1. I have a strange feeling that the Minnesota guards/wings are going to find their stroke tonight after a long dry spell. Don’t know if that equals a win for the Gophers, but I’m expecting this to be a real struggle.

  2. Zeller is NOWHERE ready for NBA…MBakwe pushing him around like he was a yogi farrell weight…then gives way to bench player

  3. this was a 5 on4 basketball game with Zeller completely taken out of the game early on ….somone needs to check what he was drinking before the game because he acts/acted like he was lost ALL game

  4. Minnesota is better tonight because they want it more. They have hit IU in the mouth and though the Hoosiers responded a few times, Minnesota has not let up. The rebounding differential tells the whole story. They’re going to run into teams ‘on fire’ in the NCAA Tournament and they’ll need a better 40 minute response (like they had at MSU which eans they have it in them). None of this is on Crean. This all has to do with the guys on the floor. They can win the National Championship or play like they have tonight. I truly don’t have any ides which team will show up on any night. I write this with 47.3 seconds to go but even if they win (because that other team all of a sudden shows up), my thoughts will remain the same.

  5. Zeller is NOT an NBA starting center he’s TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO timid. ANY PF in the NBA will push himout of the gym and into the streets. Someone forgot totell Zeller to grow a backbone while he was growing UP

  6. This team just didn’t have the heart to win tonight. Except for Jordan Hulls, no one was playing with passion. Minnesota just walked all over us. It’s going to be a tough road to the NCAA tournament if they continue to play like they did tonight.

  7. Well said IUBob. Watford had one of his Houdini acts tonight, once again, because MN was not on the radar. Z was just terrible. And I’m not talking about his lack of scoring. He was outplayed by their starter, his backup, and the 3 min that his backup’s backup was in the game. Once again, the secret is to push him around and outphysical him. He disappears in these kinds of games. Yogi was also a mess tonight.

    The 1 week layoff really hurt us & it was not unexpected. MN played with their hair on fire and they just dominated us on the boards. Literally dominated the glass on both ends. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where a team has fumbled the ball out of bounds more than tonight. There had to be 6 RBs fumbled on their end.

    Pathetic….and the miracle is we only lost by 4 pts.

  8. TJ… It’s pretty clear that Zeller needs another year at least before he’s ready to contribute much at the next level. Doesn’t mean he won’t go or doesn’t get drafted high on skill and potential. Hope r stays though.

    The last couple games have really highlighted the soft touch around the basket lost by Yogi from putting on all that muscle in the summer. Next year he will be nicely adapted.

    Will played well again, and Elston is starting to get comfortable.

  9. Note to IU Athletics: Do not release a cheesy video proclaiming Hoosiers a blessed return and “rising” on the eve of the most important final stretch of games. Do not release any such videos before a single NCAA tournament game has been played. Do not release such video when no Hoosier has played in a Final Four for over 10 years. Here’s an idea…Try having some class. This is Indiana.

    Told you it was bad karma. Why on earth do you effing play with success? Are you trying to take the chip off our shoulder?

    Best way to screw up a season is to lose your edge by way of self-anointment your own perceived glorious existence. All in the name of cheap profits some fly-by-night media company with close friends in IU Athletics.

    I will repeat..HT and Scoop should be ashamed in allowing their paper to provide a free advertising outlet for such cheesy purposes.

  10. TJ – as a side note, I don’t think Cody will ever play center at the next level. His NBA position is at the 4.

  11. Completely agree TJ. And, it’s not new, it’s happened before but not to the extent he hurt his team tonight. He didn’t score, did not rebound, did not hold onto the ball, when it fell in his hands, refused to go to the basket, made no effort to get a face-up shot, allowed himself to be pushed around and then he looks to the ref for help. What bothers me the most is that, without the ball, on offense, he simply stands in one spot and doesn’t even bother moving to create a driving lane or move his man around a bit.

    Tonight, I would have rather play with Elston who will at least give you heart. What a bad taste he left in the mouth. And, appearing passive and unmotivated is not new. It’s happened before but not noticed because of flurries at the end of a romp.

    Yogi makes very poor decisions at key moments sometimes. just disappeared as if he missed the team Yogi’s decision making was very poor. Many of the same comments aimed at Watford earlier in the year need to be said about Zeller.

