1. O.K., but can they sustain that through the second half?

    Some really bad calls, going both ways, by the refs in this game.

    Does Cody Zeller ever get to take a shot without being hacked, pushed, or body checked? OSU’s big men should all be just about fouled out of this game by now. When the young man takes a shot, almost suffers whiplash and ends up face down on the floor, that’s a pretty good indication he was fouled from behind, yet there was not whistle.

    Two of VO’s first half plays will end up in his career highlight tape. Wow!

  2. They’re playing well but they’ve got to do so for 40 minutes this time. Let’s hope so because this would be a ‘big’ win. The refs are fine and OSU has just as much to complain about (or not) as IU has.

  3. …and it’s ‘shocking’ as to how much better they play when the coaches, players, and Zeller himself remember that Cody Zeller is on the floor and needs to touch the ball.

  4. Disciplined+Smartly Focused+Inside Game+Mentally and Physically Tough Both, Offensive and Defensive+On The Road Against Tough Team+Well Coached and Game Plan+Stayed on Task = Best Game of Year Thus Far.

  5. I know you’re going to cry about me “being arrogant”, but once again, I was proven right:

    Even when we win, IU fans do NOTHING but WHINE about the refs.

    I mentioned before the crack against Kaintuck fans.

    Well, one “smart IU fan” just said, “I can’t wait to read the OSU boards and see them whine about the refs.”


    This is after 75% of the posts on the chat are CRYING ABOUT THE REFS.

    Jesus, talk about projection.

    They were even crying about “Craft never called for fouls” even though he fouled out.


    And Dustin, you’re a joke for banning me from the chat. All I did was make fun of the crybabies complaining about the refs NON-STOP.

    You ban me again from here and I told you want I’d do (plus, I’ll just keep coming back anyway).

  6. THIS is a big win, and as I predicted, we can beat OSU because we have better guards. What a huge turnaround contest and you can tell a lesson learned from Thr. night. Took much better care of the ball & went to Z when needed and wanted.

    Yogi was so-so but still played a nice defensive game. The 2 called fouls on him in the 1H were just comical. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 2 poorer calls on a guy in 1 half.

  7. Before the “smart fans” cry I don’t give the team props, let me say it before this place is flooded by the crybabies:


    And, we would have won by 30 if the “refs didn’t screw us so much.”

  8. tjauburn, iulongago, and some of you other trolls: I would like to see you comment today. Thank you. That is all.


    Solid IU win. Yes?

  9. Correction: iulongago, I see you have already posted. My apologies.

    I am hoping to see tjauburn though. He’s one of my favorites.

  10. Big win, but these guys are still sketchy trying to close out a game. Missed FTs, shot clock violations, turnovers, missed rebounds, it got a little too familiar there for a couple of minutes toward the end.

    I thought CWat played very well and was clutch in the second half. So for all you doubters (like Debbie the troll) you’re now seeing the value of CWat. His size, FT shooting, rebounding and experience are huge to this team.

  11. We showed why we are the #1 team in the land…great 40 minute effert…good game plan…and we showed we can play a half court game!
    CZ played like an all American…allthe girls out there should be proud to be associated with him.

  12. How big were our big three today? Watford, Zeller, and Oladipo. Incredible game. I kept waiting for OSU to cut into the lead…and it never happened. IU kept extending it.

    Hoosiers should be tied for 1st when they head to East Lansing in a week and a half.

  13. Yes, psych, I already gave them props.

    Excellent win…. especially since the zebras “screwed us the entire game.”

    As most people probably know, anyone can put a petition on the White House website and if it gets 25,000 signatures, the White House has to give an official response.

    I think I’m going to put one up that says,

    “Dear President Obama, will you please launch an investigation as to why every ref in college basketball hates us and screws us every game?

    We clearly should have beaten OSU by 30 points if the refs hadn’t been so biased against us.

    And as part of that investigation, will you also interrogate your liberal media buddies because they also clearly hate us?

    Their bias against us is disgusting.

