1. What a brutal travel call… Trapping the ball between the ground and his hand isn’t possession.

    Refs are the only things keeping this remotely close right now.

  2. Turnover, turnover, turnover, turnover….miss, miss, miss…. If Michigan wins this game, it will clearly be our fault/ineptitude. What a sour way to end the first half.

  3. 11 turnovers…. Really guys.

    Hey Cody, how about you play like a man and hold your damn position. Oh, and stop firing 4 foot passes at 75 mph. The box score shows 2 TO’s, but in reality he has at least 4.

    Watford showed up… Both he and Zeller need to end up with double doubles.

  4. Yogis 2nd foul, although pure BS, given the screener was moving, really hurt. The OFFense went to 0 after that.

  5. Time to go on another run… Burke going out with 3, and we SHOULD be coming in with Dipo and Zeller.

    Sheehey needs to sit his ass down for a minute.

  6. Can we please give the damn ball to Jordy every time we aren’t sprinting out with edit numbers…

    These other guys are too friggin reckless. We are going to turnover our way into a loss.

  7. That works. Hard to find any fault with that effort, besides the garbage (unforced) TOs that kept Michigan in the game. Zeller showed up tonight in a big way. Huge game.

  8. I can’t see Michigan playing any better than that. They gave us their best shot and we won. Great substitution patterns tonight. Jeremy played great. What did he have, 4 blocks? Awesome.

    I can’t wait to hear the dumb f+*&s come on here and tell us what a bad coaching job CTC did tonight. Great, great coaching job tonight.

    Michigan fans sure can’t complain about the officiating tonight. I’m not complaining, either, but we certainly didn’t get any home court advantage.

  9. Chet,

    I would say that GR III and Stauskas will probably factor in more to the game at Crisler. Referees were TERRIBLE tonight, although there were a couple brutal calls that went in our favor too.

  10. Hollowell played really well tonight. He was composed on offense and intense on defense. Great combination.

  11. Hail hail to big Z tonight. He was the difference coupled with the guard defense. You can’t guard Burke from 30 ft. The kid is a stud & he’s hitting those shots. but he missed a lot of them, more than his fair share. Reminds me of Eric Gordon, needs his 20 shots per game. The other key was shutting down GR Jr., & that was Watford. In fact, that was probably just as key as Big Z.

    That was a great team win. Call out Sheehey for his bad shots but he also put some heat on Burke & got some key RBs.

    Was there 1 over-the-back call tonight? What a war underneath!

    Big statement win tonight, and we turned it over 20 times &’got crushed underneath on 2nd chances.

  12. psych, there were a couple BRUTAL calls that went against us, too. That last foul on Victor was laughable. The out of bounds call on the rebound that Michigan obviously knocked out that they called out on CWat was ridiculous.

    We certainly got no advantage at home. Let’s just call it even.

  13. Chet,

    I am agreeing with you that the refs were favorable to Michigan. I am just pointing out we did get a couple lucky calls in our favor too. But yeah, horrendous officiating all around.

    I do not like Mitch McGary. Not really sure why.

  14. Ron G.,
    Silly, sad, pathetic sour grapes. Come on up from the basement and put on you big boy pants. Maybe Mom will have a Capri Sun for you.

    Who’s the coach of the #1 team in all the land?

  15. Interesting psych… I actually do like McGary. Didn’t before he got to UM, but NW I do. Works hard and keeps his mouth shut. Seems to be very coachable.

  16. Not that it really matters, but it’s my understanding that points scored with the timeframe of the game count towards the score.

    Final should be 83-73. Wonder what it’ll be tomorrow…

  17. Great win, gents. Both teams had some obstacles to overcome. Michigan with Morgan out and the obvious home-court advantage. IU with some questionable calls and careless turnovers early. But the biggest takeaway for me: closing out with made free throws. Jordy didn’t have the yips, and even when Mich made a flurry of threes at the end, we didn’t panic and made our shots. Yogi and Wat were clutch at the line, too.

    And Vic should have the “almost play of the year” with that alley-oop. Dude is just filthy.

  18. Psych, could it be that he is a thug? Watch the game & focus on him. Always has that extended elbow on ball screens & throws Z around & to the floor at least a half a dozen times. Watch the DVR, I think I put my finger on it…

  19. Sheehey missed some good shots but that didn’t make them bad shots. I’d have Will take open shots like that every time. That bodes well for next time because he’s not likely to miss those very often.

