Indiana hands Purdue worst loss ever at Mackey

WHAT HAPPENED: Indiana earned the biggest blowout victory in its series with Purdue since 1992 and won by a bigger margin than any previous Boilermaker opponent at Mackey Arena, whipping Purdue 97-60 in front of 14,845 in West Lafayette.

It’s Indiana’s third straight win in the series after five straight losses prior to last season. The 37-point blowout is the No. 3 Hoosiers’ ninth win by 30 or more this season, but the first in conference play. It’s also their fifth straight road win going back to last season, and it sets up a titanic clash with No. 1 Michigan on Saturday in Bloomington with ESPN’s College Gameday coming to town.

WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: Sophomore center Cody Zeller had his struggles against Purdue’s A.J. Hammons, surrendering 30 points to the freshman on the defensive end, but he also posted a double-double with 19 points and 11 rebounds, making all seven of his free throws. Senior forward Christian Watford had 17 points, knocking down four 3-pointers and also playing strong defense on the wing and in the post.

Junior guard Victor Oladipo continued his sublime stretch with 17 points, six rebounds, three steals, two assists and a monster block. Freshman guard Yogi Ferrell played just 19 minutes because of foul trouble, but still hit three 3-pointers and finished with 11 points and three assists. Senior guard Jordan Hulls shot just 3-for-10 from the field, but still finished with 10 points. Junior swingman Will Sheehey had seven points and a career high six assists.

Senior forward Derek Elston also returned to action and hit a 3-pointer as well as two free throws to finish with five points in seven minutes.

Hammons scored 30 of Purdue’s 60 points. Freshman point guard Ronnie Johnson had 13 points, but no one else had more than four points.

WHY DID IT HAPPEN: The Hoosiers weren’t firing on all cylinders at all times, but at some point everything they wanted to work worked.

It took them a while to start hitting shots, but they eventually started raining. Indiana was 13-for-32 in the first half and five of 15 from beyond the 3-point arc, but then shot 20-for-35 in the second half and drilled seven of the 10 3-pointers they attempted. When they weren’t shooting lights out in the first half, though, they were rebounding and getting to the free throw line. They hit 16 of 17 first-half free throws and also won the rebounding battle 24-16. They got 10 offensive rebounds as opposed to just nine defensive rebounds for Purdue. Those turned into 16 second-chance points in the first half.

Defensively, the Hoosiers opted against doubling down in the post and that certainly made it more difficult to guard Hammons, who finished 10-for-14 from the field and 10-for-12 from the line. However, it kept them from facing the same situations they did against Michigan State when post doubles allowed Spartans center Derrick Nix to find open shooters and beat the Hoosiers that way. Purdue finished 22-for-55 from the field, but players not named Hammons were 12-for-41 (29.2 percent) and the Boilermakers were just 2-for-8 from beyond the arc. Freshman guard Ronnie Johnson had 13 points and five assists but no one else scored more than four points.

Indiana also caused 18 turnovers and had 10 steals. That led to 20 points off turnovers, and generally sped the game up. The Hoosiers only scored six true fast break points, but the Boilermakers often just ran to the rim on defense and left shooters open in transition for 3-pointers.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: This game was a testament to Indiana’s focus. Their win over Michigan State re-established the Hoosiers as one of the two Big Ten frontrunners with Michigan. And of course, Saturday’s game with the Wolverines will be one of the most anticipated in college basketball this season with ESPN’s College Gameday on the way in. That gave Wednesday night’s game all of the markings of a trap game, but the Hoosiers didn’t play down to Purdue’s level at all. Though the Boilermakers aren’t as restrictive and slow-paced as, say, Wisconsin, but they don’t play nearly at Indiana’s tempo either. The Hoosiers dictated pace, took control of the game, and as junior guard Victor Oladipo said, they put their foot on the gas and didn’t take it off. It doesn’t necessarily portend anything for Saturday’s potentially epic tilt, but it shows the Hoosiers are where they want to be mentally, and they’re also where they want to be record-wise at 19-2.


