1. ESPN has ranked the 2013 IU FB recruiting class at #39. It is not hard to guess who the top 12 are. PSU-24, Wisky-32, MSU-34 and Illinois-40. PUke not listed in the top 50. I cannot recall IU ever being ranked better than around 70.

  2. One more step in the right direction.

    Did ND end up redshirting Gunner? I know his name wasn’t even on the depth chart when I looked.

  3. Gunner told a Chicago Tribune reporter he is very happy with decision to go to ND. So to translate: I’ll be transferring soon after I get my ring.

  4. Optimistic about Indiana Football this year, though trying not to get all amped up, because I have been let down many times before. Thus far, Wilson hasn’t let me down. Looking at this class, our defense has no where to go but up. I think we have the right coaches as well.

  5. I take that back. Doug Mallory might have to be dumped, but hopefully he can redeem himself this year.

  6. I’m betting if Gunner contacted CKW about giving IU another look see he’d be greeted with a ,”Thanks but no thanks.”

    I’d guess Coach wouldn’t give ‘ol Gunner the time of day.

  7. Makes no sense to dump DM after 2 years working with lesser rated talent recruited before he arrived and good talent not appearing until the 2013 season. It’ll be 2 more years before the jury can even vote. Recruiting is the medicine needed not new coaching.

  8. He had exactly 2 years in NM Ben. Or 1 recruiting class. That is not “plenty of years to fix it”. No one, I repeat no one could succeed at NM when lead by HC Mike Locksley who created an environment on and off the field begging to fail. We are damn lucky to have DM at IU. In fact IU has the highest caliber group of defensive coaches on staff ever. If in fact after 2 more seasons the IU D is not MUCH tougher, I’ll join you in blaming DM, ME, Hagen, Fabris and Shelby.

  9. Mallory may not be to blame, but he may also not be the solution. I’m not seeing the improvement in his players. He should not be expected to have a great defense after two years, but he should be able to show significant improvement, and I’ve yet to see it. Coaching matters a lot!

  10. Po,

    You get what you pay for. Low rated talent = marginal improvement = slow progress. Because of the talent on hand I am actually pleased with the amount of improvement. And even happier with the energy and effort put out. Recruiting matters a lot.

  11. I agree with PO, but with good talent coming in, maybe he will make a liar of me. Sometimes I feel as if we hold on to Mallory, because wont don’t to piss them off again. I like the other coaches, especially Fabris I love having some Georgia Bulldog/SEC influence on the team.

  12. You kidding HC? You want to fire Mike Eckler? His motivation, and charisma is exactly what we need. He did wonderful things at Nebraska. As your fond of saying, once he grabs ahold of better talent, he will exceed in his job.

  13. Ben, don’t think that HC anywhere mentions firing Eckelar or Mallory. HC’s suggestion that we watch as the defense is rebuilt from a below 0 level and a nearly empty warehouse, while given some experience and schooling is reasonable. Yes, this year we should expect to see some improvement and, at the very least, not have a defense that automatically cancels out the offense. The Hoosiers and KW deserve that.

    As HC also points out Mallory spent two years in a very unstable situation at New Mexico; but he also had several excellent years as a position coach at LSU, as the following reference describes through 2007. “In three years, Mallory’s impact on the LSU secondary has been significant and impressive as he’s guided the Tigers to a No. 3 national rating in pass efficiency defense… for three-straight years…As a unit, the Tiger’ 2007 defense limited opposing offenses to only 182.7 yards passing per game and the Tigers intercepted 23 passes…”

    Not sure what happened there after his promotion to defensive coordinator at LSU; and it seems New Mexico was just the wrong place. It is important Ben (I think) that here at IU we not get nervous too quickly. More often than not, the successful programs are those that allow time to establish success. We’ll all be looking carefully (and anxiously) at the product on the field in 2013.

    Glad you’ve joined us and are sharing your thoughts. We’re all hoping Indiana becomes known for its football on the same terms as other nationally respected programs.

