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The Indiana defense will be on guard, particularly freshman point guard Yogi Ferrell, for tonight’s rematch with Penn State, Dustin writes.

The individual matchups between Indiana and Penn State, from Dustin.

IU defensive tackles coach Mark Hagen appears headed to Texas A&M, Dustin wrote.

IU co-captain and Bloomington native Caleb Konstanski was selected by the Chicago Fire in Tuesday’s MLS Supplemental Draft, we reported.

IU coach Tom Crean says his Harbaugh brother-in-laws bring out the best in each other, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star writes.

A win at Wisconsin keeps Michigan State in first place in the Big Ten heading to Bloomington on Sunday, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

D.J. Richardson’s career-high 30 points led Illinois past Nebraska, Marcus Jackson of the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette writes.

A revised contract will pay Ohio State coach Thad Matta more than $3.2 million annually through 2019, the Associated Press reports.

For the brothers Harbaugh, here’s War on Drugs with “Brothers.”


  1. I think Crean must find a way to get Perea more minutes…he just needs game experience and extended play, not the minute here or there. Excited for the game tonight and hope for the best!!!

  2. Whoever characterized Eric Gordon as a thug?

    While I never labelled Jordan Crawford as one, either, I’d have been embarrassed if the Hoosiers had conducted themselves in the same manner as the Xavier team he joined. After an on the court brawl, instead of apologizing for their behavior, as the opposing coach did for his players, his teammate, who is sitting beside him, tells the press “We’ve got a whole bunch of gangsters in the locker room.”


  3. Please don’t tell me Mr. DON’T YOU DARE EVER SAY ANYTHING BA ABOUT OUR PLAYERS is calling one of them a thug for no reason…..

  4. Great interview with Dana White, head of UFC:


    Three things stood out to me:

    1) He was asked about his “in-your-face” style and he replied, “There is no dialing back Dana. I am who I am.

    People often praise Barkley and even Knight for “telling it like it is” yet soil their pants when I do it. Oh, well. I don’t care. I hate PC crap and speak my mind.

    2) Loved his advice to the valet.

    3) Also loved his point about “finishers” and that most people “don’t just the win”…..they want to FINISH them. So, that’s why I don’t sing kumbuya with the rest of you “just because we win.” I care more HOW we play and finish. If you think Knight was happy “just as long as we won” even if we played like crap, I think you’re clueless.

  5. Crawford returned to play for the 2009-2010 season with the Muskies and led Xavier and the Atlantic 10 in scoring with 20.5 points per game, with .462 FG%. He scored in double figures in 31 straight games and 34 of XU’s 35. Crawford scored 20+ in 20 games for the Musketeers and landed a spot on the First Team All-Atlantic 10. Xavier won its 4th straight A-10 title and earned a 6-seed in the NCAA tournament. Crawford led the Muskies past the 3-seed Pittsburgh Panthers to its 3rd straight Sweet Sixteen, one of only two teams to accomplish during ’08-’10. Xavier lost to the 2-seed Kansas State Wildcats in the West Regional Semifinal, the “widely agreed-upon Game of the Year”. Crawford scored a career high 32 in the double overtime thriller including a deep three-pointer sending the game to the second overtime. Crawford earned a spot on the five-member NCAA Tournament All-West Region Team after averaging 29.0 points per game in the three appearances. Crawford scored more points (718) for a sophomore than any other in Xavier’s history. He also finished 4th in the Musketeer’s single season scoring history. Crawford was named by Sporting News a Third Team All-American and A-10 Player of the Year. Crawford entered the 2010 NBA Draft after two years of college play becoming the first Musketeer to enter the draft before graduating. (courtesy: Wikipedia)


    Crawford left the Musketeers a year before the brawl. The Xavier/Cincinnati brawl your referencing occurred on Dec. 10, 2011.

  6. I can’t say I think much of how the Xavier coach coach summarily dismissed the event as a minor deal. I was much more impressed by the Cincinnati coach’s being totally appalled and saying he didn’t know who would still be on the team the following week.

    When you, or those you are responsible for, screw up (as I did in my post) you need to own up to it. You don’t do anyone any favors sweeping things under the rug. Any decent parent knows that.

    Again, I should have checked my facts before I posted my comment and I summarily fall on my sword for it.


  7. Don’t be so hard on yourself..I had to look it up the date myself. I didn’t recollect Crawford being on the brawl squad, but I still needed to double chet.

    And a lot people don’t own up these days…or take much longer than you did(smirk, smirk).

    Remember how Bible-pusher Reggie took forever to own up to the fact he was using the alternative screen name “Puke is the Worst” to throw Hoosiers under the bus? …Or was it “Puke is the Rufus?”…I simply can’t remember.

  8. Geoff.

    Watched the New Hampton game on ESPN to the finish. The PG Jorgenson is nifty with good offers, even if not flagships of CBB. Either HC, Ford or Gregory will both do him well. I am surprised Patterson was not able to impact TJ’s play more when Brewster played them as he controlled ballers as good or better in AAU and HS. But some days the kite just flies higher.

  9. The most important thing to remember is Penn State is not only dead last in the won and lost games but also has the worst defense percentage against the 3 in the conference! Now having said that it was good to see Shehey come out of his funk and Yogi to find his shot. If someone could motivate Hollowell a little it would sure help.He has skills but seems to be too laid back. My biggest concern is that most of our wins in conference other than Minn. have against the teams in the lower part of the conference and several we struggled to beat! There is no tomorrow the next six games will tell the story as to where we really are. We still lack the killer instinct to knock teams out.We are creeping back into the unforced turnover issue we had last year, not good this time of the year!Perra is still playing like a guy who missed 9 games and he will be a good one without question .Whats up with MO and the new number deal? Is Yurkin that bad he can’t play against Penn St. at home? Is it me or everytime
    we get a big lead early we lay down in the second half?The top teams will crush us if we don’t get that fixed.Also when a team is beating us in the first half where is our second half game plan(Wisconson)? Will Watford ever play a complete game or be a MIA all season? It’s really bad when the broadcasters comment on it all the time. When he is dialed in we are as good as anybody!Izzo and the boys will be ready we cannot lose any home games the rest of the season!I think they just beat Wisconson at home that almost never happens!GO HOOSIERS!

  10. Shehey? Sorry Charlie. It’s actually Will Shehorny.

    We’ll give you another quiz next week.

    Please review the following:

    Jordache Halls
    Christian Wallflower
    Corduroy Zella
    Hoagie Farewell
    Randy Amiable

  11. ^ That is really funny. It’s good to see you are exploring some non-photoshop ways to have a laugh, through getting back to the basics.

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