    We are tired of being victims with everyone against us and we want it to stop.

    Thank you.”

    Will you all sign it if I put it up?

  14. CWat, once again, comes to play on CBS in a huge game.

    Get a load of this for our “bigs”, if you incl. Oladipo in that bunch….
    70 pts.
    22 RBs
    21-25 FTs
    22-32 FGs
    5-6 3pt FG
    3 steals & 4 assists & 1 block vs. 6 TOs

    Other players were 4-17 from the floor tonight, Jordy 2-9.

    Big, big win with 2 “cupcakes” coming into B-town next week. I love calling purdue a cupcake. Feels good.

  15. The hysterical fans after Thursday can all step back from the ledge now– we’re back on track! An impressive win against a reaaly good team on the road. And OSU didnt play poorly– we just played like we knew we were better. Great game, gentlemen.

  16. If DThomas was not on this team, OSU would be at or near the bottom of the Big Ten. He’s almost all of OSU’s offense. Figures that it takes a kid from Indiana to make OSU competitive.

    It was gratifying, and a bit surprising, given that the game was in Columbus, to see Craft foul out of the game.

  17. Tough is a word that comes to mind after this game….should help us at tourney time…beating a #10 team on the road helps our seeding 5 weeks from today!

  18. Stalker:

    “If you don’t ban Laffy for pointing out we’re complete hypocrites for crying about the refs 24/7 when we rip other fans for doing that non-stop, we’re going to call Dustin a sissy.”

    And Punjab, save the “hysterical” nonsense. You guys want us to be civil so you can knock off crap like that.

    Cody had a clear advantage in that game and vanished…..again.

    And we choked the game away on probably the worst play of the entire season for any team.

    This was a great win for our guys but it doesn’t take away from the fact we should have never lost to Illinois.

  19. Laffy,

    It is okay to admit you are wrong from time-to-time. We all are. You said in another thread “We always hear how they are going to get upset or angry after a loss. Ain’t happening.” If today was not IU getting “angry” with the Illinois loss, I do not know what is. IU throttled OSU. Thoroughly. Zeller, Oladipo, and Watford all dominated.

    Sure, IU fans, myself included, whine about the refs here and there. What fanbase does not? This is not exclusive to Indiana fans.

  20. Strange. OS got the PIP, 2ND chance pts, fast break pts and bench points. IU won pts on turnovers. Total turnaround from the UI game. Hulls only 5 pts but the kid played his rear end off. Good game by everybody and can see the potential not reached yet.

  21. Finally, Zeller hitting some outside shots. I made several past post about the lack of him always driving to the basket during non-conference, started putting up a few 5+ ft shots but was horrible. This drastically changes low post defense strategy, it was so easy to predict earlier, Z catches the ball, drives to basket, Butler made it look easy in defending this.

  22. Since I am a Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey fan, I visit their message boards quite regularly, including the basketball thread. I have never seen such incessant whining about the referees than I did during the IU/Minnesota game this year. Every Minnesota fan there hates IU, and thinks they would have won if it was not for the referees gifting IU the game. Go look outside at how other fanbases talk about the referees, and you’ll see it’s not just an IU thing.

  23. IU should never have lost, Duke should never have lost, Kansas should never have lost, Lousville should never have lost, MI should never have lost, Syracuse should never have lost, I shouldn’t have lost a bicycle race, time to get into “the real world”!!!!

  24. Quote by Bob Knight before the game…”there’s nothing better than Ohio State basketball”

    Hoosier response…Actually Bob there is

  25. Please, please forgive my hearltess theatrics, Laffy. I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities with my malicious tone.


    Maybe you shouldn’t take broad statements I make about nobody in particular as a personal attack. I was simply pointing out that many Hoosier fans– in many forums, on many sites– seemed to be hyperventilating over a single conference loss on the road. And maybe, just maybe, that overreaction to the Illinois loss and the supposed demise of our season has proven to be a bit blown out of proportion. Everybody can breathe, now.

