Indiana releases “Hoosier Rising,” documentary DVD on its basketball history

From IU athletics:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – “Hoosier Rising: The Past and Present of Indiana University Basketball”, a new Officially Licensed  DVD chronicling the spectacular history of Indiana University basketball is now available for sale to the general public.  The DVD was produced by Ideogram Media in cooperation with IU Athletics, and features never before seen footage of the greatest moments in IU basketball history and exclusive interviews with IU basketball luminaries such as Randy Wittman, Steve Alford, Keith Smart, Jared Jeffries, Bobby “Slick” Leonard, Brian Evans and many more.  Hosted by IU legend John Laskowski, this officially licensed product can be purchased online at www.traditionofsports.comfor $29.95 and will be available in the IU Varsity Shop and the IU Bookstore for the final two home men’s basketball games. 

“This DVD is pure unadulterated joy for fans of IU basketball,” said Assistant Athletic Director for Broadcast Services Jeremy Gray. “The footage of our greatest players and teams is tremendous and it tells the incredible story of our program in a uniquely exciting and moving way.”

The DVD tells the incredible story of IU basketball from the program’s beginning through the present day, while an expert panel ranks the 25 greatest players and the 10 greatest teams in IU basketball history.

“Ideogram Media is thrilled to team with IU Athletics to produce a DVD that chronicles the passion of the fans, the character and talent of the teams and the tradition of winning that personifies Hoosier basketball,” said Managing Director Steve Nesbit.

See clips from the DVD by following @HoosierRising on twitter.

Ideogram Media, LLC. is a next generation media company that brings two decades of expertise in developing and producing content along with associated marketing and revenue generation strategies. Ideogram is presently focusing in the area of sports documentaries for our collegiate partners while celebrating the heritage, excitement and tradition of sports. The company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and its production facilities and team are in New York City.


  1. What does the Herald Times get out of making Steve Nesbit a wealthier man? I see this as rather unethical within the operations an objectively motivated newspaper that need not be in the business of using any its editorial space as a free billboard an IU grad turned media entrepreneur his personal avenue to make a quick buck. Who’s getting the kickback that allows Mr. Nesbit the free endorsement from a major town newspaper long respected for covering IU sports for a video any fly-by-night could produce?

    A brief internet search unveiled this company as earning a whopping $44,000 last year. Must be nice to have friends in high places at IU and HT.. I guess being a grad of the Kelley School Master’s program doesn’t hurt with connections. And maybe the free advertising on Scoop comes with the shared toasts at Nick’s and shared common belief it took a “good Christian” to make all the world right again in Bloomington.

    1. Harvard,
      You have missed the boat completely here. We aren’t promoting this as a favor to Mr. Nesbit. It is an officially licensed item by Indiana University, and we were notified by an official IU release of the DVD. Hence, we thought being as this is a place where IU fans gather, it would warrant a mention.

  2. And with Crean’s background in putting religious messages, Bible passages, and Joyce Meyer quotes on his Twitter page..? And to think he once made the choice to put all his holy untouchable image and quotes on that Twitter page with the IU logo prominently displayed in the background?

    I find using the line “Hoosiers Rising” as highly offensive its religious undertones as it cheapens the unadulterated simple faith in an everlasting spirit that should be forever free a profit making motive; removed from the cheesy and tasteless cheapening a private purpose in faith found in each individual’s heart…Comparing the holding of such deep faith and the resurrection of a divine and eternal spirit living through all of us, saving all from our human flaws and tendencies, to something as superficial as one coach’s role in a basketball program’s perceived turnaround…? Wow…just…wow. They should burn every single one of those videos..For every single purchase likely be a thousand sins cast upon our need of self-indulgence and gluttonous treatment of faith like a cheap whore in Hoosier box score. It’s sacrilegious in hideous proportions. It may even be Satan’s work.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the video. I would very much like to hear from some who have seen it. Quality?

    Not going to comment extensively on my previous poster’s remarks. Just hope he gets the help he needs.

    God Bless.

  4. God Bless you for your sincere words.

    Please find it in your heart to purchase my latest video(soon to be rising and offered in its first release on Hoosier Scoop for the same low introductory price of $29.95)entitled…

    Satan Rising: The Proud and Unparalleled History of Kentucky Basketball

  5. I appreciate the notification about the DVD. Good public service to all your Hoosier BB fans that otherwise would not have known this DVD was available.

