Hoosier Morning

Indiana was focused on showing Michigan an improved defense, including a variety of defenders on Trey Burke, Dustin writes.

Other than a few too many turnovers, there was little not to like in the Hoosiers’ performance Saturday, I wrote.

The IU women’s usually reliable defense let them down in a loss to Ohio State Sunday, Mike wrote.

Indiana and Michigan are the two best teams in the country, a point proven on Saturday night, Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com writes.

IU finally played a game worthy of a No. 1 team against Michigan, including Victor Oladipo’s Almost Dunk of the Year, Luke Winn of SI.com wrote.

Michigan coach John Beilein had no complaint with the officiating, just Indiana’s ability to get to the line, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com wrote.

For Hoosier and Ravens’ fans, “Top of the World” by The All-American Rejects.


  1. “Stole Zeller’s lunch money”?

    She clearly hates IU…..like every sports journalist in America……….because Cody has been dominant the entire year.

  2. Oh, and for everyone whining how the “refs screwed us”, Cody was called for ZERO fouls in a physical game.

    And Victor only had 2.

    So, you “rational” fans need to get a clue.

  3. So I read the the decibel record of 115 was broken during the game. New record is 116. Amazing! Classified as loud as Sandblasting or Loud Rock Concert.

  4. The entire quote below! From a very entertaining article!

    “Cody Zeller emerged from his player of the year witness protection program with a performance (19 points, 10 boards) that was more than impressive; it was dominant. If there is a knock on Zeller, it is that he can be too passive. Butler’s Andrew Smith stole his lunch money earlier this season.”

    But not against the Wolverines. Zeller was assertive and aggressive, barely missing out on a double-double and endearing himself to the entire state of Indiana with his hustle play at the end of the game.”

    The best line I have heard all year about the B1G!!!

    “The Big Ten is no place for old men or off days.”

    After Saturday night I would agree!
    “Indiana and Michigan are the best teams in the country.”

  5. 116 is awesome…would love to see IU do a remodel on the Hall! We don’t need a new big NBA type arena.

  6. Indiana is one of the best teams in the nations. So is Michigan. Both may be worthy of #1 seeds.

    Assmebly Hall is iconic and a great place for the Hoosiers to play BUT it has a much outdated design and likely could vastly increase capacity plus luxury boxes ($$$$$). I don’t see where AH can expand to increase seats.

    As much as I love Assembly Hall, I do think a new arena is needed. It will have some tie to Bob Knight. It would be bigger and louder. The actual court would remian the same.

  7. I’d be interested to know the exact spot they measured it from. It makes a big difference.

    Today’s Lesson In Acoustical Science

    1. The decibel scale is algorhythmic not linear. When you double the intensity of a sound it raises it 3dB. That is to say, 36dB is twice as loud as 33dB, 44dB is twice as loud as 41dB, 116dB is twice as loud as 113dB.
    2. When you double the distance from the source of a sound it decreases the intensity by 6dB. It doesn’t matter the distance. If you go from 6 inches to 12 inches you lose 6dB, 10 feet to 20 feet = 6dB, 50 feet to 100 feet = 6dB.
    3. So, if 3dB is doubling (or, conversely, halving) a sound, 6dB is quadrupling (or quartering) a sound.
    4. Locations are very important regarding this stuff.

    In an arena you’d just have to come up with a functional constant to decide the source. Where it is measured from could have a huge effect on what you claim the decibel level to be.

    Read chapter 6. There will be a quiz on Wednesday.

  8. Jeff,
    If RMK were to choose to come to Bloomington and be part of the festivities attaching his name to the court, I’d be fine with that. Everybody wins. If, more likely, he continued to tell IU to go pound sand then, well, let it be reciprocal.

    IU made the Bobby Knight legend possible. He couldn’t have had that kind of success at Texas Tech or, really, any but a small handful of schools.

    Let’s say we ‘owe’ something to him. He ‘owes’ just as much to IU for giving him the opportunity. Let’s not get carried away.

  9. IU made the Bobby Knight legend possible. He couldn’t have had that kind of success at Texas Tech or, really, any but a small handful of schools.

    That’s a simply a fresh load of Chet.

    The guy lives up to his billing, you have to admit it.

  10. Small handful or big handful — that is the question.

    This deep thought coming your way via Hoosier Scoop from the one and only Chewt Cheat Cheap ChimptChet.

  11. Mark this day down: I agree with Chet.

    Knight owes us more to us, actually, as most schools would have fired him after his 30th outburst, yet we put up with 487 more.

  12. Dustin – any word on how the visits went for Edwards and Pinson? Did we have any other unsigned prospects in the house?

