IU adds three commitments on Signing Day

Indiana is receiving all the National Letters of Intent it expected to get this morning and more.

In addition to the 19 verbal commitments the Hoosiers had heading into the day, Indiana also signed Arizona Western Community College defensive tackle Chris Cormier and offensive tackle Maurice Swain from Troup High School in LaGrange, Ga.

More to come on these guys and Signing Day in general. Indiana will have a signing day special on BTN.com at 11 a.m.

UPDATE: Apparently IU isn’t receiving all of the letters of intent it expected. Iowa State’s football Twitter account claims that Nigel Tribune, the cornerback from Jacksonville, Fla., who had committed to the Hoosiers, has instead signed with the Cyclones.

UPDATE: Indiana has also added running back Laray Smith of Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

UPDATE: Indiana also added another running back in Darryl Chestnut, a 5-10, 190-pounder from Columbus High in Miami, Fla.


  1. Wow. How’d we steal these guys? I am glad to have them, but the old scheptic in me thinks … why did the other schools pass on them, are they injured, do they qualify academically? I hope all is well on all accounts. So glad to see IU coaches working hard scouring the country for football talent. I am so glad to see IU basketball doing well now, but I am very excited about the work our football coaches are doing and the way LOI day has gone. Fantastic job. Go Hoosiers!!

  2. wolfer, the other schools did not pass on these kids, all of these kids listed other shcools that had offered them scholorships. They simply decided to come to IU for various reasons. These local 4 star kids who decided to come our way listed 2 basic things, they wanted to be part of turning a program around and some listed being able to play close to home to make it easier on their parents to come see them. Coach Wilson and his staff did a great job getting these kids to visit the campus and the great facilities that IU now possess with the North end zone reconstruction and the world class weight room facility. All of these kids were very impressed by the IU campus! Just don’t think that other schools “passed” on these kids, that is simply not the case!

  3. To my way of thinking this is the biggest day in Hoosier Football since the lead up to January 1, 1968.

  4. Yes, Clarion, yes. Well-said. Hopefully some of the recruits will be available for immediate impact.

  5. The “Charlie Brown-esque” IU football fan in me is leery of these signings (‘go ahead and try to kick the ball, Lucy won’t pull it back this time….’) but I have to admit to guarded optimism. We seem to have competed and won with other power conference schools for these kids instead of stealing them from Toledo and Kent.

  6. Aruss: Jon Fabris coached at the University of Georgia for nine years and still obviously has a lot of connections in the state and environs, so his presence on the staff is doubtless key to some of those signings.

  7. To coachv…. sorry. I didn’t use spell check. But you bringing that to my attention sure put a big smile on my face. Kinda funny. Skeptic, skeptic, skeptic.

    To MikeC… thanks. I AM so glad the investment in infrastructure is paying off. Thanks to Fred Glass. Over the years we football fans would hear about a great kid coming our way and then lose out in the final hour. It’s a great day to get this class signed but to also pickup kids like these two in the 11th hour. I was just a kid during the Rose Bowl excitement of ’67-’68; however, I do clearly remember (pre-internet days) when IU got Anthony Thompson and Dave Schnell and the excitement signing those two created. Let’s hope the results are similar. If IU gets the defense working we’ve got to be good. Tre comes back, great competiton at QB, we have 3-4 redshirt O-linemen from last year being paired with our 2 starting freshmen. Man, oh man, I can’t wait!!

  8. Exciting day for IU football and we welcome all these young men to Indiana. Does anyone have any reliable information on Tre Roberson’s recovery? Haven’t heard much and that could be good news if everything is going well or not so good news if his progress is slower than anticipated.

  9. Congratulations to Coach Wilson and staff on the 2013 recruiting class. There were a couple surprise commits who look very good on paper the RB out of Miami was all County this year, very impressive in that football hotbed! Not to mention the in-state talent who choose to become Hoosiers. I keep looking back at the 2012 season and the Navy, Michigan, Northwestern and Ball State games where IU came up just a bit short. Adding these young men, improving the returnees and getting healthy (i.e. Tre Roberson) and this program is positioned to make turn some heads in 2013. To all players considering IU jump on board and become a part of something special. I’ll end by saying welcome to the incoming student-athletes, congrats to AD Glass, Coach Wilson and his staff.