Tom Crean

“To win here, you’ve gotta really be on top of your game. It’s not just the offensive and defensive execution. It’s the attitude. It’s the energy, it’s the mental toughness. Our guys had that and they have great respect for Purdue. There’s no doubt about that. The one thing that stood out to me that stood out to us as a team. We had to win the rebounding game and we had to do a good job with the basketball. … They were 72-2 in Matt (Painter’s) time here when they win the rebounding game and they win the turnover game. Fortunately tonight, we won both of those. I think that’s got a lot to do with the victory. The respect for Purdue, the respect for Matt and the players, it brings a little bit more to the table. Obviously the rivalry is big, but I think the respect factor that you play with, knowing you have to be on top of your game to be able to not only compete to win against a team like his, a team like that, is really high. We got a lot of very good basketball from a lot of people. Our defense was excellent, we had 56 deflections. There were some things we’ll see on the film that we’ve gotta do a better job of. We didn’t double the post tonight. We didn’t have enough ball pressure, and at certain times we didn’t play the post the right way and A.J. Hammons showed what he’s capable of. But our guys, they never took their foot off the gas pedal, which is really, really important for us as a team to take the next step.”

“We just kept taking what the defense was giving us. We kept moving the ball. I thought our ball movement and ball reversal was even better in the second half, but I think we had a very good balance in the second half of playing at the rim, playing in the lane and also getting some 3’s. Bottom line is the ball’s gotta move for us. It’s gotta move in the break and it’s gotta move in the half court. When we live in the first side, we’re not very good. The other thing we don’t do a very good job of when we play on the first side is rebound. When the ball is moving, when the ball is going on the second and third side, that increases our rebounding, it increases our offensive rebounding and gives us a chance at second-chance points and that’s all a part of getting to the foul line.”

On Hollowell

“He doesn’t like sitting on that bench. He’s getting better all the time. Every time I turned around the last couple of days, he was in the gym. … We need him in there. We really do. But he’s gotta be ready all the time.”

“They just played with a resolve. They were very authoritative on their drives and the passes. Our defense was up and active. We had 56 deflections. We’re getting more active defensively in the Big Ten, which I think is really really important. And they just kept moving the ball. The ball really didn’t stop.”

Victor Oladipo

“It’s huge. It’s a tough place to play, especially in the Big Ten. One of the toughest to play in the Big Ten. It’s great for us to come out and put our foot on the gas pedal and play as a high level as a team.”

On Turnovers

“It was huge for us. We wanted to take advantage of their turnovers and their mistakes. For us to turn them over 18 times means we had a great defensive mentality and we just have to keep doing that in every game this season.”

“Our big guys did a great job. Christian and Cody did a great job of getting to the line and making themselves known from the beginning and getting to the line. It opened the floor up for everybody.”

Cody Zeller

“We were just being aggressive. Attacking whether it was off the dribble or getting it inside. Everybody was on the attack. That’s what we had to do inside.”

“We just kept our foot on the gas. … There was no dropoff tonight.”

Jordan Hulls

“I was just excited that we were able to play a full 40 minute game. I was glad that we were able to do that because we’re gonna need that in order for us to win the games that we want.”

AUDIO: A.J. Hammons, Ronnie Johnson, Travis Carroll

AUDIO: Tom Crean



  1. Since the bedwetters drown their pants if I don’t make a comment after a win, let me say: Congrats on the biggest butt kicking ever at Moo U.

    Sorry, I can’t give you any more than that because I can’t see games on BTN and unlike the “experts” on here, I don’t just look at the final score to say if we were “good” or not.

    Not good their freshman big guy had a field day against Cody, but at least we shut the rest of the team down.

    (I threw in that last part to catch some fishies)

  2. Ah, Laffy. Glad you could make an appearance.

    Hammons did have a field day, but it wasn’t just against Cody. I’d have to look at the play by play to get accurate stats, but he was actually very Zelleresque in getting a few transition dunks and FTs, and scored quite a few of his point when Cody wasn’t in. Not trying to take away from Hammon’s game tonight– he was a monster, and played well against Cody. But it wasn’t quite the drubbing a box score would indicate.