    And kudos to majority of you who kept a cool head about the loss. The huge win today put us right back in the driver’s seat.

  26. Punjab, I was never swayed by the loss. I firmly believe if Zeller continues to hit 5ft+ shots, this team is unstoppable, but I admit, when they took that shot clock penalty w/o even thinking of taking the a shot frightened me

  27. Yeah, and those PIP..? We won the inside game because a decent share of the points from Zeller came just outside the paint along the baseline. Some very impressive turnaround jumpers..Zeller showed a full repertoire of post moves. Very good points, Larry…But I don’t call a 8 ft. jumper an “outside” shot. Let’s make it clear that he took OSU to school from all positions an 8-10 semicircle from the center of the rim..a clinic with no need to keep anyone “honest” some garbage to loft from the 3-pt line.

    Watford proved why he is invaluable to this team. He such a lazy a-hole. And what a thing of beauty to watch his lazy threes rip the nets.

    Gottlieb should be banned from CBS. When Seth Davis is attempting to quell Gottdweebs anti-IU Establishment hatred for all things Hoosiers, it becomes beyond obvious the man has some serious issues.

    This game was just another example of the great injustice done to our season from Tom Crean’s scheduling all those cupcakes. We easily could have beaten those bunch of losers from Columbus by 40 points if we weren’t only running at 50% our capabilities due to the setbacks the soft scheduling. I doubt we’ll ever see the Hoosiers at full steam. It’s sad. It’s a travesty. I’m devastated. But I will continue to cheer for them nonetheless.

    The first foul on Cody, and the first two whistles against Yogi, were some of the worst calls I’ve seen the entire year.

    Oladipo shined bright like a diamond…like a diamond in the sky(yes, I’m stealing lyrics).

  28. Much better energy, focus, and intensity today – this was Indiana Basketball!

    Coach Crean had a much better game plan in place today, but I was bewildered by his not taking a time out or two when OSU was pressuring the ball and it was clear that our players might turn the ball over or the shot clock was going to expire. Coach – sometimes we need to take a TO when we have the lead to regroup and make sure the opposition doesn’t make a big play and seize the momentum (does Illinois ring a bell?)!

  29. No disagreement here. I don’t know where he’s been hiding that turnaround jumper, but it truly changes everything. Saw a glimpse of one a few weeks ago…Can’t remember the game, but he hit a sweet 10 ft turnaround from a 45 degree angle a few games back. Was it @ Purdue?

    Cody was more impressive today(especially in the versatility category) than anything I’ve seen him display since arriving in Bloomington…He wowed me today.

  30. Psych–

    I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong and have done so many times.

    And IU fans do not whine “here and there”…..it’s non-stop. Virtually the entire chat is nothing but crying about the refs the entire game. What makes it even funnier is that they rip fans from other schools for “crying about the refs all the time.”


    And it isn’t just on the chat. Non-stop whining on here and Peegs as well. And I never said it was exclusive to us. I’m just mocking the people who crucify other fan bases for what we’re even more guilty of.

    I especially get a kick out of people who tell me I need to be “more mature” when they do nothing but cry about refs and think “they’re all out to get us.”


    Stop bragging we’re the “smartest fan base in the world” when you do nothing but cry about the refs like other fans do.


    Ummmmmmmmm, it wasn’t about “one loss”, it was about a pattern of poor play.


    Is HH going to get banned for his vulgar language? Or is it just “innocent fun” when he does it like all his sex talk about his wife?

  31. They did what they didn’t do against Illinois. Play hard for 40 minutes (maybe more important than anything else–this is why MSU does so well and gets to Final Fours), get the ball into Zeller in order to open up the outside shot if they collapse or an easy layup if they don’t, run an offense in order to take time off the clock when they are ahead and get a good shot (in fact they may have listened too much to the run the time off the clock part–how many shot violations did they have?) and get to the line. If they do this consistently, it will be hard for any team in the country to beat them anywhere. If they don’t, then it will be Butler-Wisconsin-Illinois revisited. Tough road schedule still ahead but it now seems doable.