  20. Rebounds: IU 38, Meatchicken 29

    Free Throws IU shot 88%

    In 10 minutes of play Hollowell had 4 points, 4 boards(3 offensive) and 3 blocks. He is making moves for next year.

    Good D played on Robinson. CW did well.

  21. Well, IU made the game closer than it should have been. We were a vastly better team tonight, and if not for a lot of silly mistakes/turnovers committed when we were ahead, it could have easily been a 20 point margin. I think IU still plays to excite the crowd too much and have not learned how to finish opposing teams. On numerous occasions in the second half, when up by 5 or 7, with possession, they should have been more deliberate in their offense, taken more time, and gotten better shots. They took some bad shots, or turned the ball over on risky moves, and let Michigan stay around. If they learn to clean up those mistakes, they can dominate any team in America.

    Sheehey had a terrible game on offense. Anybody know his shooting percentage tonight? I think he was 1 for 7 or something like that. He played some good defense, but should not have continued taking those outside shots after his third miss in a row. I was screaming at Crean to get him off the floor.

    Mistakes aside, our guys have developed the mental toughness necessary to keep their composure and win these tough games. I was particularly pleased with their FT shooting down the stretch and that they maintained solid defense to the very end. If not for some of those outrageous three point shots made in the final minutes, this game would have been a blow out. It was a great night to be a Hoosier, but they can still get a lot better, which should be very disturbing to other teams.

  22. HC, I agree, CWat played did very well tonight. People that were down on him earlier this season should be eating some humble pie tonight. He was solid and we needed him big time. And I also thought Hollowell played well while in the game.

  23. Podunk, I’m CWats biggest critic, but only when he takes the night off. He’s proven he is a big game player though. When the pregame hype is at a crescendo he chokes to play. He should’ve had an “and 1” on the dunk over Thugary. What a hack that somehow got missed.

    But to your point, CWat was huge, no doubt. He had a double-double & she shut down GR3.

  24. Correction “chokes” was inserted by spellchecker when I typed “shows up”……proves there’s a purdue grad behind the software

  25. Po, agreed. Hollowell is turning out to be as valuable a bench player as Elston. They both give great minutes spelling Cody and Wat, and must be gaining confidence should they ever have to be called on for extensive minutes. We’re in good hands.

    And you’re right about Sheehey. He didn’t have a horrible game overall, but he struggled with his shot. Won’t happen very often, but you got the feeling at times he wanted too much to get a taste of the action rather than letting us run our offense. Still, we needs his presence on defense.

  26. Just saw that Wat is averaging 20.3 ppg and 50% FG in 3 career games against #1 ranked teams. Considering he is also 2-1 with a buzzer-beater…. That’s one hell of a legacy!

  27. Geoff, if I were a GM for a legit NBA contender, I could do a lot worse than taking a chance on Wat late in the draft. He’s not ever going to be a perennial All-star, but he’ll be a solid role player off the bench. And I can see him coming up big in the finals a la Shane Battier last year.

  28. Geoff, I just realized I was exactly wrong. I believe I said IU wouldn’t get to the line 25 times. What did they do? got to the line exactly 25 times. Jay Bilas I am not.

  29. Posted earlier today:

    Saturday, February 2, 2013 – 12:41 PM UTC

    I dont think anybody has to worry about this game being slow. Both teams push the ball, #1 & #2 in points per possession.
    I look to the past to predict the future. Last year’s game at IU occurred before the students got back to campus. Advantage: IU. The kids are going to be raucous tonight.
    Last year Burke & Hardaway went 11-34 from the field at IU. That happens again, IU wins.
    Last year Jordy scored 4 pts. And shot the ball 4 times. That happens again, MI wins. These guards present a bad match-up for him which worries me.
    Z & CWAT had 43 of our 73, going 16-21 from the floor. That happens again, IU wins.
    I think this game comes down to foul trouble. If Oladipo, Yogi and Z stay clean, we win this game by 8 – 10 pts.
    BTW, best sign at “Gameday” is: “The Home Dipo”

    BTW, Burke was 9-24. Keep shootin your way to the NBA kid.
    Together they were 17-40.
    Jordy hits 3-4 from 3.
    & we did win by 8-10 pts., pending resolution to the Dipo dunk that shoulda counted.

