the ‘laissez faire’ attitude towards allowing vitriol and abusive language as responsible for misunderstanding that end in confrontations. Some measure of civility has to exist. It is just not responsible to allow this to go on).

  30. It’s cute how you guys keep crying I need to “be rational” when ONLY YOU GUYS say we didn’t get our BUTTS KICKED against Wisconsin.

    I saw articles from the national media how we got destroyed.

    Of course, you’ll just whine, “They’re biased against IU” but, as always, you’re clueless.

    so, save the “you need to be rational” baloney when it’s YOU guys that excuse away EVERYTHING bad about our team while calling everyone ELSE “over-rated.”

    Rational indeed…….


    And TT, I don’t insult “every poster on here.” I like Geoff for one.

    And in case you missed it, I only call people names now if they insult me first……like Chet, HC and YOU.

    I’ve been limiting my blasts against the players and coaches….and then you guys insult me first.

    So………stick it.

    And stop the “I want debate” crap. All you guys want to do is say how “awesome” IU is and if anyone suggests IU got out-coached, that person is called an idiot.


  31. Tsao-

    Maybe you didn’t notice, but my name was also mentioned in post #12 by a poster named ‘Rufus’ while I was not partaking in any of the discussions on this thread.

    My apologies if I misinterpreted your intent.. I’m getting tired of my name being mentioned in the same sentences the person you identify as a “virus” when I have put it to rest. The ‘bait’ ain’t doing it for me anymore.

    I think your words could have easily been construed that I’m still taking part in the same sort of garbage than went on during the series of posts covering #10 through #23.

    Sorry for my oversensitivity to the ongoing trend of bring up the name HfH when I’m not even involved in ugliness.

  32. HfH, Yeah, and I can see where it probably wears on you. I can say I was not aiming at you at all, just absent mindedly referencing the epic battle between Don Quijote and the ‘moldy’ windmill. But yes, I can see where that could get old pretty quick as well, so I’ll avoid it.

    BTW, had to smile when I saw the red head at Wisconsin play…;(and in honor of old geezers)…equally enjoyed looking at the white haired dude in the suit with the basketball chartboard.

  33. This is why I actually look forward to this place switching to Facebook to leave comments. I know it’s not a popular thing, but at least credibility would be a factor, and getting rid of the multiple users, and name theft. You can’t fix stupid completely, but it would be a bandaid at least. It’s as if right now the gash is wide open, and bleeding out.

  34. Tsao, you are correct. I have decided to ignore the vitriol. I’m not trying to ‘accomplish’ anything by that. I just ignore it. That’s all.

    Harvard, you do seem to have stepped back from the tit for tat confrontation. Just an opinion, maybe you shouldn’t talk about being ‘done with it’. Just be done with it and move on. Talking about it kinda defeats the purpose.

    That being said, I don’t understand what your purpose was, but the whole ‘encouragement’ of J Pat booing, etc. I mean, I get what you said and, while I’m not on the same page, that’s your right. I’m glad J Pat has moved past it. If your posts were tongue in cheek I guess it was just over my head (no great accomplishment). But…you had to have known that was gonna get the pot stirred up significantly. I think you are gonna have a hard time being ‘done with it’ if you’re gonna post stuff like that.

    But that’s completely up to you.

    As far as the name calling, ridicule, accusations, or any of the other personal attacks, I rarely make it past the first few words of any of those posts. I don’t read any of them anymore. I just scroll on to the next. Life is too short to waste it on someone else’s unresolved anger issues.

    Anyway, I was asked and I answered. The more the feuds and name calling, the less I am interested. There are folks on here that don’t think much of me that will be pleased by that.

    Good for you. Glad I could brighten your day.

    Peace out.

  35. Harvard. I feel the need to apologize. I am Rufus. Bad attempt at humor. My comment “same room with”, you and Laffy each have a different style of communication. Imagine sitting in a room with Laffy talking into one ear with his style and the other ear hearing your unique style.

    Sorry, You too Laffy and all the other participants. I will now go in silence and you will not hear my sorry attempts again.

  36. Post #23 Laffy. A cardinal rule is you don’t threaten or encourage anyone to kill people or himself. We are currently discussing how to handle this.

  37. Well, I think it was obvious I was kidding with the “LOL!!”

    And I don’t even think that was him anyway.

    Won’t do it again.

    As far as that “rule”, I’ve had others tell me to do it on more than one board so I guess they didn’t get the memo either.

