Indiana falls to No. 7 in Associated Press poll, No. 8 in USA Today poll

Indiana fell to No. 7 in the Associated Press Top 25 after its loss to Wisconsin on Tuesday. The Hoosiers were No. 2 in the poll last week.

Duke took back the No. 1 spot after No. 1 Louisville lost on Saturday to Syracuse. Michigan moved back up to No. 2. Kansas and Syracuse tied at No. 3 in the poll. Louisville fell to No. 5 and Arizona is No. 6.

Butler moved up to No. 9 after its win over Gonzaga. The other Big Ten teams in the top 25 were all bunched together, with Minnesota at No. 12, Ohio State at No. 13 and Michigan State at No. 14.

UPDATE: Indiana also fell to No. 8 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. The Hoosiers had been No. 2 in that poll as well.

Duke was also No. 1 in that poll, followed by Kansas, Michigan, Syracuse, Louisville, Arizona and Florida. Butler is No. 9, Michigan State is No. 11, Minnesota is No. 14 and Ohio State is No. 15.


  1. That ranking is higher than I thought it would be and probably higher than the team deserves right now. IU’s win at NW was not inspiring. The team needs to learn to relax and play with confidence. Missed free throws, turn-overs, sketchy bench play and the second-half “panic” gives the appearance that these guys are playing not to lose and feeling the squeeze of high expectations. They’re not used to being the front-runner, but they better adapt quickly.

  2. Agree Po. I was thinking 10th to 15th.

    Surprised Syracuse did not move up more.

    Michigan State game looking interesting.

    And Ole Miss climbing the charts. Thanks to Harvard’s support?.?

  3. I’m not paying attention to the rankings. At this point, they need to win the B1G tourney to get a #1 seed in the big dance.

    For the rest of the B1G season, I’m just looking for the team to become battle tested against good competition to get them ready for the B1G tourney (something they should have done with better pre-conf scheduling). Hanner & Jeremy need major minutes to develop.

    I hope CTC learns for next year’s scheduling that trying to juke the stats with cupcake wins to balance out a tougher conf schedule for NCAA seedings leaves your team unprepared for conference play.

  4. We are not a top 10 team at this point. I think we could be if we resolve some basic issues: lack of killer instinct, inconsistent free throws, inability to ajust to different defenses.

  5. Indiana is a top 20 team…they are just not that good and have hit a wall especially after competition has stiffened….First, they have to play disciplined and tougher once they get a lead. Secondly, quit falling into taking stupid three point shots with lots of time on the shot clock unless it is a shot that is in smooth and in rythm. Sometimes Sheehy, Watford, guard from KY and others act like they are to desperate to shoot three. Third, get alot tougher on the inside as part of an offensive and defensive system identity. Fourth, gaurd combinations need to be other than Ferrell and Hulls (two small gaurds not good so much. Finally, they need a good big comming off the bench and contribute at high level.

  6. How can one ever expect a kid to eat a bowl of nails for breakfast when his parents clipped his stones at birth with the name ‘Cody?’

    Kathie lee named her kids Cassidy and Cody…Any questions?

    Be damn thankful our Hoosier Cody is as tough as he is.

    How many Cody’s are out there wearing tool belts, working with hammers as rugged carpenters, pounding nails into two-by-four studs? How many are in professional hockey or the NFL? How many Cody’s would be part of a fishing ship’s crew featured in “Deadliest Catch?”

    Cody sounds like a dude that would give you a massage in the mall..Maybe once played Australian ball.

  7. This team needs to improve the mental toughness that allows them to dominate less-talented Big Ten teams on the road. Yes, they are 3-0 so far, but you can see them getting tight in the second half of these games. Zeller used the word “panic” to describe what had begun to set in during the second half at NW. I think the problem is almost entirely psychological. If they’d been patient on some more shots and hit their FTs on Sunday, their lead would never have dropped below 10 points.

    While we celebrate and applaud this team’s unselfishness and team-play, the flip side of that is that right now, it appears they are lacking a “go-to” offensive leader when its crunch time. Let’s hope we develop that go-to offensive leader in the next month or so.