  30. Punjab,

    I’d take a shot late in the 2nd Round on him… Battier is a hell of a defender though. Not really a fair comparison. Tonight is not the night to crap on CWat, but he is a subpar defender. I’ll leave it at that.

  31. He wasn’t a subpar defender tonight. If I’m not mistaken, Big Dog Jr didn’t score a single point until desperation time.

    All I’m saying, though, is that as you pointed out, he’s a big game player. If I’m Miami or OKC or… Well… Maybe even the Pacers in a year or two, by the time you’re drafting, you’re not looking for a superstar. You’re looking for a guy who can pick up the slack when you’re superstars need you to. Wat proved again tonight that he can do that.

  32. Headline of the night goes to Rob Dauster of NBC Sports: “Cody Zeller, the nation’s best role player, lifts Indiana to 1st in Big Ten.”

    Funny thing is, that’s not even a knock on Cody. He was the headliner early in the season while Vic made all the crucial plays. Now, Vic may be the headliner– even his missed dunk made Sportscenter– while Cody’s been the one with the huge plays down the stretch. And the beautiful thing is, neither guy would object to either title, or no personal title at all. They just want the team title. We are so blessed to have them both on our team.

  33. Well, I was kicked off but I’m going to try again.

    Good game by the guys for 75% of it. First 10 minutes were very good. Second 10 minutes were awful.

    Second half was good.

    You crybabies need to get a grip, though, as this was at home with the crowd going crazy.

    We aren’t going to have that in the Dance, so if we need our fans “for energy”, we’re in trouble.

    And why did Crean need to jump around trying to fire the crowd up? He’s been around Sheehey too long.

  34. We keep improving game after game…t/o were high, but that can be fixed…Big Handsome plays hard without all the hype from the crowd and I thought he played like the future pro he will be.

  35. Here’s a great article by Winn:


    Notice how he said “finally”?

    You guys go berserk how my criticism is “over-the-top” when all I’ve done is basically repeat what every sports journalist in the country has been saying: We haven’t lived up to our potential.

    I do want to give props to Watford as I rip him a lot. He played well. And I like how Jeremy is coming along as well.

    Cody……good job.

    And please stop the lectures how I need to be “rational” when I see whining about the refs last nite.

  36. As others have pointed out numerous times, if IU does not make a bunch of stupid, unforced TOs, they win this by 15+. I think GRIII/Stauskas will actually show up in the game at Crisler in March, but if IU plays like they did tonight and cut down on the TOs, there is no reason IU cannot win that game too. Our team shoots so damn well, it is scary.

  37. Chet you sound like you saw the bear in the forest when you went to take a dump and the chet froze inside you. Clown Tom Crean may have won one battle (The Wolverines had a very bad shooting night) but if you saw the expression on Sheehey’s face (no threes to the temple, no lip syncing “Shehey sucks”) you know IU can’t live forever out of happenstance.

    Say “thank you” and bow in front of Zeller, Infinite Supply of Stupidities that you are. Shehey: zero. Ollie Deep Oh had as many misses as Stellar Zeller had second chance points. You remain as clueless as ever. Last night was the beginning of the end. Give Clown Tom Crean a half season clowning award because it’s over: for the first time we saw a team that runs better than Indiana.

    It’s over.

  38. Ron G makes me look like Mary Poppins.

    With as bad as all the other teams look this season, I actually think we have the best shot of winning it all.

  39. Ann Arbor paper this morning:…McGary feels he achieved goal of “getting into Zeller’s head”.

    Most of the comments were along the line, if that was case stop doing it. And “McGary schooled by Zeller”.

    Great to see them win this game while having something like 20 turnovers. Shows how much this team can improve yet.

    What is the story on moving screens? I think two were called last night. Could have been 25 easy. If not called consistently, get rid of the rule.

    Need to see that “hit” to Jordy’s head again. One angle sure made it look..purposeful.

    One of Jordy’s pass from outside into Cody, the camera angle made it look impossible.

    Hollowell – good minutes.

    Team showing a steady progress to “peak” in March?

  40. Thanks Laffy that was kind of a back handed compliment for our team and you are right Ron G has to be a Michigan fan.

  41. Without Stella’ Zella’ last night it would have been just a very sad clown on the sidelines watching Ollie’s clinks and clanks.

