Hoosier Morning

Indiana leads the Big Ten in field goal percentage defense, a sign of the strides the Hoosiers have made on that end of the floor, Dustin writes.

Penn State was a tune-up for the difficult five-game stretch ahead was among the takeaways from Wednesday’s game, I wrote.

IU women’s basketball coach Curt Miller was at a loss after Thursday night’s disappointing loss to Michigan, Mike writes.

In addition to the six fall signees, Indiana will add D.C.-area walk-on Andrew Calomeris next season as revealed in this Q&A, Eric Detweiler of the Washington Post writes.

The man who beat out Yogi Ferrell for Mr. Basketball, Gary Harris, expects some hostility in his Bloomington debut with Michigan State, Diamond Leung of MLive.com writes.

Michigan State will wear special Nike uniforms Sunday in a game the Spartans feel like they must win, Joe Rexrode of the Detroit Free Press writes.

Sometimes a good story is just a good story, and in this case, also a tragic one. Learn how Southwest Minnesota State basketball coach Brad Bigler twice stared tragedy in the face, Jeff Goodman of CBSsports.com writes.

Just for Sunday’s game, it’s Sparta with “Breaking the Broken.”


  1. Interesting that the Spartans view this as a must win. Every contender will probably have to steal one or two on the road from one of the conference big dogs to win the title– especially if they’ve already taken a dump at home like we did vs UW– but I’d hardly consider a road loss to a top ten team to be the end of your season.

    I guess that’s the approach you have to take, but then wouldn’t that mean every game is a must win?

  2. I’m afraid that I.U. Is going to get beat pretty desisivel by Michigan State! They will just be too physical for our guys!

  3. I won’t be shocked if we lose. I would be shocked if we lost decisively.

    I get that sometimes FG% defense can just be a matter of our opponents having an off night, but to hold them down to the tune of leading the league in that category after six or seven games indicates that we must be playing some tough defense. Not to mention i believe we’ve outrebounded almost every opponent we’ve played, and are 10th in the nation in that category– ahead of the Spartans. Sure, MSU plays physical and has had a much harder schedule than we have so far, but I think we’ve shown that we can be pretty physical, too.

  4. Punjab, just as you have stated leading the conference in FG% D establishes the fact IU is physical. 10th in the nation for rebounding puts it in capital letters.

  5. Every game, Laffy. Or at least the vast majority of them. We dominated a physical Minnesota team in the first half before we almost collapsed. We banged with an equally physical team with Wisconsin. We’ve been physical in every B1G game so far, why is by almost all accounts the most physical conference in the country.

    Just because we haven’t always done if for a full 40 minutes doesn’t mean we can’t– which was the point of my #2 if you read it to the end. It’s just a matter of if we do. That will determine who wins this weekend.

  6. Okay, since everyone wants to be a coach I might as well throw in my two cents worth.
    IU will start out with their run and gun game, and try to put a lot of defensive pressure On MS early.
    Mich ST. will slow the game down and force IU to play a half court game. They will be very patience on offense.
    IU will try to beat them with the 3 point shot, which will probably fail early in the game.
    Adjustments by MS will be minor, because their game plan has probably the best shot at success.
    IU will make some adjustments such as, resting their starters so they have a chance at closing out a game that will be close at the end. Zeller and CW will become the go to guys, and VO will have an all star game. The bench will play well and here it comes. IU wins by 7!!!!!!!!GO IU
    This is my story and I’m sticking to it

  7. Movement in Hoosier FB recruiting. The offer to Texas HS DT commit Jacobi Hunter has been pulled(if you mess with coach Wilson you are toast)by IU. A verbal commit from Florida CB Nigel Tribune has been received. Makes 4 from Florida.

  8. 1. Poopermint
    2. Rashberry
    3. Fruit of the Loom

  9. Laffy,

    I think it’s fair to say we have been physical… It’s also fair to say we have been less physical than other teams – Butler for sure, but Wisconsin wasn’t necessarily physically tougher I think they were just more mentally tough.