  13. Real quick, it was very disorienting on that ESPN story to have Eamonn’s picture on Dana O’Neill’s byline. I didn’t even notice it wasn’t Eamonn I read the words “8-year-old son,” and thought “… well that would be some big news to me…”

  14. Geoff,
    Haven’t talked to them yet, but can’t imagine they didn’t go well. Crean actually came back into Assembly at about 2 a.m. when we were about to leave because he was entertaining recruits until that point. There were more than those two. Phil Booth was one of them. Not sure of the rest. Going to check into some of that today. I’ve been pretty behind on recruiting as must be evident.

  15. 1. Let’s agree that things got very loud in Assembly Hall. Loud is good. The louder the better. All I know is that I have never been in a stadium that produces the noise level that is found Assembly Hall on a regular basis, and I’ve been in a lot of stadiums. My oldest went to Arizona (Tucson). They had good teams while she was there. She used to tell me about how loud Arizona’s crowd got during games. Then she visited her younger sister in Bloomington and had the opportunity to attend a game in Assembly Hall. It was a game against IL that IU won in the last seconds. After the game I asked her, “So, what did you think?” She responded, “Wow, that was unbelievable. I’ve never experienced anything like that.” She said her ears were ringing for an hour after the game.

    2. It’s going to be a long time before IU builds a new basketball arena. Assembly Hall will have to suffice for a while. It’s a very big expense to build a new stadium, but probably even more expensive to try to remodel Assembly Hall and increase its capacity. 17,600 excited and highly motivated people in that place make it a pretty special atmosphere for a basketball game. Given the investment required and the ROI between building new and maintaining existing, Glass will not be in too big of a hurry to replace Assembly Hall. But if that’s what you want, you better hope attendance at IU football games increases significantly.

    3. Please, can we stop discussing RMK’s possible return to Assembly Hall. I think IU has extended enough olive branches to Knight. Hey, I love the man and believe he was the best basketball coach of all time, but enough already. He has been invited back with open arms and has chosen not to return. End of story. I no longer care. I’m focusing on the future of this revitalized program and the future of IU basketball is very exciting. Discussing this hypothetical just detracts from the excitement associated with the success we’re enjoying now. And I suggest this; when IU wins the next NCAA BB Championship (hopefully this year), a lot fewer people are going to care whether Knight ever returns to Assembly Hall or not. We all want the glory of IU basketball, that Knight helped provide, to return, and when it does, the nostalgia associated with Knight will be greatly diminished. And that will be a good thing for those of us that love IU basketball.

  16. make it 3.. i agree with chet as well. also agree with podunker..been following knight since 1973, loved him, adored him, defended him, then decided to move on with the realization he had left my hemisphere. great game and i am excited about this team…..

  17. h. empty glass; Are we discussing this in figurative terms? If what you say is true, then why do so many people continue to feel the need to express their opinion about his possible return? Perhaps inadvertently, you’re making my point.

  18. podonke: by a lot of people are you referring to clown tom crean that slobbers all over knight every time he’s in the same state with him? that’s not a lot of people. that’s just one clown, our walk-on “coach”.

  19. h empty dixie cup; Do you mean the Tom Crean that is head coach of the #1 ranked Indiana Hoosiers? The coach that has lead his team to defeating two #1 ranked teams in the last two seasons? The coach that has lead IU basketball to its best record in 20 years? The coach that continues to sign top ten recruiting classes two years in a row? How long has it been since an IU coach achieved all that?

    Actually, if you were paying attention instead of vomiting up all that bile, you’d have realized that I was referring to all the people that participate on this blog that continue to discuss Knight’s possible return.

  20. Po, people like crumpled Dixie cup would have been begging for the return of a proven coach like Caddy Works or Wilbur Johns instead of that no account upstart John Wooden.

  21. ^ The Constipated Brothers are hilarious. What do you get for defeating #1 Kentucky on a broken play? A clowing award. And how many weeks has Michigan been #1? A week? Could it have been shorter? Let’s see how many weeks Indiana stays #1. But to answer your questions:

    Yes, I am referring to Clown Tom Crean who lost as #1 to unranked Butler in Indianapolis.

    Yes, I am referring to Clown Tom Crean who lost as #2 at home in Assembly Hall to unranked Wiscy.

    Yes, Clown Tom Crean, the one and only.

  22. Chet, learn things everyday, today it is decibels. Undoubtedly your physics class was stronger than mine.

  23. The truth is Tom Crean has brought as many banners in Assembly Hall as Kelvin Sampson and Dan Dakich TOGETHER so I am not sure why people don’t show him a bit of respect…

    Though to be fair Crean isn’t really yet at the level of Davis, because Davis reached the national championship game, something Crean never managed to do regardless of where he coached in his relatively short but thoroughly mediocre career.

  24. h. empty glass of poop: Did Knight coach that ’48 team and that ’53 team too that you showed on your banner pic? Wow, impressive. We’ll now call him 5-banner Bob. And what did Knight do for the 13 years after his last title? 13 years is a long way to go without winning championships at IU. Wonder where his magic went.

