Indiana No. 1 in both polls

Indiana retained the No. 1 spot in the Associated Press poll and took over the No. 1 spot in the USA Today poll thanks to a 2-0 week and Duke’s loss to Maryland on Saturday.

The Hoosiers (23-3 overall, 11-2 in the Big Ten) received 43 of 65 votes in the Associated Press poll and 19 of 31 first-place votes in the USA Today poll. They were followed by No. 2 Miami and No. 3 Gonzaga in both polls. Michigan State was No. 4 in the AP poll followed by Florida. Those teams switched spots in the USA Today poll.


  1. If IU can win tomorrow night…I will finally feel like they are the true overall #1 in the nation…we will see. Nix did not help MSU with his comments but Dipo needs to be at full strength so we will see…

  2. When’s the last time IU won in East Lansing?

    Not since Bob Knight. Not in the last 15 years.

    Crean has the better team and is not inferior to Izzo.

    So it is pozzible to beat MSU. But everything is pozzible.

    Why? Because impozzible is nothing. That’s what Crean says.

  3. Ron: I thought the exact same thing. #11 is pretty good.

    Baakon: We haven’t won up there forever. It was the early 90’s I believe. I think they can do it, but there going to need that killer instinct.

  4. Few days ago TTG was talking pre-conference scheduling and cupcakes. Looking at the latest RPI ranking IU is #11 or #12, depends on which you look at. We have #’s 5 and 6 (tie) upcoming. I guess if we win 2 of the next three we’ll be sitting good. If our goal is to open NCAA play at the Indianapolis site does the ranking of AP 1st, 2nd,3rd overshadow the RPI at #11. (RPI #’s from ESPN and Yahoo).

  5. If the Georgetown win is looking better and better how does the OSU win look now? How does the Minny win look now?

    On the other hand the Butler loss is looking better and better and so do the other two (Illinois and Wisconsin).

    Ron is a genius, like Crean.

  6. Wow. If only I could be as smart as Coach Crean.
    Who by the way is currently #2 in the Coach of the Year.

    And than…. there is you…

  7. IU looked horrible last year up there, got down by 18 & actually came back & led I think, but fell in the end. The biggest problem for IU just might be the health of Oladipo.

  8. Ron answer the question: how does Minny win look now?

    Answer the question Ron: how does the OSU win look now?

    How about the loss to Butler, Ron? Or Wiscy, how about Wiscy, Ron? Good loss, Ron, good loss, eh… Looking better and better. A loss to MSU will likely also look very good a week from today, don’t you think?

    Where did you read Crean is #2 in Coach of the Year? Whoa-aah. In what poll? And who’s #1? Don’t say Izzo — it would be impozzible! Maybe they don’t they have #1 this year, Ron, yes, I think that’s what it is.

    It is what it is.

  9. Hey Ron/Roon

    The coach story was Establishment generated. Miami coach had the first place.

    Hey Roon

    The Doctor said you need to increase the medications. Too excitable man. Wait. He may have said to decrease the medications. Compromise. Increase today and decrease tomorrow.

  10. Indiana has the best team in the nation with or without Oladipo. The combination of Hulls – Zeller – Watford is simply too much for anyone especially when Crean does not interfere the guys are unstoppable.

    I wonder why is that Georgetown win so important?

    This site is not the same since Desitin ousted Laffy.

  11. I admire the way Crean has defined his vision, recruited players to ‘fit’ that vision, organized his staff according to their complementary skills to carry out specific functions according to their skills and the teams need. The Hoosiers have very much defined one en of a parameter of a paradigm that represents ‘good basketball’. If one thing sticks out about the Hoosiers over the last two years, it is that as a team they play to their strengths and that each of the players understands his ‘role’ and space as defined by the Hoosiers. Whatever basketball style one likes, it is impossible not to recognize how well and close to their potential CTC has them playing, how well he has built and organized a great staff as one unit; and to the extent to which the players have bought into the whole process.

    And, if you are a basketball fan; there is no way in which one doesn’t also enjoy, appreciate and applaud the opposite end of the same paradigm of ‘good basketball’ …the very different, deliberate and lethally efficient basketball Wisconsin plays under Bo Ryan play. (Note: without taking away from Izzo’s own MSU team and the long history of good basketball he represents).

    Two very different, very effective, very well executed styles that define two completely different approaches to the same game. Who do. Watching both is not only entertaining, it is challenging because it is impossible to watch either and not become completely involved in the game.

    It also makes it difficult to watch a poor reproduction of the game in its full potential; such as the NBA which resembles a circus with three simultaneously performing but completely unrelated rings except for the fact that the rings operate under the same tent; an elephant here, an acrobat there and the red nosed clowns on the third one.

    We’re really lucky to be a part of ‘real basketball’.

  12. Crean has defined his vision very clearly when Verdell Jones was here. I have had enough of Crean’s vision. Crean has recruited any and all players he could recruit. His vision is maximum entropy and God bless. If you take Zeller and Hulls out of this team you get a very average Marquette type of team that would struggle to win home games. Next year when Marlin becomes available we will see Crean’s vision in full blozzom.