  3. Punjab,

    That was almost exactly word for word what I was going to write to Laffy. It was Zelleresque in how he scored. It seemed he got about half against Z and half against the field. It wasn’t like Cody shut him down, but he also didn’t own Cody. In fact, I’d say overall Cody got the better of the match-up because he got AJ in early fould trouble and IU was able to pull away in his absence with Zeller essentially getting a double-double in the first half. Hammons dominated mop-up time in the second half when they were already down 25-35 points.

  4. Great road win. 4-0. Nice job TC. Seniors had a big role, and had to appreciate it a little more. What a great ride this has been.

    See you Saturday.

  5. yes laffy, aj looked very good, the best brought out his best for the first time all season…the boys did a great job as a team….next….

  6. I agree with your points Geoff about Zeller. Good points. Great win. As Kenny said… Btw, good job guys on keeping cool heads on these threads lately. Some correcting is fine, but we have kept it in good balance lately. 🙂

  7. POTFB!! I saw Hammons 2 years ago in AAU and also viewed some HS video as a Senior and was unimpressed. He just did not have any drive to him or his game. I was thrilled he committed to PUke. This season I’ve watched 6-7 PUke games and quickly recognized Painter and staff have gotten him slimmed down, gotten in his ear and in his head and he just keeps improving. If he stays his term in Laffy we are going to need every inch of Fischer, Hanner, PJ and a couple of others. Also, I know some do not but I really enjoy Will’s brazenness. I also like him being substituted for Olie as there is no loss of energy when he hits the floor. I really have not seen a better 6th man since Hondo.

    Now for the Meatchickens, they would be cold soup if not for Indiana boys playing up there. I really think Yogi is going to have to handle Burke as we need Olie elsewhere, maybe on 3 elsewheres. CW is going to have to play D like never before. For this game I would give hard thought to Sheehey playing more minutes than Hulls. Just think it has to be.

  8. First 4-0 road record in the Big Ten in 20 years. How about that?

    Derek may prove to be a major factor on Saturday. That’s a lot of experience to put on the floor and his inside/outside game can give us some valuable big man minutes. It seemed like he played more than 5 minutes. Jeremy has an unlimited ceiling but it’s nice to have all that experience that Derek brings.

    As Geoff pointed out, Hammonds got a lot of his points during mop up time, but their coach put it best, Indiana played a team game and Purdue had a collection of individuals. The bottom line is, the two games in which a single player exploded for a ton of points the Hoosiers won in blowouts. Who cares if the Jimmers of the world get 50 points if their team is getting buried? If Hammonds had been held to 10 points do we win by 60 or do his teammates get more involved and we win by 5? Who know?

    Lots to like. Cody has another double double. Derek seems healthy. Yogi’s found his stroke. CWat’s banging down low. Vic is still Vic. Will looked great (7 assists!). Jeremy looked more confident (playing 12 minutes). Remy was solid and very physical (I can’t believe the late no call when he was tackled going after the ball and then kicked in the head while he was on the floor). Mo drained a three.

    Can’t wait for Saturday.

  9. Two ref moments I noticed. Sometime during the second half and I don’t remember the sequence but Vic does something and Purdue inbounds the ball. While the ref is holding the ball he is giving Vic the evil eye. Second and I believe the same ref, Will comes back into the game greeted with the Sheehey Sucks from the student section. Both he and the ref are smiling and talking.

    B1G network and ESPN, about every show they are talking Vic. If he has his regular high level game on Saturday I would think he becomes national recognized. I believe Vic was listed somewhere around #135 when he signed with IU. For Crean & staff to develop this kid to what he is now, wow. Will help in future recruiting.

    Nephew wants me to take him to the Game Day activites Saturday. Maybe be interesting. Love to have a ticket.