    Sad and embarrassing, the Hoosiers did not need to make this kind of a statement just when the entire world stood and applauded towards Bloomington. This has to be a call to attention, we have the capacity to play so poorly we make the other team think they are better than they are. Watch the rest of the B1C make a run at us now, beginning with OSU. How do you think they’ll play Cody and how do you think he’ll react? Brave Heart or Empty Heart?

    Jordan…that’s heart! Wish he ‘dared’ a bit more.

  12. Did Glass not learn anything from “Win Today?”

    So his answer with the good luck charm video was to proclaim IU Basketball as “Won Today?”

    Hell, why even play anymore games this season…? Anything we do in the tournament is rather inconsequential..Just throw another 10 million at our coach and satisfy ourselves to a Keith Smart baseline jumper for another quarter century. Sweet 16, baby..We’re back to stay. Get out of our Hoosier way.

  13. 23 offensive RB allowed. The difference in the game was the 15 additional possessions by MN and they took 11 more shots. Every other stat was virtually equal, other than we hit more 3s to keep it close.

    Uncle Mo changed when we were up 44-36 with the ball, took a bad shot, gave up 2 in the paint on the change of possession with 14 min to go.

  14. […] the seventh time the top-ranked team in The Associated Press’ poll has lost a game this season.

    Well if that’s anywhere near a record please keep in mind that it was a Tom Crean “coached” team that lost three (42%) of those seven games. I mean, talk about a handicap…

  15. Disgusting! Zeller and Watford barely showed up tonight. Do Zeller and Watford think they are ready for the NBA?? No way. Mbakwe is, however! Even my Junior High coach taught me the basics of “positioning” for rebounds, after both offensive and defense shots.
    Zeller and Watford were out of position so many times tonight (and most of the season). Did Crean ever coach Junior High?? Poor Hulls did the best he could, trying to defend 2 or 2-on-ones on fast breaks… again, because they were out of position. Disgusting… and depressing!

  16. Cody simply misunderstood…He thought POY was an acronym for ‘Pansy of the Year.’

    We should have all listened to Laffy..He tried to tell us how soft Cody was. So soft that Crean has even taught him how to take a fake whack to the stones.

    And Sheehey should also be ashamed for his completely bogus attempt to sell the receiving a flagrant elbow that
    was simply not there. I thought we were classier than these types of antics.

  17. Well said all of you, especially TsaoTsuG and AWinAZ. One more comment… who told Zeller to be out out on the perimeter playing like a Guard??

  18. AWinAZ…great stat in #17, sums it up completely! 23 ORB’s!!!!!

    Geoff, just like you expected… Minnesota’s guards and wings???? Do not disagree with you that ‘muscling up’ has bulked the PG out of Yogi. He needs to spend the summer stretching, doing ballet and watching film. Someone on that staff- I really don’t know who, but one of them is a very, very good teacher of individuals, (that I am sure of)- and Yogi needs to live with him.

    As for ‘the next level’, I could care less but Cody needs mom a bit longer.

  19. I’m embarrassed. Our X Factor Watford disappears. That just pisses me off so much.

    Zeller looks confused, and totally lost. I agree with the above statements. He isn’t NBA ready. Needs to play with attitude.

    I had to admit it, but I thought of Laffy. Zeller was playing soft! Mbakwe swallowed him up! Such is life in the Big 10..

  20. No one on here should be surprised. If you follow basketball you know that if you play bad you lose. IU can beat anyone. They can also lose to anyone. IU played bad tonight and deserved to lose. Butler beat them fair and square. IU gave away the Illini game. But against Wisc and Minny, IU simply wasn’t the better team, didn’t even look good in either game. Zeller is who he is, always will be. I agree that he isn’t as ‘strong’ as he could be. I don’t want to call him soft but he does play softer than he needs to. I despise that he, as the biggest/most athletic guy on the floor does his audible moan/groan even before the contact arrives to try to bait officials into giving him the call. He spends too much time trying to draw a foul instead of making the shot. That’s why he’s so surprised he doesn’t get calls, he’s looking for calls. Not the right way to play in a tough game. You make shots not foul hunt. Zeller is a great kid so everyone gives him a pass. The truth is he’s had it easy most of his life, great family, great genes, being 7ft and athletic will give you a certain amount of easy success, especially in HS bball. He won’t realize his potential until he finds an inner anger and fuels it. My guess is whichever veteran NBA team and coach he goes to won’t be as forgiving/warm towards some of his bad habits. Yogi for the first time all season appeared to ‘big time’ the opponent. I haven’t seen him look so bad all year. Oladipo had an Oladipo 2012 showing, he can’t be top-5-pick good every night. Watford is who he is, we all know this, nothing new there, he was due for a no show. When 3 of your starters play poorly you are going to struggle to win. Zeller/Yogi/Watf=losing effort tonight.