  25. i have to agree with chet. the decibel stuff, man? i’m very proud of you.

    dustin, i read that story credited to eamonn. i was thinking, “wait, this guy lives with roommates and has an 8 year old kid? what a loser.” i shouldn’t be shocked because that could happen if you name your son eamonn. i mean, who does that?

    assembly hall has some cavernous seating and if you’ve ever sat there you know what i’m talking about. you can’t even see if a basket was made in some of them. you also can’t relate to the rest of the arena, only to those sitting in that dark, little cave with you. really sucks. those seats should be $1.

  26. foghat, you’re embarrassing yourself yet again. knight coached indiana 29 years and won three titles. the other two were won by mccracken who coached indiana 27 years. turns out knight won a title every 10 years and mccracken one every 14 years. this puts mccracken over the “magic” 13 years limit elucubrated by your very foggy hat and just shows that all the poop is in your head while the h. glass remains empty. you’re still the dumbest hat around by far and that includes all the hats in greene county.

    but to answer your question: knight’s magic went all into these two guys. the only problem: they won’t release it, they keep it bottled inside. but: wind tonight and we may see a bit of their magic.

  27. ^Yes! I phased you, glass of poop!

    Bob Knight’s magic was zapped time and time again by mighty titans such as Pepperdine and SW Missouri State. A title every 10 years? Still trying to figure out the title won between 1987 – 2000 ? Must have missed something.

    Bob Knight will always be here, you are right. His late-career magic occasionally resurfaces in the form of Rob Wilson and Ferris St. But Crean has been actually pretty good about keeping that magic bottled up, for the most part.

    Take care buddy!

  28. Mental health experts recently revealed the discovery of a new mental illness. It is called the “Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome,” or TCDS. The symptoms of TCDS include a strong determination to live in the past, the development of false identities, the inability to use or recognize logic, a significant decline in cognitive abilities, selective memory loss, severe disdain for enthusiasm, decency, civility, hard work and integrity, a pronounced increase in juvenile behavior, and the sudden preference for or dependance on adult diapers.

    Mental health experts suggest that while Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome is devastating to its victims, it is very rare and does not appear to be contagious.

  29. Knight’s influence upon “titles” goes far beyond the banners hanging in Assembly Hall. Knight’s personality became far the worse enemy than his coaching skills. Recruiting changed with the exploding salaries in the NBA. Exposure for recruits began to filter into the computer age. Hype grew exponentially as recruits became much more of a national commodity on a national scene. More boosters became involved..More corruption to draw kids that sought more individualistic purpose…More focus on one-and-done’s and NBA draft hype. Why go to a college for a coach with the “whole” more important than the “individual parts” team approach when your main focus was to catapult to the NBA in one year?

    While other schools were reaching across many states and thousands of miles to pluck top talent from Indiana, Knight didn’t give into the changing recruiting scene, the selling of the program out to boosters, that required groveling at the feet of talent in his backyard in fear they be lured by other ‘elite’ programs afar. He continued to have pretty damn good success in the conference(including a Final Four run in ’92), but the losing out of the premium talent(especially post players) was taking its toll come tournament time.

    Banners? If, during the Knight years, Indiana followed the popular banner hanging trend used at Butler and all other Big 10 schools today(hung banners for Sweet 16, Elite 8, Big 10 championships, Final Four appearances, and Championships), you couldn’t hang all the banners won by Knight in three Assembly Halls.

    Why don’t we hang every banner for every achievement like they do at Mackey and Hinkle? Because it’s Indiana.

    It’s never been about finding the next D-Wade and being satisfied riding his coattails of superstars to a Final Four once every twenty years. At Indiana, the measure of greatness is the unselfish pursuit of getting the most out of your team(not placing the most superstars in the NBA). Knight didn’t fit the changing focus. He believed in the team only being as strong its weakest link. It seems the college game today has moved to focusing on the glitter of individual parts the chain more than the lessons learned from togetherness a long bond and lasting relationship that links young men together with lifelong memories and lessons the game.

  30. Harvard- you should expect a “congrats” from tomahawk sean for that one (post #33), but you won’t get one, since you are the same person.

    I think the case of Victor Oladipo is showing us that Crean is a truly special recruiter – yet another strike against the utterly stupid, ignorant, and juvenile “D-Wade” argument that you continue to perpetuate in your backhanded way.

  31. Many a very “special” coach that does “special recruiting” still finds it especially difficult to hang the final March Madness banner.

    Tom Izzo is pretty special. He has only enjoyed the lofting of one title banner to his coaching name.

    Many coaches, including Izzo, could be on their way to very long championship banner droughts. It doesn’t minimize their extraordinarily special coaching abilities.