    We have out-rebounded every team except Butler. We out-rebounded UW by 9. We are #2 in the country in rebound margin, and our margin in the B1G is +7.8/gm (although somehow the conference site has them at 5.8 game… I checked the box scores and we are +46 total over 6 games). That’s a pretty good mark of how physical a team is. Another is points in the paint… (I’ve been searching for an hour and can’t find any statistical rankings on this, but I know we are beating teams up in this area… I’ll keep searching) And yet another is FT attempts… IU has attempted 25 more FT’s than the #2 team in the conference.

    Tomorrow will be a great test of our physicality.

  10. “10th in the nation” means zero to me when we played the 228th ranked pre-conference schedule…..and probably the easiest conference schedule of all the teams.

    And I could be wrong, but most of our “points in the paint” are from Cody beating his guy down the floor for a lay-up/dunk. That’s not “physical” to me.

    Not saying it’s bad, just not “physical.”

    And who is Watford been “physical” with? That is the LAST word I’d use to describe his game.

    And free throw attempts? Don’t most of those come when we’re fouled driving to the lane?

    I guess we have different definitions of “physical.” I also don’t see Jordy being “physical” with ANYBODY.

  11. Earning a placement of 10th in the nation means zero but but owning the 228th spot is everything. Logic a 1/16th of an inch thick and 44 miles wide.

  12. ^ The two are not independent placements Hotel Boy.

    One determines the other. Your logic is just as you describe it. Perhaps only Chet can state something stupider than what you wrote. Only he’s stuck in his little sword at the moment.

  13. Laffy, I understand what you’re saying, but I think you’re being overly critical. Your opinion matters, but if you’re simply going by the eye-test then that’s just waaaaaay too subjective. Is Watford physically soft? Sure , at times. But I think he is a good position defensive rebounder, and that takes some physicality. Recently he has tried to take the ball strong to the rim, and he’s been rewarded with FT’s. He does get pushed around in the post and he’s easy to keep off the offensive boards. Cody has been pushed around some as well, but he’s still imposed his will on most teams. Dipo is certainly a very physical player, and Will is a very aggressive player. I think yogi is very physical, and not just for a freshman.

    We have some individuals who are physical and some that a tad soft. Some that we expect to be more physical…. As an aggregate though we are more physical than MOST of the teams we play against. We certainly aren’t the most physical team in the country or the B1G.

    When it comes down to it you have too measure “physical” in some manner. How would you do it?

    In my opinion the best measures are defensive efficiency, rebounding margin, FT margin, and points in the paint. IU does very well in those categories. If you want to throw them out because they have a weak schedule thus far ok….

    Let’s just look at how they’ve fared against the best teams. They’ve played 7 games against top-50
    Kenpom teams and they are 5-2. Here is how they fared:

    Opponent (record, Kenpom rank) – reb margin, FT margin, def eff (pts per poss)

    ND State (16-4, #39) – +12, +21, .88
    Georgetown (13-4, #44) – +5, +26, 1.06
    UNC (13-5, #49) – +7, -2, .80
    Butler (16-3, #32) – -2, +22, 1.16
    Iowa (13-6, #34) – +7, -8, .87
    Minny (15-4, #9) – +2, +25, 1.09
    Wisc (13-6, #13) – +9, +5, 1.08

    Overall that’s: +40 rebounding (5.8/gm), +85 attempted FT (12.1/gm), and .99 def points per possession.

    That would rank them in the #186 in def eff and #37 in rebound margin, when you compare their top-50 stats against everyone else’s overall (including creampuffs) stats.

    There is no ranking for FT margin that I can find, but clearly that margin is large. I am still looking for a PIP ranking…

  14. I would guess if you only counted everyone else’s stats against top 50 teams we’d be near the top.

  15. Great points…..as usual.

    I agree that Victor and Yogi are physical.

    As a senior, it should not be “easy” to get rebounds against Watford.

    I guess I’m biased against him because I think he’s mostly been a waste of talent.

