Indiana moves up to No. 3 in both polls

Indiana moved up to No. 3 in the USA Today Coaches’ poll on Monday. The Associated Press poll is still forthcoming.

Kansas is No. 1 and Michigan is No. 2 according to the coaches. Florida and Duke round out the top five. Michigan State actually moved up from No. 11 to No. 9 after losing to Indiana and Ohio State is ranked No. 11. Minnesota, ranked No. 24, gives the Big Ten five teams in the top 25.

UPDATE: Indiana has also moved up to No. 3 in the Associated Press poll. Michigan is No. 1 in that poll and Kansas is No. 2. Florida and Duke also round out the top 5 in that poll. Ohio State is ranked No. 11 and Michigan State is No. 13.


  1. Interesting that the coaches poll basically had UM- KU tied for first, and IU-UF tied for third. The difference in voting was 1 and 3 points, respectively.

    Even more interesting is the The CBS RPI rankings had Indiana at #16, otherwise known as two spots behind behind D-1 powerhouse Belmont. The Bruins are currently 17-4, their only “signature” win coming on the road against an average Stanford team, and lost to Northeastern by 33 on a neutral court. Aside from road games at VCU and Kansas, Belmont’s cupcake schedule looks eerily similiar to Indiana’s– except Belmont lost their two marquee pre-conference contests by a combined 39 points.

    They say that computers never lie, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what numbers they plugged in to spit out these results. Laughable.

  2. Punjab – many of us have noticed the puzzling RPI this year. All year, that rating has had IU quite low. I could be laughed off more easily, or ignored but isn’t this one of the ratings that the NCAA tournament commitee takes a long look at? If we end up in the 3-5 range in the other polls at the end of the season, and 16 in RPI it could cost us a #1 seed, and games close to home.

  3. Why is it “puzzling”?

    Doesn’t it look at schedule?

    How many times do you guys have to be told playing mostly Cupcakes is going to hurt us….both in not being ready for the Big Ten and when it comes to seeding?

    btw…..did you guys see Kaintuck is going to play at UNC next year?

    I thought Calipari didn;t want these games on campus anymore as his reason to chicken out against us.

  4. RPI is important to the extent that it affects tournament seeding. And our RPI will only continue to rise with our SOS– I don’t think anybody in the country has a tougher 5-game stretch to close out the regular season than we do. So assuming we don’t tank a bunch of games down the stretch, the brutal conference schedule will balance out some of the lackluster preseason games that surely hurt us in the early RPI rankings. We should be fine. It doesn’t change the fact, however, that computer rankings can be so counter-intuitive sometimes that you just have to shake your head and laugh at them.

  5. Laffy,

    That’s a riot. He dumps IU because he sees we are on the uptick and then adds UNC when he sees them in a potential couple year downswing.

    He can’t hide behind the neutral court excuse any more.

    What a slimeball…

  6. slimeball, but he has a potential winner with next yrs class.

    Three of our recruits were at the MS game. Perfect.

  7. Forget Kentucky’s cheating coach. IU is better off not being associated with him or that crooked program he coaches.

  8. It’s amusing how people such as Laffy and many others are so quick to go off about the schedule. I bet if they were in a profession that was predominantly judged on record that they would have their fair share of “cupcakes”. And “not ready for the Big Ten”? They’ve lost one conference game to this point…ONE!

    I’m all in favor of throwing in another marquee matchup in the non-conference (Louisville?) but if you’re hoping that Crean lays down the gauntlet and we have a rugged non-conf. schedule…then you’ll be waiting for that a long time. The Big Ten is tough, which Crean understands, and at the end of the year (when it really matters), IU’s strength of schedule will be just fine.

  9. “People like me” include the ENTIRE Selection Committee.

    In case you missed it, THE deciding factor for teams on the bubble is strength of schedule. Time after time after time they have said, “Well, the last 8 teams were pretty even so we went with the 4 schools that actually played somebody.”

    And it also factors into seeding.

    If you’ve got 5 teams vying for a # 2 seed, the team with Cupcakes for a schedule is going to lose out and get a # 3 seed….big difference.

    So, quit your damn whining that it’s only “losers” who care about the schedule.

    And quit whining “We’ll be fine at the end of the year” because how often is the Big Ten so tough? In future years, playing Sister Mary of the Blind so many times is going to bite us.

  10. Let’s all remember that the schedule was set two to three years ago when our team was not the strongest and these cupcakes were a challenge for the team. In addition, cupcakes come to Assembly Hall to play. Home games generate revenue to support the program. RPI only comes into play for a team from a major conference that finishes in the middle of the pack. What will hurt a team more, losing to several strong teams, or winning against weaker teams? The last time I checked, teams with weak records don’t get in the tournament

  11. Jake. I was going to argue the pre-conference schedule with you, but; After looking at the KenPom numbers for our non-conference games it kinda changed my mind. Seven of them are currently ranked betwenn #200 to #300. The other teams are #’s 28, 37, 46, 53 and 143. We lost one game in OT, won one game in OT and the rest were pretty much blow-outs. 4 of 12 are now in the top 100. ND State is up to #53 and Georgetown at #37. Non-conference was not as bad as I thought.

    In conference play we’ve beat #’s 9, 16, 34, 88 and 201 twice. Lost to #14 With the exception of Penn State in every other game with 3-4 min to go the outcome was often in question. Wins of 7, 5, 4, and 8. My thought, if a stronger non-conference the team may have been challanged earlier when it did’nt count as much as now. But a B1G win is a win. Just watched a coach telling his guys thanks after a win with “I know I can feed my family another month”. So see how it can go both ways.

    I would bet IU gets into a early season tourney next yr.