  10. I’m excited by this recruiting class, the improved talent Wilson is getting, and the message it sends to The Hoosier Nation. But let’s not get too excited about the impact freshmen will have on IU’s success in 2013. If we must depend heavily on freshman, no matter how talented they are, it signifies big problems for the program. I’m sure a few freshman will see significant playing time, but a program’s success is built on the quality of the more mature players on the team. I’m more interested in the potential impact that the JC transfers will make in 2013.

    As for the number of wins in 2013, while we may have Tre back, and we have eight home games, I still think six or seven wins would be a monumental success. It’s all about the defense this year. Anything above seven wins would be a minor miracle. It takes a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of hard work to turn a football program from perennial loser to consistent winner. I think Wilson is making significant progress, but lets maintain realistic expectations so as not to become crestfallen.

  11. Some of these “surprise” signees are really good gets, at least judging by the other schools they turned down in order to sign with IU. The running back out of New York is particularly impressive (on paper, 6’1, 185 = huge upside) as are the two big defensive linemen.

    If nothing else, Wilson and staff are certainly improving the size of IU’s football team.

  12. Podunker’s comment is spot on. Building a football program is a lot different than basketball and I don’t mean to in any way trivialize what CTC has accomplished. But football is a whole different matter. I agree that 7 wins would be outstanding. I think 5-6 is more realistic. We are certainly going to be better but then again, so is a lot of our competition. As Podunker says, a lot will depend on how we do defensively and that unit is relying on mostly young talent. All that said, it is great to be talking about the prospects for this team as contrasted with years past when we only had a handful of D1 players on the entire roster!

  13. A class that 247 ranked 43rd, and ahead of schools that went to Bowl games last year. I’m impressed, but not satisfied. And I doubt Wilson is either.

    What’s with Ole Miss? They had a great class. I know they’re SEC, but they’ve always been in the weaker half of that conference. Someone help me understand why anyone would want to play for Ole Miss. AL, FL, SC, GA, TN, those I can understand, but what does Ole Miss have to offer football players?

  14. It’s the “best class we’ve ever had” and it’s still only #43?


    No wonder we’ve sucked so bad.

  15. Congrats to the coaching staff and all the recruits!

    Fred Glass was right, this is shaping up to be the Golden Age for IU athletics.

    BTW, late signees Chesnut and Laray Smith may be a dynamic dou for years to come…

  16. Great job by coaching staff. very excited to see defense as a focal point and luv the pick ups from Georgia and Florida. with coach Wilson’s contacts in Oklahoma and Texas, I would love to see some more players from Texas especially QB’s. continue to work hard coach. Go IU!!

  17. Credit to Wilson and staff for signing kids that, in years past, would never, and I mean never have given IU a second look. While the ranking is positive, I think it’s even more telling to look at how many kids Wilson signed that had offers from other strong BCS conference schools. And IU is finally getting BCS-conference size. This is very positive!

    Indiana 77, IU did not need to recruit quarterbacks for this class. We have three solid quarterbacks, all with significant game experience. There will be fierce competition between those three QBs for playing time this year, and they should all show significant improvement as a result of their experience and another year of coaching. The offense will be productive, it’s the defense that needed an immediate infusion of talent. Wilson did good, he did real good.

  18. Higgi, absolutely correct about AD Glass. He is proving himself a great manager with a capital M. Now that he has put emphasis on some of the more noticeable sports programs in his department there is no doubt he will become aggressive with the programs other AD’s only wink at. I have high hopes for even bigger progress for his department over the next 6-12 years. He is that good. The + is he wants to be at IU.

  19. I agree that Wilson has done an outstanding job and Glass is clearly first rate which isn’t too surprising given his background. It starts at the top and the McRobbie/Glass combination is a significantly stronger leadership team than we’ve had in the past. So that strength trickles down and now we are beginning to see the results.

  20. iufan23; great post, and I especially appreciate your comment about the McRobbie/Glass combination and their leadership. I agree. McRobbie does not get the credit he deserves. I remember the first time I heard him speak, I liked him right away. He’s heads and shoulders above the two men that preceded him. As for Glass, he’s smart, he’s a Hoosier, and he wants this job to be his last job. You’ve got to love that.

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