  14. Ben,

    …and Mallory will “exceed” also…and for the same reason as Ekler…Recruiting…which is exactly what kicked this discussion into gear, post #1…

  15. Our local high school, the one my kids attended, will have a player on each team in the BCS Championship, Jeff Pagan for Alabama and Ben Councell for ND (Ben’s older brother took my daughter to the prom). Jeff transferred to Asheville High School after his sophomore year. Ben’s a linebacker and, I believe, Jeff is a defensive end. They will both see the field a lot in the big game.

    There was a cute story written by the QB of their JV team, Caleb Pressley, who is now a backup QB for the Tar Heels. When they all played JV, Pagan was a 6’5″, 240lb wideout and Ben a similar sized tight end. A couple years later Jeff intercepted one of Caleb’s passes and ran it back 85 yards to seal the win for Asheville. After the game Caleb approached him and said, “In all the years we’ve played together I think that was the first time you actually caught a pass that I threw.”

    It was their only stumbling block in a year that ended in a 4A title. In the championship game Ben blocked the potential winning field goal on the last play of the game.

  16. Seems like a lot of people feel the need to defend Mallory, or make excuses for his unit’s below-average performance. I like Mallory. I liked his Dad a lot and thought his termination was a huge mistake. But this is a bottom-line business. Yes, there has been improvement in the secondary, but it was impossible for IU’s secondary to get worse after Mallory’s first year. Just look at the rate of improvement his father’s team had after three years. That seems like a reasonable standard.

    I’m not advocating firing Mallory now, but if IU’s secondary continues to suck in 2013, Mallory will be out of excuses and should be fired. Three years is plenty of time to demonstrate that you can drive significantly improved performance, regardless of the players you inherited. Does anyone think Wilson will hesitate to replace Mallory if his portion of the defense’s performance is still well below average in 2013? IU’s defense cost the team three games this year and a trip to a bowl game. That won’t be tolerated much longer.

  17. Understood HC and Tsau, and point well taken. Thanks for the mature opinions. I think we can all agree we are very hungry and desperate for a quality IU Football team. It will be a wonderful site to see The Rock filled. Though I guess IU Football fans are fair weather fans. When they are good, they will come out.

    Btw, I never introduced myself. Lived 25 years in Indiana. Small town called North Webster. Near Lake Wawasee or 40 miles west of Ft Wayne or 40 miles southeast of South Bend. In Dothan, AL now.

  18. Podunker, I agree with your overall view as reflected in every word you wrote. I think, in essence, that is what HC is saying as well. The image of opposing running backs running past linebackers, CB’s and safeties in crimson/white shirt and a helmet with an ‘I’ on it running into each other, grab and let go or passively allowing the runner 30-40 yards while arriving to the play only to get the number on the back of their shirts on the TV screen is forever burned into my retina and creates a sense of embarrassment to this day. Hopefully, it is a sense that is shared by the defensive staff and one that KW is committed to erasing from teams that carry his ‘brand’.

    That said, I couldn’t be happier nor feel better about the vision KW is translating into a culture for Hoosiers. I couldn’t feel better about KW and staff’s apparent devotion to turn every nook and cranny upside down, search under every rock for B1G, ‘real B1G potential’ players, the clear avoidance of bringing in ‘wannabes’ and to the teaching commitment, knowledge and talent to teach and develop this real potential into ‘real skill and performance’.

    I love reading KW comments in interviews. His observations about football are as true to the way they (and hopefully ‘we’) will live their lives. It is so consistent with what he (KW) appears to be as a man. I admire the talent and mind, his philosophy for sacrifice, commitment and group achievement for its simplicity and devotion to hard work.

    I also really admire KW’s commitment to thinking, innovation and creativity anchored by a hard edge. And, see it reflected in the same qualities and ‘pushing of the envelope’ by staff like Seth Litrell (look at what was accomplished with not one but three qb’s, the constant forced need to adjust offense based on talented by barely out of high school qb’s, the development of running backs). And, I couldn’t be happier than the edge and character that seems to be reflected on a ‘career’ coach like Jon Fabris.