    Don’t inhale too many fumes………

  16. I kick the wifey out of the house for that very reason…

    Awesome to watch Louisville and Syracuse lose today… That with Duke getting blown out the other night.. What a weird season.

    IU could lose in the second round or win it all, and so could about 10 other teams…

    If ever a mid-major we’re to win it all I think this is the year.

  17. Ok now I really should get started on my house… Can’t have the wife come home tomorrow and not have everything done that I promised.

    Plus tomorrow I have to take time out for a HUGE Hoosiers game and then a men’s league game… Think tonight will be a late night of fume-huffing.

  18. Geoff. Points in the paint can be found at the IU BB site. Individual game box scores. Not easy, bring paper, pencil and calculator.

  19. Ron,

    Thanks… I thought of that, but while it would be pertinent to the discussion of how they did against their immediate opponents it wouldnt give a perspective on how that compares to everyone else. I’m hoping to do both with a 100th of the effort!

  20. Louisville lost again?


    Yeah, if we don’t win it all, I hope a mid-major does.

    CRAZY season.

  21. And San Diego State doing a number on New Mexico. Did not realize Steve Fisher was at SDS. Dude looks as old as me. Student section of San Diego is great.

  22. Thought the headline over at ESPN was a tad unfair… “Badgers Beat Slumping Gophers”

    I guess 4 losses in a row can be considered a slump, but they were:

    By 7 @ #5 IU
    By 8 home against #5 Michigan
    By 7 @ Northwestern (who have also beaten Illinois and Baylor on the road)
    By 1 @ Wisconsin (good luck winning there no matter who you are)

    More the letter of the slump than the spirit of the slump I guess.

  23. By 7 @ Northwestern (who have also beaten Illinois and Baylor on the road)

    Also just kept powerhouse Nebraska under 65, you forgot that!

  24. By 1 @ Wisconsin (good luck winning there no matter who you are)

    Really? Is that what you think?

  25. Yes… Wisconsin is at least 72-12 the last 5 years at home. I’m subtracting a few wins that look like home wins, but could be neutral court. I didn’t subtract any losses, but there are probably a couple we could take off for neutral court losses.

    At best they are 79-8, at worst 72-12, so I’ll settle on 75-10 as their most likely home record the last 5 years. This includes wins against 4 top-5 teams and 13 teams ranked ahead of them in the top-25. Therefore, I stand by my statement – good luck winning there… No matter who you are.

    Why would you think otherwise?

  26. Just found this other nugget… For arenas that have been open at least 10 years UW has the 2nd highest home winning %… After, you guessed it…. Xavier.

    So yes, that is what I think.

  27. Funny how powerhouse Virginia beat them this year.

    Right there in that frightening arena.

    Unranked Virginia.

    Now about Minny losing to Northwestern: MN is not NE.

  28. If you paint like you think this is what your house looks like. Good luck to your wife finding the door when she comes back.

  29. Oh, and this one… They are 213-29 since opening the Kohl Center 16 years ago. Coming into this year they were 202-27, good for 7th best among all current home courts. Better than UCLA, Kansas, IU, Duke, UNC, Syracuse, MSU, Louisville….

    You name a team, they are pretty much better than them at home. So yeah, I believe what I wrote.

  30. Really solid logic Virginia…

    Since Team X loses to Team Y then that completely discounts all historical data about Team X… I wonder how that would hold up for any team you would put ahead of Wisconsin as a great home team.

    I know you won’t answer, because you’re (expletive deleted by Dustin)… But I’ll ask anyway… Who is better at home, in your opinion, than Wisconsin?

    Was that supposed to be a dis on my painting skills? If I could paint like that I’d be thrilled! Of course I’d never paint my house like that, but with that kinda skill I’d have the cleanest look in the neighborhood. Of course, I have to make do with the skills I have, and since the kitchen, living room, and both bathrooms went well she now trusts me to do the bedrooms and nursery.