  21. BigHoosier/Ben (BHB?), yeah, I thought he (Watford) returned to poetry until the end; but EmptyHeart really mocked his fans who have ‘looked away’ and have been generally reluctant to say he has to play with more ‘cojones’. He wasn’t confused, he was scared and intimidated. He should have asked Mbakwe(a Man) to exchange shirts with him like they do in soccer after the game.

  22. We’ll never move up from fifth place based on tonight’s game. The Big Ten is just too loaded. If we can’t beat Minnesota we’ll never beat the contenders. We’re done now.

    Wait…what’s that? We’re not? We’ve done what? To whom? What place? The sky’s what?

    Never mind.

    Carry on.

  23. Let’s face facts, guys. Who on this team really has a tough edge? If you recruit only choir boys, they all will be rather subservient to the preacher. You must balance a team with young men with more street savvy. There is a trade off…The choir boys may not skip class and experiment with the dreaded weed on the weekends, but Holeman, Ellis, and Keeling never needed a lesson in having a spine on the basketball court.

    Knight found a balance. He knew you had to mix a bit of ‘street’ into the prim, proper, and neat.

  24. It’s just frustrating. March Madness isn’t going to be a blindfolded dart contest. Elston p,sued hard. It’s funny how we thought our bench would be all that, when in fact, it may be the one thing holding us back, except Will. Maybe losing Austin was a big deal.

    Tubby is a great coach. I love watching him coach. Smart man. So I guess a Big 10 banner is on hold for now….

  25. Bombay Sapphire, exactly!! Great post, all of it!

    Very insightful and honest. I have a feeling that there’s been quite a few of us thinking something similar this year but it is hard to voice it here because worshiping has been a way of life.

    (Watch out now. Everyone gets to see this tape).

  26. Do we really think playing 3-A ball in Washington, Indiana gives ‘rise’ to a kid that eats nails for breakfast?

    Park Tudor? Does that sound like the streets Elgin Baylor had to fight his way out of?

    Bloomington South? Is that even considered the rough and tumble side of Bloomington?

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Don’t cruise ships depart from their port?

    Jay Cutler…? People wonder why he’s such a whiny brat…Santa Claus, Indiana?

    Brandon Dawson out of Gary Wallace…He’ll give you some shoulder.

  27. Elston? His narrow escape from the ‘Gangs of Tipton’ chronicled upon his painted body. I actually heard he was living out of the backseat a BMW for four hours one Saturday night at the Wendy’s Hamburgers parking lot.

    How do you make a roster any ‘softer’ than the what has been built by the ‘Gentle General?’ Even journalism grads from Penn State look edgier at their Bar Mitzvah.

  28. BigBen/BHB,Bombay Sapphire,AZ,TJ, …got it. You are right. The biggest problem is not the loss, but the fact that how we lost says so much about and is so revealing of our lack of character.

    It also forces us to look at our losses all over again. Butler, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. The defining loss was/is the Butler game…have we changed one millimeter from what Butler taught us about ourselves when you dig into our veins?

    BTW, I agree about Tubby…just have to respect the man. We (as fans) are better for having ‘competed’ against him. Hope Minny is aware of the treasure they have in him. (Wisky as well).

  29. I wish some of you were as half as embarrassed as I am reading your comments so you would self censor yourselves or post less. The comments are turning this place into a cesspool. It might be time for the team to turn off the commenting function on these posts. I keep making the mistake of thinking I’ll find something intelligent posted but it’s the usual internet troll nonsense.

  30. Austin Etherington…? Who names their kid Austin and expects ‘edgy?’

    Yogi? We’ve all seen the cartoon.

    Jordy? We ruined him with the ‘y.’ Did you ever hear anyone refer to MJ as Michael Jordy?

    Christian Watford…Does the tall guy in your theology class look like he could beat the crap out of you?

    Yup, real geniuses on here. Big, big surprise. Suddenly discovering our team is a bit from the prissy side of the tracks.

