1. Watched this game from CA. What is with your team? No one was looking for Zeller! It’s like the the parents of the players and their girlfriends told them, “Don’t pass to him! He’s a primadonnna!”

    Indiana deserved to lose. The team is selfish.

  2. That’s embarrassing.

    These guys need to toughen up.

    Who was it that said IU has the worst inbounds defense in the country? Well, they were right.

  3. That was just awful. Zeller had 6 shots, while Watford and Sheehey had 11 each. Two others had more attempts than Zeller. How does our best player not get the ball? Why are we shooting outside shots when Zeller has 3-4 inches on Illinois’ remaining players and much better skills? The last 5 minutes were just so ugly to watch.

  4. So sad.All you Crean lovers he has no offense its all dribble,dribble, dribble no offense in the last 7 or 8 minutes. he can,t x and o it.it,s so sad. There,s a time you need to slow down and play basketball rather than play school yard ball. Tight situations he always comes up short.


    99% of the people who are about to post: Shut. The. Hell. Up. IU may have lost the Big Ten Title tonight, but that is it. They are still the most complete team in the country (Kansas lost to TCU! last night) (Florida lost to Arkansas!) who is capable of winning it all. Seriously overreaction, Batman (men?). They’ll bounce back. They have all year.

  6. It’s the same old story–the opposition goes on a second half run, and Tom Crean refuses to call a timeout, abandoning his team in the process. Crean is a great recruiter, but a lousy game coach. When the game goes south, CALL A TIMEOUT MR. CREAN.

  7. I have now surrendered and am joining the “Crean can’t Coach” contingent. Up by 8 with 3 minutes to go and nothing but 3s and 2 point jump shots with one layup (that worked…what a surprise) against a team that can’t match up against our size. Zeller barely touches the ball against a team that has no one who can match up with him. If it’s because the players didn’t do what Crean told them to do, that’s a coaching problem. If they were doing what he wanted them to do, that’s a coaching problem.

  8. Elmo has joined the list of trolls. “Crean-lovers?” How about Hoosier fans? By the way, learn how to write or learn how to type before posting more of your troll drivel.

  9. It just didn’t look like IU was ready for this game. Looks like they didn’t have their hearts or their heads in this game.
    The best team didn’t win, but the winner of the game was the best team on the floor tonight.

  10. I have to agree that this one is on CC. Hollowell hits 2 3-pointers in a row and is pulled from the game and never returns, and then UI’s starting center fouls out of the game and IU doesn’t run it’s offense from CZ. Finally, IU has 3 time outs left with 0.9 seconds, and CC doesn’t call a time out after IU sees how UI is going to set up for the inbounds play. Veeeerry disappointing…now IU has to beat OSU at home or else IU drops from #1 to outside the Top 10. Uhg!

  11. Good Time,

    I can agree with that. IU did not play that well tonight, nor was Illinois the best team. Is it frustrating to lose this game? Yes. Does it piss me off as a Hoosier fan who has a douchebag Illini half-brother? Yes. If I (we) are this upset about losing the game, how pissed off are the Hoosiers? Tom (I apparently cannot coach out of a paper bag) Crean will motivate these guys for Sunday against Ohio State, and they’ll motivate themselves. Did Oladipo become one of the best players in the country without self-motivation over the years? No. They’ll get pissed off, they’ll get mean. They may NOT win Sunday, but they’ll come out with heart and give close to 100% effort.

  12. PSYCH–I’m happy to be added to the list. If you think past performance isn’t an indicator of future behavior, then you’ve been reading one perspectus too many. This is a pattern and teams that are well coached and play 40 minutes beat us. Those are the teams they are going to see in the NCAA Tournament and they have seen plenty of evidence as to how to beat IU. Crean and his staff must either start doing something different in games (which they haven’t done) or Yes…this team isn’t winning the National Championship. Good coaches with good teams will know exactly what to do. In fact, there’s no need to wait for the NCAA. At MSU, OSU, Minn, and Mich will probably show everyone what this team and coaching staff can do.

  13. iulongago,

    Indiana already beat Minnesota, Michigan, and Michigan State. They have not faced Ohio State yet this year. What the hell is your point, exactly?

  14. Beside the Butler game (I hate hate hate losing to in state teams), I took this loss hard. My point is this. Had we took care of the ball earlier in the game, we could have cruised. Very sloppy. It improved in the 2nd half, but we left a lot of points on the table.

