1. Recall my challenge that Hammons wouldn’t have 12 pts. In the rematch? Anyone?

    Total, complete domination again today. Glad to see Oladipo is going to be ok, I’d like to have seen him play a TV TO to TV TO segment. Kid deserves to be Big 10 Player of the Year, at a minimum, and the pundits will punish his scoring average after this game. Like it or not, it is true. The statistics will matter to those who don’t pay attention.

    I thought Yogi, Z and CWat were tremendous today. Yogi had some great assists and FTs. And how about Sheehey today y’all?!?!. Without the showboating.

    I’d love for purdue to win their Thr. Big 10 tournament game and then play us again for another 30+ pt. beat down. 100 pt. season differential would be epic.

  2. Victor will not be 100% for the huge game with MS…my guess is that he will be 70% at best…thought CTC made a great decision to put CW on Hammonds which kept CZ out of foul trouble!

  3. So ESPN took us to Oklahoma (?) game for the last 2=3 minutes, back to IU when Okey went to OT. Never left IU game after that. Was the OT not close? Or did enough people yell/call/complain to ESPN they did not leave again

  4. Haven’t seen the box score yet, and I don’t really care about the numbers in there… I just wanted to give credit to Watford for having his best game of the season by far and top 3 of his career. He got us off to a great start offensively, but it was his defense that impressed the hell out of me all day. He played with great energy and toughness on the defensive end. Was very proud to call him a Hoosier today!

  5. So will a 19-12 (10-8) UK team get a NCAA bid? Especially considering their most impactful player is out…

    I have a hard time believing our guys would fold like a cheap suit if Cody went down with an injury. I hope we never find out. But Kentucky fans must just be embarrassed today.

  6. Watford was what he has always been once you get into the season that matters. A reliable player, offensively and on defense. He is also a strong argument to why we need to schedule at a challenging level that helps players like Watford achieve the mental focus needed and why w should never cheat fans and players with ‘faux’ opponents below the top 100.

    Watford will definitely be missed. He is one of those players who makes you wish the season lasted until June.

  7. Why would anyone still be interested in anything about Kentucky? It’s a mythical fable only true when you are made dependent on the belief that they matter. Hoosiers…that’s what we are. Kentuck?…, just an off ramp when we need to use the bathroom.

    Have you ever stopped there for any other reason?

  8. To be honest I’ve never stopped there for any reason… Actually I think my father had a good friend from IU who became a dentist and moved across the river, so I think when I was real young I travelled a few miles into the state for teeth cleanings. Think his name was Ron Phinney, did a nasty Donald Duck impression.

    Anyway, sorry Tsao, you’re right, I’ll just ignore them. But it is fun to see a 30 point loss hung on them.

  9. Tsao – it is impossible to create a schedule like the one you mentioned. It’s made 1-3 years out and you never know what teams in the mid-major ranks will be good or bad. There isn’t a single team in the country that doesn’t play a handful of team outside the top hundred… And the ones that only play 5 or 6 get a little lucky.

    On Watford, I agree he has been a big game offensive player, but I think his defense in big games is a different story. He has had about 5 games in his career where I thought his defense was above average, several that were ok, and many that were below average. IU has played way more than 5 big games.

    I know I won’t change your mind, so we’ll just agree to disagree.

  10. Good to see Tom Knight from ND getting some run and making an impact in his senior year. A good Maine kid from my wife’s home town.

  11. I’m aware of the scheduling lead time and the fact that one year to the next you can not do much about the opposition. I suspect that much of the schedule is the product of the sanction years and the consideration to the ‘fog’ they may have seen looking at their view of the future from that optic. No doubt just making the NCAA was likely a consideration; thus, a few likely ‘faux’ opponents was more of s strategic consideration. Doubt that they foresaw the success (recruiting wise, ranking wise, record wise)of the last two years.

    I understand why the Southeast Southern Texas or Northwest Montgomery States or Sullivan Secretarial School show up on the schedule. Having said that, we are where we are now and can’t keep charging $$$$ for Podunk (oops, with apologies to Podunker) State Teachers College, nor expect competition from them that prepares the Hoosiers for the Big Ten or a Butler. I’m not asking for back to back with Louisville or Kansas, or seven top 20 opponents; just that we not schedule more than one or two games against class 5 opponents and add meaning to ‘It’s Indiana’. Perhaps a Boston, an Oregon State, DePaul, Loyola, Detroit …mixed with decent opposition like Ball State, Evansville, Miami (O). Let’s face it, many prospective opponents would like exposure in Indiana for recruiting purposes.

    Just a thought. I believe this team needed more time to come around and find its rythm because of a weaker early schedule (though I agree, largely done 2-4 years ago with various other considerations).

  12. The only reason to bring up the schedule at this point would be if you felt the outcomes would be improved with a different schedule.

    Is that the case?

  13. Wow, it took me a bit to realize you were referring to my mention of the schedule. Sorry.

    Actually, I was thinking about Watford and the criticism earlier this year thinking he’s just someone who needs a bit more time to get in focus. Some more than others seem like they ease into a level. Which brought me around to thinking about scheduling and the importance of the level of competition…thus I ended up thinking about scheduling and the importance of competition that forces development through its quality.

    Nothing much, just thinking out loud getting ahead of myself as I thought about Watford and his evolution. Good man, I really like who he is. By the way, the after game conference also said a lot about Sheehey; he’s very smart and had a really good dominance of the game. He also seems very intense in his focus. You may be write, he may be one of those who is ‘playing’ with his interviewers and some ‘off the cuff’ questions. (One I remember is ‘Do you enjoy the physical play’ or some such thing. I was thinking, answer ‘No Cody; I hate it, they push too much and stick their hands all over you and I wish the referee told them to quit it. It’s not nice.’)

    Anyway, somewhere in all that I got into thinking about scheduling and wrote the thoughts into a post.

  14. Sure, I think Will is playing with the media but I also think it’s good natured and both he and the interviewer are in on the joke.

    So, what’s the harm?

    I’m one of those people that never had a problem with his exuberance. If they can have a little fun and (usually) there’s no harm in it, why not?

    If it works for Coach K it’s good enough for me. He’s always let his players have a little fun whenever he could allow it.

    As far as the schedule goes, we’re #1 in the country nearing the end of February. Maybe they know what they’re doing.

  15. Chet,…ditto…ditto…ditto and ditto…

    Sheehey kind of reminds me of a magician on the floor and off. He makes you focus where his isn’t.

  16. It was good to see Sheehey focused on his game & not trying to be an actor of some sort & not focused on the 3 pt gang sign or trash talkin after a thunderous dunk.

  17. And Mr. Nix continues…
    “Tuesday night’s game will be a bloodbath”….

    (maybe he is the gift that keeps on giving)

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