    Chet (Saturday, October 16, 2010 – 8:02 PM UTC) said:

    If Zeller doesn’t come all is lost… What a frickin’ moron. Indiana lost Larry Bird. Knight had him and lost him. All we were able to do was have an undefeated national championship team. Zeller is one player. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. He damn sure isn’t a Larry Bird.

  42. Thanks.

    I’m willing to call a truce if you guys are.

    Lay off the personal attacks against me and I’ll do the same.

    A little ribbing, to me, is ok, if not welcomed.

  43. Ron – when you see the camera angle from the baseline under the basket you can tell the pop to Jordy’s mouth was totally UNintentional. UM player was simply turning around to run back on defense and had no idea Jordy was there. You could even see a bit of surprise in his expression when he made the contact… I think it bent his hand/wrist sorta oddly and he winced.

    It did not happen on the McGary screen like the broadcasters said. And why was it that I knew why the refs were looking at the replay for so long, but the announcers are clueless…

  44. Thu, Feb 7 @ Illinois … Win

    Sun, Feb 10 @ #11 Ohio State … Win

    Wed, Feb 13 vs Nebraska … Win

    Sat, Feb 16 vs Purdue … Win

    Tue, Feb 19 @ #13 Michigan State … Loss

    Tue, Feb 26 @ #23 Minnesota … Win

    Sat, Mar 2 vs Iowa … Win

    Tue, Mar 5 vs #11 Ohio State … Win

    Sun, Mar 10 @ #1 Michigan … Lose

    That’s 7 and 2 to finish and even if we do lose to Minny on the road we still finish B1G 14 and 3… I know I would be very pleased with that!

  45. Laffy, truthfully this has been an enjoyable blog most recently following a period of so much distraction and frustration that, in my case, I allowed my subscription to the HT to lapse and strongly considered exiting the blog altogether because of the needless and pointless aggression (and for much of it, obscene language).

    That said, I believe that when you are in a civil disposition you can contribute, even when it is critical of IU. I take my fan role seriously and understand that- even in wins and sometimes in great wins, sometimes we perform well, sometimes very well, sometimes not-so-much and sometimes can be horrid and sloppy.

    And, I’ve learned to pick through the comments and see which can add to what my eyes see and my mind interprets. I (personally) also abhor the ‘generic labeling’ (crybabies, etc) which seek to ridicule or demean a poster. If you think someone has made a ‘bad’ (according to you) commentary or erred in judgment say that and try to be specific while striving to be respectful.

    If you can do this, I think other posters will be like me, not only forgiving but forgetful of some of the history after a while; as your commentary becomes productive and challenging for others.

    Hope you can do that. That is the challenge for you Laffy.

    (I actually agree with you, I’ve never understood why Hoosier fans in general spend so much time obsessing with the refs and some of the comments- including some from generally good contributors- actually subtract merit from the comment and, to an extent, Indiana’s performance). In general, Big Ten referees are knowledgeable, solid, neutral and, even when some are better or worse and all make mistakes, none I’ve ever seen in more than fifty years of watching the Hoosiers seemed to me to be biased against them. I believe it a ‘losers’ characteristic to look for answers to winning and losing in the bias of a referee.

  46. Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, February 2, 2013 – 6:51 PM UTC

    I really don’t know why we need Dustin….

    I think the Hoosier are a good basketball team.

    Michigan is also pretty good.

    I think the Hoosiers are a little better and will score more points.

    Cody needs to be careful not to foul too much and want to win.

    Assembly Hall is pretty when everyone wears red.

    I am a moderate Republican from Maine.


    I really don’t know why we need Dustin… √

    I think the Hoosier are a good basketball team. √

    Michigan is also pretty good. √

    I think the Hoosiers are a little better and will score more points. √

    Cody needs to be careful not to foul too much and want to win. √

    Assembly Hall is pretty when everyone wears red. √

    I am a moderate Republican from Maine. √

    7 for 7…I win.

  47. TT–

    Dude, you need to give that lecture to the others, not me.

    I will say something about the team…..not the posters….and the personal insults start flying my way.

    I only start with the “crybaby” stuff after that and, surprise, those very same people who insulted me first start whining about “my name-calling and not allowed to have a different opinion.”

    Give me a break.

    Like Dustin always tells me: Let it roll off your back.

    If you don’t like my opinion on the team, counter it. Stop the personal attacks. Then I won’t attack back.

    Nothing I hate more than hypocrites.