    Because they seem to be what you and I have hoped for and prayed we would get for more than 35 years (collectively Po- you, HC, Chet and I are closing in on more than a century- yes, I calculate more than 110 years minimum) of searching and hoping we had the right ‘One’ (coach, staff)- I now humbly defer to KW and his wisdom and sense for whatever he needs and for whatever adjustments are needed and when to make them.

    You know Podunker, HoosierC, Chet, MassH… we will never be too old to meet for one last big Hoosier drunk to celebrate (hopefully together for two days on a train) enroute to Pasadena. (And, on the way back, we can kidnap KW to make the return trip with the four-of-us OOHG+ Old Hoosier Geezers…plus).

    But for now, we’re paying KW enough to let him make the hard decisions while we try to figure out where we boxed our Knickerbocker baggy kneed 3/4 pants.

  19. I love KW. I really think he is the right man for this job. Of coarse I would love to go to a bowl game, but if he can get us 5 wins this season, you won’t see me on these boards crying. 1, 4, 5 wins. See a trend? I would prefer 3 Big Ten wins, from our 2 last year, and sweep non conference, but I will take any win! I get a lot of gruff living in Alabama, and wearing my Hoosier Basketball/Football shirts to work, but I don’t care! No state or woman will take the Hoosier out of me. Lol

  20. Ben, the world is small…a bit more than 50 years ago I used to go to a North Webster (on Lake Webster) during the summer, while attempting the then ritual “passing into manhood’ (mostly failures) with the summer crowd there. Still have fond memories and laugh at myself as a character out of a Ron Howard ‘Happy Days’ episode.

    More than glad you are here (while in Alabama). The train to Pasadena departs from Chicago around 5pm each day.

  21. Ben…I should have included some of the more recent members of Lambda Sigma Phi fraternity (Long Suffering Footbal fraternity). The least we can do when that day comes is to honor your devotion and love for tradition and take you ‘newbies’ (along on our choo-choo ride and teach you to drink and cry/laugh like ‘old geezers’ while remembering the ‘days’).

    Ohhhhh God!!!! I am sorry!!! I meant Harvard…I absolutely won’t even go without Harvard…; but Harvard, we’re only allowed to cry about the 1946-2012 futility of being a Hoosier football fan…no evoking melancholy for the love of it,… please!!!!!

    There are others, Southport, JPat; and some really good ‘Crimson colored new blood’, Ron, Punjab, Dan. Fun trip…we’ll take Dustin and Andy (and corrupt their ‘journalistic values’).

  22. It too was impossible for IU’S LB’s to get any worse after Ekler’s 1st season. Their improvement has not advanced ahead of DM’s safeties. In a bottom lie business IU’s co-D’s have both earned the same grade after 2 seasons. Recruiting is what both need to make the turn for IU.

    Party Train Chicago to Pasadena, Rehab Train Pasadena to the Windy. Hope there will be a Doctor on board for us IU veterans and Chet and his 2 wheeler.

  23. Ben,
    i have a good friend and my professional mentor from Dothan. I lived not far away in both Pensacola and Milton, FL.

  24. I love trains. I’ve been wanting to take the California Zephyr out of Chicago forever. We once rode a short section of it from Denver to Glenwood Springs and back. Of course, it terminates in San Fran but I’m sure there’s similar route to Pasadena.

    Count me in.

    I spent today working on one of my Christmas presents. An electric train. I’ve been jokingly telling Ruthie I want to put a train line around the great room/kitchen/dining area in our cabin just above door height. It has vaulted ceilings that go up about 12 feet. I guess it would run 100 feet or so. She finally called my bluff and bought the train. This will be a blast for me.

    I am almost embarrassingly spoiled.

  25. Wow, what a small world Tsao! I lived a block away from Lake Webster. Lived near “The Palace of Sports” if you remember the big building downtown. It was indeed busy in the summers. Those “lakers” as we called them always made the groceries go up in price, according to parents. Lol.

    Chet, I know where your at. I go to Panama City on a regular basis. I made it to P-Cola one year to see the Blue Angels practice with my dad. What’s the name of your mentor if you don’t mind me asking?

  26. Chet, we’re entitled to put trains wherever we want to put them. Ruthie (Ruth is also my daughter’s name) must have really got you spoiled…ask her if she needs another ‘son’.