  13. Crean is still far from 50% where it matters (that is, in conference play). 30-55. In three years maybe 50%. Definitely better than Wilson. That 1-17 in the first year was entirely on purpose. He ran Jordan Crawford out of Bloomington. What a tremendous kind of player Jordan was we know now. Crean did not want him. There was some improvement in year two and then the team regressed in year three. Then the rest is Zeller.

  14. Zippo-Zip Gonzippo, Baakon:

    Do either of you understand how absolutely nonsensical, irrelevant and wasteful of productive reading time your statements are (actually, I think I’m addressing the same individual).

    #14- “If you take Zeller and Hulls…” If you take Michael Jordan off…, …if you take Isiah Thomas and Ray Tolbert off… And, if you take all the idiotic nonsense out of your statement… you’d have a blank screen.

    #15- If I took off everything on the statement ID’d as what Baakon passes for a thought that has absolutely no redeeming merit…then, what is left over would be, “Crean”, “Wilson”, “Zeller”.

    Are there really individuals who are so challenged? Obama is right, we have to do more for mental health and a lot, lot more for pre-K education or our children will end up sounding like these.

  15. I wonder why Izzo bothers recruiting McDonald’s All-Americans? Seems a little unnecessary… I mean he’s such a good coach that he can win 6 national championships without the likes of Harris, Dawson, Appling, Shannon Brown, Brandon Cotton, Paul Davis, Kelvin Torbert, Zach Randolph, Marcus Taylor, Jason Richardson, and Cleaves.

    Oh wait… He only has one national championship despite having the 7th most McD’s all-Americans over that time span?

    Well, I guess that’s because Duke wins the national championship every year with the best coach of all time.

    What do you mean that even though he’s had 42 of the Hamburgler’s heroes since 1990 he’s only won 4 titles?

    I guess no matter how good a coach you are there’s a couple lessons here:

    1) great coaches need great players to keep their reputations and jobs
    2) even the best coaches don’t win titles every other year (even with the most talented rosters)

  16. I wonder how good MSU would be if you took Dawson, Appling, and Harris off their team? (that’s their 3 leading scorers and 54% of their team scoring average)

    We can play a Mickey D-Free game and see who wins with these rosters:

    Starters – Hulls, Dipo, Sheehey, Watford, Elston
    Bench – Abell, Creek, HMP, Hollowell

    Starters – Trice (we’ll pretend he’s healthy), Valentine, Russell Byrd, Payne, Nix
    Bench – Costello, Guana

    IU has the advantage in quickness and depth. MSU has the advantage in size, but absolutely no bench. IU has several guys that can shoot it, while MSU doesn’t have a single player on their roster who shoots better than 40% from 3.

    IU’s McDonald’s AA-less roster brings 58 ppg onto the floor, including the potential B1G POY, 3 double-digit scorers, the B1G’s active career points leader, the B1G defensive POY, and 4 guys who shoot better 48% from 3-pt land.

    MSU’s new roster brings a total of 33 ppg to the table, including 0 double-figure scorers, and yeah… Zero career accolades.

    So I hope that both coaches sit all their McDonald’s all-Americans tonight, and we’ll just see how good a coach Izzo really is.

  17. People think Izzo is the better coach but I think this is a contest that Crean can always win. His entropic style is impossible to outcoach and far superior to anything Izzo is putting on the court. The only thing we have to fear is Crean’s system itself. But he has the right players and the right intangibles along with God’s blessing (and apparently Tim Doyle’s) to go all the way. Rollercoaster all the way. Meanwhile MSU will have a horrible shooting night and Izzo will be purple only six minutes into the game.

  18. If you really want to see a “very average Marquette type of team,” simply look at Bob Knight’s teams 1994-2000. Only a change in coach (Mike Davis) could get those boys to play hard, which is why they went to the finals the year after Knight left.

  19. This just in from Zippy and Baakon: If you take the shrimp out of a shrimp cocktail, you’ve got spicy ketchup. Made by a chef who obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  20. Got to love the continued effort to use the word “entropy” in some of this troll’s posts, as an attempt to make otherwise inane comments sound sophisticated. It’s kind of cute when juveniles learn a new word and continue to experiment with it. Eventually, through trial and error, they discover the proper context. This troll’s not there yet, but you must admire his continued effort.

  21. Poopsky you’re squirming and twisting and wriggling and agonizing some more and then one day: BOOOM! you discover that the poop you’ve been dumping all along is anisotropic. Then</em, what are you going to do–that's what I would like to know…

  22. Podonkey thinks he has the monopoly on words. He only has monopoly on poop, that he’s a major producer of, worldwide. Insignificant and envious he is the champion of lost causes. Google images for “Podunker Hoosiers” and you get lots of stuff like this. Smells of Husky Turd.