    Recruiting is part of the game. Knowing what to do once you get to the final game is another essential element. You would be much better off betting against Izzo than Knight in terms of success at Final Fours. Izzo’s winning percentage in taking home the banner once at a Final Four..? Answer: A whopping .167 probability. Knights percentage? Answer: .600

    Who did Crean learn under? .167 is pretty damn special…Special choking.

    Upsets abound in the early rounds. But where do you put your money once the big(and not so big) coaching names get to the latter rounds?

    Nope. You’re wrong again, Husky Phantom. I am not tomahawk sean. You are a very paranoid and cowardly man.

  32. Fooghat: last Bobby Knight banner was in 1993. It was a Big Ten title. It’s something your man Clown Tom Crean won’t ever see unless a Glenn Robinson stuffs it into his face in a discharge of happenstance.

  33. Nice of you to post twice in a row this time, to try to cover your act. Your tomahawk personality has conveniently adapted the “banner” logic of your Harvard personality: that Big 10 Title banners actually count for something. Very nice!

  34. Chet, you seem so fixated on RMK and with a very twisted anger. More than anything, it seems his name can not come up on any basis without you having to really drill into it. You really do need to let it go since it’s beginning to define you.

  35. Final Four in 1992. Big Ten Title in 1993. It was the time of the Fab Five: Webber, Rose, Howard, King and Jackson. Prime time basketball. Indiana finished the season ranked #1. Take a look at the Big Ten standings that year. The Hoosiers won fair and square. Seahawk/Husky Ignorant Tom will be your name from now on. If you read just the initials they’ll spell “c-h-e-t” just for you.

  36. Knight got to the Final Four(’92) five years after the ’87 championship. 3 Championships and 5 Final Fours in the span of 19 years. His “drought” was basically three years beyond a normal time frame of his usual Final Four regularity.

    The “drought” is really overworked. For a period of twenty-five years, Indiana was as nationally relevant a basketball program as any in the country.

    Knight was tired. Recruiting changed. The game became more individualistic and influenced by the NBA. Recruits began to seek coaches that were modeling their program and personal philosophies more in tune with the changing focus. The new focus date Knight…It centered around the glamorization of high school phenoms more than the lessons learned from four years with a particular teacher, a coach, at a reputable school concerned as much with ‘student’ remaining an important part of the equation.

    Is the game better because of it all. Knight was plenty as much a bastard as he was role model for the athlete getting more from college than a free ticket to the NBA.

    I don’t see his three extra years of not getting to a Final Four as a shameful drought. A shameful drought is a program that sells itself out and loses focus the intent of college: to provide maturity, growth, and an education.

    If you intend to solely narrow his body work simply down to championship banners, then it is you that remains shallow, naive, and “utterly stupid, ignorant, and juvenile” in defining a man that was more than chalkboards in the locker room.

    Was he easy to play for? Hell no. Then again, the classroom meets the Marine Corps ain’t too easy for some 16-year-old’s being swallowed in the limelight their own perceived greatness….

  37. I beg your pardon? I said, in a single post, if he wanted to come to the dedication of an arena named after him we should welcome him. If he did not, then we shouldn’t. You’ve made multiple posts on the subject since.

    I do see a fixation but it most certainly isn’t mine.

  38. Condensed version of Tsao’s next post:

    Let it go
    Orient Express
    10 bottles of my finest Chardonnay
    Bunk beds
    Snuggling with Geoff
    Tales of scaling the Alps in only a pair of Hanes
    Never daunted we shall not falter
    Gran Torino
    Go ahead, make my day
    Favorite song from Knight years

  39. Another awesome “coincidence” is how Harvard’s and tomahawk/Rico/FireCrean’s embedded picture links all switched to the “pop up” style at the very same moment in time.

    Harvard committed the mistake of not realizing that the pop-up links appear linked to previous pictures one has made if you click the arrows on the side. It was as easy to connect him to tomahawk as OJ to the black glove. More than a cupcake-zone sized oversight, I’d say!

    Fazed ya!

  40. Harvard,
    Sometimes you make me crazy and I might only agree with you half the time, at best, but this place could well not be worth reading if you ever left.

    That $hit was absolutely hysterical.

  41. Wow…Is their a more beautiful blogging name than Downing’s 5th?

    Dustin can set you straight, Mr. name thief/Downing impersonator..It doesn’t matter the poster that provides the link to a picture. If they are links to images from the same thread(even if provided from different posters with different IP addresses), they will have the arrows on the side to view in sequence.

    Not sure why HT changed the format, but there is no truth to your conspiracy theory regarding multiple pictures accessed by clicking the arrows to the side means they are from the same blogger.

    Chet- Glad you found some laughter courtesy of Harvard. We all need to laugh more.

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