    I am also absolutely nuts about trains. My daughter lives in Portland, OR and I travel Chicago-Portland on AMTRAK, an incredibly great trip (about 40 hours). Comfortable, a rolling cruise across the northern border that has Great Plains, farmland, towns, high mountain dessert (you almost expect to see Clint Eastwood get on), Cascade mountain forest…the whole deal.

    The LA-Portland train, the Coast Starlight is to die for, and I’ve heard absolutely great things about the Zephyr these days, from Chicago to outside SF where you simply transfer to the Coast Starlight going south. The Southwest Chief is also supposed to be a great train, leaving Chicago and going through the southwest (Albuquerque) directly to LA passing near the Grand Canyon and through the Rockies. Any one of those would do fine to Pasadena.

    As I was saying last week, my son has now moved to Chicago (north side, near Evanston)and has his two little ones- both boys 4 1/2, 2 1/2)- who love the fact that their grandpa spoils them and has turned his living room into a railroad yard with ‘miles and miles’ of rairoads. They’re still a bit young for electrics, but we’ve built one of those massive wooden railroads with lots of engines (Thomas, the Train; Diesel 10, Ferdinand the Engine, Harvey the Engine…I can go on and on). From their perspective, we’re building a railroad to where I was born in Argentina…so we’ll soon be expanding to the floors below us. As much fun for granpa as for them.

    Never mind the cool train searches on Google and YouTube.

  27. Ben, TTG,

    Very familiar with both N. Webster and Syracuse. Live 55-60 miles from there. Spent many a Veterans Days entertaining customers who would always collect at the American Legion Post at N. Webster. That establishment was actually the entertainment and I enjoyed the benefit of it in a couple of different ways. Won a $1200.00 travel voucher in a $20.00 drawing they held for a fund raiser. They’ve never known a stranger there.

  28. I know exactly where the post is HC. Rode my bike past it all the time as a child. Small world.

  29. Ben,
    Her name is Beth Walker. She is the best there is in regard to working with hearing impaired children with cochlear implants. The BEST. I didn’t know her from Adam and she took me under her wing and dragged me kicking and screaming until I, too, was an ‘expert’ in the field. She lives up around Columbia, Georgia these days.

    Life does funny things sometimes. I had no idea the good fortune that was being thrust upon me. Now I can’t retire because of what she taught me. Go figure.

  30. My mom threw my first and only train set away. She was like that with many my favorite things I built childhood memories around..They’d be in a closet for a couple years…I’d get an urge to revisit playing with it, only to find she had pitched it.

    There’s an old 16mm home movie somewhere tucked away of 10-year-old Harvard sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree with the Lionel buzzing a circle around its base. Just sitting there by myself in new pair of jeans, Adidas tennis shoes, and a sharp looking striped button-down shirt…I look happy but somehow so deeply lost and lonely..I’ve always been going around that damn tree…By myself…Round and round..Year after year…Never a destination to be found. Still searching for the one old home movie of a mom rushing into the view of the lens with a smile on her face and a loving embrace.

    I think my mom dreamed of a different life…She always wanted to board that train…leave the small town that imprisoned her to a life she really never wanted. She was beautiful and so, so talented. She had a wonderful hand for art. Loved to sing and dance. She had even learned to tap dance as a child. She was an only child of family in Southern Indiana. Her dad a railroad worker that lost his livelihood laying down track when the Great Depression hit. She had a beautiful voice and could hit a note better than Rosemary Clooney.

    Never a thought in my dad’s mind how she buried all those dreams for him. She should have been a Paris fashion designer or a Hollywood actress…OUT WITH THE DAMN TRAIN SET!!

  31. Harvard,
    It sounds as though you were a lot more in tune with your Mom than I was with mine. There were 17 years between my oldest brother and myself. They were kinda over the parenting thing by the time I came along. After the next youngest (there were 5 of us) left for college (IU, of course) I was pretty much left to be a free range kid. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t really mind. Heck, it was Southern Indiana down on the Ohio River. My parents never made it to my ball games or wrestling matches. I worked and bought my own supplies and there was food in the house. I have probably shared this story but my first job, I kid you not, was working at a migrant camp at the orchards down the road at age 12. When you start out as a migrant worker there’s plenty of room for growth. My own children’s complaints were easily stifled with migrant camp stories.

