1. Dustin,

    What the hell did you do to Crean? You must have done something at some point. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of yours.

  2. I recently heard that John Calipari and Bill Carmody share the same ring ringtone

    That also happens to be my suggestion for Monday’s ‘Hoosier Morning’ song choice.

  3. Harvard’s other Suggestions for Hoosier Morning song clip…

    The first two choices in honor of the Welsh-Ryan Arena purple floor….The final selection, a catchall, to include the noticeable bonding in a Dustin/Crean exchange at the postgame press conference.


  4. I agree that Crean has never seemed to be a fan of Dustin. Even the few times when he doesn’t give Dustin an attitude he just blows him off with bland answers or some fake happy ‘tude. From afar I think its 2 things. One Dustin doesn’t suck up to Crean like so many other media members seem to always do, a lot of them are afraid to ask anything remotely tough and they are almost overly excited to attempt to be Crean’s pal. But 2, Dustin doesn’t ask the greatest questions all the time. So he doesn’t get great answers and then he’s stuck with the answers like he got to that question- “we just moved the ball better.” Yes that was taking the easy way out for Crean to answer it like that but he also didn’t want to really explain or answer a question that ended with “what, I guess, did you guys figure out as it went along?” Sometimes people who don’t know a sport real well(Dustin has admitted bball isn’t his forte) can over think things way too much. Sometimes the best answer is just, “We are good at basketball. We practice all the time.” Like if you asked Kobe Bryant what he figured out in the 4th quarter to enable him to go off for 18 pts, he’d say some bs answer but his real answer would be “I’ve been playing basketball for 30 years, I’m the best player on the court. I got open and hit my shots.” Reporters seem to think there is some great formula, or maybe they really want a long/detailed answer like “Well Jordy dribbled twice, looked up, faked to Victor, saw Cody in the middle. Did a two hand chest pass to Cody. Cody caught the ball with two hands, turned/pivoted, looked baseline to the cutting Sheehey, Sheehey caught the ball….etc,etc. And that’s how we beat the 1 3 1.”

  5. Free throws. Who is actually the team’s best FT shooter? You would think Jordy because he is the little local boy gym rat. And I say that respectfully. He also gets all the pub when it comes to FTs, like in the above video. But really the guy sitting beside him, Christian Watford, could make a case for being the better in-game FT shooter. Over his career Jordy has never even averaged 2 FT attempts per game. Sure he’s shot a career average around 85%, but with only extremely limited attempts. Watford on his career is at 5 FT attempts per game, hitting about 83%. This year Jordy is at 73% from the line and has never hit all of his FTs if he takes more than 2 in a game(this season). Watford is shooting 86% from the line this year. Props to Watford, I don’t usually defend him but his cool/calm/boring demeanor must serve him well on the charity stripe.

  6. Bombay Sapphire,

    Very good posts.

    Post #6 could be considered derived from Occam’s Razor, “among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected”. In other words, ‘the simplest answer is often the best one’ or as you put it even better, “We are good at basketball. We practice all the time.”

    That could be the answer to most post game questions.

    Your comment about Kobe made me think of Archie Manning playing in the Senior Bowl 100 years ago. His team was getting stomped. A sideline reported asked his what they needed to do to get back in the game. Straight faced (freckle faced with red hair) he said (I’m paraphrasing here), “Well, we nee to run the ball better and then complete some passes. When we do that we should be able to score some points. Then our defense needs to stop their run and passing game. If they can keep them from scoring and we can score more than they do, I think we’ll be OK.”

    The very serious reporter took in all this wisdom, nodding at each key point. He then thanked him for his Dali Lama-like wisdom and sent it back up to Keith.

    BTW, I came to the same conclusion about CWat and free throws a couple weeks ago. I don’t remember him ever missing any critical freebies. I still like seeing Jordy go to the line, though.

  7. Cool story about Archie. Was he more like Peyton or Eli?

    And yeah I agree about Hulls. Crazy to think that if someone had said at the beginning of the season there would be 5 IU rotation players with a better FT % than Hulls, you’d assume you would have the best FT shooting team in the country. But we know IU isn’t. Currently Hulls is only ahead of Victor in FT%, the other 5 regular IU players are all above Hulls. Not something I’m worried about, just interesting.

  8. Well, as best as I recall he wasn’t the fixated machine that Peyton is. Despite playing for the ‘Aints’ he always seemed to be happy with life. He was an easy guy to cheer for.

  9. Dustin-

    Where did your post go…? Did I just not read a post explaining the reason Crean got snippy with you? Something about a “smirk” on your face that bothered him?

    Maybe I’m going wacko, but I thought it was a page long explanation…and then it just vanished from the thread.

  10. You did, Harvard. I decided I’d provided too much detail with the first one and I deleted it. There’s now a shorter one on the Hoosier Morning thread.

  11. I thought there might be more to it than met the eye…

    Were you shaking your head slowly back and forth to show some visible disgruntlement while smirking..? As if to say..”I can’t believe this BS you’re feeding me?”

    I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll soon be covering North Dakota hoops.

    Didn’t mean to stir any real trouble here…It was just sorta obvious something triggered his reaction. I think it’s healthy for the relationship. Maybe he’ll make more effort to play straight with your questions.

  12. I don’t believe I was, Harvard. It wasn’t so much his answer to my question that was the cause of it. I found it interesting that I asked the same question of Zeller and got a much more complete, detailed answer, but I didn’t necessarily think Crean was dodging me. It was more of a general response to the press conference as a whole.

  13. If it was nothing worse than that smirk you wear on ScoopTalk sessions when Jeremy gives his analysis, then it was totally harmless.

    Crean needs a chill pill. Hopefully he’s not pumping multiple ‘5-Hour Energy’ bottles…I knew a guy that hit those heavy for his night job and it totally hyped up an already high-strung, obnoxious personality. It messes with the mind..Stuff should be outlawed.

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