Hoosier Morning

Victor Oladipo’s infectious personality and driven approach to basketball have made him the soul of IU’s rebirth, Dustin writes.

Eriq Zavaleta kept it all in the family when he was drafted by Seattle Sounders FC on Thursday, and IU teammate Luis Soffner was drafted as well, I wrote.

A late first-half run and another to open the second half doomed the IU women’s basketball team at Ohio State, we reported.

It’s not only unlikely anyone will ever match the unbeaten 1976 Hoosiers, it’s impossible, SI.com’s Seth Davis writes.

Jamming Jordan Hulls is the best way to beat Indiana, which falls to No. 8 in this week’s power rankings, Luke Winn of SI.com writes.

In case you missed it, the fly-by handshake between Bo Ryan and Tom Crean Tuesday night, courtesy of BTN.com.

Michigan bounced back from its first loss of the season with a statement win at Minnesota, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

The Big Ten is the most valuable conference in college sports, Chris Smith of Forbes.com writes.

With Eriq Zavaleta headed to Seattle, here’s one of the bands that made a 2008 list of Seattle’s 50 most influential musicians. It’s Nirvana with “Come As You Are.”


  1. Not that it’s a big deal or anything, but just wanted to let you guys know I am no longer going to post here. Entering 2013, my goal was to eliminate negativity when possible, and I am sticking too it. People like HC, Tsau, Chet, Geoff, and even Laffy made this place enjoyable, when the topic was solely basketball, and not over the top comments.

    Maybe when this place has new log in procedures, or goes on Facebook, I will come back. I love the articles, top notch. Take care everyone.


  2. Not that it’s a big deal or anything, but just wanted to let you guys know I am no longer going to post here.

    That sounds a bit like a negative thing to me, Ben (if not downright insincere).

  3. Ben
    Wednesday, January 9, 2013 – 11:16 PM UTC

    How about we just focus on players in this country. When Crean recruits out of country, seems something always happens. Not being shallow. I believe in chances.


    My memory is usually pretty decent, but I was struggling to put your name to positions/selected debates on here.

    I scanned through some of the threads from the last few weeks and I finally found your name..

    You don’t think the above comment has a bit of negative connotation surrounding it? At the very least, it sure sounds rather resigned and pessimistic in nature.

    There are plenty of local recruits that never live up to expectations and hype. Plenty from Indiana that played on prominent AAU teams in our backyard.

    There’s often spirited debate on here that goes over-the-top..Too much defending of a position..and egos go into overdrive(I’ve been plenty guilty), but I see your couple sentences as not gleaming with a positive vibe. Where’s the “try, try, again” perspective? Where’s the patience for development? Would you pump your above comment into the ears of Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin? Would they construe it as “positive” to the potential of their future impact and successes in college basketball?

    I had to go back almost 10 days to even find your last comment..Seems a bit odd. Were you posting under more than one screen name?

    Good luck to you.

  4. And I would like to address what I believe is a “negative tone” when some on here ridicule fellow bloggers(and Dustin for allowing discussion to drift for going “off-topic.” …If you go back through the history of Scoop, it’s the drifting off-topic that creates most of the civility and allows us to bond.

    I thoroughly enjoyed discussions(during down times when there is big droughts between games or during the summer)about pizza recipes, travels, etc…I remember when Geoff talked of going to the theater with his wife and taking in a Christmas ‘Nutcracker’ lingerie show…It was nice to hear the story of his wife carrying their first child…I thoroughly enjoyed Tsao’s tales of his family traveling to America…Chet’s tales of stumbling on in front of roadside billboard inspiring him to go to Pensacola and enter flight school..JPats tales of his years in teaching and his taking his kids to games…I loved the thread when Clarion talked of his wife making delicious pies in an old electric iron skillet…I bond to all these tales. I relate them to my own life.

    Why must we be robots and not allowed to create a certain amount of buffer to the strong opinions so narrowly defined when talking only from the highs and lows of Hoosier basketball and football? So much of life can be a metaphor for what happens on the playing field and court.

    Obviously, Dustin and HT will do what they believe is necessary to curb the instances things go quickly downhill, but if they turn this site into ITH, it will strip away its personality.. Scoop has never been a dictionary or a phone book…It breathes and lives a long and diverse history..It unfolds like a wonderful novel..It takes unexpected turns ..New characters spark our interest and challenge our perceptions…For all the feuding I’ve had with Laffy, I still wouldn’t want him removed. Yes, Scoop has its shocking chapters to go along with moments of inspiration and hope. Would you want to look to drive 2000 miles to the coast of California to forever stare at a tranquil sea?