  31. Chesterton breeds tough kids..Mitch..Tough name. Mitch McGary…Tough kid.

    Matt? Don’t they wrestle on mats? Matt Nover..Tough kid.

    Luke…Luke Harangody. Tough kid.

    Dan…Dan Dakich. Tough kid.

    Robbie…Robbie Hummel. Tough kid..I know. It’s not a tough name. Still one hell of a tough kid with a steamroller mentality.

    Recognizing a pattern here? Recognizing a geographical common thread?

  32. Harvard,

    Which is one more reason why we need Dustin Dopirak to walk on. Gives us that edge we need.

    After Dustin graduates, I will write him in as President of the United States at the polls. To be a creditable president, got to play with toughness. Tom Crean will teach that I to Dustin Dopirak.

  33. Harvard even though I don’t agree hardly at all with the point you are trying to make I am busting up at the posts, legitimate humor there, good stuff! Especially the Michael Jordy one, like it

  34. It’s a rumor around the Scoop world that Dustin, Jeremy, Andy, Hugh, and Justin from ITH plated Hulls, Zeller, Oladipo, Yogi, and Watford in a secret game before the season. Rumor has it Watford disappeared all might, and Dustin whooped all over him. Later, Coach Crean approached Dustin to walk on, but Dustin declined saying, “HT would fall apart without me”. My sources could be wrong……

  35. Dustin’s first executive order as President of the United States would be to demolish the current High School championship formula, and change it back to how it was back in the day.

  36. Tsao,

    LOL. You realize Tubby has done absolutely nothing at Minnesota, right? 99% of Gopher fans want him fired, seeing as he is won 0 tournament games there, and has maintained status quo from Monson’s years. Please, do some research before making such outlandish comments.

    Indiana plays well against good teams, and plays poorly against perceived “lesser” teams such as Butler, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. IF they make it to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8, I think Indiana will win it all.

  37. It’s very telling that this place has 10x more posts after a loss than a win. Some of you “IU fans” should be ashamed of yourselves. I never see 75% of you posting on here after huge wins at Ohio State or Michigan State (where they hadn’t won since 1991!)What the hell is with that? Show some actual fandom, rather than criticizing them every step of the way. Drives me nuts. Thank God Chet actually has his head on his shoulders.

  38. Two comments Psych, first I’ve been following Tubby’s career for about 15-20 years. He was a favorite of Bob Knight’s for a sundry of reasons and his comments seemed to point to one good human being with lots of integrity…so I became interested. Only time I slowed and watched Kentucky with anything other than disdain and they sure took care of that. Actually, it was a relief since I could follow his career while continuing my belief that the Reign of Evil was still around. Am actually glad they renewed his contract and hope they do so until he decided to retire on his terms…I enjoy good human beings which probably underlies the reason it now appears I’ll stop enjoying you.

    Your last paragraph gives it away. You don’t get it. Three of those teams m-a-d-e us play badly. One (Illinois) allowed us to get bored into a loss. But Butler, Wisconsin and Minnesota were no accident from ‘lesser’ teams. They were tougher, more focused, played harder and made us the ‘lesser’ opponent on-the-floor.

    Just to point out your confusion, part of the reason I come on this blog is to enjoy exchanging comments with individuals who seem to apply some thought before they spew bubbles and spit. Win or lose, I enjoy exchanging opinions, ideas, humor, sarcasms, fandom without fanaticism. Which brings me to you and what seems your 13-year-old crisis because we lose a game and your absolutely infantile befuddlement because we come here when we lose and discuss why we were so thoroughly outplayed when the game reached its center of gravity. But, since I know it takes a certain amount of manhood to confront shortcomings and failure, I suppose I now know why it so completely confuses and frustrates you.

    Try sucking your thumb.

  39. A very poor performance against a well coached Tubby Smith team will cost you 99 out of a 100 games. Like every one else, I don’t understand what IU was doing out there tonight. If the plan was to play Zeller more on the wings to pull Minn big men out, then it didn’t work.
    Unlike most of the post, I’m not ready to give up on them, because I still think they are the best team in the nation, even though they sure didn’t look like it tonight. I think they will REBOUND against OSU.
    I think IU needs a little support, and a little less coaching from us. GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Cody…Jordy…Jeremy…Yogi(sounds like a ‘y’..might as well be a ‘y’)…Remy…Jonny…Danny(how can we forget Danny?)…

    And do these names sound like bar bouncers? Don’t put the burden of “softness” on your boy’s name with the curse of the stolen ‘y’….Leave it where it should be..With the chromosomes!

