Hoosier Morning

It’s been a more aggressive, more consistent Christian Watford on the court this season, Dustin writes.

Patience at both ends of the floor was key in the Hoosiers’ win over Nebraska, I wrote.

Indiana baseball opens the 2013 season with a new stadium and new expectations, Dustin writes.

Tom Crean is a strong candidate for national coach of the year, one of 20, according to SI.com’s Seth Davis.

The combination of Cody Zeller’s ability to run the floor and improved defense keeps him in the player of the year discussion, Katie Sharp of ESPN.com writes.

Frustration is mounting for Purdue with the Indiana rematch looming, Jeff Washburn of the Lafayette Journal & Courier writes.

Derrick Nix says his Michigan State teammates are underrated, then proceeds to throw Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller, among others, under the bus, Mike Griffith of MLive.com writes.

Minnesota still has a pulse after an overtime win against Wisconsin, Patrick Reusee of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

A dedication to the Boilermakers, and an introduction to the excellent Polish band Riverside, “Panic Room.”


  1. ..The Nix article needs to be required reading by the Hoosiers.

    .. Caution with Purdue game. They are desperate. Win by 30 would be nice.

    ..SI has Kate Upton – in body paint. Not sure if that would be a distraction or motivator for Cody. Prior to the National Championship game, Dustin/Jeremy need to get a picture of said lady wearing a Cody jersey, holding a small can of paint and smaller paint brush with a sign “Call me Cody- After you Win”. No “I’m going to Disneyland” for our boy.

  2. I wonder if I am too old to learn how to airbrush.

    The secret to a successful PUke BB program is for MP to gain weight over the off season. They do better when he is a Porker.

  3. Airbrush way too high-tech. Cody being a small town country boy, wild guess, he’d go with fingerpainting.

    Kinda thought UCLA would have it together by now. They looked bad last night.

  4. What a great period to be a Hoosier basketball fan living in Lafayette. Wearing my grey sweatshirt red highlighted lettering around all day, ran into a few Purdue fans wearing theirs….lol lol!!!

  5. Ever been in a locker room when an opposing player says so much detail like this? It gets posted. Nothing else is said, nothing has to be said but it goes deep in and burns even deeper. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  6. Coach Crean has one big problem he hopes never gets fixed, and one that all teams would love to have. Most teams have one star and if they are lucky an ranked they have two. The way CW is playing IU can have any one of three players that can carry a team to victory. Now lets just assume that a team packs it in on CZ and CW then someone will have to be open on the wings. Can you imagine what kind of a night VO, Hulls or Yogi will have shooting 3’s?. Did I say 3 players, lets make that 6 players that is capable of leading this team to a win.
    Just like in the movie Hoosiers, when the coach told shooter mcgavin after Jimmy decided to play. All the pieces are in place. I really believe this to be true about this fine group of young men. GO IU!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nix is an idiot, if you thought Oladipo played hard before, wait til Tuesday night. It’s going to be the Victor Oladipo show, and he will show Dawson why he is a top 10 pick!

  8. Jeremy, can you run the full story by Dustin on CWatt and the story on him in the Indy paper referenced in one of the posts.

    Indiana should always be blessed with players like CWatt. What a steady, steadying, reliable player he has been, is. What a relieable force as we go into the tournament season. I’m not ‘pink glassing’ it. I really think CWat is just one of those athletes who needs a bit of time to get emotionally warmed up and focused to the season (says something about an argument for a somewhat better scheduling card that gradually builds but avoids ‘push overs’- def: teams rated below #100).

    CWatt is always reliable, a great outside shooter which makes him an absolute headache for the best of opposing coaches. He handles the ball really well and creates option with his dribble; a very strong rebounder, in many sense a better ‘banger’ than Cody, works and get excellent position under the board and does the one thing we rarely see anymore, block out effectively. And…he runs well and moves the ball very intelligently and very selflessly. A luxury ‘Tolbert’. A privilege to watch him.

    He’ll be an outsatnding NBA player. More important (for him), he’ll be there a long time and he’ll benefit from the ‘flat’ emotional routine of the NBA, the ‘going to the office’ every day.

    Good! He’s meant and will mean a lot to us during the rest of the year; and truthfully, we have not always appreciated him nearly as much as we should have. Time to give him some ‘I love CWat love” we owe the Man. (Send in posts that just say ‘I Love CWat’. Fill the Scoop with them!)

    Thanks CWat…you are indeed The Man.

  9. Terry Hutchens wrote the Indy Star CWat story. CWat’s family support is the exact opposite from what many kids we’ve been talking about. Father is a cop who has attended nearly every game driving from Birmingham. They talk 3-4 times a day. This week, they drive up for the Purdue game than to Chicago for a volleyball tourney (his sister) than to Mich for the Tuesday night game. Of interest, CWat’s girlfriend is a sprinter going to Ky. Now if you add sprinter speed to CWat’s skills, IU maybe should be calling “dibbs” on the first kid?

  10. Into next yr. Jordy, Elston, CWat, Vic (probably) and Cody (probably) will be gone.

    After watching Will’s display today, will we be talking about him next year like we are talking about Vic this year?

  11. Ron, any chance you post it? Don’t want to pay for an IndyStar subscription just for the one story; but I am really interested in reading it. From your description sounds like there are a lot of insights into Christian. Thanks for taking the time to abstract it. There’s probably a big key in the family relationships.

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