  31. Well Geoff, she (he) (it) had to come back with something. What a great response she (he) (it) had. Ouch. Next she will be,,,,I’ll show you my paintbrush if you’ll show me your’s

  32. Geoff Chickenchet, here’s your reply: if Virginia won there and if ranked MSU won there then ranked Minny could have also won just as well. But they didn’t because they’re in a slump. In such a slump that they lost to lowly Northwestern (who just lost to minnow Nebraska). Okay dude, your brain is fried if you don’t understand that Minnesota is in a slump.

  33. Minnesota was only favored in 1 of those 4 games… The NW loss was not a good one, but it is understandable. They aren’t lowly… They are 12-9 with some quality wins. MN was supposed to lose at IU, against UM, and at UW.

    So to say a team is in a slump because they lost 4 games when they were only supposed to lose 3 of them is iffy at best.

    Its like saying Iowa was overrated because they’ve lost 4 of their last 6 games… No, moron. They were supposed to lose those games… They were to IU, MSU, UM, and OSU.

    It’s unfortunate that you lack logic. I do, however, applaud your creativity.

  34. As I figured… You won’t provide an example of a place you think is harder to win at than the Kohl.

    Chickensh… (Dustin I’ll save you the time)

  35. It’s official: you can’t even argue without resorting to expletives. You’re what you put on others. Sad. I explained why Minnesota is in a slump. You’re unable to reason. You need a break, dude. Go paint, only don’t inhale!

  36. Its like saying Iowa was overrated because they’ve lost 4 of their last 6 games… No, moron. They were supposed to lose those games… They were to IU, MSU, UM, and OSU.

    Georkk (I think someone once called you) I find this very amusing: you’re now calling me a moron for a statement I have not even made. Did I say anything about Iowa? Dude… you are beyond amusing, you’re downright entertaining.

  37. Didn’t call you a moron… Called the people who have said that morons. But the logic is similar to saying that Minny is in a slump. Losing to teams you’re supposed to lose to doesn’t mean you are in a slump or overrated.

    Of those 8 losses on one was supposed to be a win.

    However, you’re argument is moronic, and thus….

    Keep hiding behind multiple names so no one will ever be able to figure out who you are and can hold you accountable for your feeble posts.

    Congrats on your anonymity.

    Whenever you want to answer my question – what place is tougher to win at then Wiscy – then you can call this an argument. Until then it’s just me killing an illogical troll.

  38. Assembly Hall, Bloomington, IN is a place where it’s harder to win than at Kohl’s. End of discussion.

  39. For what it’s worth, a compilation of places where it’s hard for the visitors to win:

    THIS WEEK’S POLL (Dec. 5, 2012)

    Ranking the best home-court advantages in the country (voters: myself, Andy Katz, Dana O’Neil, Fran Fraschilla), ordered by total points with number of first-place votes in parentheses:

    1. Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas (3): 39
    2. Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke (1): 37
    3. Assembly Hall, Indiana: 24
    4. Carrier Dome, Syracuse: 23
    5. The Kennel, Gonzaga: 18
    6. Viejas Arena, San Diego State: 17
    7. Rupp Arena, Kentucky: 16
    8. The Pit, New Mexico: 14
    9. Breslin Center, Michigan State: 8
    10. Koch Arena, Wichita State: 6

    Also receiving votes: Peterson Events Center, Pittsburgh, 5; Kohl Center, Wisconsin, 4; Bramlage Coliseum, Kansas State, 3; McKale Center, Arizona, 2; Bud Walton Arena, Arkansas, 2; Gallagher-Iba Arena, Oklahoma State, 1; CFSB Center, Murray State, 1.

    Now, too bad they didn’t consult G. Fumes first.

  40. Hey, I got a cameo even though I thought “Virginia” was clueless.

    I guess that’s when you know they are bowing down to you.

  41. Chet aren’t you the one that thought Wisconsin and Indiana were tied first when they were in fact third and four. Chuckle. Dude, you give the word “clueless” new meanings, excuse me Your Dimness, more precisely new depths.

    An infuriatingly secure Virginia has G. Fumes foaming at the mouth.