  32. Gottlieb’s stint at Notre Dame would be short. During Gottlieb’s freshman year, he was charged with stealing credit cards from a roommate and two others and fraudulently charging over $900 to those cards; Gottlieb has since stated that, after paying back the $900, he was allowed to say he was leaving Notre Dame, when in fact he was expelled(courtesy:wikipedia)

    I don’t even think Sampson thugs stole roommates credit cards to pay for their weed. Gottleib never had such terrible character issues as a college basketball player to put his three fingers to his temple…He merely put his whole hand into a roommates wallet.

    One can only assume that his hatred for Notre Dame has been projected onto the entire state of Indiana…And maybe the fact that Crean is very closely tied to religion and a family of practicing Catholics?

    His family also has strong ties to UCLA(season ticket holders for years..His brother and sister are Bruin alums). Expelled from ND..Ties to the land of Wooden and his sophisticated yuppie ball born of days of empty-headed redheads with Lafayette pyramids in their pupils….? Big surprise he hates Indiana.

  33. You CLEARLY can’t handle being on this board, let alone society. Your 40 some years old. What a joke. It’s a bigger joke Dustin lets you on this board. Things are so good, till your fat lips are all over this board. Dustin, the evidence is here. Without him, this p,ace is fine. When he comes back, he’s the mole on everyone’s ass.

  34. MSU upcoming schedule looks pretty tough! We need to run the table at home and hope for a MSU to stumble in order for us to win the B1G. I would love to see another banner in the Hall!

    02/12/13 vs. Michigan
    02/16/13 at Nebraska
    02/19/13 vs. Indiana
    02/24/13 at Ohio State
    03/03/13 at Michigan
    03/07/13 vs. Wisconsin
    03/10/13 vs. Northwestern

  35. psych- I gotta respect a college hockey fan. I know there aren’t many of ya, but I’ve heard you are a passionate bunch.

  36. Laffy, 75% of the posters making comments about the refs??? Where in the world did you get that figure, I looked at every post, there is nowhere, not even close to 75% complaining about refs. Do you just conjure something up & throw it out there w/o checking your facts?

  37. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, did I make my poor widdle stalker mad?


    Of course you think this place is “better” without me here.

    Then, the rest of you can sit around doing nothing but play victim and cry all the refs and media “hate us” so you can feel superior to everyone else.

    And to think you call ME “arrogant.”


    So, are you going to sign my petition to Obama?

    The refs CLEARLY “screwed us” in this game.

  38. Well he finally realized with a lead in the last five or six minutes you work the clock a little, there may be hope for him yet, and do you think he finally told them that theres a seven footer that needs to see the ball a little more often.

  39. You wanna debate? Quit throwing figures out there only to claim them to be facts, you messed with the wrong person if you wanna debate, I seriously look up facts before I make a comment

  40. Whar would I put the figure at? I don’t know, it’s really simple, count all the comments, then count the ones with a complaint about refs

  41. You are not going to sue anyone. I’m actually calling you on it. You have no intention nor idea of suing anyone, period. It is a fantasy that show, more than anything, ignorance. In fact, I dare you to sue; and know that I dare you with the knowledge that if you don’t sue you will be forever be known by everyone here as softer and more of “a girl” than you ever accused Cody of being.

    You have no cause for suing; do not have the brains to keep your mouth shut and you will be forever known by all the posters who have put up with your ‘girlie’ trash as such. So…given the embarrassment you’ve put yourself through; the clear stalking and taunting you’ve dedicated your life to, and hoping you take cognizance of being an absolute embarrassment to yourself and to anyone who has anything to do with you please… just silently pick up your panties and go a-way!

    And, should you even dream of suing; understand that dozens and dozens of Scoop contributors will happily pay their own way to whatever Court has the case (that you will never file anyway) to give testimony against your claim.

    Go fill your hope chest!

