Ussery quits women’s team

Sophomore point guard Candyce Ussery has become the second scholarship player to leave the IU women’s basketball team in the last two weeks.

“Candyce quit the basketball team on Monday and was immediately looking to transfer,” coach Curt Miller said Thursday night. “She hopes to be enrolled by (today) at another institution. We’ve supported her desire to go look for more playing time, and we’re helping her out as best we can in a really, really short time that she’s trying to get admitted and start at a new school.”

Ussery played just 22 minutes in eight games this season and was the third point guard behind starter Andrea Newbauer and backup Nicole Bell. She appeared in 30 games, starting four as a freshman.

“We wish her the best and certainly understand the desire of Division I athletes, the desire to play and (get) playing time,” Miller said. “With multiple point guards signed in the 2013 class, and her playing currently behind Andrea and Nicole, I don’t hold it against her. I really support her looking for another opportunity.”


  1. Ron,

    I think you and I will remain most content Coach Miller as well as Coach Crean know what they are doing when offering each programs scholarships.

  2. Clarion, my wife and I take the kids to all women’s games…we love the open seating and sit behind the bench most times. For me…the jury is still out on Coach Miller. He gets an A in recruiting so far…wow is that looking good. I am not sure he runs any better game plan on offense than Jack did and I do know the athletes are not there for him now and the bench is short but the defense is awful, just awful! To a certain extent the players quit last night but Coach Miller quit coaching 2 minutes into the 2nd half. He sat there and made comments to his assistants and I was shocked at that. Fred Glass sat directly across from Coach Miller and Miller did NOTHING. I know it ended up being a blowout but you still need to coach…at any level. I was shocked!

  3. The tall dark haired girl #4 from Latvia took a 3 and missed it badly with about 6 or 7 minutes to go and Miller said something to a young male assistant and the assistant burst out laughing and almost fell out of his chair…I just don’t get that.

  4. Come on Jack was the worst coach ive ever seen in any sport ever. We already have more wins this season than last right? Thats just an absurd statement because miller has a very good overall record. Jack has been a career loser and as clueless as it gets.

  5. J Pat, OMG, as a season ticket holder for years and an IU women’s fan since 1987, I really take offense to your statement about coach Miller! He is undoubtedly the best coach we have ever had at IU on the women’s side. His offense is entirely different than the horrid offensive system that coach Jack had in which it was, give the ball to Jasmine and let her one-on-one the whole game forcing up shots from all angals! Coach Miller’s system is a pick and role offense that encourages as may layups as possible. Now that wasn’t as apparent last night due to Nebraska’s very tight defense which is played by superior athelets than IU possess at this time. IU being short on the bench and extremely undermanned on the court due to a lack of talent made us look inept last night. I don’t think that coach Miller quit coaching at any time! Watching the game, I simply didn’t see this. And to another point, yes the defense looked awfull last night but, you must remember that they played a team that is incredibly more talented than them and we were injured and short of players! The defense this year has been much improved over year’s, due to coach Miller and his staff. They have been very tough to score against in most games this year. Last night, Nebraska’s talent simply over whelmed them! Anyone who knows anything about basketball and thinks that the jury is still out on coach Miller and his staff is simply not paying attension! Believe me, as a long time follwer of IU women’s basketball, coach Miller is the REAL DEAL and he is slowly turning this program around! When he gets his kids into the program, you are going to see a dramtic change in this program! He is at this time burdened by the incredibly poor recruiting job that coach Jack did during her tenure at IU. He can only do what he can with the cards he has been dealt, when the cards get better, the results will be better! Coach Miller didn’t take a Mid-Major program (Bowling Green) to the sweet 16 twice by not knowing what he is doing! That is unheard of! You should seriously re-evaluate your thoughts? Trust me, when all is said and done, you are going to be very proud of coach Miller, his staff and IU women’s basketball.

  6. J Hat, that is absurd..she was a class person and a great coach…just could not recruit. Her game time adjustments help us beat a #5 ranked OSU team a couple years back.

