Indiana moves up to No. 2 in both polls

Thanks to wins over Penn State and No. 8 Minnesota and losses by No. 1 Duke, No. 2 Michigan and No. 4 Arizona last week, Indiana moved up to No. 2 in both the Associated Press and USA Today Coaches’ polls this week.

Louisville was rated No. 1 in both polls. The Cardinals received 36 first-place votes in the AP poll compared to Indiana’s 13. Duke actually received 14 first-place votes, but finished No. 3 in the poll. No. 4 Kansas and No. 5 Michigan received one first-place vote each. No. 9 Minnesota, No. 11 Ohio State, No. 18 Michigan State and No. 23 Illinois gave the Big Ten six teams in the top 25.

In the USA Today poll, Louisville got 18 first-place votes to Indiana’s six. Again, Duke had one more first-place vote than IU with seven, but still finished No. 3 followed by Kansas and Michigan. Ohio State jumped to No. 11. Minnesota fell to No. 12. Michigan State is No. 17 and Illinois is No. 22.


  1. Just makes the target on our backs a little bigger. Fun stuff, but meaningless at this point in the season.

  2. First off, this is the second post where I have had to use a calculator for the “spam protection” number. My math is off today. Also, I was hoping for 3rd. I think 2 was too big of a jump. I think Duke should have only dropped 1 spot. They didn’t play that bad on the road and NC St. is pretty good. Oh well! Just have to live with it.

  3. I still like IU at #4-5 till the Michigan game. No rational for it, just like it.

    Interesting that Duke received more first place votes in both polls.

    Interesting that there is no sighting of KY..

  4. Duke get’s a lot of tailwind because of their coach. Coach L’s reputation is worth three or four spots in these polls, and rightfully so. I think right now, IU at #2 is about right! Michigan did no show up in the first half at OSU, and that cost them big. But Michigan is loaded!

  5. You’re right, Po, the polls are more or less meaningless at this point in the season. But they sure are fun to speculate on. L’Ville plays at UConn tonight, which will be an interesting game. Assuming IU takes care of business against UW tomorrow, we should be able to run the table until Michigan– when we might be ranked #1 again. Then the schedule gets real tough. I don’t imagine we’d be holding on to it for long.

    I am a little curious as to the amount of #1 votes Duke got. They jumped out to a quick lead against NC State on the road, but were handled pretty easily after that. With Ryan Kelly out for at least the next few weeks, they look very vulnerable. I wonder if the voters gave them a pass because of the injury.

  6. No way is Louisville a number one. Basketball polls
    are just like political polls. Those that ranked Louisville number one must have been the same who thought Romney would be president.

  7. Why did Duke only drop 2 spots? IU dropped 4 spots…
    Butler not a bad Team, NC State not a bad Team> We played tuff with Butler, NC State ran off in the second half!

  8. Maybe because Dook lost on the road at a Top 20 team and we lost to an unranked team on a “neutral” court.

    And because Cody looked like a girl when it happened….

  9. That’s incorrect Mr.Laffy Taffy.Duke lost to a top 20 team on the road. IU lost to a top13 and very underrated butler squad. IU will hand Wisconsin easily, and will roll Michigan at assembly hall and in their house. Mark it down Laffy taffy.

  10. Got to take care of business tomorrow night with WI, this is still a scary game. Esp, if we have the ability to suck it up like we did in the 2nd half vs Minny. IU by 9. Gee, that was a poor shot at math, I missed it.

  11. They were unrated when we played them.

    Sure is odd how all the other teams are “over-rated” (Duke, Arizona, Louisvile) if we don’t play them and/or they’re ranked higher than us, but teams that play us tough are “under-rated” and it’s a ‘miracle we beat them” or “No surprise we lost because they’re soooooo awesome.”


  12. The reason we dropped 4 spots and Duke only 2 was because when we lost and dropped, there were 4 teams that were still undefeated (Duke, MI, AZ, and SYR)that were right below us. The voters have a tendency to drop a team that lost below the undefeated teams. When Dukes lost, it put them on par with the teams below them as far as records are concerned(one loss). I beleive when records are similar, the voters then look at the body of work, hence Duke small drop.

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