    This place is human. Dustin is our model for decency. We should strive to be better because he strives to do right by us. That’s what makes Scoop real. It’s what makes it family. God knows that in this superficial land of selling yourself as gleaming models of perfection on Facebook and Twitter pages, we need something real.

  5. Well said, Harvard. I wholeheartedly agree. I, too, have found some of the most interesting threads to be completely off topic.

    If someone dislikes something here, don’t read it. If someone bugs you, don’t respond to them(or do…it’s your choice).

    Nothing here is forced on anyone. I get as much abuse as anybody and I couldn’t possibly care less. If it brings someone pleasure ridiculing or attacking me, I’m glad I could brighten your day.

    Kudos to Dustin.

  6. Ben,

    Hate to hear your decision but if the HT puts in some security log-in instead of dealing with the disruptive posters directly I too will be joining you on the sideline.

  7. I get as much ab use as anybody …

    Yeah, Chet, I can confirm: when it comes to ab use you are without equal.

    You da man, dude!

  8. I agree with Harvard’s second take, (and Chet, HoosierC,…don’t want to forget MassHoosier) that our going “off-topic” is what has created some bonds and made the blog something that brings a human nature and personality to Hoosier fans. Even confrontations have had a way of bringing the participants closer.

    I do agree with Chet that if something offends you, skip it and move on; though I do expect a minimum of civility and a lesser frequency of vulgarity aimed at the contributors. (Maybe, we should save the vulgar comments for the coaches, refs and NCAA officials)

    I also enjoyed Ben’s comments and hope he will reconsider and continue to contribute. I really felt his feelings about recruitment ‘outside’ the country was more of a frustration with the rule structure and the crossing of “t’s” and dotting of “i’s” that confused many issues and made recruitment of an 18 year-old a tedious experience for fans. At least that’s how I understood his frustration at the time and why I tried to look beyond sentence construction. I opposed the idea of only recruiting ‘US players’, stated so at the time but never saw it as a comment on Ben himself. Hope he returns and can look beyond our confused and often ill mannered statements as well.

  9. Oops, should have included one of my ‘bestest’ and truest Hoosier friends Podunker…am probably leaving several others…(Ron, Southport65, Aruss..others)

  10. But Ron uses multiple screen names to take snidely jabs at posters. I thought you weren’t good with that, Tsao. Doesn’t that incite incivility?

    Then again, maybe Tsao is Ron is Rufus is Ben. Maybe Tsao’s #11 is simply Ben circling back ..Is there really anyway to know? It’s poker. It’s constant bluffing. We’re biding him farewell and putting flowers on his blogging grave. It’s beautiful..It’s heartwarming. He can come back tomorrow as ‘Jenn’ and begin all over again. Shark in water.

    In honor of Ben folding.

  11. **** it.

    Yes Harvard, for one day I was Rufus – for a few hours.

    I’m sorry Harvard. I’m sorry Laffy. Maybe this will set a new standard on Scoop? Some degree of honesty as well as regret?

    I will continue my self-imposed exile. Continuing to read but resisting the urge to respond. For example I applaud Dustin’s article on Vic, but I’ll not tell him.

    And what in the world am I going to do with the “Color Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus ($11.96)” now that my pathetic attempt to match Harvard word for word has failed?

    Carry on and leave me to my misery.

    If anybody gets the number of Te’o’s girlfriend let me know.

  12. It’s o.k., Ron Rufus.

    I just get amused by the mixed messages here..Strange how many claim it’s so horrible to use a different screen name to make satirical visual commentaries(commentaries that don’t attack a fellow blogger), but cowardly backstabbing by way of hiding behind a plethora of ever-changing multiple screen names(in the fashion of post #9 aimed at Chet) is perfectly acceptable.

    You haven’t come clean. You’ll come clean when you tell the bloggers of Scoop the name(a name I’m sure Dustin is very familiar)you’ve used extensively in your blogging past. Fess up. You’ll feel better for doing so.

    Go all Lance Armstrong on us.

  13. Ok, so I lied. I am responding to this thread. Look, the only reason why I said what I said was because I am easily frustrated. I guess in my own little world, I think everyone is civil. It’s a work in progress, but I have learned to let things slide off my back. I enjoy the opinions on here. If everyone was like me, I’d be a boring world. I am through with dedicating paragraphs to security log in, but there is got to be a way for better accountability on here. I know Dustin has channels he needs to go through. I am sure if he had the power, he would do things different. I get it. Anyways, I am done with that.

