Indiana takes back No. 1 ranking in both polls

Indiana’s victory over Michigan on Saturday night put the Hoosiers back on top in both the Associated Press and USA Today polls.

The Hoosiers (20-2 overall, 8-1 in the Big Ten) got 58 of 65 votes in the AP poll and 25 of 31 in the coaches’ poll. Florida was No. 2 in both polls and received all of the other first-place votes.

Michigan didn’t fall far with the loss to the Hoosiers. They were No. 3 in both polls. Duke and Kansas rounded out the top five in the AP poll and Gonzaga, Arizona, Miami, Syracuse and Ohio State rounded out the top 10. No. 12 Michigan State and No. 18 Minnesota gave the Big Ten five teams in the AP poll.

Duke, Kansas, Gonzaga and Arizona also held down spots 4-7 in the USA Today poll. Michigan State was No. 8 followed by Syracuse and Ohio State. Minnesota was also No. 18 in that poll.


  1. Is Florida really good enough to get 7 first place votes or were the voters all from Florida???

    These guys must have missed the best college games played so far this year!

  2. I have not followed Florida this year. Who have the defeated? The SEC is a weak conference again this year. Being top of that conference in basketball is like the one eyed man being king in the land of the blind.

  3. Don[‘t get me wrong, I am a Hoosier fan 1st, Gator fan 2nd, but Florida is very good. They defeated Wisconsin which we couldn’t do. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Fl Girl. Count me in also 30+ yrs in Florida, I became a fan. Enjoyed the years with Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Humphrey, Green and Brewer. O’Connell Center is not Assenbly Hall but ia a good second place to watch BB.

  5. FL played Wisky early when they were struggling to find out what they were as a team. Other than Wisconsin they have played only two decent teams (AZ and Kansas State) and they lost to them both. The rest of the SEC would be lucky to place in an IU intramural league.

  6. The irony here, I think is that Indiana has sort of switched places in the argument. Before the Butler game, if you were voting for IU over Duke you were voting for the team that was blowing everyone out over the team that had faced better competition. Now IU is the team that’s faced better competition and Florida is the team that’s blowing everybody out. Obviously, different time of year, more developed resumes, and both teams have two losses, but ironic all the same. The SEC is bad, but Florida is doing what you’re supposed to do with bad teams, beating them senseless.
    All of that said, I would have voted for Indiana if I had a vote, but it does appear that Florida is a pretty good team.

  7. To be fair, UF’s resume looks good. If you aren’t paying close attention, and a lot of the voters aren’t, then you’d think they’ve beaten some good teams:

    Wisconsin (trying to figure out who their PG was – kinda big deal)
    FSU (not as good as people expected)
    Marquette (Ranked now, but was struggling early with youth and suspended Mayo)
    Texas A&M (good win, but caught them after snapped the UK Rupp home streak)
    Mizzou (missing their best player to injury)
    Ole Miss (Home game and Ole Miss was without 2 players that combine for 41 mpg because they were injured in the previous game)

    Now, is UF good? Absolutely. They are very good, but I don’t think their resume compares to IU’s.
    W’s against MSU, UM, Georgetown, Minnesota, and UNC.

  8. And on Monday, they will no longer be the #2 team in the country. Hey, road games are tough, but they got hammered by a very average ArK team.

  9. Did Crean ever beat Nebraska? Nope, he went there as #11 and lost like a clown. That’s when the visionary Fred Glass came up with a tremendous idea of selling Crean’s image to the unsuspecting. But the world wasn’t ready for the powerful vision at that time. Now, after many moons the idea is finally starting to catch on! And it looks like a banner to me.

  10. Thank you Florida for making me look like a moron.
    Tomahawk Sean, what is the purpose of all of this trolling? If it was actually your goal to convince the posters on this board that Crean isn’t a good coach, you could come up with a much more convincing argument than a road upset a year ago, so clearly you’re just trolling to troll. Do you get points for this?

  11. ^I believe that post from Dustin is adequate proof that Harvard is not tomahawk sean(as one particular poster was making such an accusation).

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…’The Lord of..’ handle is my only guilty pleasure when venturing outside my name Harvard for Hillbillies. 99% Harvard…1% Lord of..

  12. Harvard- Nope. You say you “believe”. Well, “believe” is what you do in the absence of proof. Thus, I “believe” in God because there is no “proof” he exists.

    The IP address wouldn’t even solve anything. All you need is a smartphone on 3G sitting next to your computer and, boom, you got your new IP address.