  6. Indiana shouldn’t put their seal of approval on something with such religious overtones as ‘Hoosier Rising’. We all know the backdrop…New Generation with players reaching for the divine light/halo…Tom Crean with his outstretched arms looking like Moses delivering the words of the Almighty.

    It’s my opinion…May not be popular, but what do I care? And I also think its a poor attempt to capitalize off momentary success…Win a banner then talk of the “Second Coming” of Hoosier hoops.

  7. Since when is “rising” an overtly religious term? I grant the parallels with The Resurrection and all, but since when did Christianity claim territory over everything that moves on an upward plane?
    Shouldn’t you at least watch, you know, 10 seconds of the video before passing judgment, Harvard?

  8. Look at Crean’s outstretched arms, Dustin…the glazed over eyes in trance-like state as if he’s been struck by the divine power beamed down from the heavens no flowing through his very tongue and fingertips.

    Come on, man. Be a bit honest here. I challenge you to try to even find the ‘New Generation’ campaign when all the players were reaching for the divine light hovering above their reaching arms…It’s all a pattern. Should have put Crean hoisting up Johnny Marlin on the cover of the CD box.

    My opinion..It’s all rather shameful and terribly cheesy. We made it to a Sweet 16. Valpo made it to a Sweet 16…The souffle is barely in the oven….Maybe give it time to “rise.”

  9. My usual disclaimer, I’m not a religion guy. I don’t believe that whatever higher power one prays to prefers one religion over another.

    Perhaps I’m dense. Certainly I’ve be accused as such in this venue. That being said,


    Sorry about the caps.

    Now, I’m not looking for it because…well…see above. He just seems like a coach to me. The majority throw in their God references with some regularity, perhaps more in football than basketball. On a practical note, some of those recruits’ Mommas aren’t gonna talk to a guy that doesn’t profess his faith (usually Christian).

    It’s also a great motivator for young men whose beliefs tend to run in that direction when it’s time to suck it up.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think CTC is sincere. But…even if he weren’t…if his expressions of his beliefs did not degrade, damage, dishearten, or any of those other D words, any player or other person AND it allowed him to recruit excellent basketball players who were also good citizens and fine students AND get them to play their hearts out when they felt like puking a lung…


    Now, I don’t want him using state funds or resources, circumventing the US Constitution, to promote a particular religion. That would fall under ‘bad’.

    But, outside of that, if his expressions continue to improve the basketball program while recruiting a bunch of guys that are all finishing their masters degrees while pursuing national championships, I think that is just peachy.

    I do not, however, mind Harvard keeping a close eye on things. It’s the Harvards of the world that keep us free.

  10. Dustin, Jeremy Price, Podunker, Mr. Flintstone…please don’t miss the point by insisting that Harvard think and show some reason; this contribution is exactly what makes him so cute. Instead, you could help. Please inform the HT’s food editor not to use ‘rising’ in references to dough or cakes.

    Thank you Harvard. Yes Harvard. Whatever you say Harvard.

  11. Chet…So where are you headed with the bikes?

    Took off from Santa Fe one morning, took a break in the middle of nowhere. Indian kid on a dirt bike stopped. Told him I was going to Aztec. Of course he know a short cut. I was impressed my fully loaded bike made it through the desert and if there was a trail I could not see it.

    This summer will be Arizona/Utah/Colorado if all goes as planned.

  12. And the “New Generation” campaign was also very “cute.” Dustin and anyone in this town cannot deny its existence. Find it. It’s nowhere to be found. Find a copy his old Twitter page that once allowed the IU logo to be placed as a backdrop for all his infantile weekday Bible school show and tell. Find it. It’s nowhere to be found. Do you honestly think it was only Harvard that made the tastelessness of it all magically disappear?

    He used the stage of an ESPN postgame interview, moments immediately following the conclusion of one of most anticipated games of the IU season last year(an a game that likely had a very strong overall national audience), to proclaim to the viewing public that Hoosiers had an implied and collective advantage because they pray before every game. Pray to who? Allah? Another year or two and I’m sure there will be no copies of that postgame interview to be found. There has been a pattern from day one. So give me a damn break for your collective denial and the need to stick your heads in the sand because we’re on top of the world with a #1 ranked team. We all know what is implied by “Hoosier Rising.”…It’s tasteless. It’s about as classy and obnoxious as how that poor reporter must was made to feel immediately in the aftermath the VCU win. What in the hell was she supposed to say to a coach claiming Jesus in his team’s court? Anyone that doesn’t think that is sheepish and condescending must have already had the full frontal lobotomy.