  42. I hope the rest of you will have the sense- Bart, Psych, Punjab, Harvard- to stop egging him on. He responds and reacts to your responses. I have brought that up before, Chet has brought that up before, others as well.

    Please…refrain form doing so. Otherwise, have the good sense and integrity of saying you enjoy jousting with him and his nonsense so it allows the rest a chance to discuss issues here without fearing the virus to keep spreading. He is as much your creation as anything else.

  43. The douche bag motto,

    “I’m gonna sue you.”

    This place has gone in the tank since some you started responding to Whinie the Pooh.

    I might check back in a week or so. Or not. Most of the serious posters have tired of his incessant crying and whining about being a victim.

    You encouraged him. He’s all yours. Don’t forget to change him.

  44. @fairfield,

    I appreciate that. We are a passionate bunch. I spent what little $ I had to attend the Frozen Four (college hockey’s version of the Final Four) in Tampa this past April when my Gophers made it. Minnesota is the equivalent in college hockey as Indiana is to college basketball. Ironically, up until last year, my most hated college hockey team has 7 national titles (University of North Dakota)while Minnesota still has 5, while my least favorite college basketball team (Kentucky) had 7 national titles, while Indiana had 5. Obviously that changed.

    Luckily for me, Minnesota and Indiana are probably the two best teams in the country in their respective sports. And Hoosier fans are AS passionate about their basketball as Minnesota fans are about their hockey. Great seasons so far for both!

  45. Tsao, Chet,

    I apologize. I am done responding to him. When he called a truce, I believed him. Call it blind optimism.

  46. Larry, I left you out of those I addressed by accident. You would have been No 1 in the line of virus spreaders. Own up to it or cease.

    I agree with Chet, 100% and, like him, see only one alternative left. With that spreading virus, with management unwilling to enforce any standards of civility whatsoever, it is no longer an enjoyable or readable blog. That’s the problem with avoiding administrative choices, when you choose to do nothing you are forcing a lowering of standards that impacts all those who depended on a minimum standard being set.

  47. First, let me vent my frustration. The satellite cable feed just went out, so I’m missing The Walking Dead! And I’m not about to watch the Grammy’s. Gosh darn it!!! Guess I’d check back up on the Scoop.

    I’ll own up to it, Tsao. I enjoy the occassional jousting, but I generally lose interest pretty quickly. If I don’t have anything to add or retort, I’ll gladly remain silent and/or concede defeat. When it devolves into a mere shouting match, or the urinary olympics, or just incessantly repeating the same tired points over and over again, I just bow out. It’s that simple. I don’t come on here to prove I’m more knowledgeable or witty than everyone else. I come here to learn about my team and my fellow Hoosiers, share stories, discuss ideas, gain perspective, and, yes, enjoy light-hearted debate.

    And truth be told, I enjoy most of Laffy’s posts. They can get very repetitive, but I think it’s funny that so many get so frustrated by him. I learned quickly that he’s an antagonist, and I can appreciate his act and his role on this blog. This probably puts me in the minority, but I don’t take it nearly as seriously as some people on here seem to. And I doubt Laffy takes me all that seriously when I sarcastically engage him, either. If I’m wrong… well… wouldn’t be the first time…

  48. I think the bottom line is this. Laffy owns Dustin. Laffy knows he can do whatever he wants, because of the lazily approach around here with management. So it’s no surprise laffamania runs wild here. Dustin, Jeremy, and Andy should be ashamed of always shrugging their shoulders, and thinking it will go away. To Scoop Management: CLEAN THIS WASTELAND UP NOW!

  49. psych- had no idea that Minn was such a powerhouse. I had the vague impression about the likes of Lake Superior St., North Dakota, and even Michigan. Has Minn produced any pro players I’d know?

  50. During football season we have the antithesis of Laffy…His name?

    I could only imagine how the lecturer would deal with Dr. B-Ball Killjoy if the same vile spew was aimed at every “lazy” and “soft” Hoosier in helmets while the accused ignorant and unconcerned coach Wilson was painted repetitively as an incompetent sack of potatoes ..I can only imagine the meltdown and outrage.