  41. Tsao,

    I do find it charming that you are probably the biggest name-caller on this board, and yet pretend to hide behind some higher standard that you supposedly want everyone else to live by. There is a difference between discussing a loss, and the pitchfork crowd that shows up here after every loss (they have 4 losses vs. 24 wins, by the way). Indiana players have a “lack of character” because they lost last night? Shame on you. How does losing a basketball game to a good team on their home court reveal a lack of character? Indiana had not won at Michigan State since 1991, and when they punched Michigan State in the mouth at the end of that game, hell, even slapped them in the nuts, where were you praising them for their character? Their heart?

    This team has shown it can win it all; they’ve shown they can lose in the 2nd or 3rd round. Frustrating, annoying, mind-boggling at times. But they are not losing because they have a “lack of character”, whatever the hell that even means when it comes to basketball. Since they are still 24-4, lead the Big Ten, and are likely still a #1 seed, I am inclined to think this team is closer to winning a national championship rather than bowing out early. If you, Tsao, and the rest of you who only post on here after an IU loss want to think otherwise, fine. But don’t make ridiculous, outlandish comments about “lack of character” as if they’re fact, and the reason for Indiana losing a road game in the Big Ten.

  42. This team has shown it can win it all; they’ve shown they can lose in the 2nd or 3rd round. Frustrating, annoying, mind-boggling at times. But they are not losing because they have a “lack of character”,

    I remember that EXACT affront to the team assembled by Kelvin Sampson that lost an opening round game in the NCAA tournament to a very athletic and hungry Arkansas team; , an affront to the ENTIRE character of ALL because of a few that did not appreciate the honor to wear the candy stripes …an affront to Eric Gordon after a stupendous season of bringing us great memories a superb athlete displaying his heart and determination on the court on his way to Freshman of the Year honors.

    Affronts to ALL because a small number of players abused the rare chance a college scholarship affords and got caught up in the temptations of a shielded world they had never known..Within that bubble of fame and protection grew perceptions built by universal diet that winning in sports in a hierarchical system would provide the same services of floors and doors built to buffer and shield the many power players of the business and political arenas. Surely as the investment firm and an executive that deceives himself/herself in the delusions that power affords the ‘untouchable’ in a business world that puts the winning points in the balance sheets(no matter the hidden deceptions of greed, corruption, lack of ethics, lying, and cheating), power infects the mind unchecked and unregulated. Should the fraud that occurred in investment and mortgage firms that brought this country to its financial knees be a character indictment to all of Wall Street and the all the ‘elite’ power players in the financial world?

    Is it such a leap to believe an 18 year old kid that has known nothing other than streets filled with savagery and crime may somehow fall into a trap of deception in believing a place like Bloomington, a town and university that has made basketball such a vital and seemingly untouchable hierarchy of prosperity and protection within would suddenly believe the “elite” recruits of the mean streets were just unanimously voted into the “board” by way of being the power players in the Offices of McCracken…How foolish they were to believe the systems and hierarchy built to protect the white world of privilege in the business and sporting world could somehow serve them as equal because they were given the keys to winning and losing. And when the cheating and lack of morality is unveiled within the infallible mirage an Indiana with infallible history, would a fan base be equally as just in their judgments as a public that can discern and pluck only the “bad guys” from Merill Lycnh and the rest of the elitists in the corporate world when corruption is uncovered? Or, would all Sampson’s “thugs” and their star CEO on the hardwood, Eric Gordon, ALL be condemned as unfit and incapable of an ounce of character granted to any?

    Wake up call to those prima donnas heading for Calipari’s NBA farm. If you think you have true “power” and all the protection that it affords in the elite world of a white man’s boardroom just because you can dominate the competition on a basketball court, you might want to take a hard look at the Connecticut mansion Jamarcus Ellis returned to. Lose an opening round game…Attend a university that is teetering on its lost “elite” image and already in meltdown mode because of the inner turmoil the ousting of what was thought to be an untouchable ‘god’ of the game still lingering in the memories of those that painted Indiana as pristine white and holier than heaven’s cloud. Do you actually think you’re powerful enough to cheat here? Think you’re powerful enough to screw Hoosiers out of banners with the same greed a Bear Stearns exec can screw an elderly couple out of their lifetime savings and retirement investments? You really think you’re that powerful because you can put a ball in a basket in our boardrooms? It’s not your boardroom. When you cheat, there’s a different justice.