    Though my question is this: Did Cody just have one of those “duh” moments, or was their a miscommunication so e where else among the team? Obviously, the last shot was as if we was playing Monopoly, and they cashed in a “get out of jail” card.

    Frustrated. Victor looked out of element. Easily Watford’s best effort. Hollowell is improving. Just, dang…. Illinois? Groce can coach. He will do well there, as much as I hate to admit it.

  15. Didn’t play Remy enough. Could have used his scrappiness in the final minutes.

    Ola-(bleep)-o! Ball should have been in Yogi’s hands for our last possession.

    Didn’t Armon Bassett play for Groce?

    Geoff- Prediction Update: You’re only one loss away from your prediction of four total losses this season.

  16. Absolutely terrible endgame management. IU with the ball and an 8 point lead with 3:00 to play, and the team shoot the ball immediately. They get the rebound, and then they shoot it again, immediately. What in god’s name is that?

    Terrible turnover by Vic with the clock winding down, terrible inbounds defense, terrible overall play by Watford. I’m not watching any more road games this year, period, unless its Nebraska.

    You that cosmic justice for the Eric Gordon Bank Shot was coming sooner or later, and there you have it.

  17. Very frustrated. That’s all I can say I could say more, but no use to post vulgarity. What happened at the end?

  18. Have to agree with iulongago and higgi…either they are not listening to the coaches or the coaches are not coaching well. Should not have been so quick to shoot the long outside shot so quickly with 3 minutes left and ahead by a handful. PLay steady and let the team that’s down play desperate, foul you, and sink the free throws which IU can do. I think IU may have run out of timeouts, remember hearing the announcer say it was IU’s last one with some small amount of time left. IU looked lost on the inbounds play, not moving.

  19. As I said “AT” those places. We’ve beaten them at home but you win the Big 10 on the road and the tournament is on neutral courts. At Illinois shouldn’t be a loss. What’s going to happen when they play good teams at their place or at neutral sites? That’s my point.

    I hope they win but they haven’t proven that they can do that sort of thing against good teams outside of Bloomington (except for Georgetown on a neutral court). By the way, my disappointment is directed toward the coaches. This team should be better than this down the stretch at home (Wisconsin) on a neutral court (Butler) and on the road (Illinois). I really don’t want to get into a back and forth argument. This is just what I see and believe.

  20. By the way, we will be finishing 24-7 in the regular season (losing the rest of our road games)… same record as the last Sampson team, if I’m not mistaken… So much for hype and expectations. Last year was so much more fun!

  21. I wouldn’t throw in the towel yet. A fluke loss like this can either create a spark underneath your ass, or drag you down. Sometimes a loss is good. With that said, unfortunately, we need that spark at Ohio State, which is going to be tough. All I can say is mental toughness must be instilled big time in this team before we play Ohio State. Must forget, and play focused, and DETERMINED basketball.

  22. @fairfield. I cannot wait for you to fail to show up here to admit you are wrong when IU does not finish 24-7. If they inexplicably DO finish 24-7, I will be here, along with your sorry ass.

    iulongago, my apologies for misreading your post. Yeah, it prolly cost IU the Big Ten Title to lose tonight. Frustrating? Of course. But the national title is more important, right? But who is to say IU will lose ALL four of those away games? Is it possible? Yes. Will IU play as lacksadaisical as they did tonight during those 4 games? Yes. They’re 18-22 year-old-men, not superhuman soldiers. Everyone takes a play, a half, a game off. What IU HAS this year that they have not had the prior 4 (10?!) years is TALENT, something that is not taught. Whether they choose to USE that talent to their full abilities is THEIR choice, and theirs alone. Crean and coaching staff can only do so much.

  23. Remy made a bad pass in the first half..Crean sat him for nearly all the rest of the game. I really don’t understand that mentality. I see tons of individual mistakes. Sheehey getting in the face of an Illini player after a dunk(resultant technical leading to two converted free throws for Illinois)can easily be viewed as the pair of points that cost us the game…The coach needs to be consistent with discipline.

  24. Starting out with sloppy play allowed Illinois to believe that they could play with IU. Time after time we left them open on the wings to fire up a 3 pointer. Poor clock management, with less than a minute to go Vic loses the ball allowing ILL to come down and score, only to have Vic block the shot. How does IU not defend the lane? They were so determined THEN to defend the 3 that they forgot the obvious. IU looked tired and listless. I believe Hulls has ot have the ball in his hands with less than a minute. I dunno. Very disappointing. IU could have moved ahead in the B10 standing…now this.