    You’d do wise to explain why, since the days of the basketblog, you and your alter ego’s arguments/picture impulses/specific photoshop techiniques have coincided step by step like two synchronized swimmers.

  13. Porta Sean is likely a typically sad Purchew or Kaintuck fan. There’s just nothing they can post, or read, on their own blogs as they are just too depressing. So, they come to the site of the #1 team in the country and use what passes for intellect down at the Feed and Seed to convince us that it is only through luck and poor coaching that we have defeated a good portion of the top 25, earned the top spot in the toughest conference in the land, and earned our way back to the pinnacle of the sport as the tournament rapidly approaches.

    You just can’t argue with logic like that.

    Nor should you waste your time.

  14. Did craft get fouled last night or was that a mugging with just seconds to go???
    Michigan almost losing at home locked their place as the #2 team in the land!
    Let’s hope we never see IU were anything neon!!!

  15. Dustin-

    Do you think I have two computers or a smart phone and engage in playing an alter ego game? Do you think I’m tomahawk sean? Do you think I was FC2013?

    And I’m accused of grabbing on to conspiracy theories?

    Set them straight, Dustin. There is only one Harvard. Often imitated, never duplicated.

  16. Chet, you must of stayed up all night to come up with that “porta”, rich, so rich. The Feed and Seed was good too. Although the 1 I frequent has a couple of MBA’s stopping in occasionally and always has some old coots tradin barbs. Many times displaying more wisdom than a tree full of owls. I’d like to borrow the porta gem. For plagiaristic reasons only.

  17. See…Dustin believes. I give Dustin way too much s*it, but somehow, for some reason, he still believes.

    Dustin has faith in Harvard. Dustin knows Harvard is of genuine intent and decent heart.

  18. As far as IP’s go, you can certainly determine geographically where they originate from. So unless Harvard has a phone from another state that he uses for the alter egos, which seems pretty silly, I think it’s safe to believe Dustin.

  19. Harvard-

    And how do we know “Dustin” is “Dustin”?

    And why don’t you answer the issue of your synchronized swimming buddy? Why have “he” and “you” been in lock-step in every way for over 5 years? Why do you have the exact same love of words, anagrams, Crean doodling, etc? You’ve NEVER been honest about this.

    Finally and most compellingly, why has “tomahawk” mocked and name-stolen virtually every blogger (even Dustin) on the Scoop, but never once Harvard? Why did he drive Husky Tom into anonymity and Chet into permanently “blocking” his posts, but yet you are somehow the untouchable one?

    Too many unanswered questions, and too much tergiversating on your part. Yes, you heard me, tergiversating. You are about as convincing as Rafael Palmeiro and Lance Armstrong.

  20. Some people never cease to amaze me on just easy they make it appear to become a real idiot….in reference to toma something, something! There needs to be a law passed for stupidity. Sorry!

  21. How do we know Dustin is Dustin? For that matter, how do we know Tomahawk Sean is not Dustin? How far do you want to carry your paranoia?

    Maybe you need to look in the mirror and search deep into your soul to why you even care? It’s seems your obsession is a tangential digression to the questions of self examination you may be running from.

    Why such an obsession with Harvard. Did I steal your kitten? Are you haunted by by ghosts your own creation that fuel feelings of inferiority the wonderfully inventive person you long to be but cannot?

    Give it a rest. You are what you are. Accept your shortcomings and work on your strengths. I’m sure you have vast talents and could offer sound contributions to Hoosier Scoop. Why waste your time with a mystery you’ll never resolve? You won’t believe me. And I find it very insulting that you press on for months upon months calling me a liar. I recently added my two cents regarding the topic of Knight. It happened to be a thread that Foghat and Tomahawk Sean were engaged in a childish battle. I have no control over coincidences or someone desiring to post on the heels my own comments.

    99.9% of my posts on Scoop are made under the name Harvard for Hillbillies…I occasionally post using my “Lord of the….”(my original creation dating back to my first Lord of the Clapper post on Scoop).

    Have bloggers come on here and stolen the “Lord of” idea? I have no control of that. Believe what you want to believe. You are likely wasting your own gifts wasting so much time on your obsession with me and created conspiracy. I’m not Shakespeare. I’m not a holder of multiple college degrees. I find many other posters on here far more knowledgeable and entertaining than I’ll ever perceive myself to be.

    Do you want my honest view on this accusation/obsession/game you play? I think in your heart of hearts you see the person you claim as my alter ego as above and beyond Harvard’s intellect. You fully realize it’s a different blogger. You play this accusation game(claiming the two are one in the same)to demean the blogger currently using the screen name Tomahawk Sean. It’s an attempt to crawl under their skin and to dumb them down to Harvard’s level of buffoonery. You feel inferior to this Tomahawk Sean.