    MikeC, I too have been a season ticket holder for years. I am sorry you take offense but what I wrote is the truth and an objective take on what I saw 10 feet away. I have been to all but one game and sat court side for every game…he quit last night and sat in his seat the entire 2nd half. You really did not notice that? I was right behind the bench and my wife and I were baffled as he is usually so animated. He threw in the towel last night, it is what it is! He did not even try coaching when Nebraska stopped pressuring the ball. I want to think I know basketball pretty well as long as I have coached and Miller runs NO better an offense than Jack…they both call out multiple sets with screens and some motion…simple stuff! Jack had and used the pick and role too…especially when Jori played. I think he will succeed because of the great recruiting and he is intense as well and I can tell very competitive. I did not mean to offend you I just called it like I saw it…I added nothing and took nothing out…I saw it with my own eyes last night! I hope for the best!

  7. J Pat,

    I hear you loud and clear. My own personal thoughts are when programs have been down their resulting recovery early on stutters through some throwaway games, sometimes into throwaway seasons(like Crean’s 1st and Wilson’s 1st). I wondered when this program would display the stutters. Even though I do not follow gals sports closely I suspect the Miller-ism chemistry lesson going on will last all season and some more players leave in the off season.

  8. Oh, this is just terrible news. How unfair it is that this wonderful young lady must endure the trauma of transferring to a different school so that she can get playing time. This is just so unfair! Isn’t she is entitled to equal playing time on IU’s team? Isn’t she entitled to pursue her dream of playing for IU? Isn’t everyone supposed to be equal in their talent level and therefor get the exact same treatment?

    Come on, everybody knows that IU is the only place for a young man or women to play college basketball, and to have to leave this place just devastates young adults. Curt Miller must really be a mean and terrible person for preventing this young lady from playing more. I mean, what’s he trying to do, win basketball games? That’s not his job. He’s supposed to provide a warm and fuzzy experience to all his players and coddle, nurture and protect them from the realities of life. Just think of the emotional and psychological damage he has caused this fragile young women, who must now endure the humiliation of transferring from Indiana University so that she can actually play during games. I fear that she may be tainted for life. Oh, this is just so unfair!

  9. Remember this is a Nebraska program that has a history of being one of the top 5 programs in the country. When UConn broke the consecutive win game streak, it was Nebraska’s streak they broke. It will take a few years before IU is even good enough to be in the same gym as Nebraska.

  10. Good work there, Po. Love the fight in ya..

    Then again, sometimes it’s simply ND showing up Bama.

  11. J Pat, Jack was a nice person but, a terrible coach! Her game time coaching ability was terribly lacking and even as you admitted, her recruiting was terrible! I got so sick of watching her on the side line with her jaw in her hand as the team went down the drain in game after game! All I ever saw her do was berate officials time and time again! If she would have shown half of that passion with her players, we may have had something but, nothing would have helped her terrible recruiting! It’s nice to know that in her 6 years here, you can remember one game where you think her coaching made a difference? If she was as good as you seem to think, please explain her plunging record over the last 3 years of her tenure here? I have also coached and have been around basketball for 50 years, and know quite a bit about it, as stated by Clairon, sometimes you just have to know when you are out of it, and last night’s game was a perfect example! They had no chance in that game, they worked hard but as stated before, the talent deficency was rediculous! One other thing about Jack, her offense of one-on-one play was not even close to Millers!

  12. Mike, I disagree with your opinion on Jack being a terrible coach and she ran more than pro style one on ones…I sent kids to her camps and sat in on clinics and practices. I don’t know what you are talking about. She did not have a recruiting pipeline and that killed her in the end but my post was about Miller and the way he acted last night and that was it. It was just sad he threw in the towel and that is what he did…IU sat there and watched him do it! We both want IU to win so I will end this with GO HOOSIERS!!!

  13. JPat, I love ya man, and I appreciate your defense of Jack, who I think is a good person, but I have to agree with MikeC. Jack was not a good coach. She was not effective. Jack may be a good coach for some program, but she was not a good coach for IU. Maybe it was just the wrong fit. You see that in business all the time. A superstar changes jobs and fails at the new place. Then he gets fired and goes on to do great things. Who knows why?