  25. Another good point Harvard. I don’t want to create a firestorm, but the Sheehey car must stop NOW! I understand with Purdue, but time to cut it out. I mean, we could have won the game. I love Will. Love the cocky attitude. Though I think it’s time for Crean to have a talk.

  26. PSYCH–I neither think nor hope they will lost all four of them. I think they’re a really good team but they’re going to have to be better when it comes to games on the road in order to win the Big Prize (which I also lust after for them…and me/us).

  27. Tan Crean or “Clapper” as he is know on the UK site is a terrible X and O guy. Hire someone to manage the games. Do what you do best recruit and coach skills.
    Why was Zeller not positioned in front of the basket. Take a jump shot but no lay ups.
    Watford was terrible all night but hardly ever came out of the game.
    They will win one NCAA game and head back to Bloomington.

  28. Like everybody else, with 3 minutes to go, I thought we had this one in the bag. One Illini player gets hot, another one BANKS in a free throw, our superstar commits a silly dribble turnover, and our other superstar goes asleep on defense. And we lose a road game.

    We can lose every game we are in. If they didn’t know it before, they know it now. Attitudes need adjusting a bit it seems to me, and maybe we read a few too many headlines about ourselves, but this season is not over by any stretch. I will not give up on the team or coaches.

    Sometimes a little humble pie is a good thing. In the long run.

    We will see.

  29. Few things…

    1) go back to post #3 from the Michigan live game comments section… Seriously, go read it.

    2) sorry to say this Tsao, but the only reason Illinois was in a position to win that game was the refereeing. No calls in the last few minutes for IU, and ticky-tac bs called for Illinois.

    3) Paul is the most egregious flopper I’ve ever seen at the college level. It’s like he studies Manu Ginobili tape and practices falling down whenever he feels a body next to him. What a f_cking b_tch..

    The referees should be embarrassed over their performance tonight.

  30. Really, Geoff?

    Hope you don’t mind if I give my opinion even though you were directing your comments to your ‘terrible Tsao.’ I thought the officiating was fair. We lost this game. We only scored one basket in the last five minutes. Oladipo didn’t show the focus and hunger that normally eclipses everyone else on the floor. Did you watch how he defended the final inbounds play? Very lazy effort. It happens.

  31. I can’t believe Geoff blames the refs so much for being such an “expert.”

    So, it was the “refs’ fault” we gave up that shot with less than a second to go?

    And I sure didn’t hear the announcers talk about IU getting hosed. Usually if there are bad calls, they’ll say something.

    And someone needs to punch Mr. Hot Dog in the mouth so he stops his crap.

  32. IULongAgo, your posts are solid. We did play as if we were bored and Cody is beginning to play with a “hollow chest”. I too question why Remy is sitting. Did he not prove last year we need him on the floor when the game gets tough?

    And, Yogi needs to understand dribbling is an overrated skill, not one to be overused. Think before you put the ball on the floor.

  33. The refs had nothing to do with the last play. See post #3 from UM live game thread.

    They did call a bogus offensive foul on Watford with about 3 minutes to go. Then they swallowed the whistle on a Watford drive to the basket where 3 guys collapsed on him. Finally they called an absolute ticky-tac foul on Dipo that led to the Paul banked FT and a tie game.

    3 bad calls in the last 3 minutes all against IU. Zero calls for IU in that timespan. So like I said, the only reason Illinois was in a position to win was the refs.

    IU wasn’t great, but we were good enough to have a double digit lead almost the entire game. The T against Sheehey was ridiculous. He said “Woooooo” in the direction of another player. Didn’t get in his face. I’ve seen literally 100’s of more demonstrative displays all over the country this season that didn’t earn a T. The foul when Paul ran into one of our guys just before a 5 second call would have been made – huge flop. A couple calls that were typical of the night. Every time IU started to pull away or gain momentum the refs would make a total sh_t call that would let Illinois hang around. Then in the final minutes they just handed them the game.

    Just the facts. Illinois didn’t deserve to win.

  34. The picture on SI’s website shows their guy laying it up for the win and it looks like none of our guys are within 10 feet of him.

    How in the %&%$% is that even possible?

    And how anyone can cry “The refs screwed us” after looking at that is beyond belief.

    Was the other team holding all our guys so they could have an uncontested lay-up?


