Crean says he expects Oladipo to play

Indiana coach Tom Crean said on the Big Ten teleconference Monday morning that he expects IU junior guard Victor Oladipo to play in Tuesday’s game at Michigan State. Oladipo sprained his ankle in Saturday’s game against Purdue, but Crean said Oladipo has been rehabbing it with athletic trainer Tim Garl and that he participated in much of practice Sunday.


  1. Dustin- Where is the link to the media call audio? I saw that Hutch mentioned Crean was a bit testy toward the B1G guy when it comes to weekly award credentials. I’d like to hear it….thanks!

  2. Bombay,
    The call is still going on (Tubby Smith is talking as I write this) and it usually goes online by late afternoon. And yeah, you heard right. Before the last question, he asked for criteria and how much winning mattered. He’s had some concerns not only this week but others when he’s had guys with two good performances in wins and someone else has won despite losing a game during the week.

  3. I cringe whenever I see someone say, “It’s only a sprain. Fortunately, it wasn’t broken.”

    Bones are highly vascular, that is, they have lots of blood flow and, in the big scheme of things, heal pretty quickly.

    Sprains can run the gamut from very minor to debilitating. Ligaments are avascular, they don’t get much blood flow. Generally speaking, a really bad sprain (torn and/or strained ligaments can take far longer to heal.

    My first bad ankle sprain was at the age of 29. My leg was in a cast for 6 weeks. Couldn’t play on it for 2 years. It still turns blue if I play for more than an hour. In fact, it’s earned the nickname ‘old blue’.

  4. Healthy meal for today. Po boy with fried oysters wrapped in bacon with tomatoes and onion and some kind of devilish sauce.

    It’s making my ankle hurt.

  5. Of course that leads to the next series of questions;

    A) How well can he play?
    B) How long can he play on it well?
    C) Will this change defensive alignments and preparation-strategy(s)?

    D) If starts what will Izzo do if anything trying to test/exploit the injury?

    All eyes on #4 in the first four minutes.

  6. Really glad Vic is doing ok (like we all do). I hope he does the equivalent of shoving Derrick Nix into a locker and slamming the door.

  7. For all you true and wan-a-be Hoosier fans, it’s about “SHOW TIME”, and this young IU squad needs it’s fan base now more than ever. If you believe as I do that IU will win this game and stop the 22 year losing streak at Michigan State, then let the players and coaches know. I’m sure that some of the players as well as coaches read the comments we leave in this paper, so let’s flood this article with our show of support. Depending on the brackets, we could be getting a preview of a Final Four match up later this year, and it would speak volumes if IU can take them out on their home court. Coach Crean has this IU squad coming together at the right time, and they are starting to peak just in time for the big dance. Regardless of any outcomes the remainder of this year, we need to keep positive about where we have been and where we are going. We owe this to the young men that bust their butt’s everyday to make us proud of them. Now it’s time to show our appreciation for their hard work. GO IU!!!!!
    I agree With HforH— Sheehey and Remy are ready… It’s a team game, so let the show begin!

  8. The MSU game will be determined, in large part, on how the refs call the game, especially in the paint. If they call it close, IU wins. If the refs “let them play,” (translation, allow MSU’s mastodons to abuse Zeller), then IU will lose.

    The crowd will put enormous pressure on the refs, and as a result, MSU will enjoy lots of home cooking tonight. I believe IU’s only hope will be to have Zeller run MSU’s bigs to exhaustion. If MSU’s fat guys are sucking air before half, IU can win this game tonight. If it’s played in the trenches, Zeller will get mauled and MSU will win.

  9. ^ Indiana wins. Podunker sucks. This one won’t even be close. With or without Oladipo this will be a big, big Hoosier win. Big!

  10. Time to make a run for a six of some cold 312 Urban Wheat Ale..For this is a special occasion.

    Let’s get ‘er done, Hoosiers.

  11. The MSU game will be determined, in large part, on how the refs call the game,

    Podonkey nonsense. I said it won’t even be close. IU was ahead most of the game.

    If the refs “let them play,” (translation, allow MSU’s mastodons to abuse Zeller), then IU will lose.

    More poopsky nonsense. IU could not have lost this game, ever.

    If it’s played in the trenches, Zeller will get mauled and MSU will win.

    Absurd. Crean’s maximum entropy style is a powerful weapon. The man is a gambler. His gamble paid off thus far (but we’re far from done yet!) because he’s beating the averages. And when it all goes south, as it does from time to time, the players go back to the fundamentals they have learned from their coaches and bail him out. Just bail him out. And, thanks God, so far so good.

    Every time Hulls makes a three you can see a young Bob Knight smiling on the sidelines. John Hulls, grandfather of Jordy Hulls came to Bloomington in 1971 from the Army with Bob Knight. The pedigree line runs deep.

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