    For the last time, I’m not Tomahawk Sean. I’m just a bag of dumb wind. I’m not much of anything. I’m simply Harvard for Hillbillies.

  22. A few more thoughts and the addressing of one question(Though I’m being far too kind in giving any your questions the time of day):

    “Finally and most compellingly, why has “tomahawk” mocked and name-stolen virtually every blogger (even Dustin) on the Scoop, but never once Harvard?”

    My name has been stolen and altered. It used to happen far more frequently on Basketblog. On Scoop the thievery has not been with any level of frequency that it gets me too bent out of shape.

    Maybe this blogger that haunts you and fuels your paranoia identifies with something in Harvard.

    I’m glad I can’t answer all your questions. I prefer the mystery. I fantasize that my impersonator is the girl in the leather suit that climbs into the helicopter in the Verizon commercials. If all fantasies flush down the toilet, I can at least cling to the hope that someone out there likes me and believes my word is as honest the letters typed to follow the thoughts.


    Good points about the location of devices. Nice to see you are not willing to call Dustin a liar.

  23. HH ripping others for “paranoia” after he whines the ENTIRE media is part of the “Establishment” and is “out to get us”?


  24. My bad…

    I fantasize that my impersonator is the girl in the leather suit that climbs into the helicopter in the [T-Mobile] commercial.

  25. Just like good detectives get obsessed with unsolved murders, so I have developed the itch to know the mystery behind you and your synchronized swimmer. And as long as you leave your “preferred mystery” open, I can’t say you’ll ever be completely exonerated. Who knows why I can’t leave it alone. Maybe it is my own shortcomings. Or maybe I’m just pissed that I can’t use my old screen name anymore since you/he always steal(s) it. Some other thoughts:

    -Geoff’s cellphone point certainly doesn’t close this argument. These days, tons of people have cellphone numbers from other states.

    -I’m glad that “Dustin,” assuming he’s Dustin, confronted the tomahawk troll on the other thread yesterday, even though the troll didn’t reply (don’t think he ever has replied to Dustin). It would be an interesting step towards the Truth if Dustin would illuminate us a little more about Tomahawk’s IP situation – whether it’s the same one, whether it changes, etc. Is it 4guards? Is he at IU? Back during Hugh’s futile banning/policing era, it was almost impossible to post on the Scoop from an IU computer. If tomahawk has an IU IP address, I could finally see letting go of my conspiracy…

    -When it’s all said and done, the tomahawk is a pretty funny guy, annoyingness aside. If he is you, then take it as a further complement of your creativity and sense of humor.

  26. Wish I could take it as a further compliment(though I don’t seem to remember any original compliment given to Harvard to take it further from..), but the compliments should be all reserved for Tomahawk.

    Tomahawk is the genius. I don’t see him/her as a “troll.” I see the internet as an ocean full of frauds and phantom personalities. Tomahawk has stumbled upon a truth and innocence that forever feeds the heart of a mystery. So much of the world is stripped its contentment to feel satisfied in living as an unopened book.

    Harvard remains the unopened book. Content to cry his voice to the heavens of empty ears and hearts. There is an infections hope in that contentment. Why such a desire to strip naked the innocence that may exist underneath your painting a full portrait of deceit?

  27. Sure, and I wasn’t trying to close the case, but usually people have a reason for having a cell phone from another state… From all of Harvard’s stories I have gathered that he hasn’t moved recently, so the only reason he would have a cell different from where he has resided for quite a few years is to mess with people. That just seems unlikely to me.

    But who knows, maybe Harvard’s real name is ronaiah tuiasosopo….

  28. Clarion, in all fairness I stop in at a place actually named the Feed and Seed once or twice a month. It was kind of a “Moo U” reference. While the clientele is a mixed bag I frequently run into Brad Dougherty as he has what I guess you could call a ‘mini farm’ about a half mile from my cabin. Real salt of the Earth kind of guy. I think he must know everyone in Fairview (my one stoplight burg just outside Asheville).

    As far as Porta Sean goes I guess it’s a matter of taste. In my opinion he’s what we called in the military a ‘delta bravo’.

  29. Harvard- all it would take would be for Tomahawk to steal your name a few times, misrepresent you to your Scoop groupies, and I guarantee you’d promptly abandon your romanticized view of him as a truth-bearing genius.

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