  43. In honor of all those condemned to ‘soft’ names and ‘soft’ over-recruiting by a ‘soft’ coach for a ‘soft’ team that has weird fetish for any name ending with the ‘y’ …or the ‘soft’ sound of a mommy describing to her toddler its time for Lil’ Cody take off the training pants, learn some more ‘soft’ words that end with a ‘soft’ and cuddly sound of the long ‘e’ and go pee-pee in the potty.

    “Boy” ends in ‘y’ ….It’s only safe to use an ending ‘y’ in a proper name someone not of ‘soft’ character if you can find a way to insert some “man” into the bravado a last name…Take Barry Manilow for instance….He can sing about Mandy because he has something “low” in his “man.”

    Yogi…Cody…Jordy…Jonny…Remy…Jeremy….Danny MORE! MORE! MORE! Moore ‘y’!!….We love the ‘Y’!! Death came to our decimated stones when Jamarcus we had to CRUCIFY!!

    We actually can keep a straight face when it’s all about hard and as edgy as “Tijan Forever” off the lips of Tommy “The Tweety Bird” Crean? Man up you bunch of Barry Manilow candy pants, crybaby, so-called tough fans that get your candy-filled diapees all in a fuss over one loss. Go put on some Mandy, cry your eyes out over Minny, and give Cody and his sissy coach an effing break!

  44. Psych- At the end of this note I have a comment I hope you’ll read. In direct answer to your observation, first review the blog. Rarely do I post following a loss. Truthfully, I believe losing is something that happens at the level we play. We could lose some because we lose them, and we could lose some because the other team is simply better. We can also lose them for a combination of the two (as last night) and, on the rare occasion because a luck factor did not bounce our way.

    I normally do not focus on the loss. It’s one of the reasons the games are played and people buy tickets. Having said that and hopefully made it clear (I do invite you to read my previous posts; after more than 60 years of seriously following sports I consider winning and losing a natural bi-product of competing. I really do focus on how a team develops (wins and losses), their play evolves and how it competes with itself and its own limits and challenges.

    What bothered me so last night sums up some thoughts that for various reasons I’ve kept pent up over this season. Minnesota made it very clear they were (as I used the term that this morning still seemed appropriate) ‘b. slapping’ us last night and not only did we not respond, we cowered off into a corner and just waited for the bus to take the team to the airport. If there was anything lovable about the Hoosier team during many moments in the last two years it was the impressive will of performance, their discipline of effort and a ‘team’ commitment to not be outplayed. Not very lovable last night.

    None of that showed up last night. We have all feasted in the talent that is Cody Zeller. But, at times when CZ has been challenged he has shown a streak that leads him to waving his hand and… ‘No Mas’. Last night, however, revealed that the bottom of that streak can go quite deep and, despite what has been a great two year performance, he can also leave a very bad taste in the mouth of Hoosier fans (at least this one). He played meekly, looked scared, became distant and with enough frequency to cause concern, passive and simply waved his hand in a clear ‘I don’t want any of it’. There have been other games where it has momentarily flashed, none that lasted the entire game. This is my observation and true feeling. It’s also upsetting that an ‘attitude’ of ‘he can do no wrong’ has attached to him (that is not his fault, it is ours) while, at the same time, fans have been carnivorous about pointing out the same valleys for Christian Watford (if Watford deserves that kind of laser beam focus, so does Cody), Hulls’ defensive limitations, Sheehey’s exuberance, etc.

    Twenty-two Minnesota offensive rebounds are a comment. How many balls, in the last 3-4 games have come out of CZ’s hands after he’s initially grabbed the rebound? How many have been allowed to trickle out-of-bounds? Turning the ball over to the opposing team’s to continue their offensive possession? There is a mathematical value for each possession and one could work out a formula to show how dependent the game is on this very factor. Basketball is not a game of two points per; it is a gqame of four points per…the two you get and the two I get if I can keep you from getting yours- a game of 4 point sets. (DD actually figured out that Minnesota’s 22 offensive rebounds produced another 24+ points or 53% for each additional possession they got. That was a great comment by DD and explained exactly why we lost and where we collapsed.