  42. That hasn’t beared out over history.

    winning percentage

    Kohl Center – 88%

    Assembly Hall – 84%

    Now I’m all for erasing the first 3 Crean years from any rational discussion, so let’s do that…

    Assembly Hall (minus 2008-2011) – 87%

    Since both teams are in the B1G it seems like an apples-to-apples comparison.

    Clearly both teams are great at home, and it’s hard for any team to go into either place and earn a win, but it’s been slightly more difficult to get a win in Kohl.

    Now, to go back to your moronic argument about Losing to unranked teams… Last year IU lost at home to unranked Minnesota, who was 0-4 in the B1G at the time. This year IU lost at home to unranked Wisconsin, who has a worse record than (uh-oh)… Virginia. I guess that disproves all the historical data that Assembly Hall is a tough place for anyone to get a win.

    Would you like o try another team/arena?

    Funny how your “logic” falls apart when put into a real world scenario.

  43. History means nothing, Fumes. Real world means the present. And the present means that even with Tom Crean picking up gum off the floor of Assembly Hall it’s still harder to win here in Bloomington than it is at the Kohl Center. Because we have a better team, we have better fans, we just have a slightly less experienced coach than others…

    Fumes, at ease. I’m done with you.

  44. Mr King…

    That’s a nice poll. I think that going forward Assembly Hall will be a tougher place to get a win than Kohl… That being said, if The Carrier Dome is a tougher environment then why does Wisconsin have a better home record over the past several years than Syracuse despite having less talented teams and playing in the B1G? In the 16 seasons the Kohl has existed Syracuse has 18 more home losses than Wisconsin and a significantly lesser winning percentage (83% to 88%). Curious as to your reasoning.

    And btw, my argument was never that Kohl is the toughest, just that its tough to leave there with a win, no matter who you are. Your poll backs that premise up, so thank you for the support.

    Also, I wrote Eammon a little earlier asking if he knew a source for Points in the Paint (PIP) stats… Haven’t heard back, as I’m sure he’s busy with important stuff, but since you’re here, do you know a good source?

    If you ever want to consult me for future polls I promise to give careful thought to my answers.

  45. Presently it is tough for any team to get a win in Madison, no matter who you are. Wisconsin is 11-2 at home.

    I will never argue that it isn’t tough to win at Assembly. It is. I never said it wasn’t. I never said IU didn’t have better fans. We do. We had a chance to prove we were better than Wisconsin… At home… And we didn’t take advantage of it, but I agree we are better.

    I said, as you’ll remember since you quoted me, “Good luck winning there no matter who you are”… To which your ridiculous reply was “Really? Is that what you think?”

    Yes, which I backed up with plenty of data and now you have 4 ESPN writers backing me up in a published poll. What new foolish statement will you make, now that you’ve been thoroughly decimated.

  46. Geoff…been following the thread and your running argument with Virginia.

    What came to mind is that while discussing Wisconsin basketbal and how NEARLY impossible it is to beat the Badgers at Kohl; their record, W’s home record and their performance in the Big Ten. It stuck out that you and Virginia exchange 29 posts with conflicting hypothesis about Wisconsin’s success at home(19 for your, 10 from Virginia)…and not once do either of you mention one critical variable…BO RYAN!

    Really..! Not once…not even once does the most important variable in the history of Wisconsin basketball, an older coach who had become a legend at the U. of Wisconsin-Plateville and has since grown to Davey Crockett levels merit being mentioned in the discussion between the two.

    (I remember when he surfaced as a candidate for the job and my thin king that it was unfortunate but I did not think the UofW would have the sense to give him the job). Surprisingly and for the good, I was wrong. He really is a coach to admire, in every way.

    Your argument surprises me, particularly when looking at how you may be giving too much value to statistical analysis alone. Historians spent decades arguing over ‘Interrupted Time-Series Analysis-, a methodology that looks a long threads of history as a solid foundation to discern patterns but not to explain all. While they saw the value of identifying core issues; historians soon discovered that patterns only served to identify. But, they also realized that quantitative analysis alone contributed to identifying these generally nebulous tendencies but did little to explain to any degree of detail (or with much degree of success) the impact on entire populations (of people, numbers, etc)of single events, phenomena, groups or individuals.