    I can only imagine how much Dr. Tsao Goldencleats would bite his tongue.

    Bring your gig to our fall game, Laffy. Bring your gig to call all that happens in fall a bigger fraud than Crean’s b-ball. I’m pretty sure Laffy could be a great contributor come pigskin time. There’s really not much to it, Laffy. They kick, pass, grunt, hit, spear, take cheap shots, block each other, hit some more, pile on, lock heads, bust heads, and the number awarded for doing it all successfully equals six. It’s a devilish game. Lots of strategy. Lots of testosterone..Some testosterone even in dresses. Big, inflated men that play with a oddly shaped ball. There are bars that are referred to as “cross” bars….a lot of religious undertones. Coach Wilson is attempting to recruit kids from good Christian families. This game is right up your alley. I’m really surprised you haven’t discovered Hoosier Football. Of course, it’s played at a very high level at Indiana and you may find it challenging to critique at the same level our softies of hardwood. I do hope you give it a shot.

    I think Dr. Tsao Goldencleats would welcome your fresh perspectives. Please don’t get yourself banned from Scoop over silly hoops. Football is where its at at IU. Geoff gave it a whirl last year. It’s fun to complain about the refs being the sole reason we’ve gone to one Rose Bowl since the Andy Griffith show first aired. You’ll have a blast.

  51. I didn’t create the spawn of the devil!!! His diatribes have no place here! But, I have decided to refrain from lowering myself to his level. I have tried to keep my post on the topis of IU basketball and will continue to do so. I hope others take this same approach!

  52. And I forgot to mention the pièce de résistance to blogging come pigskin season, Laffy…

    I know you like to talk up a good cupcake batter of banter….Guess what? You’ll be in heaven. Not only do we play cupcakes, but we choose to be the biggest one in all of college football. And guess what else? Even Jesus has declared IU football as the closest thing to his holiness a perfect cupcake. I find that perspective very flawed. I think Laffy could find many ways IU football could be a softer cupcake. Watch out for Dr. Tsao..Though I’m sure he would love your critical analysis the spongy softness our Hoosier pigskin batter baked year after year, he seems to be a bit too consumed with being a master at only thick frosting while wholly satisfied quite the flat and uninspiring cupcake filled with more air than richness.

  53. @fairfield,

    Lake Superior State has been irrelevant since the early ’90s. North Dakota has been consistently good the past decade and a half, but they have not won a title since 2000. Michigan is terrible this year and will not make the NCAA tournament barring a miracle CCHA championsip win (equivalent of winning the Big Ten Tourney), but they have been consistently good the past couple decades. Minnesota was very good last year (and terrific this year), but they had a few down years prior to last year. They have been a powerhouse year in, and year out besides those few down years. The team who has been the best this past decade has been Boston College. 3 titles in 5 years. Jerry York is the best coach in college hockey.

    As for pros who played for Minnesota: Thomas Vanek (Buffalo Sabres), Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs), Erik Johnson (St. Louis Blues), Nick Leddy (Chicago Blackhawks), Jordan Leopold (Buffalo Sabres), and Paul Martin (Pittsburgh Penguins) are a few that come to mind. There are others who are not as prominent.

  54. Tsao provides sound advice in #52. But I’ll go a step further. Ignore him completely. If you enjoy the Hoosier Scoop, do not engage, do not respond, do not get drawn in. To do so is a waste of your time and energy.