    On another factor compounding last night’s performance. For some half a dozen games I’ve noticed how sloppy our point guard play can be (at the same time, in those same games it sometimes showed moment when it can be inspired). But, last night it became a downpour of bad decisions, mishandled balls, lack of direction (leadership) mostly in the part of Yogi Ferrel. It is evident even in how he dribbles the ball; he doesn’t protect it, waits for the dribble to reach above his belly button and has developed a very bad habit of picking up the dribble and then looking for the movement on the floor- of course, leaving himself withou recourse of option since he has used up his dribble and can not change passing angles. This is forcing players who are moving to probe the defense to have to rotate back to offer themselves to safeguard the possession. This was particularly hurtful last night since that would bring defenders with them during the second half and crowd the perimeter which we attempt to open for our three point shooters.

    Yogi drives well but he has been doing a poor, poor job of finishing. When he does penetrate he basically throwing the ball up at the basket, not laying it up or shooting it- there is a difference. So, how many Minnesota points were produced by Yogi’s thrown up balls and lay-up misses and how many Minnesota points did they produce? What was the differential?

    No complaints about Hulls. Hulls, who plays within the limits of his athleticism, has become the one player that I silently ask be given the ball (because generally, he will not lose us points) in those moments when we seem to have no idea. Sheehey is an attractive player who could resolve the problem but it often depends on whether he is playing for Indiana U. of for the State University of Sheehey on any particular night. He wasn’t bad last night. But, he didn’t make up for the negatives from Zeller, Ferrel and (at various times) Watford were so deep that Sheehey’s contribution was flushed out.

    Victor Oladipo…who can do anything but bow not just for the incredible ball player he has forced himself to be, but because I do not remember a single ball player I’ve ever watched who has covered more ground from a ‘fast leaper’ to a being so representative of the best playing of the game of basketball. Last night he was good…not very good, not great …he was Dipo. The others; Hollowell, he’s definitely the future if he understands what is happening, good and bad, to this team and sees his role in making it mostly good. I do not understand the absence of Remy or experimenting more in bad moments with Maurice Cheek and allowing him time to settle into a game at his best ‘now’ pace.

    And, last night I felt that if Cody was going ‘No Mas’ on us we (and Cody) would have been well served to say Mr. Elston, ‘show why you are a Hoosier, here’s your chance to be the player we’ve waited for’; or, if physically controlling ‘down under’ play was an issue, while I am convinced Hanner Mosquera-Perea needs a lot more ‘touch’ and ‘advanced’ skill development, he may have been a strong counter if sent in and told ‘don’t play, just destroy; and get us the ball’.

    Psych, do read a follow up post I’ll be writing on my ‘roid rage’ and my comments as a sincere statement of apology for having gone over the top over the last two-three days. Not sure I agree with your initial complaint about Hoosier fans, but you still did not deserve my classless response. Hope you can figure out a way to continue what, at times, have been interesting exchanges of commentary. If not, keep posting anyway, they’re good.

  45. Wow, and some of the people posting comments on this string describe themselves as IU basketball fans. For a minute there, I thought I’d logged on to some ‘I hate IU basketball” blog.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I was very disappointed by last night’s result. But not disappointed enough to start trashing our players. Some of the comments above are really low blows. And some of the people making them now appear to be band-wagon fans. Some of the comments about Zeller are way over the line. For example, “Cody simply misunderstood…He thought POY was an acronym for ‘Pansy of the Year.’” “Pansy?” Or how bout this one, “Someone forgot to tell Zeller to grow a backbone while he was growing UP.” WOW!

    Given the disdain contained in those comments, it’s pretty obvious that a few folks have long since lost their perspective.

  46. Podunker, Psych, Chet, Geoff, Harvard and DD… For three weeks, more or less, I have had a condition that has gradually severely weakened my arms and legs, caused tingling and some pain up and down my neck, spine and extremities. I was diagnosed 10 days ago as having a good case of Peripheral Nerve Center Neuropathy (Spongysomethingorother) as the cause. To deal with it, a week or so ago the neurologist started a treatment based on steroid injections and oral shots that is about as much fun as watching Nkwabe last night.

    A side effect of the steroids, I was informed, is a very high; a ‘near rage’ that maximizes everything (Cody included, I assume). Last night- after the game- I found myself yelling at the TV over an episode of ‘Southland’ (yes, I thought of you Podunker). Later, I decided to read the pharmaceutical description on the prescribed steroids again and found, clearly described, the probability and warning of ‘increased rage/nervousness etc.).