    I think the entire premise of selling that video is sleazy. The title is even more sleazy. We should show some class and honor the players that helped bring our program back to a competitive state. Be satisfied with the simple pleasures of watching a team we love without all the weighty “decimation,” “resurrection,” “our team regular prays,” “rising” up to the clouds as we’ve been fully accepted and granted redemption by the Almighty our pure and virgin program BS, that is attached to every suggestion, slogan, and reason for lynching everything ever proceeding the arrival of our savior, Tom Crean.

  13. Ron, it’s kinda like Saturday morning review from when we were kids. I’m in Cochise County, obviously named for the main character in ‘Broken Arrow’ (the TV show not the movie). He is a local legend. Nearby is Tombstone, AZ. The hunt, and eventual surrender, of Geronimo, happened within a few miles. We are right on the Arizona/Mexico border. Every other car is some sort of law enforcement and that’s not an exaggeration.

    We just picked up a National Forest Service/BLM map today and plan on hitting the limitless Forest Service roads in the mountains/high plains. FS roads are tough enough for me anymore. I got in well above my pay grade in a mountain creek bed this afternoon already. I came close close to getting in WAY over my head in a ravine washout.

    I know I go on about my wife but, seriously, this is how she decided we should spend my birthday (and the rest of the week). You gotta admit that’s pretty cool. She dropped her bike once and just said she was glad nobody saw her. I can tell she banged herself up a bit but she won’t say so.

    Anyway, Bisbee, AZ, is quite a place. Kinda like Asheville on acid. I can tell a lot of San Francisco ex-pats relocated here for whatever reasons. Fun, weird, thoroughly entertaining.

  14. Pretty cute how you can go to the link of and find the page “under construction.”

    IU Basketball? ..Yup. Risen. Been there, done that.

    Ideogram Media(the creators of the GREATEST VIDEO EVER MADE depicting the history of Hoosier hoops)? ….Under construction. “Rise” yet to be determined.

    Gotta love it. Hoosiers are back but the highly reputable firm in charge of telling the tale our storied program has yet to flick on the wall switch to their website. I do like the picture of pretty sailboats and a couple walking along the beach..Hilarious. Yeah, like this isn’t a favor and a backdoor deal…to use our name to make somebody with some friends in the right places a few cheap bucks.

    And John Laskowski? The Eagles “Take it Easy” and the thick smell of pot engulfing the hallways and seeping through the bottom crack my Foster Quad dorm room door is suddenly fresh again in the air my memories coming off the melancholic bench. We keep clinging to short shorts much longer watching “Hoosier Rising” will be the only time anything is rising. 26 years since a banner…35 years since ‘Laz’ wore the cream and crimson…Lord, maybe it is time to start praying. How many students going to IU games would even know who the hell John Laskowski is? Might as well be Libarace’s personal Polish butler. Bets are on that the ‘Second Coming’ is likely coming before we see the 6th banner rising.

  15. When the reason in your argument fails, use the volume of your arguments. Then, when all others have left the debate, you convince yourself that you won.

  16. I think it also creates the possibility of bad karma. Who in their right mind wants to brag and celebrate the ‘Hoosier Rising’ when so much is still untold the final chapters the combined resurgence of a great season? It’s a cheap attempt to capitalize on the current “rise” and rankings without the needed risk of waiting to release the video at the end of this year’s final ending to the story. It has anything but faith in a “rising.” Grab the bucks while you can because we all know how teams can be humbled come NCAA tournament time…The buzz be over and many unsold videos sit on dusty shelves of rented warehouses if the expectations never play to the same tune of the actual results. These opportunistic cowards of zero faith merely want to rake in the dollars, cover their risk and fears, by releasing the heavenly optimism of Hoosier DVD bliss at this safe juncture a season and coach yet to be fully measured on how it all plays out in living up to all the hopes and hype.

    I wonder if Dustin is getting a cut?

  17. H4H, you should relocate to California cause you are way ahead of your time around here.


  18. When the reason in your argument fails, use the volume of your arguments. Then, when all others have left the debate, you convince yourself that you won.

    Sure. It’s called The Podunker Way.

  19. If you are saying that “volume” is the Podunker Way,
    What would you call the Harvard Way? A typhoon of cascading verbage that initially makes a degree of sense prior to degrading into a colorful barrage of uncomprehensible nonsense?

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