Crean declines to discuss Robinson-Hulls punch, addresses other topics on radio show

Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked Monday night about the Glenn Robinson III-Jordan Hulls punch controversy and said that he would not discuss it. He was also asked about Victor Oladipo’s windmill dunk at the end of the game (which didn’t count) but that some apparently looked at as unsportsmanlike to Michigan. Oladipo himself apologized without prompting in the post-game press conference after Saturday’s game.

“I think Vic felt bad about that,” Crean said. “He wasn’t trying to rub it in on everybody, and I think there’s quite a few people that overreacted to that in all honesty. But John didn’t overreact to it, and I didn’t even see it at that point. But after I realized what happened, I said something to John and he was fine with it. I said, ‘That’s not what we do.’ In the back, it’s just the heat of the moment. It’s the adrenaline of the moment, and I don’t think it was anything that was meant in any derogatory way whatsoever. It is what it is.”

Crean addressed several other topics throughout the evening, which follow. 

— Crean was asked about graduating players early in a question that tried to draw a contrast between Indiana’s approach and Kentucky’s. Crean refused to take the bait to engage in Kentucky-bashing (He usually does try to avoid going there) but discussed the ideas behind the accelerated paths to graduation that many of the players have taken.

“I can only speak on our approach,” Crean said. “I think it’s important that you do a good job of understanding that players have dreams and there’s places that they want to go. We need to have the same type of players that others have in the sense of being to fulfill those dreams and getting to the next level, getting to the NBA, being able to make a career out of it. But at the same time, if done correctly and they’re serious about it — it’s impossible after one year, it really is — but once you get into the second year, even if they’re to leave then, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel (in terms of graduating). And then in the third year, when you have a situation now when you have more guys graduating in three to 3 1/2 years than you do four, now there’s a proven system for it. They’re doing an excellent job academically. They’re getting very good grade points, but most importantly, they’re taking very good classes. They’re taking classes that are going to lead them to an excellent degree, but at the time, not only the degree that they get but the experience they get from taking those different classes. We’re really on top of that. Marni Mooney leads the way with all of that. That was something that we really wanted to start to accomplish when we got here. Now the players have to do the work in the sense of being able to handle the hours. They’re not in a situation where they’re taking too many hours. The key comes that they’re not dropping classes. That’s the thing that I’m most proud of from where we’re at academically is you can count on just a couple of fingers the classes that get dropped here.”

— Crean was asked about Oladipo as a defender. Not that he’s never had a question like that, but his answer was good.

“It’s instincts. It’s continuing to build his knowledge. It’s continuing to build his knowledge that go into his instincts. It’s determination. there’s no question it’s athleticism. He’s got a strong determination, will. He wants to be great at that. Very good anticipator and is getting so much better off the ball. The athleticism and the ability to move his hands, his head, his feet and keep his body in front, and then have that quick mind that comes from his instincts and then adding knowledge from film work is really a big part of it. The other thing that’s really important is we’ve got some other really good defenders. Yogi is a tremendous defender. Will is an outstanding defender. Remy is continuing to make strides there. Christian can guard so many different people. Cody is second on our team in deflections. Jordan is improving. He can improve more like everybody else can improve more, but he is improving, and those things are important.”

— Crean was asked again about Jeremy Hollowell’s play, which has been much better of late.

“I see his work ethic and he’s continuing to improve. I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t play him more in the Michigan State game. Especially earlier in the second half because he did a good job in the first half. I know he would’ve liked to have played more, but instead of going one way, he went the other way after that game. The work ethic of doing extra continued to go up. And it already started to go up. But he really channeled his energy in the right place with a lot of extra shooting late at night, early in the morning, and he’s doing so many good things, that it’s important that we play him through it and give him more opportunities so that he continues to develop that understanding that he has. That’s what he’s doing and I’m not surprised. He played fine on Wednesday night and he played that much better on Saturday night. And I think that will continue as long as that work ethic and building his knowledge base (continues). The biggest thing with Jeremy is that he’s gotta talk more on the floor. He’s got very good skills. He’s got very good awareness. The more that he talks and can handle the things that are going on defensively and all the quick adjustments that have to be made with the switching and how are we playing this and how are we playing that. That’s where we have to be that much better for us.”


  1. The more I read about Troy Williams, the more I think we’re getting a really good kid. I know we’re getting a good kid with Vonleh. So important to have your best players be humble and have solid character. These 2 kids ooze talent, but more importantly they ooze character.

    Played pick-up ball tonight in the small little Casco gym, and one of the guys (Corey) that showed up was the assistant coach at New Hampton for the last 5 years who was the primary recruiter of Vonleh. The head coach of Bridgton Academy was also there and we spent a few minutes afterwards just discussing some of the players in the league this year and last… They were very honest about who were good kids and who was a talented a-hole.

    Both the guy who recruited Noah and the guy that just got beat by 40 (and has to host him on Wednesday night) by him had nothing but glowing praise about what a good kid he was. Corey also was convinced that he will be at least a 2 year player because he’s so young – he’ll be 17 when he graduates… And because his mother is very serious about his academics.

  2. One other recruit that has quietly had an outstanding senior year is Luke Fischer. Heard nothing except good things about his development up north.