    That’s more embarassing than Kansas getting destroyed.


    One second left and you have no one under the basket and just let them lay it in?


    Even he isn’t THAT stupid.


  35. Geoff…don’t be sorry, you don’t have to apologize for restating what you have said over and over…(and over and over and over and over…). The referees did it!

    At least you’re consistent son (over and over and over and over and over). I’ll stop there. I don’t want to make too much of what must be a terribly embarrassing moment for you when most good IU fans are able to deal with the fact that we were not very good tonight, CTC mucked it up good and showed he had no end-game variance to alley-ball… And, perhaps help you avoid that you’ll wake up tomorrow morning and regret it (the post that says over and over and over and over, the ref lost it for the Hoosiers over and over and over), forcing you to write another post clarifying that you really did not write what you wrote or, on the chance you did, it was a misinterpretation by most of the 35+ posters who didn’t understand the subtleties of the critique you were making about the refs and the scorer and the way the scoring sheet is kept.

    So…I’ll just say…thanks Geoff, over and out.

  36. As far as your excuse for Sheehey, it’s because he’s earned a reputation for being a hot-dogging idiot and they wanted to send a message before it escalated.

    See, THAT is why I’ve complained about it.

    In case you forgot, Illinois has a bunch of thugs and the LAST thing the refs want is some moron like Will egging them or the fans on and a fight starts out.

    That’s on Will.

    And Crean for letting him get away with it for so long.

    And we didn’t deserve the win either letting them have an uncontested lay-up at the end.

  37. Not taking anything away from UI, but this was an officiating crew that apparently doesn’t know that we don’t have the Continuation play (basket + 1) in NCAA baskeball if the player is fouled before the shot. I missed the first half, but saw UI get awarded at least Continuation plays down the stretch in the 2nd half when the UI player was obviously fouled before the shot. Big impact on the game, this should be a reviewable if we’re going to have instant replay in college basketball!

  38. The life of #1. You get everyone’s best and when the breaks go their way, you lose. Banked in free throw, fast break 15 ft 3-bounce-on-the-rim jumpshots going in, 10 ft. 30 degree 4-bounce-on-the-rim shot goes in, Richardson hitting fall away prayers, and not getting a break by any call that I can remember in this game. Paul flops twice & hits 3 of the 4 FTs.

    Go look at the tape folks. ILL made EVERY play in the last 3 min. & we didn’t. Period.

    Z made a critical error at the end. Wasn’t Oladipo’s fault, he saved the game to block the ball out of bounds before the last play. Look at Z, he’s clearly asleep at the 3 pt. line during the last play. His guy has a career night, and an uncontested layup at the buzzer off of an out of bounds play with less than a sec. to play.

    Just a complete failure to execute down the stretch. Plain & simple. We should’ve won this game by 38 pts., because ILL is worse than purdue. We are the better team in this game BY FAR, and it was the typical “prevent” down the stretch. This has happened in 2 of the 3 losses this year. Take the foot off the throttle and get beat. Clearly it happened here. Content to hang at the 3 pt. line, run the clock, and have no plan to even get to the line!!! No FTs that I recall in the last 3 min. This is pure passive basketball, playing not to lose. THAT is coaching folks, or lack thereof.

    I’ve said and analyzed enough. We lost & got outplayed for 3 min……the last 3 min.

  39. This isn’t a Notre Dame Football web site. It wasn’t the refs and everyone in the world isn’t against IU. Indiana got beat because this team (players and coaches)allowed itself to get beat. The only thing to do is to go get Ohio State.

  40. We weren’t great tonight… Crean wasn’t great tonight…. I’ve been bitching for months about our underneath oob defense…

    None of that changes the calls that were made at the end of the game.

    I agree with everyone that we didn’t play inspired, but:

    We shot 50% FG (they shot 45%)
    We shot 53% 3-pt (they shot 38%)
    We shot 93% FT (they shot 87%)
    We had 28 rebounds (they had 21)
    We had 16 assists (they had 10)

    So you can say we didn’t play that well… That’s fine. But we shot better than Illinois, we rebounded better than Illinois, and we were more unselfish than Illinois. We were ahead of Illinois the entire night until the refs started making calls only in favor of one team at the very end.