  38. Oh….and what about his threat of “I WILL remove you”?

    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  39. I hesitate to stick my nose in here, but I will say that sometimes I agree with Laffy and sometimes I disagree with Laffy… I guess the reason Laffy doesn’t attack me is because I’ve always given him at least a modicum of respect, don’t call him names, and I stay out of the fray.

    I also don’t think he’s over-sensitive when I challenge his opinion. He takes it as a challenge and not a slight… Which is always my intention. I look for debate and not conflict.

    I’m trying to learn how to watch my tone so as not to confuse my intentions…

    Unfortunately Laffy, it’s not the points you make, but the tone you take… It’s always about 5 levels above me when I’ve been reprimanded. There’s no mistaking or confusing it.

    I know I won’t change anything, so I’m not sure why I even interjected… I guess I don’t want to see an avalanche of anti-Laffy sentiment causing the eventual banning of him. Laffy – you’re gonna have to help yourself some too. I get you man, but this is somewhat of a democracy around here, and I’m in the minority.

  40. I go “over-board” because I can’t even say, “They are soft” or “They’re over-rated”….which they ARE (no way in hell they are the #2 team in the country)….and these guys start blasting me left and right……and then whine that “I’m” not civil.


    Didn’t call HC any names…..yet he calls me “Laffed At” all the time.

    Haven’t called TT any names in ahwile….yet he calls me a “virus.”

    Haven’t called Chet any names either….yet nothing but personal insults from him.

    So forgive me for for laughing at their “YOU aren’t civil” cryfest hypocrisy.

    And, I LIKE it when you challenge my opinion. I completely changed my mind on Jordy getting schooled on that last play for Butler because of what you said instead of just saying “You’re stupid” like the rest of them did.

  41. And I’m used to most people “not getting me.”

    HH often brings up the Snailpond. Most people hated me but a couple liked me, one guy thought I was great, though a little over-board sometimes, and said “I told it like it was and didn’t sugar-coat things and you always knew I was honest” and stuff like that.

    Like you on here, he was one of the most respected guys on the board.

    Some people hate Charles Barkley, some love him. Those that like him say, “He doesn’t pull any punches and tells it like it is.”

    That’s what I try to do. So when people tell me “You need to be nicer so people like you”, I really don;t give a crap if people like me or not. Like Charles, I’m going to speak my mind.

    And I just laugh at all the “anger issues” cryfest. It is not “anger issues” to say the team played like crap against Wisconsin. I saw column after column saying the same damn thing. They said the same thing on national sports radio.

    I’m not a “fake fan” if I don’t bury my head in the sand. I’m a realist.

    When IU beat Duke in the Dance years ago, I watched it on TV while listening to Fish. And when he cried, I bawled right along with him.

    So I just brush off their “fake fan” baloney as coming from a bunch of idiots who think the only “real” fans are those that say great things about their team/players/coach.

  42. ^That’s obviously not me as I don’t respond to that stuff.

    A good rule of thumb, if you see my name on a response to a tirade, it’s not me.

  43. You guys are a joke. This place goes from great basketball conversation to the real house wives of Beverly Hills. “laffable” really. Sound like a bunch of dramatic women about to get your hair done. Do any of you believe Dustin has time or cares to sift through this bolagna to play mr principal. Maybe some of you need to eat a snickers, If ya know what I mean, divas

  44. Your right Gunner. Sad thing is, this used to be a great place before Laffy and Chet came here Basically, they have bullied people out. Ironically, the board administrator lets it happen by his lazy approach. I fear this blog is in trouble. Not because of the stories, they are great. Just the loons like Chet, Laffy, and Punjab who always make a point to make fun of people, or put them down. I doubt this does any good, but I have emailed HT, and left a phone message as well.

    If your trying to run people out, congratulations, your doing a good job. That’s about the only good that comes from this place anymore. Hey, maybe if we bully enough people out, there will be no more bickering and bullying.

  45. Disgruntled,

    You are most correct about the loon problem on here but it does not involve Chet or Punjab. Nor is it simply someone stealing someone elses name or posting under multiple names. If the aim is to shrink the # of posters here then instituting some log in procedure will accomplish it. But the aim should be to eliminate the disruptive poster(s). There used to be a disruptive poster on here by the name of 4guards, the HT boys in that instance dealt justice to him and the result was most satisfactory. That template for solving the problem poster predicament is tried and true, batting 1000% and should be resurrected and used on the present disruptive problem, whether loon or loons.

  46. What’s he got against Punjab? I know I can be infuriatingly secure and content with my life and I refuse to be drawn into border wars, but Punjab? He’s never done anything to anyone around here.

  47. Time to think about Northwestern. Do you guys think Crean will sink and drown the team again?

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