    Jack’s record at IU speaks for itself. As they say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” She was not an effective recruiter. Her teams lost, they lost frequently, and they lost big. At times, she seemed to be helpless on the sidelines. IU women’s basketball was an embarrassment on the floor the last year years. jack needed to go.

  14. JPat, just an observation. This may be, in fact it probably is, simply a coincidence.

    I can’t help but notice that your reaction to and defense of a fired coach whom you liked, who was followed a new, high profile coach, whose character you seem to have some question about, is remarkably similar to your reaction to the firing of Bill Lynch and the subsequent hiring of Coach Wilson.

    I’m not making any assertions or assumptions, it’s simply an observation.

  15. Chet, it is a coincidence and I can see where you would see that in my writing. If you read anything I wrote on Lynch from the start…I NEVER liked him as our coach, NEVER. I am not sure I question Miller’s character…the word is only positive on him in Bloomington and that is/was a big difference in Wilson and Miller. I just want to see a coach work it till the end…blow out or not. I can totally see what you are saying though so no biggie. Chet, I was reading the comparison on Minny and IU…what is your prediction for tomorrow? I think it will be close. Clarion, you have a prediction. I read this is the first time since 2000 that two top 10 teams meet in Assembly hall…thought that was interesting!

  16. I think we will have our hands full BUT I can see where the crowd gets the team fired up and they get into the flow and everything goes right. Tubby will be looking for that and he’ll use his timeouts wisely to avoid it.

    We’ll see.

  17. Yeah, I think home court is huge for this one…they will be lined up outside of AH early. I am really excited for this one…gonna sit it out and watch with dad and the kids on the big screen! Good night…

  18. J Pat,
    I am already camped out on my couch waiting for tomorrows tipoff. I am gonna say, IU 71 Minny 65. Gotta hit the free throws. Time for Zeller to bring it hard.

  19. WOW…I’m losing confidence in this coaching staff. This is the 4th person to leave this program….I wish Candyce the very best as well as the other young ladies who have already left (Carmela, Brionna, Quaneisha). Who’s next?????
    And I agree with the other post regarding horrible defense. I’ve noticed that as well…they cannot stop no one. I don’t care who the next recruits are coming in…but if there is no change in defense they will continue to lose. And offense is not that great when you rely on 3’s. Just saying.

  20. J Pat,

    As often as not these heralded battles so looked forward to deliver something a little less. Even though it will still be a good game. I think IU with that McCracken Court and 34k+ eyes intently watching, win by 11. But I never coached a game of BB so it is just another opinion. The Vegas boys last time I looked were anywhere from IU giving 61/2 to 10. Those guys are hard to argue with unless you are the Tide playing ND in the NC FB game. Enjoy that flat screen.

  21. This is big girl basketball with coaches fighting for their lively-hood (spell?). This isn’t Jr High where everybody gets to play and I want fighters not flee- ers.
    Miller and staff are doing a great job.
    Props to the girls staying because their effort has been great and like I said its hard to teach an old dog new tricks and its easier to learn it as a pup. Meaning the overall basketball IQ is where they get into trouble things like help the helper, staying true to shell priciples and making the extra pass. I have seen many games where they take the shot instead of passing to the kid with a better one. This is often because the skill set is not there meaning they dont make the extra pass or help the helper because they just dont recognize it.
    I have seen pretty much all of the incoming kids and with the development of Simone they should be at least five hundred in the conference next year. Heres how I see next year. Simone at the 5 relieved by Anderson. The speedy unselfish Brooks at the 1 relieved by Bell. High basketball IQ Agler at the 2 relieved by Hulls. And the two versatile diference makers at the 3 and 4 Claire and Leikem who will stay in the game as much as possible.

  22. How about we leave the coaching hiring/firing decisions to Fred Glass, who we all know is a Hoosier. I don’t see how any IU fan could question his track record at hiring the best possible people at Indiana. Jack blew, so she was fired.

  23. Are you sure Anderson is coming next year as I heard she did not commit in the early signing period????

  24. I heard that she is coming. She just needs to finish a class or something to meet Indiana’s standards. If need be I imagine she can make it up in summer school

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