    Our defense on the last play was so terrible I’m sorta glad we lost because now they’ll have to address it. We’ve been giving up lay-ups and uncontested shots off the inbounds pass all year. However, had the refs called the last 3 minutes evenly (if that was a foul on Dipo then Watford’s was a mugging at the other end, and if you don’t call Watford’s you can’t call Paul’s, and so on and so forth) then we wouldn’t be in this discussion right now.

    Bottom line – we played better than Illinois tonight and they did not deserve to win.

  41. Iulongago – just so you know, I do not think the refs are anti-Hoosier or that there is any conspiracy. They just made bad calls. Seriously, if Paul was in the NBA he’d be getting retroactively fined for the 3 gratuitous flops he had tonight.

    There was a study done by grad students at IUPUI a few years back that researched the trends of basketball officials. There was significant proof that refs made more calls for the losing team. It wasn’t showing there was any intent, just patterns that backed up the human nature to want to keep a game competitive and give the underdog a chance…. It was essentially all subliminal, but the data was clear.

    The refs didn’t do it because it was Indiana, they did it because that’s what refs do.

  42. I would appreciate analysis of these thoughts:

    1. Does our offense force the ball too much? When we do, with smart decisions, it works well, when forced shots and dumb decisions occur, it doesn’t. We look like a high school team.

    2. Cody needs to be the focus of our offense! He is not featured enough. A Hulls, Whatford, Oladipo, and then maybe Yogi and Will 3 needs to happen next, kicked out by Cody when he is double and triple teamed.

    3. Hold the damn ball at the end of the game when you have a lead. We shoot way too quick. It hurts us as it did tonight.

    4. Inbound D, or Inbound O, as we have seen this year!

    Does it hurt fans to watch such a talented team make these mistakes?

  43. To all who think the refs were not a factor, you need to grab an hour & watch your DVR again. I managed to DVR & watch this game an hr. after it was over. I was actually laughing at times during the replay at some of the calls, particularly the T on Sheehey (which was bush league) & the 2 flops by Paul. Add in at least 6, count ’em because I did, muggings near the bucket on layups (Yogi twice, CWat twice, & Oladipo twice) & you have the makings for a loss….

    ….especially when you do not attack the bucket in the last 5 min., let alone the last 3 min.!!! This was an epic over-confident collapse. To let that team, w/o a timeout, get a layup at the buzzer on an OOB play is just a lack of concentration.

    CWat, despite 8 RB, was just pathetic. 6 TOs. I think ILL had 28 pts. off of our Achilles heel all season. We are barely above 1:1 on the year for assist to turnover ratio, yet we receive so much praise for our unselfish play. Go to the IUAthletics website & look at the stats. Only Yogi & Hulls are way above parity. You turn the ball over against a team with hot 3 pt. shooters and you will lose.

    We had 16 TOs against the worst defending team in the Big 10 tonight & gave up 28 pts. Off of those. Usually, in a normal game, it is 1 pt. per 1 TO made. So Geoff, another interesting “how we lost” stat of the night.

    We did not lose because of the refs. But they didn’t help us, at all, and we played passive down the stretch with their big guy out & our not touching the ball. The stats lie in this game. Look at the box score and you’d think we’d blown them out & won by 10-12 pts. But our passiveness was in play again (circa Butler).

  44. Laffy, I agree that Sheehey got T’d up because he is Sheehey. But that is bad reffing as well.

    I’ve seen CJ Leslie, Rakeem Christmas, and Chane Bohanon (among others) dunk on people, stare right at them from a foot away, flex, and start howling… None of them got T’d. I’ve seen guys hang on the rim too long… They don’t get T’d. I’ve seen Nick Stauskas turn and start yelling at the crowd and jumping around after just about every made 3… He did get T’d up once because he happened to turn and yell right at the opposing coach that time.

    Bottom line is you can’t T up a guy because he flexed at an away game a week ago. What he did tonight happens 3 times a game in almost every D1 contest. It was a ridiculous call for this era.

  45. Never heard anyone whine about “continuation” when Victor was given that bucket last game that was CLEARLY after he was fouled.

  46. Moving on…..

    I think we are much better vs. OSU. All year I’ve seen them and I think this is a great match-up for us. Yogi on Craft, but I expect Yogi to be in foul trouble because Craft is cagey. Dipo or CWat on Thomas. We should really beat OSU’s a$$ if they don’t hit their 3s. That’s how KU beat them. This is the perfect game for the extended 2-3 zone (which I despise).

    Coming off of a loss, after 3 emotional wins in a row, this sets up pretty well for us, IF we indeed are a NCAA title contender. IF IF IF.