    (You’ll be interested in this; if I recall, one of the most important articles in elaborating and developing the methodology was a study of traffic violations written by the Connecticut State Police during the 1970’s and the impact of ‘specific events’ on ticket writing over time).

    I say this because it struck me that both you AND Virginia completely ignore the most important ‘variable’ in Wisconsin’s remarkable basketball history; one white haired, brilliant, disciplined and very basic fact…the appearance of Bo Ryan in the Badgers’ bench.

    Look, I appreciate the analysis of numbers, the application of logic and the appearance of mathematical models as an analytical tools (the basis of my professional life). But- IMHO and having worked and dealt with them as a major tool my entire existence- I find numbers are merely the start of analysis that points to general patterns and tendencies while identifying ‘outliers’,- those cases that are outside the paradigms defined by the statistical analysis and become worthy of deep study in and off themselves, to explain phenomena.

    I believe this is true in history (or do we just pass Germany off for being 0-2 in world wars while England is 2-0); in basketball (did the dominance in the 1970’s-1990’s have anything to do with their fame as ‘Hurrying Hoosiers’.

    I’m not doubting your reliance on numbers as such. But find that it is better to use them as a start, to pose deeper questions than to accept them as explanations in and of themselves. Most of the time, using the numbers to raise questions will identify the issues worth ‘eye-balling’, researching and studying.

    One last thing that I am curious about. What was it in Virginia’s (I too wish that whoever it is would use a consistent name for credibility’s sake) argument that set you off? Seemed to really upset you but, while reviewing it- never did figure out why. Maybe something I’m missing.

    Keep that brush moving or your wife will make you wish you had inhaled.

  47. Not sure what set me off. I guess just the ridiculous notion that it isn’t difficult to leave Madison with a win, that he either holds or pretends to hold.

    I’m not sure it bothered me. As I’ve said on here several times I like a debate, and while he wasn’t really debating me, he was feeding that desire of mine to make arguments for a case.

    I think that often times people mistake my relentlessness with being bothered. When I’m bothered I state it. I have stated it a couple times when Harvard and I have gotten into it, and I think once with you a couple months back.

    Your point about Ryan is well-taken. He is the single greatest factor in my opinion. He is able to impose his style on teams better than any other coach in the country in my opinion. When you add that in to the elements of home-court advantage you end up with a ridiculously difficult place to get a win… No matter who you are.

    However, prior to Bo Ryan the Badgers played 4 seasons at the Kohl. I was able to find records for the 3 years prior to Ryan and they went 34-7 at home. So, while I’m not saying its The Kohl, there is plenty of evidence to say that AT LEAST since The Kohl has opened it has been tough for anyone to leave Madison with a win, regardless of the Badger coach, and no matter the opponent.

  48. I don’t agree with you. I had checked the coaching history at Wisconsin and there was nothing, absolutely nothing out-of-the-ordinary before Ryan shows up. So much so that the pre-Ryan Kohl history seems to be more of a coincidence than part of a discernible feature.

    Not sure her, but you had to go to the First World War to find a Wisconsin coach who even nears Bo Ryan’s team records. Nevertheless, I am not disputing that Wisconsin is a tough place to play anything. The Green Bay Packers are damned near impossible to beat there; the Brewers are a much different team in Milwaukee than anywhere else, forget U of Wisconsin football and the toughness, particularly at home, of several other Wisconsin based programs (UW-Milwaukee, UW-Plattvile, UW-Green Bay, Marquette itself). This suggests that the crowds have a huge role as does the architectural designs of the various sites.

    But, given that, the Bo Ryan story is just a ‘watershed’ variable in and off itself, just like Knight was at Indiana. (Chet-just saving you the time- know you’re tempted but I’ll assume ‘a priori’ it and save both of us a little time).

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