    Don’t call me an idiot for having an opinion you don’t like then cry to Dustin if I call you a moron back.

    As far as your last paragraph, IU fans brag they are the “smartest in the country” yet whine about the refs 24/7.

    Do some bad calls go against us?


    Guess what……….they go against the other team as well.

    There is only one time I’ve ever blamed the refs for a loss and that was the Duke game when Teddy V fouled out half/most of our team back in the 90’s.

    I’ll never believe he had it out for us on purpose because he hated Bob and/or got paid off to screw us.

    Complete hose job.

  48. Dustin-

    Just wondering if Glass has yet to reprimanded Crean for his demeaning actions toward you at a Northwestern postgame press conference…? I thoroughly agree with Tsao that a complete investigation, along with subsequent disciplinary action, was warranted due to Crean’s unkind treatment of you.

    Is it just me, or did Cody Snuggles look “soft” yesterday(especially during the one-handed put-back slam and beating two Michigan defenders to a loose ball in the crucial final minutes)?

    Lastly, I think it’s more than obvious that the early season cupcake scheduling completely put this season in perpetual stall mode. No hunger. No intensity. They’ve lost their focus. I think the season is in a total tailspin.

  49. Truce Laffy. I’m forgiving. In all fairness, I always avoid comment sections on online newspapers, forums, etc. Some reason, I always get sucked back in here. Seems like everyone thinks they are a expert these days. I struggle too. The attacks on my part will stop. Sorry.

  50. I still say this forum is forever turning into a Purdue type forum in the J&C, everyone bcthing at each other, the know it alls, the ones calling Creans job, personal attacks, etc, etc.

  51. Harvard,

    First, I agree that not only is some sort of discipline called for, but I believe there is every chance that war crimes have been committed by Coach Crean during the course of several press conferences.

    Yes, Cody has been coached to be very soft. That has become obvious. I’m surprised he didn’t complain about the rims being so hard when he dunked.

    Also, there’s little doubt the cupcake scheduled ruined the team or we wouldn’t be in such a dire position right now.

  52. Harvard, I think you’re being sarcastic. Actually, it seemed to me Dustin later acknowledged that Crean’s reaction may have been justified by one of Dustin’s gestures; thus, making my comment (on Crean’s reacting according to press conference etiquette) invalid.

    I now assume (given your need to raise it again) this has become an issue for you. So, let me say it again…it seems Crean’s reaction to Dustin’s gesture was not gratuitous. It was provoked. I also understand that they have both discussed this and are now ‘bestest friends’, like you and I.

  53. I still wonder why Larry is reading PU forums….

    Harvard, re: 67 – like I said, you pretty much summed it up!

  54. Bart – I like the optimism… Personally I think the @ OSU game is as tough as any on the schedule. They have already defended their home turf against UM and UW. They also play the deliberate and physical style that we struggle with the most.

    No doubt that UF, KU, and Duke will be the top 3 ranked teams heading into the tournament… Their remaining schedules look like our non-conference did, while ours and Michigan’s paths are loaded with land mines.

    I believe the 2 best teams in the country battled eachother last night, and we’re certainly on track now to win our first B1G title in a decade.

  55. Geoff (since I saw you seem to be on). A question and a comment.

    The question: Wow…still can’t get over how affected you are during games about the referees’ calls. Too bad, since generally I do think your post-game analysis is decent with good stats as evidence…especially after distancing by a couple of hours.

    The comment: All the hand-rubbing and teeth-grinding about Cody’s performance this year as compared to last. Mostly, I think that what has changed is not so much Cody as to the rest of the team and, therefor, Cody’s role. Last year Cody was fundamental and essential and the team was defined by his presence and performance.

    The team is very different. It is a team defined by the play of 6-8 nearly equal players. At times Cody’s role absorbing much of the other team’s attention has helped IU tactical approach and opened options for any one of the other 5-7 players. Over all IU is a much better team and I assume a complete headache to plan for.

    But, it seems that at times even the IU fans seem to be expecting last year’s team and last year’s tactical approach…get the ball into Cody and let6 him put it up. In part, some of Cody’s role is to draw defenders away from crowding the space under the bucket and screening for slashing attacks into the lane (by Oladipo, Sheehey and Ferrell), to redistribute the ball to the opposite side; to redistribute the ball to the open perimeter shooters and, yes, when the opponents give it to go to the bucket. It also explains to me why the Cody shooting from the perimeter has not become an issue…it alters the structure of how Indiana attacks.