    You find out what you are made of after a weak, collapsing loss like tonight’s. A win @ OSU, like MI almost got, & we are back in prime position with NEB & purdue coming in.

  47. Do those other players actually brag about wanting to pizz off the other fans like Will does?

    Or prance around like they won the super lotto after hitting a 3?

    I doubt it.

    And the announcer said Will said something to the ref, not the other player.

    Unfair or not, I don’t blame refs for going after someone that has a reputation like Will does. You can’t slobber all over the guy for “having energy” and then whine when the refs want to keep it in check.

    Plus, you have no clue if Will was trash talking before that and the refs heard it. For all we know, Will was talking about the player’s mom before all that happened.

    Will has done FAR moe than “flex at a game a week ago”….and you know it.

    So, you think the refs should do nothing until a fight breaks out like that Cincy/Zavier game?

    Sorry, but you’ve lost all credibility with me when it comes to “bad reffing” because I’ve never seen anyone whine about it more than you.

    Which is surprising.

    Lastly, I PRAY Cody goes pro this year because I’m really sick of him not being the LEADER he NEEDS to be and DEMANDING the ball more.

    And Crean is really making me sick to my stomach with these STUPID collapses.

    Hell, why did we even put any players on the court for that last second if we weren;t going to put ANYONE even CLOSE to the basket?

    That was beyond pathetic.

  48. Let’s face facts. We can wring our hands and lament all night long. Our coach can’t coach. We have now lost three games, to three teams, that we should never have lost to. If the games are close, we lose. We are winning games because we have a physically superior team on the floor. We lose when we play good, but physically less talented, teams with superior coaches. We have the best big man in the country who is only playing 28 mins per game. Other big men are somewhere around 35 mins per game (Plumlee). Cody is good but he is soft. When was the last time you seen him take a foul and make the basket? When he gets fouled, it’s as if he took a bullet to the head. Just not tough enough, but with more minutes,say 35 or so per game, his statistics would be blowing everyone in the country out of the water. But we don’t play him and we don’t get him the ball. We run a weave with 3 of the nations top 3 point shooters on the floor. We run a weave with the deepest bench in the country. We need to run the ball down the defenses throat for forty minutes and let the officials call what they want. No team in the country can run with us, as we are more than ten players deep. Take the ball to the rim, over and over…and then maybe we will get a few open three’s for our 50% shooting guys. RUN the ball. Play everyone and run the ball. Play till your exhausted, raise your hand, and a fresh body takes your place. This year is breaking my heart, because we have a championship within our grasp, and we are letting it run through our fingers.

  49. Laffy….nobody “whined” because Oladipo literally carried the guy hugging him to the bucket. He took two steps to the hole with the guy having him in a bear hug. I think the refs were actually confused on just exactly when that foul started, to be honest. To your point, that was clearly “continuation” but are you counting from the 1st step or the 2nd?

    But let’s be honest here, let a team with an inept big man (Griffey) hit an out of bounds lay up releasing from the 3 pt line with < 1s left, you really deserve the result. & not that it matters, but count 1001, 1002, etc… at the end & notice the the ball leaves at about 1004.9 & the ref. is at 1002.5. Watch it, I'm totally serious.

  50. Not really whining about it tonight. Just pointing it out matter of factly.

    Izzo whines about reffing way more than I do. So does Tsao’s fav Bo Ryan.

    I’m not dismissing our team issues Laffy, you know I don’t mind being critical after we win.

    Btw, the announcers had no clue what they were talking about on that T. You may very well be right that Sheehey was acting like a dink leading up to the dunk… But after slammed it he came down and very clearly went, “Woooooooooo!!!” with a big grin on his face. He couldn’t even finish before the ref had T’d him up. It definitely was not for saying something to the ref, plus he ad no reason to say anything to the ref. Announcers say clueless stuff all the time.

  51. Welcome back to big time basketball!

    Geoff is exactly right about the officiating, particularly horrendous at the end of the game. Groce sensed it and knew it could charge up his offense.

    Paul is the King of Floppers. Don’t move to Hollywood young man.

    I wish the rest of the team would show a little of the brashness Will does.

    My own thoughts about the team looking tired and sluggish so often is have the coaching staff not toned down the practices from the OOC season for the B10 season.

    ESPN’s announcers last night were infantile the whole game.

    I would not want to be the Buckeyes on Sunday.

