Hoosier Morning

The loss at Minnesota narrowed Indiana’s margin for error in the Big Ten race, Dustin wrote.

IU’s performance Tuesday was an immature one the Hoosiers cannot afford to repeat, I wrote.

The IU women’s basketball team looks to play the role of spoiler against an Iowa squad on the NCAA bubble tonight, Mike wrote.

The Hoosiers’ first two swims of the Big Ten Championships netted school records Wednesday, we reported.

The story of big heads in college basketball, including IU assistant and former Wyoming coach Steve “Rat Face” McClain, and how the Hoosiers’ stock was decimated after the Kentucky game last year, George Dohrmann of SI.com writes.

Gonzaga ascends to No. 1 and Georgetown to No. 2 in the power rankings, Luke Winn of SI.com writes.

A players’ only meeting to clear the air might have been the impetus for Minnesota’s upset of Indiana, Amelia Rayno of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes.

Michigan point guard Trey Burke said the Wolverines didn’t have enough heart in Wednesday’s shocking loss at Penn State, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

Wisconsin’s always good at something, and that something is defense this season, John Gasaway of Basketball Prospectus writes.

Minnesota stormed the glass and the court. Duly noted with “Drag Ropes” by Storm Corrosion.


  1. Is it me or do the Michigan freshman look like they are hitting the freshman wall already? The last couple of games their freshman don’t look like they are there at the end of games. Yogi has looked like that at times the last few games too.

  2. I think Crean deserves Coach of the Year award hands down. Many people only point out that he has resurrected Indiana from the abysmal depths of where it was when he walked on.
    But Crean’s accomplishments this season far exceed the typical qualifications for a coach of the year award. Not only he brought Indiana back, he also resurrected Wisconsin, Illinois, Butler and two days ago saved Minnesota’s season. Who else has ever accomplished more?

    Does anyone remember Jordan Taylor? No? Well maybe because he wasn’t that memorable as a player. But Crean saw beyond what a normal coach would normally notice and made a most unlikely star out of Jordan Taylor that day. Watch out: there’s a philantropist in Mr. Crean and now he has risen. I predict Crean will end this week of miracles with an astonishing resurrection of Iowa. Mr. Philantropist is on a roll!

  3. Yep… Gonzaga… #1 on the back of that win against Oklahoma State. Yep, the ONLY ranked team they’ve beaten all year.

    Impressive résumé those Zags possess.

  4. I can’t wait to see Indiana play New Mexico this year in the NCAA tournament. Everybody puts them in the same bracket! It’s going to be an early round exit for a certain team…

  5. The days of Bob Knight are gone. Basketball has passed him by. His style would not win today and doesn’t. Today we have young congenial coaches like Tom Crean whose fast, explosive and efficient style of play delights the eye and pumps the heart. Only minor problem with the new style: it can’t win against the 1950’s type of basketball by Bo Ryan’s teams. Bo Ryan, a dinosaur from Bob Knight’s time—whose days have long since gone.

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