  10. Speaking of “grip”. Noticed CTC’s post game handshake technique with Painter has improved from last yrs.

  11. Ron, Vic was 144. I was fine with Will last night…he took a worse beating than Harris took at IU (for Laffy)…it is not like Sheehey went all Marshall Henderson for GOD sakes. I will take Cody any day over Hammons!!! Boiler up lol!!!

  12. Will need to bring our A game, and them some Saturday. It’s going to be a hard fought battle. This win was encouraging, and a statement game to the Michigan faithful that were are ready!

    Cody was solid. He brings a lot to the table. Why people love to be unrealistic about Cody, is beyond me. Cody was solid last night. Once again, Laffy has a banana in his mouth.

    I don’t mind what Will did against Purdue. Other teams, not so much. This is a rivalry. Keep the coals burning!

  13. Agreed TWarrior87. Very well said. Just the way sports is. It’s ok we do it, but a travesty if another team does. It’s called loving your team unconditionally, and supporting it.

  14. “Free” ? Cool, thanks. “free” is one of those words ya don’t hear much anymore, confused me for a minute.

  15. I am a real IU fan and I was at the presser when IU hired him and I loved him….even though John Treolar(sp) had better credentials I loved Davis style of play. After 2002 and the run they made…I was sold! Took up for him if someone knocked his style or lack of recruiting or defensive schemes…Davis was accepted by the IU faithful but a 14 and 15 and then 15 and 14 season closed him in. Bracey Wright could not create for himself and Strickland was not as good as advertised and Davis shunned the high schools in Indiana. I still supported him 100%! When he was first in Bloomington he was approachable and I chatted with him a couple of times and then I see him several times and try to talk to him and he ignores my wife and I completely(another story)…last time was a couple months before he left. I kept positive on Davis…heck, I was positive on Sampson at first. Whether you like his writing or not…Jason Whitlock wrote an article about Davis and his leaving IU…he and Davis were close and Whitlock states his skin was so thin that he even cut him off as a friend, he stayed in his house that last year or two with NO public appearances and threw the towel in…Whitlock even goes on to say it was not racism or not being accepted…Davis was his own worst enemy and he did not win games at the end…bottom line! I listened to a high school coach from Indy, coach for 30 years talk about Davis and stated he was the worst x and o coach he had ever seen! I get sick of people saying “real fans” ran Davis out…Davis was done, he threw in the towel and admitted it around Bloomington by not showing up to play Alford! What Davis has done since is kind of what I thought he would do…keep moving down the ranks!!! I still root for him as he always credits IU when he has a chance!

    PS I was standing in a section where 2 fans, 2 little fans yelled at him about his offense and he yelled back 3 times F U…he was done that last year, done!

  16. IF WE COULD JUST BOTTLE UP THE INTENSITY! WOW Cody did what he had to do to get the job done!And I have hammered Watford all year about intensity and being consistant game to game,but last night he brought it as I have said all along when he shows up we can play with anyone!Alot of Hammons buckets were because we didn”t double inside but still he played out of his mind!He will be a force down the road.A total team win,Dipo has been a total freak and owns this team! Great to see Elston and Mo get sometime.Shehey was outstanding,I wish we could have hung a 100 on them in their own building! HP did not play much,Yogi’s shot is getting better and better. Michigan will be ready, no question we can beat them. Good defense and get inside on them and they can be had.I LOVED THE LOOK ON D.J. BYRDS FACE ALL NIGHT! GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

  17. I’ve never seen a Hoosier team more loose and relishing the opportunity to play the game with unbridled joy as last night.

    It was almost if they were embracing a new identity. I’ll happily be the hypocrite in claiming I loved all the fire and all the three fingers to the temples coming from every Hoosier involved…What a contrast to all the years of watching the instilled rigidity, the constraints upon the personalities, I witnessed from Knight teams often playing the game in straitjacket fashion with a fear the discipline and the whip for the slightest hints of ruckus in the classroom of hardwood and hoops.

    And I can’t count the number of times I’ve wanted to stand at center of Mackey and give the most obnoxious dimwit fans in the country the giant middle finger.