  23. Seriously: google images for “Podunker Hoosiers”. You get almost all doctored images posted here ever. Here’s one that I like and that I missed at the time. Very, very funny and clever!… (Meanwhile I bet Podunker’s enthalpy has doubled in the last 30 minutes.)

  24. So you’re saying that Husky = Podunker? That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard since the “Bob Knight wins a championship per decade” argument. Take away the Isaiah Thomas-fueled 1981 run, and Knight is simply a worse version of Billy Donovan (who wins 1 championship every 7.5 years).

  25. As a computer wizard you should be able to simply link the results of a search for “Lord of the Hoosiers” so that we don’t have to do it ourselves.

  26. Capturing the Moment..

    I think the true mark of a great coach is the ability to close the deal once you’re on the homestretch. You build those great teams for one reason: bring home the final banner. At the end of the day, that’s the measure Izzo will ultimately be judged. Do you(or does your team)put the ball through the well when it’s all on the line? It’s not about getting to Final Fours..It’s about closing the door and sealing the deal. Six trips to Final Fours and only one banner. Six times Izzo could taste it and be within only two successive victories the ultimate prize in college basketball….And what does MSU have to show for it? Do they have three banners(50%)..Do they have two banners(33%)? One lousy banner…One championship trophy for a whopping .167 success rate once he gets to a Final Four. Ouch and double ouch. So much for a Cook Hall in East Lansing. The only thing Izzo is “cooking” when he arrives at a Final Four is gas in his shorts.

    A ton of coaches and players have standout, Hall of Fame, careers when looking at the totality their achievements, but how many can truly capture the moment?

    I think that’s what still separates Michael Jordan from from the rest of the pack; those names that are now being called into discussions as impacting history and equivalently talented as the great MJ during his unparalleled career.

    But here’s the difference..MJ closed the deal. There’s a ton of great players that put up big numbers game after game after game..Most comparisons to MJ can find valid supporting arguments with supporting statistics to make claims that on paper the achievements of some are now stacking up to MJ..There are also plenty of valid claims that would be correct in asserting that MJ would not equal some of the explosive power found in someone like LeBron James…But what I see as the real difference between many of the current “greats” of the NBA(one at the twilight his career and one soon approaching the exiting of his prime)and MJ is the intangible “it factor” when the 48 minutes a contest is reduced into the deciding breath it all can so often hinge…When all are holding that breath, that moment the gods decide the which rim shall have a lid and which jumper shall fall, I put all my money on MJ. When the whole bag of marbles is on the line, MJ did not just want to take those big shots, he drained the big shots. He lived for the moment and he rarely ever needed to “shut up” when he couldn’t “put up.”

    There will never be another player that could bottle clutch, hold-your-breath, moments. MJ chased down pressure scenarios in games while other “kings” merely chase down loose balls..He captured the collectively held breath an entire audience and exhaled it all through the round inflated leather ball in his palms..He would torture the gods of fate and send doom and doubt into a frozen state. He was their master for a second in time. It was truly his time. He owned it and he owned our complete attention. He was the closest thing I’ll ever see to a ‘God of the Hardwood’ because he relished teasing destiny and flirting with the demons that make a mere mortal man’s muscles invisibly, inevitably, and involuntarily unable to refuse to tighten.

    MJ had an internal barrier to such intrusions of any inkling self doubt. He snickered at the demons that surrounded the court in teetering games and pendulums of determined outcomes and destiny. Michael made his own destiny. And while no man can win against the drums of time..All days become distant memories and all achievements begin to fade with the hourglass a 100 years and blink of an eye of those that were blessed to be able to take it into the heart firsthand and watched it all unfold.

    In this fan’s eyes, what the pundits now say as they attempt to put Michael Jordan in the coffin his forgone day, has no bearing to the gods of time and space, gods not of hardwood, that played against him. I watched MJ stop time. I watched him command and net the demons to sit on the bench as they become onlooker to a fearless master his realm he would never be denied.

  27. Harvard, thanks for the MJ prose. I’ve been hearing a lot on him lately, but it all fell short to your post.

    I was in love with basketball before Jordan, but he made my passion so deep that I can never recover to be a normal human being again. I literally never missed a Bulls game from 1989 – 1998, except maybe a few in the baseball years (but I stilled watched religiously for Pip and the rest of the crew). When he retired a piece of me retired with him. Right now, with this resurgence of IU basketball a lot of that fire has been rekindled.

    Jordan and the Hooisers… They can never be replaced in my heart.

  28. Thanks Geoff…I understand perfectly. I guess I’ve had trouble rekindling the interest myself at times. Must be why I invent enemies and attempt to blame the trivializing my cherished memories on the Establishment. And with the return to national relevancy our favorite men of candy-stripes, comes a small taste of payback those that were putting Indiana Basketball into the coffin of forgone days much the same their petty taste and desires to bury forever our cherished memories of MJ.

    Go Hoosiers! Let’s make a real statement in East Lansing tonight..It’s time to give the Establishment the big payback.

  29. Podunker…or the juvenile’s entropic thought process. I worry about the community when we are gone and they provide the only options.

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