  8. I realize we all love to take our jabs at Kentucky, but that tiny small town marching band that passed by the President at the very end of the inauguration parade was possibly one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. …And the heavyset batten-twirling majorette melted my heart while she spun in carefree glee appearing to be the happiest and proudest girl in the world.

  9. What a shame all those talented musicians have no economic future under the current administration….

  10. Oh you drama queen, Jackie. How hard it must be to find a job in a nation with an unemployment rate hovering around 7.9% and a McDonalds and Starbucks on every block, urban and suburban alike (and even some rural)! It’s a shame. What desperate, dire times these are! I’ve even heard that America’s rural, poor obese population has had to cut down on its cheeseburger consumption by almost 10% per year (that translates to about 72 Whoppers, or 36 regular McDonalds cheeseburgers).

  11. Lots of good paying jobs out there. But most people are too stupid and/or lazy to get them.

    They want to be paid 25 bucks an hour, with full benefits, to push a button all day.

  12. Well if there are lots of good paying jobs out there, direct my nephew to one. He isn’t afraid of hard work and would do about anything to get a job making enough money to support his family without having to rely on help from relatives. The job he has is a skilled trade but the business just isn’t there.

  13. Location has a lot to do with the availability of “good” jobs. Indianapolis – good. SW Fl – poor. Medical seems good everywhere. Skilled trade – tough to find unless you are willing to move or follow the work. If ever there was a time to train for a new job market, it’s now

  14. But. the talented musicians, if thats all they know, than they are in deep ****. And would have been in deep **** during the Bush era.

    Have a distant relative that has trained to become a ballerina. Apparently very good. Nobody cares. Talk about a limited job market. At least she can make coffee at Starbucks.

  15. Ron,
    Right on target. Training and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the unemployment rate in December for college graduates was 3.9%. If you’ve ever taken a college economics course and remember the Phillips Curve you’ll recall the 4% is considered ‘full employment’ as, at any given point in time 4% of any given sector will be between jobs or in job search.

    The economy is still tough on those without requisite skills or skilled in a very narrow area and/or unwilling to relocate. Neither my wife, myself, or my one kid out of college have had any employment issues as we are trained in marketable skills.

    People that have relied on manufacturing have only been able to watch as so called ‘fair trade’ legislation (Reagan, Bush, Clinton) sent all our manufacturing jobs overseas. These are the people that really suffer. Unfortunately, those same people never seem to catch on and vote against their own best interest.

  16. Dustin….Question. The smirk. Was it anything like Jordy’s in the paper today? If so, you got off easy.

    And who or why is Yogi flashing??

  17. some of you just keep beating a dead book, of course u have to be smart enough to read one, but the schedule is old stuff, drop it. move on in life. complain complain complain, i would hate to be your spouse, but then u probably can’t keep one either… these are kids doing their best, not armchair quarterbacks analyzing play by play. u gripe when they lose, u gripe when they win, what the h=== do u want. i don’t care, i’m just tired of it and finally had to say my piece…..

  18. Don’t see many if any complaints on this thread. Maybe a couple of maybe and what if’s.

    Turned out to be a touch of politics, employment and Shirley.

    Can’t complain about spouse. It was one of those “it’s the motorcycle or me”. On my third bike.

  19. The schedule is not “old stuff” because it could bite us when it comes to seeding for the Dance.

    If we end of getting a 3 seed because of our Cupcake schedule, that could really hurt us this year by not letting us play in Indy.

  20. What has happened to our bench?Sheehey has left the building!! Hollowell..of course Elston and Creek are hurt but cannot win a Big Ten championship without a bench.Don’t know if Will is having trouble in school or girlfriend trouble or what but he is not with the team.In the Wisconsin game CTC was just simply out coached.IU slowed the game down to a crawl and that was what they wanted.Unless bench gets straighted out IU is looking at a 4th or 5th place finish and early exit in B10 tournament.At best a 5-6 seed in NCAA.

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