    I was one of those dumbass bloggers that was criticizing Sheehey for making the game fun…I think it must be some of the Bobby Knight anal retentiveness still holding on for dear, banner-clinging, life.

    Basketball was fun again last night. Crean told those boys to be boys…He told them that life is a shooting star. He gave them collective free reign to just let all the criticism go and turn it into something bigger any of them could ever be individually. There was a togetherness..They were all doing the celebratory gestures after every play..Cody released a huge smile on his face in unison the ball splashing through the nets after he drained his first turnaround jumper bank-shot bucket.

    I beginning to believe. It feels good to believe in something bigger than the score or the criticisms. It feels good to see young men believing in each other and becoming brothers before our very eyes. They were undoubtedly a band of brothers last night.

    It’s disproportionately a toxic world when you open papers, read blogs, or jump on the many offerings of websites to read what others are saying about you. It was almost as if the Hoosiers said to hell with it all…There coach said to hell with it all. I think “the hell with it all” was the foot on the gas pedal that never ceased from tip-off to final buzzer.

    Everything I’ll remember about that game in Mackey will never involve a specific play. I struggle to think of a game or Hoosier team that can compare to the level of collective camaraderie and total engagement found in the passion to seize the moment. I’ll remember the joy in the Hoosier faces…I’ll remember the wonderful coy looks from Sheehey aimed at the always hostile vomit the PU fans(a hostility that has nothing to do with loving their team, but more of a crying out of hopeless sadness rooted in bitterness you somehow ended up at that godforsaken place) ..I’ll remember the brotherhood our Hoosiers in the juxtaposition a portrait of the Mackey dark soul..I’ll remember Crean and bright-eyed Steve McClain acting like kids in candy stores while in the sideline huddle belting out coaching instructions. There was nothing of a “General” evolving into the master. The only master to play for was the joy in capturing a collective goal rooted in faith your teammates and the rewards of believing that sixteen jersey can equal one; a one having far more meaning than any ranking sharing the same fleeting number.

    If this is a new religion born of the old religion, then it’s good enough for me.

  18. Hey Dustin, since you’re having fun yanking all my posts, did you yank the one when HH was bragging about having sex with his wife and his neighbors caught them being sweaty?

    Great stuff for a “family” board………

  19. I don’t actually remember that comment, Laffy and I don’t think I ever saw it. Mostly because when Harvard says something weird, it’s random and it’s bizarre and it goes away because no one has a response. It doesn’t turn into a 144-post screaming match.
    Also, I deleted everyone else’s posts too. You never seem to notice that.

  20. So bragging about having hot steamy sex with your wife on here is ok as long as no one comments on it?


    Oh, I noticed it.

    But I didn’t say anything because you never threaten to kick them off like you do me or tell them to “let it roll off your back” like you do me.

    Right on cue, there is my obsessed stalker………

  21. Dear Stalker–

    Dustin said this is a family board, not me.

    I know you knee-jerk and cry no matter WHAT I say, but you’ll have to mock Dustin for saying this is a family board.

    I’m not the one that calls people “fake fans” for disagreeing with me. That’s your schtick.

    Why shouldn’t Thumpers be made fun of ? They think the earth is 10,000 years old and think an invisible sky daddy gets MAD for not believing a fairy tale and punishes people for 10 trillion years for it.

    Do you think it’s ok to make fun of Scientology?

  22. Dustin, he’s the one that’s been stalking me for 2 weeks and openly brags the ONLY reason he’s here is to insult me.

  23. Laffy, I missed it. Sorry. You spend more time on here looking for slights or things to complain about than I do policing it. And I’m not going to go back a month to find it and delete it now because there’s no point to it.

  24. That’s cool. Didn’t expect you to.

    And I’m not the one “looking for slights”.

    It’s your BFF’s that have NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS if a player is ever talked about negatively on here acting like someone spit in their grandma’s face and then punched her so hard it broke her nose.