    As an adult I now know it was their loss. To have missed out on your kids childhood? Man, that’s tragic. They’re gone now and I was shocked by how little it meant to me at the time. But, here’s the thing. Whatever happened to me growing up was the fodder for how I turned out. I love my life. Having to depend on myself for so long made me very self reliant. I’ll take on anything without batting an eye. Always have. I changed careers (even my profession) and went back to college in my 40’s. It was actually renewing.

    My own kids have taken that attitude and put it on steroids (I still have one I worry about but he’s getting his ducks in a row now). I wish my kids had known their grandparents a little more but they have adopted the same attitude. It was their grandparents’ loss. They’ve grown up to be happy and fearless. My Dad missed out on knowing them completely and my Mom just knew them because, for whatever reason, they’d take the initiative to go visit her. Like my own childhood, my parents never saw my kids compete, graduate, etc. So sad for them.

    Somehow, I married the most amazing person I’ve ever known. But that’s just dumb luck. She had a father that was always a little too busy but he did love to lecture. She remembers them, too, word for word. They went, “Blah, blah, blah.” Her Mom did all the child rearing.

    What they passed to us , by being bad examples, was an absolute joy to be a parent. Perhaps excessively so. My oldest son, at 26, is my best friend other than my wife. I talk to each of them at least once a day, usually more.

    You gotta play the cards you’re dealt but there’s a lot of different ways to play them. Life isn’t static. If there are things that need to improve, improve them. Here’s what I think, you need to write that frickin’ book that’s trying so desperately to jump out of your head.

    Hey, it’s Monday. No better time to start.

  32. Just one of those ‘indigo moods’ again, Chet.

    Thanks for opening up..The only problem is that it sounds like you made all the right decisions that I wish I had the strength to emulate. I took much of what was absent in youth to seek more of what I knew I would never get.

    I should have walked away. Parents that never seemed to care much about my dreams and what I loved, but always wanting me to stay around and be the glue in a very dysfunctional household..Begged to stay by a mother that gave up her own dreams..Begged to run a family business. An only son always stuck in safe harbor when I should have had the courage to board my own ship and leave it all behind.

    Got in a huge fight with my dad on Christmas day…Just completely lost it. He didn’t deserve it…It all got started when he told me he had a Christmas gift to give me that was from my mom. She has been dead for over two years. She couldn’t give me her heart when I was a child..Guzzled booze to drown her own lost dreams through all my teens and twenties..Nailed me to the family business that nailed her to the town she hated. And now my father heaps more guilt upon the distance in my heart he can’t understand with a concocted and made up story that she has a gift for me from her cold grave.

    Your book would be far more interesting…and inspiring. You built that little sailing vessel in your garage with your son to mirror the life you have led. Mine would only serve as reminder the years of voyages lost and the guilt and fear that killed the wind to fill my sails.

    But what a coward I still am to cling to excuses..Your tales only a reminder of all the chances I had to do things differently.

  33. Strangely metaphorical but the sailboat isn’t finished.

    I seem to always be working on it.

    What’s past is past. Let it go. The voyage lies ahead.

  34. Chet,

    Yes, I figured that is what you meant. Lol. Harvard, don’t give up. It’s never ever too late. Keep fighting.

  35. Laffy, you are right. This is an IU_IU_IU_IU_IU blog. It is written by IU HOOSIER NATION people of all kinds. It becomes a must read because of all the comments on this football thread.

    Although I’m an avid football and basketball fan always looking for more info and inside “scoop”, the previous comments add enjoyment and civility to the whole discussion.

    I admit having a very low opinion of and distaste for people using more than one ID on this blog.

  36. I find it very odd that when HH and I have our battles, there are 20 different posters saying, “Get that garbage out of here. I come here to read about IU sports.”

