Nebraska at IU women

Simone Deloach comes off the bench to score 14 points, combining with Sinclair’s 15 to account for 76 percent of the Indiana offense. CORNHUSKERS 67, HOOSIERS 38

3:51: The only real drama left is whether Aulani Sinclair can score her 1,000th point. She has 15 and needs just eight more to reach the milestone. It’s not like Indiana has much of a bench to sub in, so there’s a chance. CORNHUSKERS 67, HOOSIERS 30

11:56: No letting off the gas for Nebraska so far in the second half, allowing only an Aulani Sinclair 3. She has nine, just 14 shy of 1,000 for her career. CORNHUSKERS 52, HOOSIERS 20

This game basically got away from Indiana as Nebraska went on an 11-0 run in the final 2:29 of the first half. Not sure Indiana has the firepower to get back in this one. Jasmine McGhee with seven points and Sinclair with six to lead Indiana at the break, but Hoosiers shot just 29.2 percent (7-of-24). Rachel Theriot (no relation to Ryan that I can find) leads the Cornhuskers with 10 points. CORNHUSKERS 37, HOOSIERS 17

3:13: Another Aulani Sinclair 3 cut the lead to four, but Nebraska answered with a 7-0 run before Jasmine McGhee’s jumper. IU working hard just to stay in this one. CORNHUSKERS 26, HOOSIERS 17

7:42: Back-to-back basket by Simone Deloach and Jasmine McGhee got IU within 11-8, but Nebraska answered with a 6-0 run. Each team has five turnovers, but Indiana shooting 4-of-15 from the field and getting outrebounded, 14-7. CORNHUSKERS 17, HOOSIERS 10

10:46: Aulani Sinclair hits a 3 for Indiana’s first field goal of the game at the 11:38 mark. Hoosiers’ defense has been adequate enough, but just getting a shot off is very hard work so far on the offensive end. CORNHUSKERS 11, HOOSIERS 4

Indiana comes in off its first Big Ten win under coach Curt Miller, a 68-64 victory against Northwestern on Sunday. The Hoosiers look to make it two in a row against Nebraska, but it won’t be easy. The Cornhuskers are unranked in the AP poll after an overtime home loss to Purdue on Saturday and will look to bounce back in a big way. The key for IU will be the health of its players, with Sasha Chaplin having sat out against Northwestern with a concussion, and Jasmine McGhee having sprained her ankle in the second half of that game. Also worth noting that sophomore Candyce Ussery is not here tonight. I’ll check on her status postgame. Updates on Twitter.


  1. Candyce Ussery was not listed as a member of the team on tonight’s program, and that literally breaks my heart.

  2. Ussery transferring is not a surprise, she has only played 22 minutes in 9 games so far this year. Her lack of playing time is surely a situation where she is having trouble picking up coach Miller’s system. With the strong class coming in next year, it is quite obvious that she will not figure into next year’s plans. The game tonight is a perfect example of the lack of talent on this year’s roster that IU possess! Nebraska is a very good team that lost in overtime in last year’s Big 10 Championship game and they have everybody back from that team plus a couple of really good freshmen. I would hope that IU fans not get to down about this game’s outcome. This team plays it’s heart out but, will have games like this because of their talent deficiency against really good teams. As coach Miller stated a couple of weeks ago, IU will be an underdog in every game the remainder of the year. Injuries and defections are now effecting the team’s ability to compete. But, IU fans, don’t despare, this team will improve and play extremly hard. With the class arriving next year, this team will improve dramatically! Give it time!

  3. I don’t see next year any difference than this year. These players are decent players with experience. So out of the 5 starters what is the problem??? Is it the defense, offense, coaches, or is it the players??? Here’s what I see plain and simple, they can score but no defense. I dont care what recruits are coming in if you dont coach defense they will be a sub-par team.

  4. I’m not sure why people are so concerned about the transferring of players who were not terrible successful when a new coach takes over.

    For one thing, it ALWAYS happens.

    For another, what sense does it make to upgrade at coach and not give him, a proven recruiter, a chance to upgrade the players?

    Let Coach build his team with his players. THEN you can criticize him.

  5. I agree with SheilaE on one aspect Defense is more important than offense. However I don’t see this as this teams downfall. The effort is there for sure but its hard to teach an old dog new tricks or its easier to learn it as a pup. Meaning the overall basketball IQ is where they get into trouble things like help the helper, staying true to shell priciples and making the extra pass. I have seen many games where they take the shot instead of passing to the kid with a better one. This is often because the skill set is not there meaning they dont make the extra pass or help the helper because they just dont recognize it.
    I have seen pretty much all of the incoming kids and with the development of Simone they should be at least five hundred in the conference next year. Heres how I see next year. Simone at the 5 relieved by Anderson. The speedy unselfish Brooks at the 1 relieved by Bell. High basketball IQ Agler at the 2 relieved by Hulls. And the two versatile diference makers at the 3 and 4 Claire and Leikem who will stay in the game as much as possible.

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