    Hell, today I was clearly kidding about Cody and the guy STILL went crazy acting like I said Cody had sex with kittens.

  25. And it case you missed it, all of my “OVER THE TOP” criticism, like they keep whining, is almost EXACTLY what ALL the national media says about Cody.

    So the pearl clutchers need to quit bawling their eyes out acting like I’m just making crap up just to get under their skin.

    Cody HAS been soft for most of the season and hasn’t come CLOSE to his potential nor improved that much from last year.

    I know they think the media is “evil and out to get us” (LOL!!), but they aren’t the “rational” fans they think they are.

    And the ones with TOO HIGH EXPECTATIONS were THEM….not me. In fact, when I said he wasn’t the best player pre-season, I was called every name in the book (so much for allowing others to have different opinions….LOL!!)

    Just more projection from your buddies……..

  26. Horrible thing about making some innocent comments about in-laws making a surprise visit to the house and catching the guilty faces the result a bit of a rendezvous with the loved on in your life…And for the record, Dustin..I used that poor analogy in comparing your tone of surprise(“NO!”..I have nothing else to add) when Crean called you out for the smirk. Analogy: caught innocently with your pants down. You we’re guilty as charged. But it was no big deal..Like the in-laws popping by the house and suspecting you were doing more than the Sunday dishes with the wife( a bit of that guilty look/tone..a bit hurried anxiety and overreaction to questions). It was not put on the blog as the writing class of a Laffy bathroom stall.

    Feel like going on a deleting post binge?

    You could go back to the dozens of posts where a Coachv demeans and objectifies women. Of course, you’ve admittedly said how much respect you have for Coachv.

    Respect for sexist pigs? I guess there’s nothing weird and bizarre about treating women like like bimbos and Barbie dolls picked form the cold-cuts section your local grocer to Scoop journalists…As long as they can talk shop a good book of hoops?

    Objectifying with blanket statements?..Calling people idiots and morons. Throwing sexist remarks constantly at women and women’s sports teams? That’s your reality? You realists are the ones that should be ashamed.

    With regards to Cody…The season ain’t over. Before the madness of March is all said and done, Cody may have to accept every trophy they throw at him.

  27. Dustin,
    Thanks for trying to run a civil blog. I don’t post very often but I read almost all. I appreciate your insights and those of most of the bloggers as well. I’m sure we all have those that we like to ignore.

    I especially appreciate that JPat is back posting.

    You’re doing a great job. Thanks for giving Hoosier fans a place to discuss the teams.

    Looking forward to being back in the Hall Saturday night. Should be exciting.

  28. Folks,

    I take responsibility for this. Had I kept my mouth shut at the start of this, I think none of this would have happened. I just came home from work.

    Laffy, I am sorry about the comments I made about you. That’s all I have to say about that’.

    Dustin, I am sorry as well. If you feel the need to ban me, I understand.

    Look, when people bash the bible, and our LORD, it makes me angry. Furthermore I get frustrated we can’t have one decent thread here. Today I take the blame. I will try to do better, and skip over the comments that create smog or a virus.


  29. Ben,
    (1) You are quite mistaken. The verbose raging victim is Laffy’s only schtick. It’s all he ever does here. That’s why only new posters ever respond to him. Most of us quit reading his posts some time ago, and

    (2) This post was your only REAL mistake. This will fuel his inanity for God knows how long.


  30. Chet, I am learning…reading in between the lines of his posts… sometimes I think I can fix people or try to understand…I am too much like that and have ended up with compassion fatigue at times…a weakness but a strength in a way. We are ready for the game tomorrow…I am excited beyond words…I hope the Hoosiers make a statement!!!

  31. hh, number 22, was an awesome piece..I loved it as much as i love our hoosiers. i have learned from every poster on this blog and i do cringe at the criticism when issued at my beloved hoosiers, but i am learning that every one is entitled to their opinion, thoughts and comments. If i want respect i have to give it first and many times to earn it back.. everyone have a safe weekend and here’s praying for a hoosier win saturday night… take care gang…

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