    And yet, some people on here treat this place as their very own personal blog to talk about trains rides, their kids lives, favorite recipes, their mommy and all kinds of other crap.

    Why should the rest of us have to wade thru all that garbage to read about our Hoosiers?

    Actual posts about IU get pushed down and lost among their “Hey, my grankid got his first tooth today” and “I miss the beach I went to when I was a teen” and “Hey, have you ever cooked hot dogs in beer?” nonsense.

    When it went on during the summer and people complained, the response was, “Hey, it’s the off-season, so give us a break.”

    Well, it’s not the off-season anymore and we’re STILL reading about all that drivel.

    I don’t want to have to wade thru the personal blogs of 5 different people to get info on our Hoosiers.

    Those losers can start their own Facebook account or something so they can stay up-to-date on each others’ personal lives.

    Or maybe Dustin can put up one thread just for that so they don’t hijack every single thread on here with it and if people don’t want to read it, they don’t have to.

    How about it, DD?

    Start a thread just for their personal stories so the rest of us can find info on IU without having to wade thru how they miss their mommy telling them bed time stories while giving them milk and cookies?

    This is an IU site, right?

  37. Oh, and the same thing happens when I talk about religion or politics:

    “Get that out of here…..this is an IU sports site.”

    So, if that isn’t allowed, neither should be updates on people’s kids moving across the country nor their favorite recipe for BBQ.

  38. Harvard, I love you man…but, do let go. (I am a fanatic of jazz (mostly big band and before) but I tuned into your Duke Ellington/Rosemary Clooney “Moon Indigo”. Man, you are rough on yourself!)

    Chet said it best. Let it go. Paralysis doesn’t happen, we make it happen (thus, it can’t be paralysis…right?). Harvard…she threw the train away??? Hell, mine threw us away and kept the train. But she’s not going to beat me in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and I’s sure as hell not going to let her move back into my life now. I’d rather spend my time enjoying my life, my now grown-up children, my incredible grand-children…too much left to waste it on Moon Indigo (though- I REALLY had the hots for Rosemary Clooney when I was 15-16). As long as there is battery life in the chair, there is time and desire to dance. Leave the paralysis for those that can’t write three lines without insulting the fact they are alive.

    He…do US a favor…keep us entertained with the good writing of inspired thoughts. You think we’re going to shut ourselves up in a deluxe Amtrak car and smoke cigars on the trek across to Pasadena listening to your version of Moon Indigo…I’d rather dream about Rosemary Clooney and listen to your version of bringing back the single format state tournament; or your Niestchean fable of “Oladipo and Human Will” instead, you dunce!!

  39. vgBMG…see…now you’ve done it!(it had been soooo peaceful…! Nahhh…don’t even acknowledge it and it will slither away by itself. Ignore it into its natural attrition…PLEASE???????

  40. So I’m an “it” that needs to “slither away”?

    How very “Christian” of you.


    So, please tell us why you guys WHINE about having to put up with my non-IU stuff but the rest of us has to weed thru all your personal life stories to get IU info?

    Baby Jesus hates hypocrites.

  41. TTG, I never really got the Rosemary Clooney thing but now Vera Ellen? Wow!! I watch ‘White Christmas’ just to see her lean muscular legs stretching out from that tiny waist. She was just a wisp of a girl except for those world class legs and what an amazing dancer. She’s been gone for a while now but she still had the best set of legs I’ve ever seen.

    “Mandy, there’s a minister handy…”

  42. Laffy,

    Why did you have to be an ass in a civil thread? If you d t like the other posts, just don’t respond. Me, Chet, Harvard, and Tsao have something in common, and it was cool to talk about it. I like your posts. Not trying to put you down. I can’t figure you out sometimes.

  43. If you come here for IU info, read the articles. If you come here for the thoughts of the Hoosier Nation, read the comments. Sometimes you might even learn about life other than sports.

    I don’t have the lengthy historical context to comment on past attempts at censorship of anyone’s posts, but a short history indicates that if all anyone wants to spew is negativity, you’re audience is much less receptive.