    I’m divorced so at least I am spared that (though if you need it and ask I’ll yell at your wife). (And I don’t have to deal with Laffy anymore).

    I thought about that this morning,(before beginning the day’s dosage) and though reluctant to be public with it, I also realized that some of my comments (Podunker, DD (privately), Chet-(though I think in that one I may have somewhat pulled back in time); and, certainly the tone with Psych was over-the-top, exaggerated and undeserved. Even if we disagree, tone and content did not reflect the respect you all deserve and I hold. I sincerely apologize for that. (Clarification- My case of ‘roid rage’,however, does not influence the fact that I thought we (IU) really sucked last night.

    In all cases I consider you gentlemen good friends, great co-bloggers through an important mutual connection, the Hoosiers and participation in our version of A Night at Nick’s. Sincere thanks for your consideration. Tsao

  47. Earth-stopping news!!!

    Podunker informs the bloggers of Scoop that the lights will never come on when the play is a satire and the characters, dialogue, scenes, and exaggerations within the lampoonery are merely a deeper look in the mirror.

    Carry on…(in the dimly lit righteousness your limited understanding)

  48. Tsao-

    Good time to take yourself for a walk along the Lake Michigan shores…..Feel your rage met by the rage a harsh winter wind chilling your bones to the core. Tame the beast with the beautiful skyline and the fortunes your good life have earned such a glorious city to reside and take in from your Lake Shore Drive window.

    I hope you feel better. Try not to eat those fish plotting against you in your aquarium.

  49. Tsao, I am sorry to hear of your medical condition and will pray that you will soon return to good health. In spite of the side affects of the prescribed meds, please comply with the doctor’s orders as precisely as possible. Patient compliance makes a huge difference in medical outcomes.

    Don’t feel bad, I scream at the TV every night and am not taking any meds. I look forward to many more years of debates and celebrations of IU victories with you on The Hoosier Scoop.

    Go Hoosiers!

  50. So you were being satirical when you called Zeller a pansy? Really? In that case, HforH, please try to remember that most of us subscribing to The Hoosier Scoop are of lower intelligence and are easily confused by your sophisticated wit and superior intelligence. And therefore, remember that you have a responsibility to write comments that are not so far over our empty little heads and that may confuse us as to your intent.

  51. Tsao,

    I am very sorry to hear that. I hope the medication helps you through that debilitating neuropathy, and I will keep in mind that you are doing your best to push through the side effects that you have no control over when you post on here. It’s the least I can do. And let’s hope OUR Hoosiers give you very few reasons to get upset the rest of the year.

  52. I would dare to presume it’s over the head of someone with so much delusions of grandeur and volumes of arrogance that they believe they speak and understand for all.

    Wow..Thanks for another newsflash.

  53. And the daily winner of

    Volume In Great Amounts Overcome Lack of Content

    is: _______ ___ ___________ !

    Important Note – Repeat Winner – Day after Day after Day

  54. Harvard, get ready for this year’s Dwyane Wade Fantasy Camp–have you seen the poster selected by Dwyane for 2013?

  55. Washington Huskies never had a Yesterday.

    And we all now what is “Gone” when it comes to your hiding behind all your jealousy and envy.

    Quit being such a coward hiding behind “volumes” of blogging names defining the trifle means of your sorry existence.

  56. And the daily winner of

    Volume In Blogging Names Overcome Lack of Spine

    is: H_______ T____!

    Important Note – Repeat Winner – Day after Day after Day

  57. As I have stated many times I am not a Crean fan we spend far too much time dribbling around you can pass it a lot faster than you can drible it. Yogi has some talent but wastes it dribbling way too much I challenge any of you to describe Crean,s offense, it reminds me of the way we used to play on the playground. I have been an I.U. fan longer than any of you on this blog and if I don,t care for his coaching methods, its a free world.

  58. Gotta love it..

    Meatchicken(courtesy: Hoosier Clarion) loses to Penn State. #4 in the nation losing to a team that was 0-14.

    Yup..Too many teams paying too close attention to polls and Bracketology. Michigan Rising.

  59. Michigan losing at Penn State…IU losing at Minny. Does this confirm that the Big 10 is still the most powerful basketball conference in the nation…or the most unpredictable?

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