    When some posters (trolls) are on the receiving end of “jousts,” criticisms, and push-backs, they tend to go away. Then there are the warped ones that need the criticisms, negativity and attacks from other posters like they need oxygen. They’re like pigs in slop. That is the mental and emotional environment they live I’m, and they crave it like a junkie craves his next fix. They can’t be reasoned with, and have no desire to be civil, because they’re not rational people. They have a persecution complex and low self esteem. And since criticism and negative feedback is what they have received through most of their lives, it’s their normal, it’s their comfort zone, and it is, in a twisted way, the environment they are most comfortable with. They crave that negative attention. I’m sure we’ve all seen children that behaved this way. They will happily take a spanking, just as long as they’re getting some type of attention. Negative attention is better than no attention at all to these people. The only way to deal with these people, in a forum such as The Hoosier Scoop, is to ignore them completely. Do not read their comments and do not respond to them (if you’ve read one, you’ve read them all). Eventually, they will be talking to themselves, and without anyone responding to their attacks and constant negativity, they will grow bored and be compelled to move on to another site and begin the same pattern all over again.

    If you enjoy The Hoosier Scoop, please follow this advice. It took me longer than it should have, but I finally got with the program. Don’t stop blogging, don’t expect Dustin to ban anyone, just be disciplined.

  55. ….disciplined with small envy.

    And to talk that extensively on not giving attention to those that thrive for attention speaks of the spoiled brat sadly molded to believe their every word stops the world from spinning(another product of the wrong type of excessive “attention” as the source parental attention that never pulled the baby from the nipple..Too much attention…always letting the baby suck it dry…the parent that places the child forever on the pedestal of godliness, arrogance, and brilliance).

  56. We have the right to free choice as anyone. And just as it is your right to ignore Laffy, it is the same rightful freedom for the those that choose not to.

    It is no less difficult(instead of giving arrogant speeches your supreme choice)for you to ignore those that choose not to ignore.

    There are those that chose to ignore Hitler and the burning of crosses in Mississippi. Their motives were not rooted in hopes it would just drift away. Some were cowards. Some were bigots. Some were silent proponents the evils.

    I shall choose to react to hate the way my heart guides me. I don’t need your empty arrogance as final truth.

  57. Quiet day at the Scoop. Putting one and one together;

    A Laffy post from yesterday “this is not fair Dustin” is missing. Gone with the wind.

    Laffy said he was thrown out of the Live Game Chat.

    And today comments has been sunshine, lollipops and rainbows (with the exception of the fire/gasoline comments) which leads me to believe that DD finally got the OK from the Big Guys to cut the connection ?

  58. I wish Laffy the best…….. Maybe this is just a temporary ban(hockey analogy: two minutes for high sticking).

    There’s always Hoosier Hype. Doubt if he can get on ITH..You have to get FBI clearance to blog there.

    We’re all somewhat trapped in the wishes and regrets it all. Laffy was crying out. I don’t think it’s a joyful day when we lose someone from Scoop that couldn’t win the battle with his own inner turmoil. Geoff liked Laffy and he tried immensely to be his one loyal friend here.

    I overreacted to Laffy on many occasions. I do that with people. Don’t ban him forever, Dustin. Maybe we can’t all be fixed, but maybe we all need to hear sincere efforts of those that care enough to try.

    You gave me chances on Scoop, Dustin. You gave me a second chance(and probably third and fourth chances)when your predecessors put the same ban restrictions on Harvard many moons ago. Maybe it was wrong to give me another chance. Probably true. I’m not sure if Laffy could have been softened around the edges without Harvard taking his shots back in just as childish fashion.

    The world is a hard and lonely place sometimes.

  59. My guess is he will show up in some fashion…a new phone…a friends laptop…wait, I doubt he has friends.

    Someone needs to step up and be a TRUE fan.


    Someone will have to gang up on a future poster without cause.

    Probably a thumper…or a right wing nut job.


    1. OK Bart (and everyone else),
      Taking shots at somebody who’s not here treads dangerously close to the pot calling the kettle black. And we’re in a sort of mood, so proceed at your own risk.

  60. Harvard, everyone gave him a second chance….and a third, fourth, fifth, etc. He has things to deal with that don’t belong on the Scoop. I have no ill will toward him and I hope he conquers his demons but this place should be about sports discussions and storytelling that goes off on wild tangents. Everyone (I think) had grown weary of his name calling and accusations (which he would immediately blame on everyone but himself).