    I like the personal touch that you’ve all put in. Thank you. As a father of two young girls (and soon a boy,) these are the stories I’ll be telling to a younger generation. That, and probably our lack of a pass protection of defensive rebounding…

  44. My irony meter just exploded.

    When I’ve talked about “life other than sports”, like politics and religion, I’m told “That’s not allowed here.”

    So what you’re saying is, “Life outside of sports….as long as it’s reading about OUR mommy and kids.”

    I do want the thoughts of “Hoosier Nation”….on basketball.

    I couldn’t care less about their recipe for oatmeal or that think grandkid is “special” because he rode a bike for th first time over the weekend.

    Again, all Dustin would have to do is put up a special thread and say, “Hoosier Connection”, or whatever, and they could swap all the pancake recipies they want.

    So, if you “want our thoughts”, is religion off limits….or do you only want to hear what you want to hear and are afraid of new ideas?

  45. Ben–

    Again, I’ve talked about politics, being civil, and was told not to put that here….that people were “tired of having to weed thru them to read about basketball.”

    Shouldn’t they follow the same advice you just gave me?

    You guys sure do love to say, “Do as I say, not as I do” and ignore your own advice to me all the time.

  46. So, Laffy. What are your thoughts on Benghazi? On Gun control? How do you feel about gay marriage? Do you believe in the Holy Trinity? The floor is yours. I promise to fend off anybody who wants to limit your right to express yourself?

  47. You know Laffed-At sometimes this place feels like a foot race and you are a pair of flip flops.

  48. Punjab–

    Benghazi: I think Righties are doing nothing but politicizing it.

    Gun control: I think we should be able to have guns but not assault weapons.

    Holy Trinity: I think the Bible is the dumbest fairy tale ever written.

    If you want me to go into more detail, I will.

    HC— Yawn. So, what’s your favorite cupcake recipe? I bet you have lots of pink sprinkles on yours.

  49. Laffy the protagonist. Having to endure such ruthless persecution af the hands of this unruly mob must be a mighty cross to bear. I just want you to know that you’re a precious snowflake and I’m really, truly, keenly interested in everything you have to say. And I mean everything. I think I speak for all of us when I say there’s nothing we’d like more in this world than for you to go on and on and on with your cherished insights and worldly perspective. Please enlighten us, and don’t forget to talk about the homos this time…

  50. + Punjab he was able to Carnac that I liked pink sprinkles. But only on my medium rare pork chops. Amazin!

  51. Obviously no one is stopping anyone from posting anything. Your angst is simply because no one responds to your anger anymore. That’s not likely to change anytime soon.

    Peace out.

  52. The “homos”?

    Did those topics fly over your head, pumpkin?

    And Chet, I never said anything about “stopping people”, crybaby.

    I just pointed out that when I’ve posted about those topics, most of you guys whine “Get that off here as this is an IU sports board” so I just laugh when those same people turn around and give us all the details about their grandkids using the potty for the first time and their baking secrets for cupcakes.

  53. Ha. Just alluding the the gay marriage question I posed in #53. I’m sure we’re all anxiously awaiting your poignant thoughts on that topic, as well.

  54. If gay people want to be miserable like everyone else, they should be allowed to get married as well.

    If Larry and Gary can get hitched, will it make you love your wife any less?

    What business is it of yours if they do get hitched?

    I’ll believe the “marriage is sacred” baloney when the bigots outlaw divorce.

  55. Punjab, actually most of us already know Laffy’s position on all those topics, including gay marriage. They’ve been spiritedly debated here as recently as November. No need to re-hash.

  56. But then again, that was so well put in #64 Laffy, that I don’t mind hearing it again. Short, sweet, poignant.

  57. Fair enough. Many of Laffy’s views really aren’t that far off from my own, but I’ve beaten this dead horse long enough. Sorry if I went a little overboard with my sarcastic antagonism– just had to get it out of my system. Now that that’s out of the way… Back to our Hoosiers…

  58. I want to talk about my grand kids sprinkling pink sugar to show on a map in the Holy Bible a railroad connecting locations of holy sites for the wooden Thomas the Train (including Ferdinand the engine and Diesel 10)they want to build between Benghasi and Jerusalem). Yes I do.

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