    To me, what is interesting, is to think of how similarly Barcelona and IU use Lio Messi’s and Cody’s skills respectively.

  56. Does every coach work the referees while in the heat of the game?

    Did Bobby believe the refs were ever effecting outcomes?

    After playing through college and coaching for 10 years after that I simply cannot change the way I view the game. I understand the effect the refs have and I think I give it the attention it deserves. I don’t spend a tremendous (or even a small) amount of time after the games talking about calls or refs. Some games are worse than others. I give live emotion in the Live Discussion comment section.

    Not really sure of the intent of the Cody portion of your post. I see Cody’s role as almost exactly the same as last year, which is why he has almost exactly the same stat line – not just points, but minutes, FG att, assists, and blocks. None of it has changed. I see them using him in essentially the same way they used him last year – rim runner, low poster, and screen and roller…

    If you are hinting at my comment #5, well that was made as the first half horn sounded. While Cody’s stat line looked good at halftime, I thought he played (to that point) with poor composure and was a big reason why UM climbed back into the game. Obviously, at least to me, he redeemed himself in the second half.

  57. Actually, Larry reads The Journal & Courier, Lafayette & Purdue home newspaper. I live in Lafayette. While I’m not necessarily a Boiler fan, there is two players that played on my sons varsity baseball team, Dru plays basketball, Dru Anthrop. Also, Danny Anthrop, Drus brother Danny now plays on the Boiler football team, I like to keep up on the news as to how they do & wish them the best while at Purdue. My son Nick has also graduated & is playing baseball at Franklin.

  58. Laffy,
    I happened to read your comment as it was short. Let the narcissism go, dude. That’s the first post of yours I’ve read in weeks. Despite your belief system, it isn’t all about you. I don’t read your posts, I don’t comment on them, and nothing you could ever post would interest me enough to ever take a “shot” at you. I care more about lint.

  59. Geoff, on ref answer, ok…you answered it.

    On Cody, had absolutely nothing to do with #5 (I had quickly and superficially skimmed through the first 30 or so. I never give much attention to immediate reactions and never read the game running commentary and rarely read the one-liners sent in during the game.

    Your explanation on Cody is just fine and I fully agree. What my son and I were commenting is that Cody has not changed in terms of role, tactics or really performance (unless for those who enjoy stressing over point totals). What the big change in the 2012-13 Hoosiers over the 2011-12 team is in the improvement of the rest of the team which may explain the way in which some are seeing his relative performance. Speaks very well of what has emerged this year and appears to be getting better with each challenge. It also goes to the issue of the type of schedule the Hoosiers should have from beginning to end. I see no returns in a ‘virtual schedule’.

  60. Baby Jesus cries when you lie, Chet.

    You quote me almost word-for-word all the time yet claim you “never read my posts.”


    And, you attack me in virtually every post you talk about me yet whine 24/7 how bad “I” am.

    You are, without a doubt, THE biggest hypocrite on here.

    Hands down.

    And let’s say you weren’t talking about me…..LOL!!….you still did EXACTLY what you just ripped: engaging in the behavior you were mocking.

    You must be the most accurate psychic on earth to “never read my posts” yet quote them virtually word-for-word all the time.

    You could make a fortune betting sports.

  61. I have officiated close to 1500 baseball games in my days as a HS baseball/softball umpire and when I watch the refs/umps I see the mistakes that others may not see!

    When I watch Ted V I see the same mistakes over and over ie: the man is out of position, doesn’t let plays develop/quick whistle, loves the grand stage and needs to be noticed.
    Being in position to make a call is essential to any sport. Having a quick whistle doesn’t let your mind do a replay of what your eyes just saw, so you are unable to process the rule and apply the rule. Most quality refs/ump will be very deliberate with consistent timing when making a call.
    NO ref or umpire should ever be noticed! If you have ever watched a game and thought to yourself “that was a great officiated game” the reason was that you never even knew we were on the court/field!
    When I watch a game I want to see consistency…good or bad I want the same calls made on one side as the other and I want the same calls in the first half as the second half. All to many times do I see refs try to set a precedent in the first half and never follow through in the second half. Hence the comments like “they are really letting them play” or “it’s more physical down low in the second half”. Next time all of you watch the game think about consistency on both sides and see how you react!

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