  52. The worst game finish since the Mike Davis era! CTC is clueless when it comes to coaching in the clutch. He can recruit but when it comes to coaching not so much! Watford had no business being on the floor!DIPO was never in it all night something was totally wrong with him!CODY is the best inside guy on the floor for 8 minutes and as it has been for two years we do not play through him ! It’s the coach that should have a game plan not the players.9 point lead 3 min. to play inexcusable! Illinois is horrible but they wanted it and never quit!Turnovers,unforced in most cases we looked like the team of three years ago many times. CTC had the knock on him coming in about not being able to finish.He is known for winning games not championships. He will have to recruit elite players that are talented coming in that will require little coaching.5 COACHES ON THE BENCH AND A COMPLETE COLLAPSE!You don’twin championships that way!It will take more than having D.WADE on your team a long time ago to win in the real world! Wade would have been good anywhere!This performance just guts our chances of winning the Big Ten with the road schedule we have ahead of us.The season is not over ,but it’s very scary how we can fall apart from game to game .You would think the upper classmen would not let that happen after what they have been through.CTC needs to take a lesson from his brotherinlaws on how to finish.It just makes me sick! OUT!!!

  53. Yeah, I bet OSU is shaking in their boots because we’re soooooooooo tough on the road.


    They’re more afraid of Iowa coming in than us.

  54. OSU? That the same OSU that lost to UI? They should be concerned about this weekends IU game. Imagine CTC & staff will have the guys pumped up and it’s against a meaningfull team as opposed to last nights.

    I can understand TC’s reluctance to call a time out on the last play. UI had no timeouts (if I remember correctly). IU timeout would allow them to set-up a play. Hindsight, allowing them to set-up play would have been a good thing.

    I only see one case of TC taking a player out after hitting a shot. Holloway 30 sec after a three.

    Remy Able should have been in more comment. Within one minute of entering the game he commented a foul and had a turnover and 60 sec later he was pulled.

    Hate the help-defense resulting in open 3’s. The Michigan game too many open 3’s for them. They just were not hitting them.

    Low energy on this game due to Michigan game? #1 ranking?

    Will looked good going to the goal, but after missing 3-4-5 3’s – give it up and try something else. First 2-3 minutes were all Cwat. Game plan? Trying to raise his draft potential? Just happened?

    Pretty sure that what TC may say in public and what he may say to the team behind closed doors is different.

    Looking forward to OS.

  55. Last night’s game wasn’t “meaningful”?


    Man, can’t get this “hard-nosed rational” insight any place else.

    Maybe he needs to call them out more in public because what he’s saying behind closed doors sure ain’t working.

    They’re softer than ice cream on a 120 degree day in Vegas.

    Unless they have our crowd going berserk to “motivate” them, they’re usually pretty worthless.

    And before you whine about my “over the top criticism”, try reading what the national guys say.

    Of course, you’ll just cry they “hate us” just like the refs do.


  56. I think it’s fair to question and criticize Crean for some of the decisions he made in yesterday’s game, but my problem is that some posters on this site never, and I mean never give Crean credit when the team plays well. When the team plays well, it’s the players who get the credit. When the team loses, or wins after blowing a double-digit lead, it’s “Crean is a terrible game coach,” etc. Come on people, he’s fair game and he deserves criticism for last night’s loss, but so do the players. The last five minutes looked like Illinois was playing the keystone cops. Stupid foul (CWat), turn-over (Yogi), missed shots (Sheehey), turn-over and stupid foul (Yogi), missed layup (Zeller), missed free throw (Sheehey), turnover (VO), and then finally, mass confusion for an inbounds pass (Zeller, et al). The bottom line is that the players failed to execute. And I think they choked. If just one of those stupid mistakes does not happen during the last five minutes, IU escapes with a win. The players must be held accountable for their sloppy mistake-prone play. Yes, Crean made mistakes, but his players lost the game!

  57. Oh…..and why does Crean get a free pass for keeping Watford on the floor when he was a turn-over machine and had his head up his butt instead of having Holloway out there?

    Why does Crean get zero blame for the “mass confusion” at then end?

    Did he take a time-out to make sure we had our defense right?

    And, I gave Crean credit for the Michigan win: He was jumping around waving his arms more than the cheerleaders to fire up the crowd……which is the only time the players are motivated.

  58. Ahead eight with three minutes to go,you put the ball in the deep freeze and not take wild three point shots. Crean has no strategy for the end of a game.

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