    I hope he works his way through to wherever is best for him.

  61. Too bad he wasn’t able to tell Michigan how shameful it is to lose to Wisconsin, though. I’m sure he would have been true to his character (nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

  62. We also need Tom Crean to understand that Indiana is as good as Zeller period. Crean has a tendency to coach by entropy. The upside of that is that it’s very hard to counteract. The downside it’s that the game is never really in your hands. But now is time for some good old fashioned basketball: put Zeller in charge, and don’t get any fancier than that. If Crean keeps his fantasy league coaching in check nothing can stop Indiana so I hope that Crean will continue to show the restraint and intelligence that was on display in Columbus.

  63. Dustin and Jeremy, I just now caught up with the days posts. Congratulations for a damned good decision.


  64. “Crean has a tendency to coach by entropy.” That may be the worst use of the word entropy I have ever seen. Or, it may be the worst way to describe a coaching style I’ve ever read.

    “Fantasy league coaching?” It’s kind of funny. Some people’s criticism of Crean’s coaching implies that he is tampering with a super-talented group of people that he inherited, as if the big boss is on extended leave and Crean’s a caretaker that does not really know how to utilize the talent that someone else has assembled. Wow!

    When the team does well, like they did against OSU, we praise the players. When they blow a game, like they did at IL, we blame Crean. News flash! Players win games, and players lose games. There are limits to what a coach can control or influence. At best, a really good coach can assemble a group of talented players and put them in position to win games. But those players must execute. At IL, the players were in position to win the game and then they stopped executing and blew a significant second half lead and lost the game. In the closing minutes, the players stopped doing what they had been coached to do, what had put them in position to win in the first place. Then those players spent a few days learning from their mistakes, came back a few days later and delivered a beating to a far better team, on their home court, in front of a nationally televised audience. To me, the win at OSU demonstrates very good coaching.

    I’m not an apologist for Tom Crean. He does some things that I question. But as much as I used to love Bob Knight’s coaching, he too did a lot of things that drove me crazy, some which were down-right counter-productive and stupid. Crean is fair game for criticism when his team screws up, but let’s try to be balanced and give the man some credit when the team does well. This is his team, and so far, the positives associated with his coaching far out weigh the negatives.

  65. Amen..!

    But if you want coach involvement in a game, Sports Center had a clip of a high school game with the ball being passed around the parameter, coach stands up, player passes the ball to him. Without a pause he continued the ball progress around the court. Was a moments pause before the ref whistle as I’m guessing the ref was thinking, did that really happen.

  66. More precise statement: Crean’s role in the preparation of this team for any game should be exclusively janitorial. There! Happy?

  67. News flash! Players win games, and players lose games. There are limits to what a coach can control or influence.

    Absolutely stupid. Butler game, last seconds of OT. Zeller is not on the floor. Can he send himself in? No. Did Zeller lose the game? No. Clown Crean did, because he could have kept Zeller on the floor but decided not to. Clowns like Crean lose games, outstanding players like Zeller win them–but they need to be on the floor!

    When Crean understands that his role must be kept to an absolute minimum (pace, clap, cheer) and the team allowed to play Indiana is at its best.

  68. ^”Chicken or Egg” logic at its best. Champion Crean would have lost many more games if he failed to get Zeller to commit to IU, so I’d say he’s balance sheet is positive right now, waaaay positive, dude.

  69. Ah, just as I thought. A little push back to an inane post and another troll is exposed. It was the “Clown Crean” comment that did it. Most trolls don’t use words like “entropy” in trying to criticize Crean. While I’m sure using a big word seemed like a good idea at the time, too bad you used it improperly.

  70. ^ Poopy, you remain as dense as ever. If you competed by yourself and you’d still come a very distant second. Champion Crean remains the perennial Clown.

  71. ^ I agree. I have yet to see someone that is so uncomfortable with words as Podonke. The dude is naturally inept.

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