    1. Mr. Harvard. I love your writing style. I like your opinions. With that said, here is your receipt for post #5. If I was to hold meetings with Hanner and Peter, I would do this this. I would tell Hanner the ladder is long to climb. We have people coming in here who will be more polished. Though make no mistake, your athletism is freakish, and we can help you. I would assure him we have the patients and tools for success, etc.

    Then I would call in Peter and say this. I am going to be honest with you. It’s a long road for you. You lack some of the fundamentals of basketball. Furthermore if Cody stays, you will be behind Fischer as well. I am sorry it turned out like this, but please remember I have a team to think of. I understand if you want to transfer, and get more minutes. With that said, your welcomed to stay here. We will work with you as best as we can, etc.

    That is what I would say Harvard. You might be different, but I would just be honest. Those are what my 2 eyes see. My experiences in life have taught me to be brutally honest. People respect that. I mean if I or Coach Crean purposely lied to Peter, what kind of a example would we be setting? I call it tough love.

    2. Geoff, Chet, Tsau, HC I appreciate it. I promise do to do a swan song on leaving again. Lol. Laffy, sometimes I wonder if a group hug would cool tensions around here. You have a sharp basketball mind. Nobody can take that away from you.

    3. Post #10. Tsau, your exactly right. It’s just pure frustration. I wouldn’t treat him no different. It’s just lately that when the season starts, you wonder who is going to be in trouble this year.

    I am busy with my bible studies, and don’t get a chance to post as much as I like. I will try to be more understanding next time, instead of giving up. To any Ben haters out there, I Love You too, and praying for you.

  14. I like the honesty, Ben. Agree with a lot of your comments. I guess brutal honesty is what put Bobby Capobianco in a Crusader uniform.

    Quite the miracle comeback by Valpo against Detroit Mercy last night. I understand it was a kid from the Netherlands that had a huge game(31 points..career high). Valpo also has players from Jamaica and Australia…There roster spreads throughout the U.S. as well..California, NC, Idaho, Chicago, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio.

    Capo got ejected last night….a rather uncalled for hard flagrant foul. What thoroughly surprised me was his speed. He seemed more athletic and really elevated on the play that resulted in the ejection.

  15. Thanks Harvard. Bobby came in at a confusing time for Indiana. Would the program come back, or would it turn Into San Francisco Dons post sanctions. (Non existent). Obviously, Indiana came back. My dad loves talking about the Dons before the sanctions tore them apart.

    If I remember correctly, the bulked Bobby up at Indiana. Big time. He was Elston’s backup in the post. I think the Bobby you see now is his natural body, and overall comfort zone. Valpo is a good pick for Bobby. He will do well there.

  16. I agree. Watching the video, I don’t remember Bobby being that quick on his feet at Indiana. Even as a freshman before he bulked up.

  17. Yeah, I agree. Capo looks leaner and spunkier without the bulk.

    I often wonder if too much time in the weight rooms can actually contribute to injuries..Could the ‘macho factor’ in the weight room be pushing guys to get to higher poundage on the bar too quickly?

    I don’t know enough about the science…muscles and the way they demand the blood flow..I remember once reading how muscles develop a certain type of memory..The hard and fast intensity of weights vs. the gradual demands and grind of going up and down a court? I’m babbling..

    Da Bulls! Take that Celtics!

  18. People keep saying Crean shouldn’t throw the players under the bus when they play like crap.

    Well, not only did Pitino compare his players to Michael Jackson…..ouch….but according to Seth, he’s constantly saying their defense sucks even though it’s the best in the nation:


    Also, did you see this quote about Crean from Bo?

    “Bruce Hooley from Cleveland put this out there on Tuesday….thought it was very interesting…

    Bo Ryan once referred to Crean as, “Tommy Basketball.” When asked why, Bo said, “‘Cause he thinks he invented the game”


  19. Laffy,

    I think Crean should when warranted. I mean how are you going to learn, without some tough love? First thing I think of is Christian Watford. I would have made an example out of him, and sit him for a majority of a game.

    I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. I once heard that out of frustration, Crean ripped out a phone in the Assembly Hall locker room. Don’t know if that is true or not.

    I guess what I am trying to say is sometimes someone has to be the example. There is no worse feeling then sitting on the pine.

    I love Coach Crean. I hope he is with us for years. I just tell myself he knows what he is doing. I think we just all got used to Knights discipline, and hold Crean to that level, whether its fair or not. Guess its a personal judgement call.

  20. Harvard,

    You may have a good point. It did Elston no favors as well. His knees are bad anyway, so any extra weight on them isn’t a good thing. Too bad for Elston. Was hoping this be the year he was finally injury free, and play at a high level.

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