  3. ^ Dude, the bald cap is so, so awesome. I can appreciate that. I actually think Twenty-plus Wins Tom looks better bald then with his receding “roadrunner” haircut. Gives him a meaner look. If he could top it off with a goatee, he’d be the Walter White of the basketball world.

  4. Man, I’d sell a kidney to have Noah for 3 years.

    And I give Will a hard tome for being a hot dog, but I have no problem with Vic’s windmill dunk.

    Listening to Crean’s interview and he talked about seeing our flaws. Guess he hates IU too and isn’t a “real fan” of the program.

    Talked about how he looks at “How would I play us?”

  5. Just noticing this… The OSU game is worrying me a bit more.

    They have a huge game against Michigan tonight, but then get 4 days rest and get to go home and host us.

    Meanwhile we don’t play til Thursday night @ Illinois, which won’t be easy, then turnaround and go straight to Columbus to play the early game on Saturday.

    Only about 40 hours between games against good-to-very-good teams, and being on the road for 5 straight days doesn’t bode well.

  6. Bracket has no credibility considering they put IU out West and UM in the Midwest AFTER the game on Saturday.

  7. Geoff-

    You have stumbled again. The game @OSU is on Sunday @ 1:00. We will have two full days of rest(66 hours between the tip-off on Thursday night and tip-off on Sunday afternoon). The schedule is included at the top of the Hoosier Scoop header on this very page.

    Regardless, they both will be very tough games.

  8. Thanks for catching that Harv… I feel a little better now.

    However, that is only my first stumble. Next time you can use the word “again”.


  9. I am completely stunned that you never knew the schedule was prominently displayed on Scoop’s header. That’s at least worth double stumble points.

    Off-topic a bit here, but does it irritate anyone else that ‘Establishment’ Dustin doesn’t replace the college football standings at the right side of this page with the national basketball rankings or the Big 10 basketball standings?

    Why should we have to look at OSU on the top of the football standings when our Hoosier basketball team is back to an elite level of play? If they have the tech people to change the Scoop Poll question at the upper left, then one would think they could get rid of football standings and allow us Hoosier fans to bask in a bit the glory of viewing our Hoosiers at the top of national scene in hoops notoriety.

    Maybe they wouldn’t get accused of acting like ‘Establishment’ nerds if they would objectively display the basketball rankings/standings/polls when its basketball season.

  10. Actually I did know that Harvard, but for some reason I had it in my head the game was on Saturday, so I only looked at the time…

  11. Must be the way the page is formatted on my iPad, but I don’t see the standings… Are you telling us that your website takes orders from ESPN?

  12. No. There are only a handful of people at ESPN who even know the Bloomington Herald-Times is a thing. I’m messing with Harvard and making jokes about his absurd Establishment conspiracy theory. But the standings are provided by ESPN through some automatic application in some fashion I don’t know anything about. I can change the poll whenever I want (I’m just really lazy about that) but I don’t have any how to mess with the standings or even if I can.

  13. Dustin – Still no word on how the recruiting trips went for Pinson and Edwards? We’e there any other un-committed recruits at the game?

  14. Love the poll question…Gave me a huge chuckle.

    I’m sure someone in your HT offices can figure out how to get the ESPN national basketball standings/top-25 to replace the outdated football standings.

  15. Man, oh, man…Didn’t hear much on Scoop about how the Billikens just completely dismantled Butler last week.

    Isn’t Jim Crews a former Knight player? And some were saying Crean got a lesson in coaching from Stevens at the Crossroads Classic? It appears Stevens got a lesson in coaching a decedent of the General last week…What a major butt shellacking..

  16. So, after last night I wonder where B1G (and Nat’l) Defensive POY stands…

    On the one hand you’ve got Dickie V absolutely slobbering over Aaron Craft’s defense to the point where he’s convinced Tirico that he’s God… Even though Burke shot 50%, scored 16 pts and had 8 assists to only 2 TO’s to lead his team to the win.

    And on the other hand you’ve got Victor Oladipo playing 34 minutes, guarding all 4 of Michigan’s best offensive players, and only giving up 4 points in leading IU to a victory over the #1 team.

  17. SI has their new NBA draft board out.

    They like a 7 footer before Cody because he can shoot from outside? Don’t those morons know that only idiots have their centers shoot from outside?

    And they obviously hate IU to say Cody doesn’t have NBA talent.

    I’m truly amazed Victor isn’t in the Top 20.

    Years ago, I predicted Shawn Marion was going to be a star and when he was drafted high, most people said, “Who the hell is that guy?”

  18. He’s now at 15 on ESPN’s board… And many of Ford’s contacts have him as a lottery pick… SI is so 1980’s

  19. This is exactly why many players leave early.

    Either they can get hurt or they don’t improve from the year(s) before and they drop from the potential # 1 pick to the # 15 pick.

    While a player may make less money dropping down the board, they’ll go to a better team.

    Do you really want to be a Top 3 pick and be on a team that SUCKS for 3 years (and you get most of the blame because you’re a TOP pick) or do you want to make a little less and be on a team that actually competes and has a chance to do something?

    Money isn’t everything…….

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