  12. Lets don’t worry too much about the RPI right now. We will be just fine at the end of the year. Our biggest problem has been the injuries and suspensions/games sat out.

  13. So, Crean had zero confidence the team would be better when he set the Creampuff schedule 2 to 3 years ago?

    That’s even more sad.

  14. Laffy, your opinions are sad, not Crean’s scheduling. Crean has the #3 team in the country. He wanted Kensucky. Calipari didn’t want any part of it. And yes, like EVERYONE ELSE AGREES, IU’s RPI will be solid at the end of the season. And yes, the B1G will be solid the next few years. And so will Coach Crean’s Hoosiers!
    IU’s last championship was 1987. Quit living in the past. Crean and his hardworking players have been great for us loyal IU fans.
    The game was passing by Coach Robert Montgomery Knight. Mike Davis tried his best but was in over his head. Kelvin Sampson was a cheater and a terrible fit for IU.
    Personally, I’m gonna enjoy being a Hoosier fan and support these guys. All I ask is 100% effort and no cheating and I’ll always support my Hoosiers.
    With that said, go Hoosiers, beat the Boilers!!!!!

  15. Regardless of where we are ranked now, let’s all meet here again April 6th and see if we’re still alive. That’s when it matters. For now, I’m indifferent what # we are.

    I always love the strategy and psychology of the game. It is always very important who plays who when. And this week we have a couple of dandies. @ purdue & the marquee match-up of the year on Sat; 2 top 3 teams going at it. With that Sat. Game coming & fresh off of a big home win, the purdue game looks treacherous to me. And purdue just won at home. We should beat them by > 10 points. I’d sure like 2 wins this week & it would make 3 big, big wins within a week.

    Why? Because trouble’s a comin’ friends. Still @ ILL (W), @ OSU (W), @ MSU (L), @ MN (L), & @ MICH (L) ahead. Geez Louise! There’s probably another L in there somewhere but that’s how I see the road games playing out from here. And we’ll win out at home.

  16. As far as I am concerned about this years schedule it only involves 1 cupcake and that is the team that had to take pUKe’s place. Other than that it is not a big deal.

  17. If the RPI counts so much then why in the latest ESPN Brackets is Sry a 1 seed with an RPI of 9 or Michigan a 1 seed with an RPI of 6. Miami has an RPI of 3 but a 5 seed. The RPI’s are a small tool usually used to see which bubble teams may or may not make the tourney not so much for who is a 1 seed. Rankings and how you end up in your conference are way more important. That’s why Syr. and Michigan currently hold one seeds with worse RPI’s than others. If IU stays ranked 4 or higher and wins the Big 10 they will be a one seed and RPI won’t matter at all except for maybe who is the #1 seed overall. So it is way to early to count out IU as a 1 seed. There is still a lot of basketball to play and these next 2 games are very important steps in the process. So lighten up about our RPI until or if it matters at all.

  18. polls are just dumb….win and move up…lose and move down..up and down…up and down…

  19. polls and schedules, my how the simple game of basketball became complicated. can’t just win anymore to please people, gotta win RIGHT ACCORDING to them people. i love simple, i love fun, i love winning..close games are hard on my heart, so yes i like blowouts, but i can’t have everything in life as one boss told me… ya’ll have agreat week boysss….

  20. Ummmmmmmmmm, it was never “just win” under Bobby.

    They had to WIN RIGHT then too.

    You don’t think he RIPPED the team after some wins if they didn’t “win right”?

    I bet you virtually every coach is the same……in EVERY sport.

    In fact, while they won’t admit it, I bet most of them would like to lose some of those games so their message will be heard more.

  21. bobby walked off the floor with his head down whether he won or lost, i loved bobby, but he lost it in the 90’s. so sad to see my hero become a mad man. the pressure of winning right, yes too many get ripped for human frailities. not saying it’s right or wrong, just taking the fun out of as much as it use to be at least for simple me. i’m not saying my just win is everybody’s way, it’s obvious on this blog and in games, so many HAVE TO WIN THEIR WAY OR BE MISERABLE WHETHER in a debate or game or interaction of some sort. take care gang….

  22. Ummmmmmmmm, I’m not “miserable” at all.

    YOU guys were the ones with super high expectations before the season.

    Not me.

    And I was called a “fake fan” for not agreeing with you.

    Just because I point out how we need to improve does not mean I’m “miserable.”

    You guys need to get a freaking grip.

  23. laffy, my preseason expectations were 7 losses. maybe i’ll be right, maybe i’ll be wrong. i have never called u a fake fan. as the game of basketball has changed from my SIMPLE days as a youth fans have evolved as well. u made my day by not being miserable, wow, i can really be happy today thanks to u. ummmmmmm thanks for being a IU fan.

  24. I said 6 losses with many bumps in the road….

    Very few were acting like every game was going to be a cakewalk.. The suspensions, the fallout in losing a premier defender in Patterson, the injury to Elston.

    Even if expectations were excessively high, most fans understand nothing can be taken for granted in the Big 10. Considering the bumps in the road we’ve faced in developing the full array our bench, I think we’ve fared relatively well. Oladipo and Ferrell have far exceeded my expectations.

    No reason to be down on this team. Sheehey has found his confidence in his stroke.. Our freshman’s point guard play is starting to get national buzz. That Park Tudor kid is damn good. Yogi is the ingredient that gives us much higher odds in going deep in March. Gotta have a premier point guard…We have that now.

  25. Who cares if we lose 2,3,4,5,6 games…the idea is to learn and grow as a team…I remember the ’81 and ’87 teams and they were not powerhouse teams till it was time to shine. The B1G season is an awesome test like none other in the country this year and we should be battle tested by tourny time!

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